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Chapter 2: New Guy

It was early in the morning yet Glynda Goodwitch felt as if half a day passed already. She had to make sure her work was in order for the day and that not only meant her classes but also preparation for the many visitors coming for the Vytal Festival. Along with those two tasks she now had a third one and that was to check up on their surprising new arrival. Unfortunately, the young man in question was still asleep and showed no sign of waking."Just what did this boy experience to exhaust him to such a degree?" At the moment the blonde was riding an elevator up to the headmasters' office, while on the excruciatingly long ride she decided to look over the health reports on the boy called Sora. Everything was in the green, he didn't seem to have any injuries nor any internal trauma which is astounding especially since his entrance into the school was turning into a meteor. Yet the thing that piqued her interest the most was his aura levels; it was as if they didn't exist." No one could have survived that fall, not even a huntsman yet this boy did, how?" She thought and thought yet couldn't wrap her head around it, maybe Ozpin would know. Almost on cue the elevator beeped and opened its door to the Headmasters office.

Glynda in all her time at Beacon as both student and teacher, she has never once seen Professor Ozpins' office look anything but neat, clean, and functional yet today it looked like a disaster zone. Books were lying on the floor along with loose papers and empty coffee packs." Professor? What happened here, it looks like a pack of grim tore through here." As Gylanda questioned the old huntsman she noticed he looked to have not slept the night before. "Professor did you not go to sleep?" the blonde asked with concern. "Huh? Oh, Glynda, I didn't see you come in." So I noticed." As Glynda walked further into the room she asked the white-haired man why he made a mess of his office." It's because I've been looking for something and I finally found it." Ozpin stated feeling relief after a full night of search."What would that be?" The blonde asked with great curiosity after all not many things in this world could make the great Ozpin headmaster of Beacon Academy go to such lengths to pull an allnighter." It's this." Ozpin turns on a digital projection of an old story." I don't recognize this one, what is it about?" Glynda looked towards her old friend and saw a face filled with worry." Oz what is this story I've never even heard of the title before." It's called the Fall of Light. It's an old tale one many believe it to be pure fiction and others believe to be a warning or they used to." As Ozpin looked at the woman before him he studied her face to any sign of what he meant." Oz what do you mean as a warning?" It's a tale that's said to take place long before the age of dust and even further back before even the grim themselves." Gylnda couldn't say anything, not a word, she could only think about what Ozpin had said. A story older than recorded history itself, that's what Ozpin is asking her to listen to." If this story is as old as you say, why isn't it in a museum or in some of the books we give our students to read?" Ozpin simply stated."It's because it's a tale of destruction and death." As Ozpin told her what the story focused on she understood why it wasn't well known.

Glynda looked Ozpin in the eye's and asked with great curiosity." How does the story go?" The elder Huntsman looked at her and began the story." Well, it begins in an age long forgotten by time. During this age, a power called light existed and people wielding key like weapons defended it. Yet at some point instead of defending it, they began to hoard it for themselves and inevitably a war started over the light. It doesn't state how long it lasted nor where it took place but it does say the battles that took place shook the world to its core and caused the world to fall to darkness." As the blonde huntress listened to the story it became apparent to her why this story was forgotten after the Great War, no one wanted to hear a story where the light fell and the dark won especially so after the horrendous war that took place eighty years ago." Is there more to this tale?" Glynda asked more curious about the old tale." Indeed there is, but this is where it gets hard to believe, it says that once the world fell to darkness." Before he continues Ozpin smirks and chuckles to himself," It was the hearts of children that rebuilt the world but it wasn't like how it once was instead it was multiple worlds separated by the darkness. And so every star in the sky is another world, it is a very interesting thought, to say the least." Still smirking Ozpin looked to Glynda to hear her thoughts so far." It is an interesting story but that doesn't mean it's true or one that it's a warning, is there anymore?" she asked. " Yes there's more and this is the warning, it's said that a battle between light and dark shall erupt and during the conflict on that land shall darkness prevail and light expire." Ozpin finished with a grim expression and a bitter taste in his mouth. "Ahh well, that is a joyful tale." The blonde stated with sarcasm dripping from her words."Indeed. That took longer than I expected to explain."

