WELL…D&D fucked us HARD didn't they? All of that character development and foreshadowing, all those years of growing attached to these characters and getting invested in the storyline and lore, all the dedication to the story and the people that made it happen…all killed in a single episode…*slow clap*I don't know about you guys, but I feel like those fuckers just stabbed us all in the back, Bittersweet ending my Arse!

Just so you know where I stand on Season 8

Episode 1 – Ok, a bit of filler, not too bad, some nice moments here and there

Episode 2 – Oooh, I feel on edge, I hope they really pull out their A-Game on making what is coming work

Episode 3 – Uh…who the fuck planned this strategy? Why did Arya kill the Night King? You know what? Doesn't matter, maybe the NK isn't really dead, maybe the next 3 episodes will really pull out and give us some closure, we are only halfway through after all.

Episode 4 – Ok, all this Dany hate is pissing me off, why is Rheagal Dead? Why did they kill Missandei? WHY DIDN'T JON EVEN SAY GOODBYE TO GHOST! They have 1 chance to save this and they had better fucking do it!

Episode 5 – I hope D&D get caught in a fucking car crash. There is no way they can save this series with how shite their writing has been…I fucking hope they never work again.

EPISODE 6 – DON'T CARE! As far as I'm concerned GoT was cancelled after Season 7.

Just for reference I began writing this after the release of Season 8 episode 4 so a few of the ideas in here will be lifted from the episodes…BUT I'M MAKING CHANGES OK! I've got to in order to regain some sanity and goddam closure!

I know George himself hates Fan Fiction, but when writers like D&D fuck up this badly, I have to take a stand and say FUCK IT! I'm not doing this for validation or views…I'm doing this for myself, I need this goddam closure, and no one is going to fucking stop me. You guys want to join me? Good, then let's fucking go.

Chapter 1: Royal Arrival

The sounds of heavy marching filled the air as white droplets of snow danced downwards, the people of Winter town all stood in awe at the sight before them. Men, women and children of all ages stood with eyes wide and mouths agape as legions of men, covered head to toe in pitch black armour marched in perfect unison through the street.

The crunching of snow and ice beneath their feet was drowned out by loud orders shouted in High Valyrian, the sound of shield and spear rattling as their wielders advanced on the castle in the snowy distance.

A little boy climbed a nearby tree to get a better view of the approaching army. He was not disappointed by the vast legions of Unsullied that seemed to stretch into the distance, their numbers in the thousands. Behind them, larger numbers of men on horseback, whooping and screeching as their twirled their arakhs in the air.

It was a sight that would forever be ingrained in the memory of the North for eons.

The Arrival of the Last Dragons.

If they survived the Night that was closely approaching.

A girl smiled in the crowd at the sight of the boy gazing into the distance. This girl, was Arya Stark, one of the last three surviving children of Lord Eddard Stark. Dressed in her northern leathers, with her dagger and needle hidden beneath a cloak she blended right into the crowd.

It was quite easy for No one to disappear into a crowd of faces.

The young Stark had to admit she was very impressed at the sight of the approaching army, the perfect timing of the Unsullied march made them seem like a single being as opposed to an army of thousands. It must have taken an insane life of intense training for so many men to be forged into such disciplined soldiers.

As Arya knew from experience, people were very much like metal. Beat them, shape them, and put them through hell, and they can accomplish anything.

Just as the thought left her mind, Arya caught the sight of the person she was waiting for. Astride a large black stallion rode a Northern King, cloaked in wolf fur, his cuirass bearing the Sigil of the Stark Direwolf, a beautiful yet simple longsword sheathed at the side of his horse, his long raven locks were pinned back now, and his broody face adorned with scars from battles past.

Jon had changed a lot from the last time Arya had seen him. He looked so much like father it was unreal, but what also surprised the young Stark was her Brother's traveling companion.

Riding astride a silver haired mare, was perhaps one of the most beautiful women Arya had ever laid eyes upon. Long silver locks, tied in intricate and queenly braids, lilac eyes that had seen horror first hand, dressed in the finest white fur coat with hints of Targaryen red beneath.

Daenerys Targaryen, The Dragon Queen herself, she certainly looked the part.

Arya had never thought in all those years apart from her family, that Jon would ever amount to anything higher than another black clad defender of the wall. Lord Commander was the highest station she thought possible for her brother.

He had certainly proved her wrong, a regal and battle tested warrior king, flanked by legions of the greatest soldiers in the world, riding side by side with perhaps the most beautiful woman in the world.

He had come a long way from being the bastard of Winterfell.

