Chuuya had always wanted to know his own origins. He craves to remember, what he had been before, how he was created- What he really is. And that curiosity always, without fail, condemn him.

A prime example would be that time when he was 15, when he had let his nose follow the scent of Arahabaki and ended up meeting that annoying bandage-wasting suicide maniac in Cone Street.

Now he found himself, in all places in the world, underground in a cold long dark tunnel that would have been perfect for a hideout or suicide bombing or whatever, but is being funded and used as a kind of super badass gun to fire tiny particles at each other and watch the wreckage.

It's also where that last fragment of 'science' on the workings of gravity had been found - or so he figured.

It was as good a lead as any, when any traces of that event of his birth are so slim. Investigating Corruption and the nature of it sounded good to Chuuya, and he was never the one to slack in this kind of work.

He read up on gravity, then how it works in the classical sense, then he sniffed out the Standard Model, which kinds of predicts the existence of gravitons but has no place for it in the elementary particles or some such overcomplicated stuff Chuuya didn't really understand. Not to mention those String theories or supersymmetry or whatever.

To be honest, he doesn't really care.

He didn't want the history of who discovered what, or how does the entire universe fits together, he only needs the basic stuff. Property of gravitons, where they exist, their mass, speed, interactions, behaviors. Rules.

He just needed control.

Ok, maybe grabbing a scientist's collar and shoving him against a wall to stop his ramblings isn't the best demonstration of control, so Chuuya let go of the frightened man, suppress his urge to kick something (like that huge tunnel over there, which would probably cost more than the entire Port Mafia's illegal earnings to fix) and shove his hands into his pants pockets.

"So. In two sentences, tell me what a graviton is."

"As I said! It depends on what theory you are talking about! Some don't predict its existence-"

"Then those are crap."

"Possibly. But others do predict them, but in different ways!"

"Well tell me one!"

"Come on, Chuuya, be nice to the guy." A voice said behind him, and veins popped in Chuuya's head.

"You're the reason I'm pissed right now! Why the hell are you even here in the first place, Dazai!?"

"Why research, of course! Suicide in the vacuum with temperature less than outer space! With the weapon being a near light speed beam of protons! Isn't that perfect? If only I have a beautiful lady willing to commit a double suicide!"

"Well find them elsewhere! Get the hell out of here!" For good measure Chuuya kicked at Dazai, fast and hard. He dodged, as expected, and Chuuya once more turned to interrogate the poor scientist.

"Sooo cruel, Chuuya~~" Dazai continued to whine in the background.

Well, actually Dazai has a reason to be here. The nature to Chuuya's incredible powers could be a radical game-changer. He knows particle physics, but most textbook stuff are outdated in the rapidly growing field, and the information online are mostly full of oversimplified or exaggerated articles. Research papers are well and good, but those also take time to get published.

In short, he needed current research. And with his short time here at CERN with Chuuya- as a privileged guest using Port Mafia's connections- has already earned him a swipe of a bunch of data.

Now, his only remaining responsibility is to annoy Chuuya as much as possible.

Which he is enjoying bottomlessly.