"Glynda have you ever heard the tale of the Three Kings?" All Glynda did was look at him confused."No, I can't say I have, what's the tale of Three Kings?"It's another old story, from my understanding it's said to take place sometime before the age of dust. Within the tale, there was once an empire that occupied more than half of Remnant and was ruled by three kings, their names lost to time. These three kings shared power equally amongst themselves and ruled justly, yet some weren't happy with these three believing them to be weak and feeble men unable to do battle." Glynda had a brow raised confused by what Ozpin said." Why's that if they were the rulers?" Ozpin replied easily." It's because they never fought battles against the grim while expanding their empire and only ever had their soldiers and generals lead, they themselves never set foot on the field of battle." All Glynda could think was."When do kings need to prove themselves." But as soon as the thought came a million and one reasons appeared in her mind as to why they needed to. Ozpin, taking notice of Professor Goodwitch's confused expression, waited for her to collect her thoughts before he continued. Once she gave him a look he continued with the tale." As the years went on nothing noticeable happened until one day the grim started to flee, at the time none of the soldiers, generals or anyone understood why except for the three kings. Not much is said as to why the grim started to flee except for darkness had set its sight upon the world." Once Ozpin said that Glynda was concerned."Wait, Ozpin what do you mean aren't the grim darkness?" All Ozpin could say was." Yes, I believe they are not many people think like that though. I believe that somehow the grim are shadows or darkness if you wish, manifested into physical form." After his brief explanation, Oz continued with the tale. "This Darkness that took root in Remnant spread at an alarming rate it was nearly unstoppable, nothing could stop it, not the grim and most certainly not man. Army after army battled against the rising darkness but each time they lost. This continued for months with no end in sight until the three rulers left their thrones and took the battle to the darkness. It's said they wielded the Key to victory over the darkness. They battled this darkness in one battle that if I had to describe quickly made the Great War look like child's play."

With that statement, the blonde huntress broke into a cold sweat. Especially since the Great War lasted years and this old tale claims to have had a single battle that makes the war look like a battle amongst children." Oz is the point of this story about the Kings holding the Key to victory?" All he did was give her an approving nod of his head to indicate she was right." Oz you don't think that this boy is related to these tales do you?" Before Ozpin gave a response he mulled over everything in his head and said." Yes, I do. Not only does he bear this key-shaped weapon he also used magic." At this Goodwitchs' eyes widened in realization." So the boy really did use magic! This is troublesome."

As Ozpin and Glynda discussed the young man unknown to them a group of teens was doing the exact same thing. Since Goodwitch went to Professor Ozpin's office the student body had finally woken up and were in the middle of having breakfast in the cafeteria before they marched off to class. It's here we find teams' RWBY, JNPR, along with Sun and Neptune eating their morning meal and discussing a particular new student.

"So what do you guys think of the new guy? I think he made a Yang of an entrance. Eh, eh." (I'm so sorry) All those that heard that terrible joke groaned in unimaginable pain. ( Along with the readers)" Yang be serious!" Her younger sister Ruby exclaimed." I'm worried about him, he hasn't woken up since yesterday." As Ruby looked around she noticed most people were having a similar feeling all except for Neptune who was still mad his best friend nearly died." Well, I'm not he's getting what he deserves." His blonde Faunus friend looked at him a little disturbed." Dude that's a little harsh don't you think? After all, it looked like he had no control over his actions." Neptune in return exclaimed."DUDE YOU NEARLY DIED!"Sun the monkey Faunus just looked at his friend and returned with." Yeah, but I didn't, not only did he heal the wound I got he also healed any injuries I had before." All those at the table just looked at him eyes wide at what he just said, all they could do was yell." WHAT!" With a slight flinch, Sun looked towards his friends." What? What did I say?" Blake looking at her new Faunus friend and shook her head asking what he meant." I mean old injuries I got from years ago are completely healed." An awkward silence fell upon the group, Yang was the first to break it." How is that possible? It's not like he's magic."

Ruby began to think on it, she wasn't sure but she felt as if he was. As the raven-haired girl looked around the table she saw Pyrrha in her school clothes along with her tierra around her blood-red hair, with a look on her face that got Ruby curious as to what she was thinking." Pyrrha what's on your mind?" Pyrrha looked up from her food and towards the raven, red-haired girl and sighed." Was it that obvious?" With a shrug."Kinda so what's bothering you?" Concern laced with every word ruby asked her red-headed friend." I was just thinking about how Sun was hurt. It just doesn't seem normal his aura should have protected him. Yet it didn't which implies." Before Pyrrha could finish her partner and secret crush finished her train of thought." That when he crashed the sheer force easily broke through Sun's aura! But that can't be possible, he should have died then." The young blonde boy finished for his partner." Couldn't he have a really strong aura or maybe a semblance like mine! I mean I take damage than I can dish it back out twice as hard!" Yang exclaimed." Then how did he heal Sun?" The Youngest of the group asked.

