Chapter 8 Fathers and Sons.

New York was a place Rumplestiltskin never intended to visit. To the Dark One, it held nothing appealing other than his long-lost son. The question is how easy would be to find said lost son. And what if Baelfire didn't want anything to do with him? Of, course Baelfire wanted something to do with him. He loves his son, Baelfire must know that. If Baelfire didn't know that he would be a fool. The Dark One, never really guessed prior to Emma wanting to help the Cinderella girl wanting to find a way to keep her baby. To travel to find Baelfire with anyone else.

Finding Baelfire took a couple of hours, it was truly remarkable for the Dark One to see how much his son has grown and changed over the many, many years. Now Rumplestiltskin is standing in Baelfire's tiny apartment in Baelfire's living room. The two stood silently both waiting for one another to start. Neither of them knew how long they have been like this.

"What are doing here?" Baelfire asked his tone of voice cold yet displaying a sense of annoyance.

"I've come to bring my son home," Rumplestiltskin answers.

"I stopped being your son, the moment you decided not to follow me into the portal," Baelfire replies.

"I made a mistake, I let my fear control me, back all those years a..." Rumplestiltskin started.

"And I wasn't afraid! I was scared of starting over in a new world terrified, but I thought if I had you, things would be okay, we could figure things out. And you just picked power over me. Power over a child," Baelfire interrupted.

"And I've regretted it every day, Baelfire, but I'm here now, I waited in Storybrooke for twenty-eight years for the curse to be broken. So, I could seek you out and make things up," Rumplestiltskin says.

"You can't make things up, you can't turn back time," Baelfire said.

"I can't turn back time, but if we go to Storybrooke where there magic. I can use it to make you the same age, you were before you went through the portal," Rumplestiltskin replied.

"I don't want to be a kid again, it still wouldn't change all that you did. Pa to you magic will always be the solution, you've had your ten minutes. Now, I've got to go," Baelfire says.

Meanwhile, back over in Storybrooke, we have Perseus alone standing in the clock tower watching the town through the glass. He had cloaked his presence, he wasn't scared of anyone in this town. He just didn't want them to know about his arrival until it benefited him. Through the glass, Perseus sees white smoke with flashes of lightning behind him. Perseus sighed and turned to face the figure the smoke left behind. The figure was that of a tall man, someone who most people would assume to be around his late 40s early 50s. He has crystal blue clear eyes, skin paler than that of white clouds, his nose is crooked. The man is wearing a navy blue blazer, a white shirt. Navy trousers and black shoes.

"You shouldn't be here," The man said.

"Neither should you, yet you're here," Perseus responds.

"Most people would be struck with fear or great honour to have me in their presence," The man says.

"Yet, I'm struck with great displeasure and disgust that you're in my presence," Perseus said his voice mostly cold but anyone could sense there was small underlining of anger.

"You're plans have no place in the grand design of things," The man tells Perseus.

"Ah, so like my conception Zeus," Perseus jokes.

"It's better you leave now before, you'll do something that you regret son," Zeus advised.

"I have no regrets and I am NOT YOUR SON!" Perseus snapped.

"By blood you are," Zeus pointed out as he took a few steps closer to Perseus.

"A poor coincidence Zeus, I was never your son. The only good thing, you did for me was leading that witch to that village. After that you did nothing," Perseus says.

"You are in way over your head," Zeus said.

"We've talked enough," Perseus replies before with a flick of a hand, he makes Zeus vanish in a poof of smoke.

End of chapter 8.