Jon didn't notice Arya as he rode past, her faceless man training paying off. Arya didn't want her first encounter with her brother to be public, their sibling love was always private between the two of them.

But just as Arya was about to leave, she saw two faces emerge from the crowd, two faces that she did not expect to see here in the North of all places. The first face, half burned and hairy, wearing a worn-out leather vest, a far cry from the rusted and busted plate mail and gambeson he wore last she saw him.

Sandor Clegane, The Hound. A man that Arya had left for dead.

The young woman didn't have time to let this revelation sink in as she noticed the face of the man riding behind the Hound.

The other man, was a face she had longed to see

Another man she thought dead, Gendry Waters, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon. He had certainly aged well, no longer was he that young scraggily haired blacksmith boy, he had become a man.

Arya found herself smiling, happy to see him alive and well, and not having been burned at the stake by the red woman that abducted him. Many emotions ran through Arya's head in that moment of seeing two men that helped her so much on her journeys, both thought dead only to turn up alive.

The young she-wolf turned and disappeared into the crowd, as was her way these days. She would meet back up with her friends both old and new when it suited her.

When they had time to settle in.

The cold air didn't agree with Missandei; her entire life she had lived in the warmest places in the world, Naath, Astapor, Mereen, to name a few. She had never even seen snow before coming to Westeros; and while it looked beautiful it did not agree with her in the slightest.

But here; sat opposite Lord Tyrion and wrapped in a thick fur cloak, Missandei of Naath was having a hard time adapting to the Northern climate. Tyrion was dressed well for the climate; being a Westerosi he was much more used to colder climates than the Linguist, that and his beard certainly helped keep his face warm.

"I would say you get used to the North after a while, but unfortunately you either die of the cold, or become like everyone else here" Tyrion said with a glance out of the carriage and at the gathered Northerners outside.

"It would certainly explain why Lord Snow is exceptional at brooding" Missandei smiled behind the bundled-up cloak. Tyrion raised a brow in response and cracked a smile.

"I'm beginning to think my jokes are rubbing off on you" Tyrion smiled; glad that the weather wasn't getting to Missandei as badly as he thought.

The Translator looked out at the crowds of people giving her ugly glances; many of them looked at her with eyes full of mistrust. The people here looked very different to what she was used to; they looked rough, ragged, like they had been through hell; that misery was all that they knew. The looks of pain she saw in many of them certainly remined her of the slaves of Essos.

Missandei didn't want to succumb to the same hatred that the Northerners succumbed to, the hatred of Others; the hatred of those that were different. She wanted to believe these people could be good; that all they had was a shit deal in life; a deal that her Queen could make better in time.

In a way these people were slaves to the wheel that Daenerys so wanted to break; they had been trampled on; crushed; so, it was no surprise that they looked the way they did.

"They'll come around, just give them time" Tyrion said as he noticed Missandei looking out at the crowd.

Daenerys could feel the eyes penetrating her, every single set of northern eyes speaking a thousand words 'What are you doing here?' 'Foreign invader' 'Daughter of the mad king' 'Dragon Whore' she could practically hear the hissing as she entered the snake pit. She wasn't expecting a great welcome, but from what Jon had told her, she was expecting much worse.

She expected closed gates, rotten fruit being flung at her, crowds of peasants baying for blood.

She could withstand dirty glances and hateful eyes.

"I warned you…Northerners don't much trust outsiders" Jon spoke from the back of his stallion.

"Then I'll make it my business to change that" Dany replied with a smile.

"I'm sure it wouldn't be the first impossible thing you've done" Jon smiled back. The warmth in his gaze was enough to drive away the cold and bitter looks of the Northerners.

A loud screech filled the air, followed by a mighty flap of wings as Drogon flew down from the clouds. The Northerners went into a panic, a colossal black Dragon like Drogon was not a sight that would inspire hope in people that knew Dragons as mighty engines of war and destruction.

That was just another thing she was going to have to change.

Jon thought it best for him to be the first to enter the gates of Winterfell, though he was welcoming Daenerys like the guest she was, he also wanted to reassure his family that he was alive and well. Plus, he thought it better to prepare them for the arrival of his Queen.

But as Jon rode through the gates, he saw him, he saw the little brother he thought he had lost. The little brother that was deep in a coma the last he saw him. He had definitely changed, he looked older but there was no mistaking it, it was Bran.

Jon quickly and carefully dismounted his horse and rushed over to the crippled boy. instantly throwing his arms around him and planting a firm kiss against his forehead.

"Look at you…You're a man" Jon smiled, the fog of his breath emerging as he was filled with joy.

