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CrazzyTony- Hi everyone, this is my first fanfic not sure how it will turn out or if it will be any good but here goes, I hope you all enjoy it.


Well, I wanted this story to take place after KH3 and the beginning of Volume 2 so there will be some HEAVY spoilers if you haven't played or watch KH3 to the end. That's it I know short but that's all I got. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Sora awakens to see nothing but darkness in front of him, he slowly gets up and beings to look around only to be greeted by the image of his heart with the familiar glass stain image of himself and his friends. This is nothing new to Sora, he's been here plenty of times but the only time he awakens like this is before another adventure.

"What's it gonna be this time? I beat Xehanort and his Organization, what am I going to face this time?"

"A light surrounded by darkness and three more about to fall. They will need your help with if they want to pass this trial."

Sora had wanted to respond but as always no sound could be heard when he spoke. What was this voice talking about? What light and what darkness? Before he could think more on it the Voice spoke again.

"This world is encased in darkness yet many lights shine through the veil but yours will burn the brightest with it will come danger from every corner and every shadow. It teeters on the edge of darkness slowly being swallowed, Do you think you can save it?"

With that question, Sora began to fall, the glass pillar cracking and breaking away into the endless darkness.

"Just make sure you don't get swallowed as well oh keyblades chosen."

Sora didn't catch what the voice said as his hearing was obstructed from the rushing of the wind as he plummeted towards the darkness within his heart. As he fell Sora went over what happened in the past couple of months with the Second Keyblade War, all the battles that led up to Donald, Goofy and himself fighting Xehanort and the worst of it all was when he struck down Kairi.

When Sora saw the woman he cared for most get cut down in front of him and he was unable to do anything, he felt powerless, weak, and pathetic. He nearly gave up right then and there but thankfully his friends were by his side ready to pick him back up and remind him his work wasn't done yet. Thankfully he and the other two half paints were able to beat the old Master. Though in the end, it left a bitter taste in his mouth knowing Xehanort wanted nothing else but to end the endless tide of darkness plaguing the worlds. Knowing he wanted to save the worlds but used Darkness and started a Second Keyblade war knowing it would turn thousands to millions of innocent people into heartless was unforgivable and made him wonder if he could ever fall so far from the path of light. With the end of that thought, Sora continued to fall through the abyss in front of him. His thoughts came to Kairi and how his entire journey started when he lost and eventually when he found her again but their time together wasn't long. Xehanort had cut her down and they were separated once again. After the dust had settled Sora was determined not to let her be alone one more minute, so he used the power of waking to go and find her once more. Thankfully it wasn't a long journey to find her, she was waiting right where he thought she would be all ready to go back to their home on the Destiny Islands.

Not long after returning with Kairi master Yen Sid had called for him, and when the two met he could see that the old Master had wanted something to say.

"Sora my young Keybearer you have faced many an ordeal since getting the Keyblade, many others would have long given up or succumb to the Darkness. Yet you above all odds have risen time and time again, you've lost your powers twice but each time you returned stronger and more determined than before. You failed your mark of mastery by the scheming of Xehanort and nearly fell to Darkness yet it made you stronger. With that strength, you went and fought against the Dark Master and his minions and returned in Victory."

"Master, what is it you're trying to say?"

"Sora there is no test I could have made that would have prepared you for the trial that laid before you. No test or trial I could have made would have proved more difficult than the one you had."

At this point, Sora was confused as to what the old wizard was saying and he clearly showed it on his face. This made the Old Master chuckle to himself.

"Sora, I name you a Keyblade Master!"

At this news Sora was ecstatic, to say the least.

"HAHA! Yeah! WHOOOOHHOOO! Ah, I mean thank you master Yen Sid."

The old man smiled at Sora knowing that the youth in front of him was one truly deserving of the title of Master.

"You are welcome Master Sora, this title has been one you've worked hard to achieve and one that you deserve. Now on your way the other's are waiting for you back on your home world."

"Alright, thanks again, Master!"

"And Sora remember may your heart be your guiding key."

"Thank you master Yen Sid."

With a bow towards the old Wizard, Sora went home to be among friends and loved ones. When he got there he saw Roxas, Riku, and Terra racing, Ventus, Axel/Lea, and Isa formerly known as Saix, were playing frisbee with a shield? King Mickey and Aqua watched and laughed while Xion and Namine were collecting seashells. Donald, Goofy, and the Twilight gang were making sand statues Donald made a very detailed one of himself Goofy watched and Hayner, Pence and Olette made a lucky emblem. Kairi was sitting on the paopu tree.

