in the cul-de-sac.

at Double D's house house he was waiting for a package.

after waiting for about 12 hours the delivery man came in with the package and placed it at the door.

oh boy it's here! Double D said with excitement.

Double D gets the box inside the house and unpacks the package.

there was only a book and the stone mask in the package.

my dis is it's a very odd-looking mask. Double D said.

I have the first the book of JoJo's bizarre adventure. Double D said.

see what the title says phantom blood, what an interesting name. Double D said.

I should definitely get the others to see this. Double D said.

a few minutes later getting, Ed and Eddy.

what did you actually colace for stock head? Eddy asked Double D.

Ed looked at the stone mask.

cool mask, DD. Ed said to Double D.

I know I receive that from the mail. Double D replied to Ed.

what's so cool about a stupid mask? Eddy started to Double D.

in hundred years ago when before technology before all of this stuff has created there was this mask that holds some type of power. Double D said to them.

what type of power? Ed said to Double D.

power beyond, beyond giving a person ordinary person. Double D replied to Ed.

I do not believe half of this stuff. Eddy said to Double D.

to be honest, it is kind of true. Double D replied back to Ed.

Double D picked up a book about something called The phantom blood..

actually just Stone mask was found in 1890, however did Stone mask possess some power beyond anything else. way before technology or vehicles were ever invented. Double D explained to his friends.

who could actually find a stone from very long time ago? Eddy said to Double D.

that's the one thing mankind that does not even know about. Double D said to them

how very cool. Ed said to Double D.

Double D looked at the clock and it was almost about to be night time.

well it's almost time for us to get going. Eddy said to Double D.

besides mom calling me for some dinner. Ed said.

Ed n Eddy went outside of Double D house and went back to their homes.

at night time, 11:00 P.M.

Double D was in his room investigating whatever this mask holes.

Double D grabbed his trusted magnifying glass.

I wonder what makes distinct tick? Double D said to himself.

but whatever secrets at this mask old must be very valuable. Double D said to himself.

Double D was getting a little bit drowsy.

I really must get some sleep. Double D said.

Double D went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and go to his bed to get some sleep.

while Double D was sleeping, however something bizarre happened to the book two figures came out of the book.

the first figure that came out of the book was the name Dio Brando. however got thrown out the window.

what the hell happened? Dio said.

Dio looked around and saw something different.

this place is different. Dio said.

this place is not my era. Dio said.

Dio ran away to someplace to stay for the night.

the second figure came out from the book into into Double D's room.

the second figures name is Jonathan joestar.

bloody hell, where am i? Jonathan asked himself.

the last thing I remember I was fighting Dio. Jonathan said.

who was houses this? Jonathan said.

when Jonathan looked at Double D you asleep and he realize that that was his house.

I see that this lad must be the owner of this house, looks like I cannot not be here. Jonathan said.

Jonathan sneak out of Double D's house quietly without him noticing.

To Be Continued...

A/N: when Double D got is package Balthazar things are really about to happen in the cul-de-sac. see you all in the next chapter.