Instead of getting answers the group of hunters and huntresses only got more questions towards their school's new arrival. He's an enigma to all of them but soon they would find out more and wish they hadn't.

Within a different part of the Academy, a young man with spiky brown hair starts to wake from his slumber.

As Sora slowly opened his eyes the first thing to register for him was the incredibly painful headache. The second thing was he woke up in a bed, not the most comfortable but it didn't bother him he could sleep anywhere. As Sora looked around the room he noticed that nobody was around.

"Hello. Anyone there?" Waiting for a couple of seconds for a reply but unfortunately, he never received one." Well, what should I do now?" As Sora saw it he had two options, number one was to wait for someone to eventually come by and explain what's going on. While option number two was to get up and walk around. He chose the latter. As soon as the young brunette made up his mind he headed for the door.

As Sora walked through the halls of the building he couldn't help but whistle at the beauty and design of the place he was in. As Sora walked the seemingly endless hallways of the building he was in, he began to wonder where everybody was and more importantly what world he was on. While he contemplated what was going on he didn't notice the young woman in front of him carrying a bunch of books and paper. As they kept walking without noticing the other, the two proceeded to walk into each other.


"Whoa, hey!"

As Sora looked up towards the thing he walked into he noticed it was a young girl in a school uniform, she had brown hair and brown eyes but that's not what caught Sora's attention it was the rather large brown rabbit ears. As Sora stared at the rabbit ears the girl in question looked to see a very strangely dressed boy sitting on the floor in front of her.

" Ah I-I'm sorry I didn't see you." as the young boy looked at her, she noticed that he had a face full of confusion." Ha-ha, why are you apologizing? I'm the one who wasn't paying attention." The young girl looked on at the boy as he laughed and felt as if his laughter was contagious and started to giggle herself.

"Anyway sorry about running into you, I was distracted by how amazing this place is. I've been to many different castles before each with their own unique feel but this one takes the cake." As the girl looked at the young man in front of her she wonders who he was." It's alright it happens to everyone that comes here for the first time. Are you a new student?" As the boy looked at her, he began to shake his." No, I'm not, I ended up here by accident, the name's Sora nice to meet you." The girl put a smile on and said." Likewise, Sora and my name's Velvet."

As Sora and the now named girl Velvet stood and talked, Sora offered to help her carry the things she was carrying. She thanked Sora for his help and led him to her destination." So this is gonna sound weird but where am I? You said this was a school what, do you learn in a literal castle." All Velvet did was stop and look at him as if he were Cerberus."What?" As Velvet looked into the eyes of the azure-eyed teen, she answered him seriously. " We're taught how to fight against the grim and taught how huntsmen and huntresses should act, though not all people learn that last bit." Velvet muttered to herself but Sora was able to hear what she said. All Sora could say was." What's the grim?" Velvet looked at him in disbelief." How do you not know what the grim are! They are the one creature on Remnant that has been hunting all Humans and Faunus alike since before recorded history!"

As Sora was trying to make up an excuse about not knowing what the grim are. Ozpin and Glynda are meeting with an old friend, the term used loosely for one of them.

As Ozpin was staring at the Atlesian fleet through his window he heard the buzz of the elevator and turned around saying. "Come in." With that, the person behind the door walked in with a bit of a bounce in his step saying the old man's name with cheer." Ozpin!" Hello General." Feeling such formalities weren't needed he simply stated. "Please drop the formalities" and with that, the two men went on to shake each other's hands. While Glyand walked closer, the old General said to his friend that it has been far too long. After saying his piece he turned towards Goodwitch.

" And Glynda it certainly has been too long since we last spoke." With a wave of her hand and sarcasm dripping from her words. " Oh James." She turns to Ozpin and states bluntly. "I'll be outside." As she left the room she heard General Ironwood state say to Ozpin." Well, she certainly hasn't changed."

