Chapter 2

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Upon arriving at the Mall, Beca switched into badass Agent Mitchell hellbent on protecting her secretly favourite client. Jesse and Beca escorted Chloe to her favourite shop to get dresses remaining in constant contact with the other members of the team.

Jesse was sweeping the perimeter of the store and then stationed himself at the entrance of the store. Beca was discreetly tailing Chloe around the shop, although it wasn't that discreet when every 5 mins Chloe would hold up a dress against her and ask how did this one look. Eventually Beca gave up with the discreet tailing and just walked alongside Chloe helping her to pick a dress out.

After Chloe had picked up a couple of dresses, they made their way to the dressing rooms. Beca stationed herself at the door of the cubicle while Chloe tried them on. She insisted in getting Beca's opinion on all of them. Beca tried to insist that Jesse was better suited for this task but after Chloe flashed a grin at her and said softly "I'd prefer if it was you" Beca gave in gracefully.

Chloe was trying on the last dress, the others were nice, but nothing seemed good enough for a State Dinner with representatives from the Royal Family from the United Kingdom. The last dress was a giving her a bit of trouble as she couldn't get it zipped up at the back. She smiled to herself and opened the cubicle door and tapped Beca on the shoulder. "Please can you zip up my dress" and turned around.

Beca turned and was met with a large expanse of exposed skin on Chloe's back, she swallowed heavily, her mouth suddenly dry. She reached forward and pulled the zip up slowly. Chloe couldn't supress the full body shiver that ran through her when Beca pulled the zip up, the feel of her knuckle tracing up her spine.

Chloe turned around and met Beca's eyes, both girls drowning in the other eyes, Chloe leaned forward slightly licking her lips. The moment was broken by Jesse speaking through Beca's earbud, it was just a routine check in, but it broke the spell Chloe had cast over Beca. Beca took a step back and responded to Jesse professionally even though her cheeks were flushed.

Chloe was disappointed but knew this wasn't the time or place to act on her attraction to her Close Protection Agent, although she was definitely buying the dress after Beca's reaction to it. Moments like that between her and Beca were far and few between and she was pleased to know that the attraction between the girls wasn't one-sided.

After getting Chloe back to the White House safely and under the watchful eyes of Amy, Beca retreated to her room to unwind. She couldn't help but blush again when she thought of Chloe in that dress. She was so determined to keep Chloe at arm's length, but the beautiful redhead had other ideas.

Beca flung herself back on her bed with a groan, she just couldn't get the redhead out of her mind! What was she going to do?

At the State dinner, Beca and her team were spread out around the room keeping an eye on the proceedings, she was secretly excited that she was in the room with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Joseph and Chloe entered the room and sat down beside their guests and struck up conversation. Their guest not only included the British Royals but the new French President who was remarkably young, he was currently regaling Chloe with stories, and she was hanging on his every word. Beca inwardly grimaced at the sight. She knew if she was willing to claim the redhead then she couldn't begrudge her happiness with someone else.

Chloe was aware of Beca's eyes on her whilst holding an animated conversation with Jacque, she had hoped this would help Beca to make a move since she wasn't responding to her advances. Chloe genuinely was enjoying the conversation with Jacque, but she just wasn't attracted to him.

After an enjoyable dinner and conversation with all the guests, Joseph and Chloe bade everyone goodbye and retired to their private quarters to chat. Joseph had noted the deep conversation Chloe and the French President had engaged in and asked her about it. Chloe responded with a shy grin "Jacque was interesting and engaging but he's not right for me"

"Why do you say that? I think you two would be good together"

"Maybe politically for you Dad but you know I prefer the fairer sex and I do have my eye on someone"

"I know Chloe, but you haven't shown any interest in anyone since before I started campaigning for President, I just wondered if you were sure"

"I didn't want anything to hurt your campaign, so I kept my relationships on the down low."

Joseph leaned forward and hugged Chloe "I appreciate it honey but you still need to live your life and when you find someone to share your life with, don't let me be who I am stop you"

Chloe looked at her Dad with tears in her eyes "Thank you"

"Now don't think I didn't catch the fact you had your eye on someone, when have you had time to meet someone?"

Chloe blushed and looked down "Agent Mitchell" Joseph smiled a little, "I thought there was something between you"

"She won't respond to my advances, but I know she likes me, I can see it in her eyes"

"Probably because relationships between CPA's and client are strictly frowned upon, Agent Mitchell worked extremely hard to get where she is. She's only 22 and to be team leader of Team 2 for the Presidential family is impressive" Joseph said gently. He wasn't blind to the looks that were exchanged between his daughter and Agent Mitchell. He liked Agent Mitchell and thought she was extremely protective of his daughter.

"I never thought of it like that before, what am I going to do?"