Sora said hi to everyone but made a beeline for the one person he had to see most of all. As Sora and Kairi sat on the tree they spoke about how they felt and more importantly how they felt about each other. Which caused Kairi to shed a tear with joy, but before they could continue Sora faded with the rising sun.

All of that happened before he found himself within his heart falling into an eternal abyss of darkness, wondering when he was going to land.


As if on cue a bright light appeared at the bottom of the abyss blinding him and enveloping him in its warmth.

"Here we go again. Let's see what this new world has to offer! WHOOHOO!"

Ruby had been having an awesome morning, first she compiled a list of what she and her new team should do and it was going great. But then somehow her team "RWBY", which confuses many people. Their friends from team "JNPR" got into the biggest and most epic food fight of all time!

It was nearing the end of the battle Ruby was outnumbered all of her team had gone down except for Yang who went up but that's not the point it was her against all of team JNPR. Juane the Leader though weak he was smart in battle, Ren he's quiet but wise, fast and is basically a ninja, then there's Nora whose Nora. Last but definitely not least is Pyrrha, she's without a doubt the strongest fastest and toughest of their team but that wouldn't stop Ruby nothing would.

Ruby looks towards her enemies with a facial expression one wouldn't expect to see in a food fight. She gets into a stance to run, she needs to move faster than before, she must move faster and just like that she vanishes with rose petals taking her place. What came next was a sonic boom along with all the tables and food trembling, a vortex of food followed behind Ruby as she spun past Jaune and Ren. who were just about to recover when they got pulled into the vortex, as they moved towards the wall Nora and Pyrrha got pulled in next. Ruby had arrived at the wall and managed to stop herself with extreme precision and skill causing the wall to get a new and massive dent with spider web cracks running through it. She waited for team JNPR to hit the wall and proceeded to jump out of the way of the massive food barrage her friends were about to receive.

Once all was said and done and team RWBY had won the food war, Professor Goodwitch arrived with her riding crop, which was being bent very angrily before she flicked it forward and was somehow able to fix the whole mess hall.

"Children, please do not play with your food."

Both teams stood in front of each other and looked at professor Goodwitch until Nora let out a burp that grabbed everyone's attention. Which annoyed the professor and made the others cringe, then almost immediately Yang fell from the sky in the middle of her team, making her the center of attention instead of Nora or Professor Goodwitch. Both teams looked towards Yang then each other and began to laugh. While Professor Goodwitch was getting more annoyed and started to growl.

Professor Ozip walks up behind Goodwitch and places a hand on her shoulder. "Let it go." Goodwitch, sighs and says. "They're supposed to be the defenders of the world."

Ozpin responds with a steady voice. "And they will be but right now they're still children so why not let them play the role." As Professor Ozpin turns and begins to walk away he states.

"After all, it isn't a role they will have forever."

This leaves Professor Goodwitch to think about the children and the long dark road every huntsman must take.

Both teams' RWBY and JNPR never noticed Sun and Neptune, the latter covered in food and looking very annoyed. All Sun had to say was he loved these guys. Amongst all the laughter and fun no one took notice of a ball of light hurtling towards their school with incredible speeds. It wasn't until a sonic boom went off that everyone stopped laughing and ran outside. All across the City of Vale and especially at Beacon Academy people were running outside to catch sight of the mysterious object falling towards Remnant. Ruby and her team alongside team JNPR, Sun, Neptune, Professor Goodwitch and Professor Ozpin who came running back all stood outside the mess hall watching the object with great curiosity as it plummeted towards them.

"Professor Ozpin, what is that?"Ruby asked with curiosity and fear.

"I'm unsure it doesn't appear to be a weapon, maybe a meteor."

"Guy's whatever it is, it's coming right towards us!" Jaune screamed. Everyone's eyes widen in realization and shock.

Ozpin shouted "Move!"

Once reality set back in they all made a mad dash to get out of the way from the object falling to the earth. Ruby, Ren, Pyrrha managed to get away, professor Ozpin protected himself and Professor Goodwitch by enveloping them in a green shield. Yang managed to grab both Weiss and Blake and she rushed back into the mess hall. Unfortunately for Jaune, Sun, and Neptune, they weren't able to get far enough away from the explosion upon impact. After the glowing sphere crashed into the ground it left a 6ft hole and web cracking all across the tiled walkway.