Once she entered the waiting room right in front of the elevator, Glynda couldn't help but think back to her and the headmasters earlier conversation that day.' I do wonder if that boy is as powerful as Oz believes him to be. And if he is I pray to the gods that he isn't here to help hasten our extinction.' As the woman was mulling over her thoughts she received a message from one of the many nurses in the academy.' Well, at least I'll be able to ask him some questions myself.' But as the Headmistress read over the message she couldn't help but shake her head in frustration." How is it possible to lose an unconscious teenager, in one of the most secure buildings in all of Remnant!" She exclaimed. With a quick text to the faculty to keep an eye out for the boy, she turned around to head out and look for him herself when the elevator rang and to her amazement, she was looking at Velvet Scarlatina laughing uncontrollably and threatening to drop her stack of papers and books. Alongside the very boy, she was about to search for, with a wide contagious smile plastered across his face." And then she socks him right in the stomach with her elbow and runs towards us with this huge grin on her face! HA-Ha. That had to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen." with a giggle. " I have to agree Sora that sounds priceless. Oh, Miss. Goodwitch I didn't see you there." With a simple grin on her face, The blonde says with enjoyment." Having a good time Mss. Scarlatina?" U-uh you see." With an amused smile." It's good to see you smile Velvet, now I must ask you to leave those books and papers on the chair over there and for young Sora to remain here for now." Oh Okay, See you later Sora thanks for all the stories." With his signature smile, Sora replied." No problem Velvet hope you have a good day." As he turned back towards the blond in front of him, he heard her say." Well, you make friends fast." she said in a matter of fact tone." Eh, it's how I've always been, I like making friends wherever I go it keeps me grounded and gives me a reason to come back." With a slightly bewildered look spread all over her face, the witch of Beacon Academy hadn't expected an answer such as the one she received. But even with such an answer, she composed herself and was eager to get onto the main topic as to why she kept him." You want to know who I am don't you?" Again the young boy in front of her took her by surprise."Yes, I very much would. Can you explain who you are, why you're here and what you plan to do?" With a look of hesitation and slight fidget, Sora had told Gylanda a few things without uttering a single word." Ha, that might be a bit tricky but I can tell you some stuff without getting in trouble, maybe." As he said it Sora subconsciously scratched his cheek." Hmm, well answer what you can before I bring you into the room." Okay, Well as I stated earlier my name is Sora, as to how I got here He-he I can't really say." Narrowing her eyes." You can't or you won't?" A little bit of both if I'm being honest. I can tell you I have no idea how I got here, I just did." Uh-huh, and I presume there is a story there." With A simple yep, Sora continued on. "As for what I'm going to do, find a way back home." Where might that be?" With a sheepish grin." He-he sorry I can't say" All Glynda Could do was rub her head in slight frustration.' This is going to take a while.' "You do realize that it would be more productive if you come clean and answer my questions truthfully." As Glynda looked at Sora she could see him sigh." I know but you have to understand there are things I'm allowed to say and things I'm not. Usually, I kinda toss the rules to the wind but I'm trying to put in an effort here so as to not do that anymore." With a sigh, the blonde brought her hands to her head." This is going to be hard and confusing to understand won't it?" With a small smile, Sora could only say." Yeah sorry." With yet another sigh Glynda turn's around and starts for the door." Follow me Sora I'll have you explain yourself to the headmaster."

