The Untouchable City. It was not long before the redhead executive return safely to the Port Mafia, that Yokohama was named as such.

No threat had dared come to the port city, after a particularly well-coordinated ability terrorist attack was thwarted with such a public display of prowess.

They had came in mere days after the affair with the tattooist had ended, seeking to take advantage of the mess left in the wake of confusion, and, presumably, Chuuya's death.

Of course, they were mistaken, not to mention a few days too late.

Chuuya fought the almost invincible foes off like a comet, a red comet with a single spec of blue trailing frozen light across the battlefield.

Even in its most vulnerable hour, the attack on Yokohama had been easily countered by a single trump card.

Corruption mastered, Chuuya was careful about his limit and didn't even spend two minutes taking care of the enemy. But when he had finished and landed on the ground, to the cheer of the Port Mafia and the citizens of the city, he swayed precariously.

Then the ominous red marks left his complexion and his knees buckled.

It was Dazai who caught him before he fell to the ground, and carried him all the way back to his own apartment.

The redhead was pale, and even though his eyes bled a blue more intense than ever and his skin was as uncorrupted as can be, the entire slight body was shaking so hard Dazai felt painful even watching him.

Chuuya drifted to a regenerative sleep, and when he woke up, Dazai wasn't there but a full hearty meal was waiting on the kitchen table.

Dazai might not need to use No Longer Human to stop his ability now, but he is still the one to deal with the aftermath of Chuuya's controlled rage, every time.

And he was always there, even when he didn't need to be.

It reassures Chuuya more than he could describe.

At the Port Mafia, things has also changed.

Augmenting by a hundred folds the already frightening reputation of the Mafia, Nakahara Chuuya has turned from valuable asset to invaluable.

His degree of power was incomparable, to the point that Mori would have had the entire organization bent on killing him in order to keep him in his place. Surely there was no more powerful potential boss than Chuuya, and he would surely be a real threat had he not the failed experience at leadership from the Sheep.

As such, Chuuya had no intention of leadership, and Mori Ougai has obtained the most valuable asset imaginable: a loyal and powerful subject.

With only one catch.


Dazai Osamu, an active member of the Armed Detective Agency, waltzed right into the executive meeting room of the Port Mafia Building, where the all important, once in every five years conference was taking place.

"Let's do a double suicide!" The tall ex-executive announced to the room, cutting apart the sinister atmosphere of ill intents and power struggles entirely in two.

After shamelessly inviting countless women during his bachelor career, Dazai has now focused all of his annoying attention on Chuuya, and the redhead would hear this request at least seven times a day, if not in person then by text.

At least this time the mackerel didn't swept in and took his hand like he's going to propose a marriage— now that would be awkward.

"Stupid mackerel, what did I tell you about barging into meetings!?" Chuuya's mood had shot straight from coldly calculating to burning argumentative. Dazai still tend to have that effect on him. "Unlike your lazy ass, I have a job to do here!"

"Come onnn Chuuyaaaaa," Dazai whined, "These meetings never have anything interesting anyway, all of us know it."

Mori would have had something to contradict this statement, as would some others, but the Boss was busy heaving a resigned sigh. This is not the first time this happened.

"Pretty, pretty please?" Dazai knelt in front of Chuuya and looked up with his best puppy eyes.

The redhead must admit, it was more often effective than not.

Chuuya glanced at his Ane-san, who is exuding a murderous aura that makes his hairs stand on end. But fuck it, he's not a kid anymore. He could do whatever he the hell he want.

That didn't stop him from shooting a profoundly apologetic look to her, as if saying that this begging undignified bastard is forcing him to go— which would be Kouyou's conclusion anyway— and then, fighting the sigh threatening to escape himself, he said,

"Fine. This is the last time. And nothing dangerous."

There shouldn't be any suicide attempt methods that are not dangerous, but Dazai nodded repeatedly as if his head was on a spring, his eyes sparkling childishly.

"Alright then," Chuuya said with a sigh, standing up from the high-backed chair and turning to address the Boss.

"Sorry, boss. I'll catch up with the meeting later."

"As always." Mori consented, not sure whether it had been the right move to send Chuuya on that mission to control Corruption. The Port Mafia had truly gained a lot of power and reputation, but he wonders if the privileges he must grant to the redhead now is worth it…. not to mention the sighs are probably killing his health.

"Well then." Chuuya bowed formally, and tried to walk out the room with as much dignity as he could muster when there was a Dazai clinging to his back like a monkey.

As soon as they left the sacred meeting room, the members of the Port Mafia could hear their heated arguments the building over. The four remaining executives and the Boss looked at each other, then heaved a collective resigned breath.

Young people these days are getting too carried away.

At the Armed Detective Agency:

Kunikida: "Where is that damn stupid Dazai?! I need his paperwork!"

Atsushi (head dejectedly on the table): "Working on it, Kunikida-san…."

Ranpo: *munch* *munch*