Kimmy walked home from the hospital after the job interview and was expecting that she would walk inside to see Titus taking care of Frankie and playing with him. When she was reached the apartment building, she spotted a man that she has never seen before. When she saw him, he picked up the pace of his walk, she did too. When he slowed down, she slowed herself down. She began walking towards the man to see why is he near her apartment building in the first place. As she got closer, she turned her head left and right to see if there was any sign of Lillian. Maybe if she was near, she would probably help as to why this man was here in the first place...nope, there was no sign of Lillian.

"Lillian is probably guarding her wall today.",thought Kimmy to herself.

She looked to see if there was any sign of her. So, she knew that she,Kimmy, had to go see for herself why is this man was here in the first place. Kimmy walked up to him she tapped on the back of his shoulder which caused him to turn around to face her.

"Can I help you?",asked Kimmy awkwardly.

"Oh yes, I'm Robert Smith and I'm here for my son.",said Robert.

Kimmy paused herself as soon as he mentioned "son" was he talking about Frankie? So as Kimmy looked closely at him

"Son?" Asked Kimmy confused

"Yeah, my son. His mother was acting weird saying that I was being cruel to her and our son or something.., and, one day she took off with our baby. That's why I'm here, to find my son.",explained Robert.

Kimmy just stared at him.

"Was he cruel to his wife and son or is his wife the problem?",thought Kimmy. She continued looking back at Robert. He was waiting for Kimmy to say something back to him. The words that Kimmy said back to him were,

"I'm sorry. Hold on a second, wait right here for a second."

As she walk inside of the building unsure on what to do. All he wanted from her was his son? Was he talking about Frankie? Kimmy wasn't even sure. He could be talking about some other kid right? He mentioned about that his wife saying that he was cruel to both her and her son, that scared didn't know what to do. The only thing that came into her mind to solve this was that she must go up to Titus like she was suppose to, and , maybe, with the help of Titus- she would find a way to handle the situation.