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It had been Ten years since the NCR had won the second battle of Hoover Dam, thanks in part to the intervention of Courier Six. Much had changed, the NCR had brought "civilization" to the Mojave. Roads were improved, industry was being rebuilt, taxes collected. The NCR had even managed to get ahold of pre-war schematics for Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and tanks. The Courier himself had been named the hero of the NCR, and of the Mojave. Although many of his companions, save ED-E, had long departed he remained vigilant in the Mojave. His day to day tasks involved handling disputes between troops and diplomats of the NCR and the Locals or aiding the King in his efforts to improve the situation of Freeside. One day, as the courier was helping in Freeside war once again, found itself in the Mojave.

Two men stood together behind a table, one wearing blue jeans, with a black leather jacket. On the back of the jacket stitched on were the words "The Kings". The other man stood a foot taller, he wore an olive drab coat with a uniform underneath. The lapels of his coat had pins on it both read "US", on his shoulders and collar one could see four gold stars.

The man in leather looked over to the man in the coat "Wow Six, I don't know how you convinced the Crimson Caravan to sell water to Freeside at such a discounted price."

Six, who had up to this point been leaning a bit on the wall behind him looked over to the man next to him "Wasn't that hard Alex, called in a favor from Ringo". Ringo had since been placed in charge of the Crimson Caravan office in the Mojave following the evidence against Alice McLafferty. "People tend to be willing to do a lot for someone who has saved their life from a bunch of escaped convicts".

Alex laughed "Still thanks for the help, it made rationing the water so much easier, the NCR says it'll be a week before they fix our water pumps and get clean water once more flowing to Freeside". Alex went silent for a moment, he had a question he'd been meaning to ask Six he just never had the time to do so. "Hey, Si…."

Alex's sentence was cut off with the sounds of a sudden commotion by the Atomic Wrangler. Alex and Six briefly exchanged looks before deciding to head in the direction. As the approached, however, the sounds of the commotion changed from what sounded like curious people to screams of horror. At the sound of the screams, Six and Alex drew their weapons. Alex had a 10mm pistol, a standard firearm for a member of The Kings. Six, on the other hand, had drawn a plasma pistol as they approached the source of the commotion.

Six was the first to turn the corner. Shocked he witnessed soldiers dressed like Caesars Legion if a lot less red, as they were massacring the people of Freeside. Before Alex could turn the corner Six placed his arm out to stop him. "Go tell the King to send help then find Colonel Hsu, tell him Six sent you and that we will need the NCR's strip garrison here now". What threw six for an even larger loop was the strange creatures that fought with this army. Giants, ugly creatures that reminded him of Super Mutants, Flying lizards straight out of an old-world fantasy book, or a Grognak the Barbarian comic.

Six's train of thought was interrupted at the sound of shouting, as he looked up he saw six men charging at him with spears. Well, at least they fight like Caesar's Legion. Six thought to himself, before grabbing a plasma grenade from his hip and pulling the pin. He waited three seconds before throwing the grenade at the men. The men stopped as this strange glowing object was thrown at them before it all went black for them. The two closest to the explosion were turned into piles of green goo. The remainder were shredded nothing left besides limbs and guts. Right then I just need to survive until the NCR and King can get reinforcements down here the Mormon fort would be the best place to hold up.

-Imperial Side-

Legate Decimus Antius, a middle-aged man, had felt joy at being selected to lead the Imperial forces through the gate to conquer new lands for the Empire. It had been three years since the Empire conquered the Warrior Bunnies. They would conquer this land to securing for the Empire great bounties of plunder and slaves. As Deimus reviewed the troops another man approached him. Decimus recognized him as his longtime friend and college Sextus Memor, a Centurion.

"Its exciting isn't it, the idea that the gods have given us such a grand opportunity as this to expand the glory of the Empire," Sextus said a smile forming on his face.

