Chapter 8

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Back in the White House, the President was being briefed on the kidnapping of his daughter and her girlfriend. Joseph was issuing orders calmly when all he really wanted to be doing was finding some answers and pacing. Pacing was his coping method for any bad news, it helped him think but according to his Vice President, it made him look weak for requiring a coping method.

The hours slowly ticked by and Jesse was getting really concerned, he couldn't understand why the trackers on the girls' clothing had failed, even if they were deep underground, the trackers should still be signalling home.

Jesse had contacted his boss Agent Posen and explained the situation, she gave the orders to have extra teams dispatched, she was stressing out majorly but desperately doing her best not to show any emotion. She knew Agent Mitchell had been shot but CCTV didn't show how badly she was hurt. The footage showed a highly disciplined team who hadn't wasted any time cutting down her Agents. Agent Posen made a mental note for afterwards to increase combat training.

Back in the bunker, Chloe had finally woken up enough to realise Beca was in pain, she insisted on seeing the wound, although Beca's vest had stopped the bullet, clearly there were ribs broken as Beca couldn't raise her arms above shoulder height.

Beca was concerned that her injury was going to prevent her from escaping but desperately hoped the adrenaline would mask the pain enough for her to get them both out of this situation. They had been in their little room for hours now and had yet to see their attackers.

The girls also hadn't been given food or water, which didn't bode well for them. If the kidnappers don't provide food and water, it meant the captives weren't going to live long. Beca knew the odds of them surviving were slim.

Chloe persuaded Beca to lie back and hold her, as they lay back staring at the ceiling, Beca noticed a small square crack, it looked like a cleverly concealed hatch. She would have dismissed it after a glance thinking it was just a crack but when she kept staring at it, she realised what it actually was. However, it was roughly 8ft up above them, and nothing around to help them reach up there.

Upstairs in a concrete room, the dark-haired leader of the kidnappers was pacing restlessly, his contact hadn't been in contact since yesterday and had left no further instructions as to what he wanted done with the girls. Taking Agent Mitchell had all been part of the plan, for some reason his contact had wanted the First Daughter and her main Close Protection Agent.

He had to make a decision on what to do, sooner or later the Secret Service would figure out where the girls were being held, he wasn't stupid, he knew the President would order all satellites to face homeward in order to find his missing daughter. Coming to a decision he spun on his heel to face his team…

Downstairs Chloe had clumsily managed to climb onto Beca's shoulders and was reaching up to the hidden hatch, she was the best person for this as Beca's ribs prevented her from reaching too high, to her excitement the hatch lifted slightly. It wasn't locked; however, she didn't have the upper body strength needed to pull herself out.

Suddenly in the White House, all monitors started blaring, Jesse whirled around and exclaimed excitedly "The trackers are finally signalling home, we have co-ordinates. Everyone gear up, we leave in 3 minutes"

The 3 teams raced out to the trucks and headed to the co-ordinates flashing on the trucks GPS screen, tyres squealing the came to an abrupt stop outside a nondescript building, piling out they got into position. Jesse stood at the front and gave the order to breach.

Chloe huddled closer to Beca as they heard rapid footsteps above their heads, that confirmed they were definitely being held underground, Beca pushed Chloe behind her and into the corner of the room which she had determined was the best defensible corner. The hatch lifted and a gun was being pointed into the room.

Beca moved stealthily toward the gun and went to grab for it, at that moment the gun went off hitting Beca centre mass point blank. There was no way her vest would protect her. Had Beca not when in the way, the bullet would have hit Chloe. Chloe screamed and went to run towards her girlfriend, however Beca shouted for her to stay put.

As Beca fell, she saw the stricken face of the man who had shot her, she blearily realised she knew him, it was Donald the second in command to Bumper, her mind raced was it friendly fire, or was he involved? She had to protect Chloe. That was all she focused on. Chloe.

Painstakingly slow, Beca crawled to Chloe's corner, leaving a crimson trail behind her, Chloe pulled her into her arms and put pressure on the chest wound, she cried harder as she saw the mess of her girlfriend's torso. Having done a year of med school before deciding it wasn't for her, she knew the chances of Beca surviving this were low.

Somehow Beca held onto consciousness and heard Donald radio for back up and medical teams, Jesse jumped down the hole first and rushed to Beca, helping Chloe put pressure on the wound. He whispered quietly "It's okay, you've done your duty, Chloe is fine"

At those words Beca finally lost her tenuous hold to consciousness and her world went black…

Soft beeping awoke Chloe, she looked around drowsily before remembering she was sat beside Beca's hospital bed. She sighed and stretched out the crick in her neck. Her girlfriend had survived the surgery to remove the bullet and repair the damage caused by it but had yet to wake up. Chloe clung to the hope that she would wake up.

It had been a week since they were rescued and Chloe had been debriefed by what felt like every security agency in DC, she wasn't much help, either had been unconscious or Beca had been blocking her view. She resented every minute she was away from Beca's bedside, if it hadn't been for Beca, who knew would could have happened.

The President walked in, sighing softly when he saw his daughter lying curled around Beca's prone body. "Chloe, come on honey, how about you go home and shower. You'll feel more refreshed" he tried hopefully

"No Dad, I leave when she does"

"Beca wouldn't want to see you like this, she didn't protect you just to see you spend all your time in hospital"

"I know Dad, but it feels like a betrayal to leave, she took the bullet meant for me"

"That's her job, to protect you. No matter the cost"

Chloe sighed heavily and carefully untangled herself from the many wires surrounding her girlfriend, she got off the bed and went straight to her father's warm embrace. "Okay Dad, you win, lets go home and I'll shower and eat proper food"

Chloe managed to stay away till the next day, she had to admit she did look better after a decent rest but was eager to get back to Beca. Her protection team which now consisted of Jesse, Amy, Stacie and a new member a tiny, extremely quiet Asian by the name of Lilly.

They were secretly glad Chloe spent all her time at the hospital. It meant they could keep an eye on their Team Leader. Their respect for her had gone up several notches, she had taken the bullet for Chloe and managed to drag herself back to where she had left her, nothing was stopping her from doing her duty. Not even a bullet to the chest.

Beca heard a steady beeping in the background, she just couldn't bring herself to open her eyes to switch off the alarm that was disturbing her rest. She could feel someone holding her hand which she found confusing, no one was in bed with her and why would they be holding her hand?

Chloe felt Beca's hand twitch in hers and looked up at Beca's face hopefully, her face wasn't as peaceful as it had been since she had been in hospital. She started speaking softly to Beca, begging her to just open her eyes.

Beca could hear someone murmuring to her but just couldn't make out the words, her hand tightened reflexively around Chloe's and she found the words becoming more distinct, she slowly opened her eyes and met Chloe's startling clear blue eyes. Chloe's eyes reflected joy at seeing Beca's midnight gaze.

Several weeks later Beca was finally declared fit for duty, she was ecstatic at getting back to being Chloe's protector, as much as she trusted her team, she couldn't help feeling unsettled. The kidnappers had run away, lying low and no additional chatter had been heard. Chloe had been by her side through her recovery period and physio appointments. As much as Beca didn't like having anyone hovering over her, she made an exception for Chloe.

Chloe and Beca's relationship had gone from strength to strength as Beca recovered, Beca had worried that the strain of her recovering would break them, but she had underestimated Chloe's compassion and love for her. Everyone from the President to Agent Posen had approved their relationship. They couldn't be happier together.

As Chloe made her way to her monthly charity meeting, she felt everything slot into place when she looked to her left and saw her favourite Agent striding beside her.