It had been four months since, what many had dubbed the Freeside Massacre. In that time the NCR had built a dome around the Gate, outside the dome was a wall similar to the one that surrounded Camp McCarran. Kimball promised the people of the Mojave and the NCR Senate blood for that massacre. To see to the operation beyond the Gate General Lee Oliver the "hero" of the battle of Hoover Dam. Many of the troopers were upset by the news. Oliver was viewed as a completely incompetent man. He wasted NCR resources in the four years he had overseen the Garrison in the Mojave. An army of tribals with spears, swords, and hammer had almost routed the troops. Had it not been for the sudden arrival of the Courier many of the NCR's troops would've been needlessly slaughter. The troops that stormed Freeside were practically the same as Caesar's Legion, just add fantasy monsters. If Oliver struggled before, he would do the same now.

Of course, the one saving grace the troopers had was they were far better equipped then they were during the battles for Hoover Dam. Scavenged APCs, armored cars, and Pre-War Tanks now prepared to cross through the Gate. The NCR now had a growing airforce thanks to the Boomers, several refurbished F-80 Nuclear, as well as several Vertibirds. In total 10,000 troops were being sent into the Special region.

Six had during those four months, preparing for his time across the Gate. Although Oliver, and Kimball both attempted to prevent this from happening. However, the Senate would have none of it. The Courier had practically carried the entire Mojave campaign himself. Oliver's incompetence was not lost on the Senate, and they recognized the courier's ability to rally people. Even people that hated the NCR, such as the Brotherhood, Enclave, and the Khans. There were people in the NCR who believed that it would not be too far a stretch to lay the complete victory of the battle at the courier feet. In the end, Oliver was forced to accept the courier's presence, although what only angered him more was he had no authority over the courier, while the courier had the ability to command squads if he saw fit.

On the Morning of March 15th, 2291, the troops prepared themselves to cross the gate. In front of them, a make-shift podium had been erected and General Oliver stood there a smirk on his face. In his and Kimball mind, this was yet another chance to expand the NCR's land, to everyone else this was about revenge. Suddenly the speakers let out a screech as Oliver turned on the mic. "Soldiers of the Republic today is the day we get out revenge, to show those Caesar's Legion look-alikes that you do not tread on the Bear." Oliver coughed as he shuffled the papers with his speech on it. "They have made a great mistake by attacking our citizens of free side, they have declared war on the greatest nation this continent has seen, since the America of old. We shall show them why Caesar failed, we shall crush them beneath our boots, and we shall bring those who are missing home." He paused for a moment letting his words sink in. "FOR THE REPUBLIC!" His chant was echoed by the troopers assembled before the podium. "Get to your vehicles and move out"

Six was forced to stand in an APC one of the few vehicles that could support a man in full power Armor. There were also four other troopers with him beside the vehicle's crew. All of them looked upon six, completely wide-eyed. Six could over here them talking although he pretended to ignore it. "Holy shit that's the courier" one of the privates nearest to him whispered to the other. "What no way think he give us his autograph" the courier sighed quietly. He knew many of the younger troops looked up to him, still, he didn't want them to be so focused on him instead of the tasks at hand. The Radio in the Driver's compartment was abuzz with communications. "This is Heavy 1 actual; how long does anyone think this tunnel goes on for?" "Heavy 1 this is Papa Bear; first vehicles are about to make contact with the exit in thirty seconds." The radio was silent for only half a minute before the lead vehicle broke it. "This is Green Leader we got contacts on the other side. Fuckers built a whole camp here"

"Roger that Green Leader, alright boys get ready for a hot deployment" In the APC the crew began to load their machine guns, as well as the main cannon. The troopers inside began loaded their Magazines into their service rifles. Six for his part slapped a Microfusion cell into his Laer. The weapon hummed to life with the new power source placed in. It was another minute before the APC made it through the Gate. Once it had cleared it, the ramp was dropped, and the troopers scurried out. As Six walked out he looked out into the camp below. It reminded him of The Fort.