"Almost" Bran replied, not a hint of emotion on his face. Only then did Jon notice his eyes, they were not the eyes of a joyful little boy; nor were they the eyes of a grown man. Bran didn't even seem to be surprised at Jon's return or at how he had changed.

Whatever had happened to Bran North of the Wall, it had left him changed forever.

Jon quickly greeted Sansa; embracing his sister in a warm hug, but even then, he could feel that both her eyes and her attention were not on him, they were fixed upon the Silver haired woman standing a few feet away.

"Where is Arya?" he asked, noticing the absence of his favourite sibling.

"Lurking somewhere" she replied, not taking her eyes off of Daenerys for even an instant.

Jon could already see where the trouble would be arriving from, ever since he had bent the knee to Dany; he knew that Sansa would be the first to be up in arms about it. He was not looking forward to the inevitable talk that was on its way.

Just as the thought crossed his mind; Jon turned to see Daenerys approaching, Ser Jorah dutifully standing by her side as she did.

"Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen…" Jon introduced the Queen to Sansa, already he could see Lyanna Mormont and Lord Royce of the Vale look at her with looks of contempt and suspicion.

"…my sister, Sansa Stark, the Lady of Winterfell" Jon introduced his sister.

"Thank you for welcoming us into your home Lady Stark. The North is as beautiful as your brother claimed, as are you" Daenerys smiled; trying to be as friendly and courteous as possible.

She didn't want to see like an invader, she came here to save the North; not burn it down.

"…Winterfell is yours…your Grace" Sansa replied after a pregnant pause. Both Dany and Jon could feel the contempt seething off of Sansa, anyone with eyes could see she was not happy.

"I think it best we all get inside; it's been a long journey and we could all benefit from some rest" Jon suggested.

"Rest can come later Lord Snow; we came here to plan the defence of Winterfell and the North; I would hate for all the Northern Lords and Ladies to have gathered simply to see me off to bed" Daenerys replied with a smirk so slight only Jon detected it.

"Very well your grace, the main hall is this way" Jon directed. Dany following, closely followed by her ever-protective Knight, Ser Jorah.

The silence of the gathered Northern Lords was not something Dany or Jon were looking forward to. Both the Dragon Queen and Wolf Lord knew that the Northerners would be resentful for Jon relinquishing his title as King in the North; especially to a Southern Queen that was the daughter of the Mad King. But nethertheless, they seemed to be acting as respectful as they could.

Like it or not; Dany was their guest, and not a single Lord or Lady present would be accused of not giving their guest the decency they deserved, especially after they had been given the traditional Guest rights of the North.

Lord Glover, Lord Manderly, Lord Cerwyn, Lady Mormont, Lord Umber and Lady Karstark were all present. The lesser Northern lords had also gathered, as had a representative of the few Free Folk stationed at the castle. Lord Royce of the Vale also sat nearby, giving cautionary glances to Sansa in regards to the Dragon Queen.

Sat at the head of the table was Jon, to his right was his sister Sansa, to his left Queen Daenerys. Tyrion sat closely near the end, as Missandei and Grey Worm stood to attention nearby, flanked by Ser Jorah, keeping a watchful eye on his Queen.

Varys unfortunately was not present; Daenerys saw it fit for him to stay and manage Dragonstone in their absence. Varys was not a mind for warfare and Tyrion made a point that he would be piss poor in a legitimate fight, so Daenerys commanded him to do what he did best; be a master of whispers and find a way to bring Cersei down from within.

Daenerys had to admit; Tyrion was right when he said it was dreary in the North. The people were not well kept, they looked dirty, constantly fighting the cold, misery constantly biting them in all ways. But this was not as bad as she thought, to an outsider the Dothraki would seem like brutish savages, but from experience Dany knew them as powerful and mighty warriors.

She knew; deep down that the Northmen would share that much with them, so she would give them a chance.

"We named you King in the North, Jon Snow. Yet you return to us a mere Lord, a Warden, we placed our faith in you; and you repay us by submitting to a foreign ruler" Lord Glover spoke out first, as was his way.

Many of the other Northern Lords banged their fists against the wooden tables set up around them. But when Jon stood from his seat all went quiet; he may not have been the King in the North anymore; but he still commanded their respect with his presence.

"I think you have forgotten my reasons for leaving Winterfell in the first place, Lord Glover. I left the North to bring allies for the coming war; and Queen Daenerys saw fit to supply us with two armies, two large dragons and all the Dragonglass we will need for the war" Jon replied.