"Is everyone alright?" Professor Ozpin asked with great concern. In response to his question, everyone responded yes except for Jaune, Sun, and Neptune. The Three young men in question were lying on the floor in pain. Some of the debris had hit them, Jaune and Neptune didn't have it bad but Sun had a piece of stone tile stuck in his back. When the other's had gotten back up and saw their friends all were shocked and none so than Blake who had begun to feel affection for the blond-haired monkey boy.

"SUN!" Blake screamed in fear for her friend. As she rushed over to help him the others started to take notice of his predicament, They all began to run to his side except for Pyrrah who went to check up on Jaune who was caught in the explosion as well. As for Professor Ozpin and Goodwitch, they split up one went to help the students while the other checked what it was that attacked them. As Professor Ozpin got to Sun he checked with the others to make sure they were all right.

"Ruby, Yang, Wiess, Nora, Ren, Neptune, and Blake are you alright?" Ozpin asked while he examined Sun's wound. All of them responded that they were fine.

"Professor will he be alright?" Ruby with an unsteady voice asked. Ozpin looked straight at the young woman with silver eyes black hair and red highlights.

He answered "I'm unsure Miss. Rose, he may have been struck in a vital area."

" What!" Blake yelpted. "Professor, you have to do something!"

"I will Miss. Belladonna, you have my word."

Before anyone could do anything they all heard Professor Goodwitch yelp in surprise. "Goodwitch are you alright?"

"I'm Fine Headmaster but you won't believe what it is that fell from the sky!" That caught everyone's attention, what could it be that made the stern and uptight blonde so surprised. Team RWBY except for Blake, team JNPR and the elderly Professor walked over to her and peered into the crater. What they saw was surprising, to say the least.

"It's a person? How?" Ruby asked everyone in confusion.

"No idea sis and what is he wearing?" Everyone saw a young man maybe about sixteen or seventeen in age, a head of brown spiky hair that's combed to the side in the front but even so still spiky. Wearing a silver crown necklace around his neck, a black v neck t-shirt with white trimming underneath a black hooded jacket that has six buttons, red trimming, gray pockets that has a white trim as well as gray strips down his shoulders. Along with black, gray baggy pants that stop just above the ankles, that have red belts connecting to the gray pockets, as well as gray gauntlets that ended at the back of his hands and had a mix of red, black, gray, and light gray on them with a gray circle on the back side of his hands. And lastly, he had very large shoes that could be mistaken for boots that were colored black and yellow. Black is the dominant color while yellow was only on the sides. (it's his KH3 Outfit).

"Ow, that hurt geez I haven't had a landing like that since me and Riku escaped the Realm of Darkness." Once the young man opened his azure colored eyes he began to take notice of his situation and those staring down at him in bewilderment. "Um hi."

"Who are you!" A haughty voice asked. "

And why did you fall out of the sky?!" Another voice asked, sounding more childlike. When Sora looked up to the voices the one with the haughty was a girl with white hair and an all-white dress with hues of blue in it along with a jacket that's white and is red on the interior her boots/heels were the same. The other voice came from a girl a bit younger than the white-haired girl, she had black hair that was tinted red, she wore a dress like the other girl except she wore the opposite color of her's. She also had a red cape and hood along with a black belt around her waist that had a rose insignia on it but what really caught Sora's attention was her silver eyes.

"I'm Sora and um reasons, Ha-ha." Sora responded with a sheepish smile and a nervous laugh. They all gave him a look of confusion and contemplated what to ask when the one with wild long blonde hair stated,

"who cares about that, how did he survive the fall?!"

" Yang to be fair you just survived a fall that would have killed normal people as well." the silver eye girl said to the blond now named Yang.

"Yeah, but I didn't cause a sonic boom!" She argued. All Sora could do was stare as he tried to think of a way to explain what happened without messing with the world order.

'Oh boy, how am I gonna get out of this one?' But before anyone could ask or do anything else Sora heard a new voice a little bit further away and called for help. The people in front of him ran back towards the voice and started to argue amongst themselves about what to do. While they were distracted Sora climbed out of the hole he made on impact and walked over to the group to see what was wrong.

"Oh, no!" He gasped as he looked down at the young man in front of him and took notice of two things. First was the stone lodged in his back, the second was his yellow monkey tail.