Decimus looked down at his old friend, the years had not been kind to him, he had a scar on the left side of his face running from his temple down to his chin. He had earned that from a Warrior Bunny. This was just one visible scar of many, his arms had scars up and down the length. However, Decimus couldn't help by smile at his friend and his enthusiasm. "It is indeed a grand opportunity." Decimus pulled out his horn blowing into it ordering the legion to advance through the gate.

After thirty minutes of marching, the Imperial legion saw the light at the end of the dark swirling vortex that was the inside of the gate. As they passed through, they were shocked at the sight. Before they were a ruined city, many of the people who lived there lived in squalor. Even those who lived in the poorer districts in the capital of Sadera were better off than these people. He could see children chasing what looked to be an oversized rat, people eating what looked to be an oversized roach. Many of the buildings around them were abandoned or in the process of collapsing, those that were occupied looked in poor repair. Sextus had walked up to join his friend.

"Have we been led to a kingdom who has just finished a war, it looks as though this city has already been put to the siege," Sextus said still in shock at the scene before them. It wasn't long, however, before one of the locals spotted the men in armor. The look of terror on the man's face was clear. Although they had no idea what the man said they hear two familiar words Caesar's and Legion. At the local's screams of terror, many around him began to flee, running in all directions.

Sextus looked at his friend puzzled "Had another legion already been sent through, if so where are they?"

Decimus looked around at the terrified crowd, " I have heard nothing about another legion being sent through prior to us, still this land is peculiar." Decimus pulled out his horn once more from his waist and signaled the legion to attack.

The Legions offensive was met with great success, so long as it stayed away from the walls. Strange armored knights guarded them, and it was difficult to even get near with their infantry. However, their dragon riders were able to fly over the wall. There was little in the way of organized resistance. A few people in this city had strange magic sticks that could fell a legionary even with his shield. However, they were too spread out to be able to put up any real form of resistance. It was then Decimus heard it an explosion. He looked behind him to witness a group of what remained of his men 2 goo piles and the rest left as shredded bodies. He took note of the man who had killed his men so quickly. The man wore an olive drab coat and a uniform underneath. On his lapel, he could make out what looked to be letters "US" and there were four stars on his neck and shoulders. The way the man carried himself, he was no stranger to combat, even though the city was in chaos, he didn't seem to run like the civilians, or haphazardly fire his magic stick like those with the black coats. This man was cold and calculating with his attacks, his shots were accurate. What shocked him more was the weapon the man held. Unlike the others who fought back whos weapons sparked and threw a small projectile at his men this one glowed. It sent some sort of Greenlight out that did not simply pierce his men but burned them. Some of the men it hit didn't just simply die the turned into a green pile on the ground. He must be a powerful mage, if there are many more like him in the land then it'll be trouble for the empire. No matter he is just one man against a legion. Decimus though as a smile began to form on his mouth. However, the man was proving difficult to kill and was quick to come to the aid of any civilian he could get to. Even in the chaos that was the city the man still found time to render aid to the wounded and directed those who could make it to a Keep.

However, much to his annoyance the man didn't stand and wait for his death. As soon as he had a chance he ran to what looked like a keep. Decimus also noticed several citizens beginning to run for the keep as well. Tsk he thought looks like we are going to need more siege equipment.

-Six's View-

This group was definitely similar to Caesar's Legion. How though, that had to be impossible. The Legion had been broken, Legate Lanius had been convinced to flee east, and Caesar was more then likely dead by now, if not by the bombs the Boomers dropped on his camp, then by the Brain cancer in his head. There was no way this group was associated with them. Still, the emulated them a lot. Still, where could they have come from? All this passed through Six's mind. For now, he'd have to bury these question for later.

Six opened the door to the Old Mormon Fort. Once inside he shut the door and looked around. It wasn't long before a woman ran up to him. He recognized her immediately it was Julie Farkas.