"What of provisions? Do not mistake me, we are thankful for the assistance, but last we counted we had enough food stocked to last us through winter, but I didn't take into account the Dothraki, Unsullied and two large Dragons…how do you expect us to feed them all?" Sansa asked.

"Before making the journey North we emptied our larders at Dragonstone. Along with provisions supplied from the Bay of Dragons we have enough food to feed both our armies and help in the feeding of the Northern forces" Tyrion recited. He gave himself an internal pat on the back for planning ahead, it would be monumentally foolish to prepare for a war without the proper provisions.

Daenerys gave her hand a small nod of thanks, Tyrion had his blunders recently but this small victory was noted by his Queen.

"We still have yet to see the army you tell us is on its way. Childhood stories of White Walkers, Pale Spiders and Giants aren't enough to sway us from your decision, Jon Snow" Lord Manderly stood up, voicing his opinion.

"A Giant died retaking the very castle you stand in, Lord Manderly. A Direwolf roams these very halls and there are currently two Dragons circling the skies above us this very moment, are you saying you have trouble with White Walkers after seeing all of this?" Sansa replied, taking her brother's side. Lord Manderly quickly realizing his blunder and sitting back down.

"My Brother is no liar, if he says the Army of the Dead is real; then we must take his word" Sansa added, she knew Jon was as far from a liar as a man could get, and she believed him about his stories of what lurked behind the wall.

"My Lords" Daenerys stood up, gaining the immediate attention of everyone gathered. With her flowing white fur coat and gleaming silver hair; she seemed to illuminate the very room.

"I have flown North of the Wall, before I did; I thought as you do; that Lord Snow's stories of White Walkers and an army of the dead were nought but that…stories. But I saw them with my own eyes, they are real; I reigned Dragon fire upon fields of them and it did nothing to thin their numbers…" Daenerys remembered the moment she heard that deathly screech from Viserion, that cry for a mother that could not help him, and it filled her with a fierce resolve.

"…When I came to Westeros, I had three Dragons, now I have two. The Night King himself felled my youngest son with a spear of ice, after that he nearly claimed my life, along with the lives of Lord Snow and the brave men that followed him on his mission" Daenerys spoke with confidence and grace, ever the Queen.

"With respect, Your Grace. We do not take stock in the opinions of Southerners here; your father saw to that the day he murdered Lord Rickard and Lord Brandon in his throne room. For all we know you are the same as him, and you have found a way into the North by playing to Lord Snow's fantasies of an army of dead men…" Lord Glover began until…


Jon slammed his fist into the table in front of him; any harder and there would be a hole where his fist had met wood. A look of fury was burning in his eyes; a look not many got to see and live, in that moment the Bastard of Winterfell ceased to exist, and in his place stood a ferocious Wolf King with the fire of a Dragon that Balerion the Dread himself would have feared.

"Lord Glover, with respect to your house…I will speak frankly as you have done with me. Queen Daenerys came North of the Wall because of a plan concocted by myself to prove the existence of the Army of the Dead to the Lannisters. During this mission we lost many, one Thoros of Myr, many brave men of the Free Folk and Queen Daenerys' dragon, Viserion. I do not take the sacrifices likely, and if you insinuate that I am making these stories up one more time I will make you regret it" Jon spoke with all the fire of a battle-hardened Commander.

Lord Glover was visibly shaken by the ferociousness of Jon's reply.

"Queen Daenerys didn't trust me when I first came to her on Dragonstone; and why should she? She had about as much reason to trust my word as any stranger that had never set foot in Westeros, she could have easily executed me for treason or burned me alive but she didn't, instead she allowed us to mine the Dragonglass and make weapons from it. She didn't have to come to our rescue beyond the wall, she came not because it would further her claim, she came because it was the right thing to do. She came North with her armies and her Dragons because it was the right thing to do…" Jon continued, fire in his voice.

Dany couldn't help but stare in awe at the man to her right; all her life she had heard stories of fierce warrior kings of legend, but after seeing the world with her own two eyes she thought them false. It was only in seeing Jon speak with such fire and passion, that she knew she given her heart to the right man.

"And Just so we are perfectly clear Lord Glover, if we make it out of this war alive, it will be because Queen Daenerys Targaryen and her armies made it so. And in case any of you have forgotten; the real enemy vastly outnumbers us, they don't feel fear or pity, remorse nor hunger, they do not thirst, they do not sleep and they will absolutely not stop until every living thing in this world is a part of their army" Jon announced quite clearly with power in his voice.

If Dany didn't know any better; she would say he were a dragon with how fiery his reply was.