After the brief interrogation, Sora and Miss. Goodwitch head into Ozpin's office. Once they enter they hear a small part of the conversation that he and General Ironwood were having. " It's the Vytal Festival, it's a time of unity and peace. So I suggest you not scare people by transporting hundreds of soldiers half-way across the continent." Before he could continue Ozpin took notice of Glynda and the young boy named Sora. "We'll continue this later James." With that, he got up from his seat and walked over to the pair that just entered, as he does that the general turns around to see who just entered." Well good morning Mr. Sora, how are you feeling? You gave us quite a fright when you passed out the other day." With a small nervous chuckle. " Ha-ha sorry about that I didn't realize how exhausted I was." With a smirk across his face Ozin states." Well if I just fell out of the sky and crash-landed I think I would be exhausted too." With a look of confusion, the general asks Ozpin what he means." Exactly what I just said young Sora here quite literally fell out of the sky and destroyed my courtyard." With a face of bewilderment, all the general could get out was."How?" "Ah, now that is exactly what I want to know." With that, the old man gave Sora a look that just said you have explaining to do. And all Sora could do was a sigh." Well, what do you want to know?" With a calm tone, the older huntsmen asked the young boy in front of him the questions he wanted to be answered." Let's start with who you are and where you come from." As Ozpin observes the young man before him he takes notice of how his demeanor changes slightly when asked where he came from. " Well my name is Sora Hikari and as for where I come from all I can tell you is that I come from a small cluster of islands." With a little shock and curiosity on his face, Ozpin continues with his questions." Why can't you tell us more about where you're from?" With a frown all Sora says is that he can't., but Ozpin isn't done yet. " Mr. Hikari does it have something to do with the weapon you have? That key-shaped sword." At the mention of the keyblade all Sora gave was an eyebrow raise.' It would seem that I'm on the right track then.' Ozpin easily concluded.' "Sora do these stories sound familiar to you?" As soon as the old huntsman finished his sentence he showed and told the young keyblade master the same stories and fables he told Glyanda earlier that day. As Sora listened and read on, the trio of adults studied every move he made, and all of them came to the same conclusion that the young man before them knew more about these stories than they ever would.

As soon as Sora finished hearing and reading the two fables that the old professor wanted him to read he couldn't help but sigh, at the knowledge that this world had information about the First Keyblade War and that this world not only had three keyblade wielders to defend it but that they had died stopping a heartless incursion. Sora was no fool, he knew he wore his heart on his sleeve and despite trying his best he knew he let his surprise and recognition show threw his emotions. So now it all depended on what he said next, as he looked up at the trio before him and their faces that held both expectancy and curiosity well at least for two of them. The older huntsmen and headmaster named Ozpin he couldn't figure out what he thought but knew he had him. With an audible sigh, Sora responded to what they wanted from him.

"What do you want to know?" With a content smile on his face Ozpin asks the young man his question. "What is the weapon that you use and what was the darkness the Three Kings fought against? You seemed to have recognized both." That's because I do it's called the Keybalde and I easily realized that the Three Kings were ancient keyblade wielders. As for the darkness, they fought; it's obviously the heartless. After all, only us who wield this weapon." As Sora explains he lifts his hand up and with a flash of light his Kingdom Key materializes in his hand. " Are able to destroy the heartless permanently, if anyone else tries they simply push it back for a time before it comes back. But really the question that we should be asking is will they come back." With that one little sentence the room grew silent. Narrowing her eye's Glynda asked the question on all their minds." What do you mean?" As Sora look's up at the three adults in front of him, with both a look of seriousness and sadness he states the unfortunate truth. " I mean exactly that, will they come back it's not as if the heartless are gone; they still exist to this day. They're merely kept in check by those that wield the keyblade but we can't be everywhere at once." As Sora began to explain both Ironwood and Goodwitch felt a pit form in their stomachs and could only think why remnant didn't need anymore monsters and that they could barely contain the ones they already have. As for Ozpin he looked to age another thousand years, he could already imagine the mass panic if the rest of the world found out that another darkness exists, one that is far older and more primal than even the Grim. But he didn't just think about the people of remnant he also thought about her and the possibility that she could gain some form of control over the heartless. With a great sigh Ozpin asked the young boy infront of him a question that could determine a new path for this game of chess the Wizard and the Queen have been playing for millenium. " Sora is it possible to control the heartless?" As soon as the words left his mouth he regretted it for Sora tensed immediately his eyes narrowed and he looked ready to fight. " Why?" The other two looked on surprised to see the boy's demnor change so drastically from the happy go lucky attitude that he had before to one of a battle hardened warrior. " For I fear there is one in this world that may try to take control of these creatures and use them against us all." Once Sora heard that he tensed even more and just looked older, much older than he should for one so young. ' Why, why?! Wasn't Xehanort enough why must there be one here as well. It's not as bad as I'm imagining it takes one to have sufficient darkness and masterful control to command the heartless.' As Sora looked up at the elderly headmaster he came to a decision. " If you tell me what is going on then I'll do the same." The look of surprise upon the headmaster's face lasted for no more than a few seconds before he smiled and gave a nod to the young man in front of him. " Well then Mr. Hikari let me tell you a story." With that the old Wizard and the Young Keyblade wielder came to an agreement that changed the course of Remnants history.

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