"Six what's going on ?" She both sounded and looked overwhelmed "Even with the help of the NCR and you, we were just barely scraping by, now we are being overwhelmed with wounded and scared."

"Julie if I knew what was going on I would tell you, all I know is some Ceasar's legion look likes are currently on a rampage through Freeside. Suddenly through the door, a man burst in a child in his arms, "Quick lock the gates they are right behind me." Six looked over at Julie before running for the ancient bar to block the door. It was ancient and would most likely not hold for long. Just hold till reinforcements come. Six Thought.

Ten more minutes of desperate struggle, the air was suddenly filled with the sound of multiple rotors. You could also hear the sound of engines growling in the distance. "Hold out a little longer" Six shouted. "Help is on its way"

-Empire's View-

Decimus was in shock, the battle had been going their way, Only three points had managed to hold out, The wall with the Iron Knights, a Building that had been crawling with more of those black shirt wearing mages, and that Keep. Suddenly, however, the gate where the knights stood vigilant parted, on the other side he saw what looked like armored Elephants and chariots. Each firing massive magic attacks at his men killing many with each strike. In the skies, he saw strange flying chariots, they would engage his dragons, as well as dropping off soldiers. Once again these soldiers proved to be more mages, firing even larger magic weapons at him. The idea of an Army of mages frightened Decimus, while he was no stranger to magic, magic was not used in overly offensive capacities in the empire. As support sure but like these strange men in brown, this was something different. Just where are we he thought?

Decimus suddenly felt a tug on his tunic under his armor, he looked down from his horse terrified. His longtime friend Sextus was in terrible shape, blood running down his face.

"You must flee, take the rest of our forces and flee, let the Emperor and Senate know what kind of foe lay beyond the gate. Warn them, that they need to send more men."

Decimus looked at his friend with concern in his eyes "I…."

"Go now you fool, I and my Century will hold them for as long as possible a Legate of the empire cannot be captured by these barbarians," Sextus said, his tone was now desperate. Desperate knowing this was his last fight. Desperate knowing that this would be the last time he would see his friend.

Decimus gave the order to retreat leaving Sextus' century to cover their retreat.

-Six's View-

After another thirty minutes of fighting the battle of Freeside had ended. Two and a half hours of slaughter had come to an end. NCR citizens lay slaughtered. Many family members were left unaccounted for, many fearing that had been taken by the strange men on the other side of the gate.

Six knew that the NCR would demand blood for this, that war had once again returned to the Mojave. Six knew this was going to be a different conflict than before thought after he had made sure the NCR was dug in around the gate, and the people of Freeside were helped as best as he could help them he went northeast. Nestled near the Colorado River was a small bunker. Six opened the door to the bunker and stepped inside. As he entered the bunkers automated lights came on, "Beginning decontamination process" a robot female voice chirped at him. Once the process had been completed six wondered into the bunker. It was a homey looking place. However, Six was not looking for a place to stay, he made his way to a statue head. These types of statues were all the rage back in the old-world. He pushed a hidden button under the statue revealing a hidden room. At the end of the room lay an armory, and in the far left corner of the armory lay a suit of armor. The armor was a blackish silver color, the helmet looked like an elongated face, with yellow eyes. On the left breast of the armor was an E surrounded by Twelve stars, Although someone had tried really hard to remove this symbol from the armor.

"Enclave Hellfire armor, the pinnacle of the enclaves research into Duraframe and its application for Power Armor, that is until I dropped that satellite strike onto the mobile base at Adams Airforce Base," Six said to no one in particular. Six knew he would be needed in by the NCR, he was a man who could accomplish the impossible. He stepped inside the power armor and did a final system check. Once satisfied he gathered as many Microfusion cells as he could carry in his pack, he would need them for his unique Laer, and A321s Plasma Rifle. He would also need a few energy cells for his Novasurge. Once he had gathered the equipment to his liking he began to make his way back to Freeside, the coming weeks, no, the year was going to be an interesting one, that was for sure.