Lord Glover seemed shocked with the passion Jon used in his little speech, he spoke of the same things he usually talked about but without the dry tiredness of his Northern drawl. He sounded more like a king in that little speech than he ever had before.

A fire had awoken within Jon Snow, a fire he didn't know he had.

"The words of House Stark have always been 'Winter is coming', we Northerners know better than anyone; but make no mistake my Lords, Winter is here and the Dead come with it. We cannot afford to let petty differences divide us any longer. Northerners, Southerners, Westerosi, Essosi, Free Folk, Citizens of the Vale, Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, it doesn't matter what we are…all that matters is that we are all alive…and that makes the Dead our true enemy"

The silence in the main hall was so tense you could hear a pin drop. Lord Glover slowly but surely sat down, his tense posture speaking volumes of how badly his king had silenced him.

Davos had a grin plastered across his face, bursting to the brim with pride in the man he considered another son.

"Lord Snow" Lady Lyanna Mormont stood up, even though she was barely a child she still commanded the respect of a Northern Lady.

"When we named you King in the North; we swore never to bend the knee to a Southern Ruler again" Lyanna was about to continue until Daenerys interrupted.

"Forgive me, My Lady, for we haven't been introduced" Daenerys asked as politely as she could.

"Lyanna of House Mormont, your Grace" she replied quickly without a stutter.

"Mormont…I owe your house a great debt my lady. Your Cousin Jorah has been a most steadfast protector of mine for many years" Daenerys nodded with a gentle smile.

"Cousin Jorah was banished from the North long ago by Ned Stark, he sold men into slavery and brought shame upon our house" Lyanna replied, eyeing Jorah closely as she spoke.

"I am well aware of that, Lady Mormont. But, in the years I have known your cousin he has been naught but an honourable knight, a loyal advisor and a trusted friend. I only hope you can find it within yourself to give him a second chance" Daenerys replied.

"Now please, speak your mind" Daenerys asked, folding her hands in front of her.

"I do not know you, your Grace. None of us do, with the exception of Lord Snow. We have not had a good history of rulers in our time, your father was a madman, King Robert was a drunken whoremonger, Joffrey was pure evil, Tommen was a weak little boy and Cersei…if the rumours are true; fits the pattern. How are we to believe you are any different than any of them?" Lyanna asked.

The questions truck true, the She-bear was one to be reckoned with as Dany had found out. Jon had warned her; as did Jorah that Lyanna was a spitfire. A small part inside Dany whispered 'I like this girl' and Jon gave her a glance that practically said 'I knew you would'.

"Lady Mormont. I know that Westeros has had its fair share of madmen, butchers and those not fit to even glance at a crown yet alone wear one. Any Promises I make in front of you would fall on deaf ears, so I will not insult you or your intelligence and simply say…I will make it my mission to prove you wrong about me" Dany replied.

Lyanna and pretty much every Northern Lord present gave Daenerys a look of surprise, not expecting the Mad King's daughter to give such an eloquent response without the flowery wording of a corrupt politician. Dany knew from Jon that words from her would not sway the Northerners, she had to earn their loyalty with actions.

And that is exactly what she planned to do.

Sitting down; Dany nodded to Jon who gave her a quick nod in response. The glances Sansa had been giving Daenerys all the while slowly shifting from distrust to confusion to surprise. Dany could tell Sansa had not let her guard down yet, but it was a good start all things considered.

One step at a time.

"Lord Umber" Jon called to the youngest lord present.

"Yes, My Lord" Ned Umber replied; quickly after hearing Jon's fiery display and Dany's eloquent response.

"Your people are located closest to the Wall, if it falls; then Last Hearth will be the first fortress to make contact with the dead. Begin evacuating those that travel slow, the sick, the old, children, small families. When the Dead breakthrough they won't have the luxury of slow travel" Jon ordered with a nod.

"We will need more horses and wagons to help move them my lord" Ned Umber replied quickly, not old or wise enough to question Jon.

"You will have the horses and wagons you requested Lord Umber" Sansa smiled.

"Thank you, my lady" Ned nodded before returning to his seat.

"Maester Wolkan" Jon called for the resident Maester to step forward.

"Yes, My Lord" Wolkan replied dutifully.

"Begin sending Ravens to the citizens closest to the wall; they are to evacuate to Winterfell as soon as possible, be sure to tell them to bring as much food, clothing and tools as possible and only the essentials. We will need every man, woman and strong child we can get for what is coming" Jon ordered.

"At once, my Lord" Wolkan nodded and left to do his duty.