'Okay, that's new.' But Sora didn't have time to think about it.

"Okay, everyone needs calm down we need to get Mr. Wukong to the medical bay."

" I agree but that wound is in a precarious spot Oz."

" I know Glynda." As the group of teen's and two adults were trying to figure out what to do they grew more anxious by the second, that's when they heard the newcomer's voice say.

"I might be able to help him but that stone in him has to be removed first."

The group looked at him, Neptune and Blake seeing him for the first time were confused by his presence.

"Who are you?" Blake asked.

Yang responded "he's the star that crash landed."

Neptune looked at Sora with rage and yelled. "YOU ARE THE REASON HE'S LIKE THIS!"

" I know and I'm sorry but I had no control of how I got here." Sora stated, feeling guilty and sincere. Neptune wasn't going to let it go though and started to march towards the azure-eyed youth but was stopped when Blake asked him with all seriousness.

"Can you save my friend?" Sora looked her dead in the eye's and said with confidence, "yes and I can guarantee no scar."

"Then do it." The raven-haired youth stated.

Sun was being held down by Pyrrha, Yang, and Nora who were the strongest of the teens, while both professors slowly and painlessly removed the stone from the young faunus. Sun began to squirm in pain and soon he started to yell. Luckily the professors were able to pull the stone out of his body, but as expected as soon as they did he began to bleed profusely. Neptune and Blake paled at the sight now more worried than before and Blake wondering if she made the right call.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!" She cried in fear for her friend. As they all wondered what the young teen would do, they all focused their attention on him.

Sora acted quickly and precisely, he summoned his keyblade to the shock of those around him. He heard the spartan looking redhead ask how he did that but he didn't have time to waste. He raised his weapon above his head and exclaimed Curaga! What the group of people saw was amazing, to say the least, none of them could believe their eyes vine's wrapped around in a circle above the brunette's head and in the center of it flowers bloomed along with a green golden light followed by petals swirling around him. All of the people from Beacon stood there in shock, but none more so than Goodwitch and Ozpin. Once they recovered from their shock all of them shifted their attention back to Sun who was still on the ground in a pool of his own blood but amazingly he had no wound anymore and seemed to be stirring.

"Uh, wh-what happened? Guys, why do I feel wet? Neptune didn't wet himself right?" Sun asked as he sat back up and looked around. He was tackled back to the ground by both Blake and Neptune who were the most relieved about their friend.

Ozpin looked down smiling but shifted his attention back to the young man before him. "I have many questions for you but before that thank you Sora." In response all Sora did was smile and nod then he passed out falling into the old man's arms.

"Whoa there, hmm seems he used up a lot of energy. Glynda would, you be a dear and get him to the infirmary to rest. And please do notify me once he awakens."

" Of course headmaster, Miss. Rose, Mr. Arc please grab the young man and follow me." Both replied yes ma'am and rushed over to grab the spiky-haired boy from their headmaster.

"Now I'm sure you all have questions for our new arrival but as you can see he seems to be exhausted so, for now, all of you head back to your classes and continue your day." All of them agreed to what the gray-haired older man had said and went on with their day.

Later on in Ozpin's office, he looked out his window and wondered to himself just who was this new boy that arrived in his school, what was that weapon and especially how did he use magic. As Ozpin continued to think he had a nagging feeling he knew what that weapon was or at the very least heard or read about it before. The more he thought about it the more it bothered him, he headed for his desk and turned on his computer then began to search for any information he could.

"Just who are you Sora, and will your presence bring about something good or is a sign of a dark storm heading our way."

Far away from the bustling cities of human and faunus surrounded by black jagged rocks pools of black ink like waters stands a dark castle alone in this wasteland and within-stands a woman with skin and hair that is bleached white, with dark blood red veins showing all over her body, her eyes black and glowing red. Wearing a black and wine red trimmed dress, her hair is done up in a large bun. As she stands she looks out into the wasteland before her and listens to the creatures of grimm cry out in hatred and absolute fear.

"What can cause such a reaction out of the grim? It's as if they're facing death itself."The pale woman has watched over the grim for many years, she has bred them to destroy the world and never once in her long life has she heard the grim cry out like this. "What has happened? Does it have to do with that falling Star? I suppose I should contact Cinder." She begins to walk off towards a floating grim but before she does anything else she turns back and states. "I feel as if a change has come." With a devious smile. "This will be interesting."

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