Imperial View

Decimus was saddened by the loss of his friend Sextus, if it had not been for him, he'd have died on the other side of the gate, or worse been taken prisoner by the barbarians. His men had been on edge these four months, the mages on the other side did not take advantage of their success and push their advantage. Perhaps they believed they had routed the Legion so badly it would not try to attack again. During that time Decimus had not sat idle. Although he had lost a lot of favor when he was forced back across the gate, he still had a few favors to call in. He had succeeded in rebuilding his legion and was prepared to teach those mages a lesson for their arrogance.

As Decimus sat in his tent discussing war plans with his officers, he was suddenly interrupted by a young boy. "Legate sir the- "You dare interrupt our meeting boy!" One of the guards interrupted the boy and was about to hit him before Decimus intervened. "You had better have a good reason for interrupting us boy or I'll have you flogged" The boy took a moment to regain his composure. "Milord a strange horseless carriage has just exited the Gate, a group of men matching the description of the wizards have exited it." Decimus' eyes went wide, he ran out of the tent and looked up towards the hill. Several horseless carriages sat on the hill. The familiar men in tan were getting out taking up positions above his camp. More strange things were beginning to exit the gate. Armored elephants, with two noses, larger carriages with moving tusks and a small tube on top the moved side to side. Still more of the men and tan were getting out.

Decimus looked over to the officers gathered "What are you waiting for, rally the Cohorts, we can not let them occupy holy Alnus"

Six's view

As the NCR troopers and Rangers took position rifles began to fire. As the Legion soldiers began to march and rally in an attempt to march up the hill, the rifle rounds began to cut them down. Behind the infantry, Six saw mortars and other artillery being put into position. *Thud* *Thud* *Thud*. Mortars began to sing their song of death. *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* The close-knit formations the legion marched in, became an artillery operator dream. Six began to march towards the edge of the hill. He watched as the formations were shattered by the shells as they impacted the Earth kicking up the dirt. Those in the immediate impact were killed instantly their bodies torn to shreds. Those lucky, or unlucky enough to survive were left with stumps. The legion archers attempted to return their own deadly volley in response to the lead being thrown their way. However, the NCR rifles could outrange their archers at a great distance all the arrows fell short of their intended targets.

"Colonel they got more of those flying Deathclaws heading our way." The legion attempted to break the defense by using their dragons. Six looked up at the creature that was flying above them. The NCR had brought their own weapons to deal with the dragon riders. As soon as they came within range a group of the automated surface to air missiles were launched (ASAMs). Before the Dragons riders could maneuver they were shot out of the air, raining guts, and gore on their allies below.

Six decided that now was as good a time as any to join in the fight. He drew his Laer and targets what looked to be a centurion. He took aim and pulled the trigger; the blue beam raced out across the field and struck the Centurion. Six could see the look of terror on the eyes of the soldiers around him, as their officer's flesh melted from his bone, leaving only his armor, and a smoldering pile of ash and bone. Six took aim and repeated the process, anyone who looked to be giving orders, or rallying legionaries forward met the same fate. Each death just as gruesome as the last, some exploded as the liquid in their bodies boiled from the shot, the energy that was released and killed the men standing next to them. Others, simply fell dead however, the legion began to fall back off the hill.

Imperial View

Decimus Looked on in terror, his legion was being decimated. These mages from the other side of the Gate had brought with them even more destructive spells then he saw originally. With each thud, he heard he knew it was only a matter of time until a group of legionaries exploded into a fireball. Just who are these people, who did we attack. Decimus thought to himself as he watched the slaughter before him. Then he saw it a man in heavy armor walked to the side of the hill. He watched as the man surveyed the carnage before him before he finally drew his own staff. Decimus watched in terror as the man took aim at one of his centurions, he had to hold back his food as he watched the man get hit, his flesh melting from his body. He watched as his legion broke, he watched as the organized machine that had conquered a whole continent fled, like cowards from the men on this hill.