"My Lords, My Ladies. Tomorrow we shall gather again to discuss battle plans, for now it has been a long day; so, if you will excuse me; I must show Queen Daenerys and her people to their chambers" Jon nodded to the Lords and Ladies who began to disperse.

The doors to the Lord's chambers opened with an audible creak; in stepped Daenerys after Jon held the door open to her, once his Queen was inside; Jon stepped in and closed the door behind him. This was the first time Jon and Dany had been alone since the day they arrived in White Harbour, and the tension between the two of them could be felt.

"So, how do you like my home?" Jon asked, breaking the silence.

"It certainly has its charms" Dany turned and smiled at him.

Jon smiled back, taking off his fur cloak and dropping it over the nearby bench, now wearing only his leather gambeson; he takes off his gloves and unbuckles his sword belt. Dany raises a brow at this and smiles warningly at him, the orange glow of the fire making her even more ethereal and beautiful than usual.

"My Lord Snow…what would the other lords think if they could see you now?" Dany smirked as she walked over to Jon; taking off her gloves as she did.

"Honestly? Jealously" Jon smirked as he snaked his left arm around Dany's waist and pulled her in close.

Dany and Jon were now separated by only an inch; her gorgeous lilac eyes meeting his hungry iron grey eyes as the fire crackled around them. The Targaryen Queen smiled as she put her hands on his shoulders affectionately.

"I must say, the North is colder than I expected" Dany smiled, her breath and Jon's mingling in the space between them.

"Don't worry…I'll keep you warm" Jon slowly and lovingly met Dany's lips; their eyes closing as they enjoyed this moment of peace.

The sweet smell of the Dragon Queen filled Jon's nostrils; her lips felt softer than the finest silk and the satisfied noises she made filled his heart with joy. He couldn't help but bring his right hand up and gently caress her neck; her skin was finer than all the silks of the world and he was the only one able to touch her like this.

Dany let out a quiet hum as their kissing became more passionate; Jon demanded entrance to her mouth which she gladly gave. Their kissing became more and more passionate and heated as fire built up between them, Jon's right hand no longer caressing his Queen but rather seizing her as his inner wolf took command.

In this moment they were not the Breaker of Chains and the Bastard of Winterfell, they were not the Khaleesi of the Great Grass seas and the former Commander of the Night's Watch, they were not the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and the Warden of the North, they were not even Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow in this moment.

She was his woman, and he was her man.

As Jon began to back Daenerys up towards the bed; she broke the kiss with a sudden gasp of air and placed her hands against his chest. Immediately snapping out of his daze; Jon wondered if he had done something wrong. He and Dany had shared multiple nights together since leaving Dragonstone, but they had not made love since departing their ship at White Harbour.

She couldn't be having second thoughts?

"You have a fire inside you Jon…you should learn to control it; or you'll burn someone" Dany smiled after catching her breath.

Jon smiled when he realized he was simply going a bit too fast; looking down he saw that he was already in the process of stripping his Queen. He took a deep breath and smiled lovingly at her; they didn't need to rush; they were in his home and she was his guest.

"I suppose it's a good thing you are the Unburnt" Jon smiled back as he brushed a silver lock out of Dany's face.

Taking a deep breath, Jon let her go and went to sit down on the side of the bed. Dany quickly joined him and lovingly leaned her head against his shoulder, they had all the time in the world right now; to simply love each other.

"These used to be my father's chambers; a long time ago. Reserved for the Lords of Winterfell, the Mighty Wardens of the North" Jon told Dany as she contently leaned against him.

"What would he think of us? Your father?" Dany asked.

"He would need time to warm up to you…but I think he would love you. He hated what the Lannisters did to your family; no honour in butchering innocent children for what their grandfather did" Jon explained as he wrapped an arm around Dany's shoulders and hugged her close.

"I wish I could have met him" Dany whispered before planting a soft kiss on Jon's cheek.

"Aye, me too" Jon smiled as he leaned his head against Dany's.

For a few moments Jon and Dany just sat there; listening to the crackling of the fire and the sound of each other's breathing. Slowly and softly; Dany clasped Jon's right hand in her own; the soft feeling of the other's skin only adding to the peace and content they were feeling.

At first Jon thought what he felt for Daenerys was simple lust or admiration, she was beautiful; there was no doubt about that, and she had the strength and courage of a Dragon. But in moments such as this where they could simply let the titles and bloodlines and birth rights slip away, where they could just be themselves in their purest forms with each other; Jon knew.

He was in love.

And from the way she reacted; from the way she looked at him with affection and vulnerability, he knew she loved him as well. They were two different people from two different worlds; he a Northern warrior who grew up in cold and shame, her an exiled Princess; sentenced to walk the scorching heat of Essos.

Yet fate had brought them together; two people with so much in common yet so much to set them apart. Jon had to believe that whatever gods existed; be it the Old gods or the seven or even the Lord of Light that brought him back from death, whatever gods held sway over this world saw it fit to bring them together.

Falling in love was simply inevitable.

"Jon…please stay with me tonight" Dany whispered softly.

"I don't think that would set a good message to the Northern Lords" Jon whispered softly in reply, nuzzling her silky silver hair.

"Fuck the Northern Lords" she replied with a smirk.

Jon let out a surprised snort of laughter; hearing her be so frank and crass was a welcome surprise that let him know that he wasn't speaking to the Mother of Dragons right now, he was speaking to Dany.

"I don't think I've ever heard you curse like that before" Jon chuckled as he raised his head to meet her gentle gaze.

"I think you are a bad influence. That or I picked it up from Ser Sandor on the way here" she smiled as she leaned closer to her lover, nuzzling her face against his.

"I hope that's the only thing you picked up from him" Jon chuckled as he raised his hand to caress her soft cheek yet again.

He couldn't get enough of her; and from the way she was nuzzling him, she couldn't either. They felt like they were made to be pleasing to each other; as if everything down to even the shape of their eyes and the feeling of their lips had been tailor made to please.

"I have to tend to something first…I'll come back; I promise" Jon smiled softly as he stroked her cheek.

"Hurry back…please" Dany whispered as she leaned in and lovingly kissed Jon on the lips which he gladly returned.

"I will…get warm for me" Jon smiled as he stood up and walked to the door.

Dany looked over to Jon as he stopped by the door and put on his cloak and his sword belt; looking over his shoulder Jon gave her a reassuring nod. He would come back, and she would be waiting for him. As soon as the door shut; Dany lay back on the bed and smiled to herself.

She couldn't remember the last time she felt this deliriously happy.

The crunching of snow beneath Jon's feet was always a therapeutic sound; he knew that it was ironic that the last part of his name gave him comfort in this moment when it gave him such grief all his life. A smile graced his lips as he walked through the snow towards the Godswood; thinking upon the new love of his life eagerly awaiting his return once he did what he needed to do.

The Heart Tree came into view; the white bark against the pure white snow and red leaves vibrantly stark in contrast to the surrounding area. This was the place he would come to reflect; to throw his voice to whatever ancestors were in a listening mood. A place he could let out the tension and connect with the North again.

Sitting down on one of the logs near the tree; Jon clasped his hands in front of him and began to pray. He would pray for many things during these times; he would pray for his family to be safe; for a short winter; for happiness wherever he could find it.

But right now; he simply wanted to pray to the Old Gods so they may lend some assistance in the war to come. He had seen the Night King, he had seen the Army of the Dead in their endless bulk, and even with Daenerys, her armies, her dragons, both the Northern and Southern forces he didn't know if they could win.

'at least we'll give the fuckers a fight' he once said.

"I thought I would find you here" a familiar voice called out.

Jon's head shot up and he swerved around; meeting eyes with his sister Arya Stark. She had certainly changed in the time they had been apart; but there was no mistaking it; it was her.

"How did you sneak up on me?" Jon asked as he stood up.

"How did you survive a knife in the heart?" she asked instead of replying.

"I didn't" he smirked.

A smile slowly crept up on Arya face as she ran towards Jon and practically vaulted into his waiting arms. Jon and Arya had always been the closest of the Stark Siblings; ever the two Black sheep that never fit in with everyone else.

"You have certainly grown up" Jon said as he lovingly embraced his sister.

"You haven't" she joked back; earning a chuckle from Jon as he let her go.

"You still have it" Jon noticed that very same sword he gifted her when they first parted ways; hanging at her hip.

"Needle" she nodded before offering the sword for him to inspect.

"You've certainly kept it sharp; I suppose you've had to use it once or twice" Jon gave her a knowing glance.

"More than twice" Arya grinned as Jon handed the blade back.

"And what's this?" he said, pointing at the catspaw dagger sheathed at her side.

"Valyrian Steel, are you jealous" she replied, flicking the dagger skilfully between her fingers before showing the blade to Jon.

"Not really" Jon smirked as he unsheathed Longclaw and presented the blade to Arya.

"Does it have a name?" she asked.


"Fitting" she smiled back as he sheathed it.

"I saw your new Queen when you came back" Arya said as both she and Jon went to sit down besides the Heart Tree.