He was brought out of his trance by a hand pulling on his shoulder. "Legate what do we do our men are routing" He looked down to see a Centurion looking to him, terror in his eyes.

"You must go to the capital warn the Senate and the Emperor, warn them that an army of mages has taken the hill and that they need to send more legions less the hill remains occupied". As he watched the Centurion leave he turned around and donned his helmet. If he was to die here, then he would do so charging the enemy, he would not shame himself nor his family running. He gathered a small group of cavalry and made his charge. He watched as one by one the men next to him began to fall. Rounds striking riders or horse alike, as they began to get close to the hill the last thing Decimus saw was a blue beam before it struck him in the face.

Six's View

Six's aim was true the leader of the cavalry charge was struck his skin turned to ash as his Skelton and armor fell from the horse it sat on, only to be trampled by those who were charging with him. At the sight of their officer's death, they too began to route and fled from the fighting. The field went quiet the camp below was abandoned, as soon as the fighting had ended the combat engineers began to set up proper defenses. Trenches were being dug and a wall erected, they knew they had bought themselves some time but the enemy would return soon. Six walked himself over to the command tent and stepped out of his Power Armour. He made sure to remove the Core before walking into the command tent. "We should pursue them and wipe them out permanently." It was clear Oliver wanted to take the advantage and wipe the enemy out. "That would be unwise sir, we don't have the supplies to move off the hill yet, nor do we know if there are more men waiting to push us off the hill. We should dig in and wait for our supplies to arrive" It was clear Colonel Hsu did not agree with the Oliver and neither then Six. Oliver had two years to destroy Caesar's Legion and he squandered it, men, who only wielded spears, swords, and a few small arms. Who had turned away from modern medicine and instead used tribal healing powder. These are the men Oliver almost lost to, NCR morale was low and they were suffering an attrition rate of almost 90%. An army of tribals almost beat back an industrial army.

It was because of the courier's footwork, and the other officers that the NCR was able to push the Legion back. It was the courier who rallied the Brotherhood, the Khans, Boomers, even the Enclave remnants to the NCR's banner. It was the Courier who trained the troops at Camp Gulf. There was more the courier had done for the NCR, but he was not officially affiliated with the NCR nor its military. Yet he had done the work that Oliver should have done, and in the end, Six led the charge against the legion and Oliver showed up at the last minute to attempt to claim the glory. However, the exploits of the courier made their way back to the NCR and the Senate. There was a bill that Kimball had to block to have Oliver recalled and stripped of his rank, Many in the NCR urged the Courier to join the Army, some in the Senate even offered him a General's commission.

Six was brought out his thoughts with Oliver calling to him "Six you still with us?"

"Hmm, oh yes was thinking about something what can I do for you General" Six made sure to put as much venom in the word General as he could, judging by Oliver's face it was not lost on him. Oliver stood erect once more and adjusted his tie, "What is your opinion should we go on the offensive or wait" Six thought for the moment, Hsu was right they currently had the advantage, the could dig into a favorable position here and their supply lines were relatively short. "Let us send some scouts in a fifteen-mile radius, meanwhile we should dig in and wait for supplies to be better built up, no need to risk the lives we don't have chasing a scattered enemy when more can be waiting in the wind.

Imperial View

The centurion had spent the last four days riding hard, avoiding his comrades now turned to banditry. When he arrived in the Capital he was exhausted, but he had a job to do, he must warn the Senate and the Emperor. Once he delivers his message the Court was convened, and he could watch. Marquess Casel spoke, he wanted to know what the Emperors plans were to deal with the men who occupied the hill, about the loss of life the legion had suffered. Much to the Centurion and many who had gathered the Emperor was not fazed, although he laid no blame for the loss at anyone's feet. Though the centurion was not happy about those calling to continue an offensive, they hadn't seen it. The explosions, the range of their staves, the blue light that melted flesh. The final straw for the centurion was the emperor calling to have the vassal kingdoms march against the hill. The centurion saw what the others could or would not. The Empire was running head long into a cliff, and the outlanders were chasing them towards it.