"Thoughts?" Jon asked; eager to know what his favourite sibling through about Dany.

"She is certainly pretty. You are doing well for yourself these days brother" Arya elbowed Jon and gave him a wink.

"Oh, stop it" Jon smiled.

"Sansa doesn't trust her" Arya continued.

"I understand how Sansa has trouble trusting anyone these days; after what she has been through, I doubt she will ever trust anyone again" Jon continued.

"She trusts you" Arya replied.

"Not fully. I know she thinks my honour and sense of right is a crutch. Spending too much time with Cersei and Littlefinger will do that to a person…where is Baelish now that I think of it? He wasn't there to greet us at the gates" Jon asked.

Arya simply unsheathed her dagger and mimed dragging it across her throat. Jon went wide eyed for a moment before letting out a disappointed sigh. Arya raised a brow at that reaction; she thought her brother would be pleased that Baelish was dead.

"What's wrong?" Arya asked.

"I wanted to kill that snake myself" he replied.

Arya smirked "Don't worry; his last moments weren't pretty" Jon seemed to like that. The man was a snake that deserved what was coming to him; the only pity in Jon's mind was that he didn't get to deal the killing blow himself.

"That's certainly good to hear" Jon smiled in reply.

For a few moments, Jon and Arya conversed about some of the things that had happened in their time apart; not too many details though, if they did, they would have been sat in the Godswood all night and Jon had a Queen waiting for him. Arya spoke about how she escaped King's Landing and her adventure to Braavos while Jon told her about his adventure beyond the wall and his excursions amongst the wildlings.

Once they had caught up; Jon being naturally surprised that Arya is the person that caused the destruction of house Frey and Arya being surprised that Jon had literally returned from the dead; the two of them stood and began walking back to the keep. The crunching of snow a constant reminder that they were home.

For a moment it seemed like Winterfell had become home again; with Jon and Arya conversing and swapping stories under the white branches of the heart tree.

After Jon and Arya had said their goodnights; the Raven-haired Lord of Winterfell made his way back to the Queen's chambers. He fully expected to open the door and see his silver haired beauty waiting there on the bed with a full smile, naked as her name day and begging him to come to her. But when he came to the door; he heard Daenerys speaking with a joyful tone.

When Jon opened the door, he saw a sight that melted his heart.

There, on her knees was Daenerys in her underclothes; holding out her hands and gently petting the large white furred head of Jon's faithful Direwolf, Ghost.

"Oh, you are a handsome boy, aren't you?" Dany cooed as Ghost relished in the attention she offered; his tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth as Dany pet the huge Direwolf.

"I see you've been acquainted" Jon smiled as he took off his cloak.

"I take it this is Ghost" Dany smiled as she continued to pet her new friend. The Direwolf seemed to be completely at ease with his head cradled in her soft hands.

"I knew he would like you" Jon smiled as he took off his sword belt and walked over to join Dany and Ghost. Kneeling down besides Dany; Jon scratched Ghost behind the ears in that place he always loved.

"I thought you were scratching at the door to tease me; imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find him waiting there" Dany smiled.

"He probably smells me all over you" Jon smirked as he leaned in and nuzzled the side of her head.

"He is much gentler than I thought he would be" Dany giggled as Ghost rose up to nuzzle the Dragon Queen, taking great care when he began nuzzling his head against her midsection.

"Aye, he is ferocious against our enemies; but with friends and family he is a big softy" Jon scratched Ghost behind the ears.

"Did you take care of your business?" Dany asked with a smirk.

"Aye…and now I have other business to attend to" Jon stood up and held out his hand to his Queen; helping her to her feet.

Ghost stood to his feet and walked over towards the door; silently asking to be let out. The Direwolf could smell his master and his new mate; and he could very much tell what was going to be happening tonight. Jon chuckled at the human-like intelligence of his Direwolf; and Dany almost blushed at the fact that a wolf wanted to give them privacy.

Jon opened the door, allowing Ghost to make a quick and quiet retreat. The Direwolf would be back; he enjoyed Daenerys' soft hands way too much to deny more scratches and pats. Jon turned and met eyes with Daenerys as she climbed onto the bed; her eyes hazy with love and lust.

"Lord Snow; your Queen is lonely" she spoke seductively; Jon couldn't help but gaze as her soft legs, her silver locks, her lilac eyes all illuminated by the orange glow of the fire, a Goddess in human form if ever there was one.

"As my Queen commands" Jon smiled as he made his way to her; shedding his clothes to meet with the woman of his dreams.

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