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The Vampire Diaries: The Dark of You

Prologue The Dark of You

With already so much on his plate, Harry took a deep breath before reading the latest message he received from the Magical Congress of the United States of America over the past four months. First his wedding with Ginny, then mending his friendship with Hermione and Ron after their nasty breakup and the rest of the loose Death Eaters who were with Lord Voldemort. But, he had no time to go to America and see what the problem was. He read the message again that said:

Mr. Potter,

There has been some disturbance in a town called Mystic Falls, Virginia. There is a family of vampires and one hybrid. There are also other supernatural creatures, but this family is the main focus. They are called the Mikaelsons, other known as the Originals, they need to be considered. We have felt some disturbance in the air due to this family. You must report back to us if they have caused harm to mankind.


President Samuel G. Quahog

Harry sighed and put the letter away. He rubbed his green eyes with stress; he needed a holiday from basically everything and everyone. A shadow fell over him just as he removed his glasses to cover his eyes, and he peeked through his fingers only to find a friendly and welcoming presence.

"Hello, Harry," the blonde said in an airy Irish-English distant and dreamy voice.

At 5'2, with her wand tucked behind an ear, Luna Lovegood was a peculiar girl with waist-length, straggly dirty blonde hair. Doe-like eyes shone which made her gray eyes seem a molten silver at times, and faint eyebrows were plucked neatly above. She had a unique fashion sense that other people usually found bizarre what with her odd pieces of jewelry such as a Butterbeer cork necklace and Dirigible plum earrings, but the blonde was able to pull it off like no other.

Luna was an extremely quirky girl with a serene disposition and many eccentric beliefs and qualities. She was a complete nonconformist; she lacked self-consciousness and was not afraid to show who she truly was. Luna was also intelligent and unusually perceptive, having been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Luna noticed the dark circles under poor Harry's eyes. She sat in the chair next to his desk and placed her hand on his arm. "What troubles you, Harry? I saw that you were distressed and was about to break like a Snareled."

He shook his head at Luna's crazy creatures. "I just got a letter from the Magical Congressed in America," Harry said. Luna tilted her head to the side, curiosity got the best of her at times and she wanted to know what the Americans wanted. "They said that there is this family who are vampires and that they wanted to be considered to see if they are dangerous to mankind." Harry rubbed his messy jet-black hair. "I don't even know why he wants me to go and investigate these people. If they aren't harming anyone, then why does he want me to go? Plus, I have other things to worry about; Ginny, Hermione, Ron and the Death Eaters." He sighed and looked at Luna who had a faraway expression. "Luna, are you even listening to me?" He sneered at her with narrowed eyes.

The said young woman looked to her friend and gave him a small smile. She placed her small hand on his and said, "I could go in your place."

Harry's eyes widened. "Really?" She nodded and patted his hand. "Oh, thank you, Luna. You have no idea how much that means to me."

She nodded and patted his back. "You're welcome, Harry." She leaned into him and whispered, "The Nargles will be very happy to be in America, they hear it's quite beautiful this time of year." When they pulled away from each other, Harry gave her a confused look and nodded. He went back to work when Luna left and went back to the magical zoo to help control the new thunderbird someone had dropped off.

What he didn't know was when Luna looked off into the distance she had a vision of a handsome man who appeared to be 27–28 years old, he had brown hair, hazel-green eyes and slim, but athletic figure. He was quite handsome and seeing this vision meant that he meant something to her, so she decided to take on the job and see if he and his family were dangerous.

The next day, Harry had made Luna a portkey that was an opal moon-shaped necklace, when she became a fennec fox it was a collar. She used Animagus.

She learned it from Minerva McGonagall six months after the battle of Hogwarts. She turned into a fennec fox, the color of her fox was of her hair and her eyes were a pure silver, but the tip of her tale was a grey color. Harry also said that when she made herself known to the family that her old school trunk will appear with things inside for proof, she nodded and said goodbye to Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Fred and George.

Mystic Falls

Stefan Salvatore was out hunting for blood and he had his eyes set on a male buck when he heard a very loud pop. Stefan and the buck looked around to where the noise was coming from, the buck snorted at him and ran away. He huffed, and vampire sped away to see where that had come from.

When he did finally find the noise, a beautiful fennec fox was sitting on a log and looked at Stefan. The fox had her head tilted and she was blinking like an owl.

Luna had gotten a good look at this young man. He had a pale complexion, and forest green eyes. He had straight, short, dark blonde hair which was often gelled or spiked. He was about 5'11", and he had a lean, flat-muscled and athletic physique. He was wearing dark blue t-shirt, black pants and black boots. He also had a large, silver lapis lazuli ring on the middle finger of his right hand.

He was quite a handsome chap, but nothing like the man she was looking for. He was no Viking.

Stefan chuckled and placed his hand on his hips. "So, you are the reason why I lost my dinner?" He asked. Knowing well that the fox won't answer back, he was shocked when the fox nodded back and gave him a giggle. "Huh," he said. "Okay, well, you seem lost from the collar you have on." He touched the collar and saw no dog tag on it. Now Stefan was curious on how a pet got loose in the woods. He looked away when he heard a snap of a twig, but when he looked back the fox was gone. "What a strange creature," He whispered and whooshed off to find his dinner.

Luna's ears moved, and she ran off to find the Mikaelson Mansion.

At the Mikaelsons' mansion, minus Ester and Mikael who were both in Hell and burning for their sins, the Originals were sitting in the living room. Rebekah was painting her nails a blood red, Kol was playing darts and hitting the bullseye every time, Klaus was in his art room painting a new piece for the foyer and both Finn and Elijah were reading books. Finn was reading Fahrenheit 451 and Elijah, ever the feminist, was reading Pride and Prejudice.

They didn't notice, but a fennec fox was a on the window sill watching the family be a normal family. Which it was strange to see, as the American Magical Congress had said that they were harmful to the supernatural and human community. So, why the mission? Luna had thought.

Luna got off the window and hopped to the second story which had a window open. She found the room to be quite quaint and bigger than the Ravenclaw common room. The room had a four-poster canopy bed with burgundy bedding, three bookshelves, a fire place with a painting of a field above it and various other things the make the room look homely.

She found the door a wee bit cracked, so she pushed it and rushed out onto the stairs to find only four out of the five family members. Luna sat down and watch the Mikaelsons just be a semi-normal family. They were either reading or doing activities, especially Finn. He was reading a book that looked like it gave him a very confused look, he was rubbing his forehead and he slammed his book down when he got near the end.

Rebekah looked to her older brother with a concerned look. "Finn, are you, all right?" She asked. She placed her nail polish down on the shiny coffee table and leaned forward.

"That book was complicated to say the least," Finn muttered. Rebekah knew he was having problems adjusting to the modern world, being locked away in a coffin with a dagger in his chest for 900 years. So, seeing cars, women wearing normal clothes, and buildings was very frightening to him.

Kol sighed and looked to his big brother. "Well, the book is based in a modern future world, so it would be complicated to read, my bore of a brother."

Finn narrowed his eyes at Kol and sighed. He just couldn't take any more of this new era, so he stood up and rushed out into the woods. That gave Luna the opportunity to go back to the room; she came in and jumped down onto the ground right beside Finn, whose back was turned to her.

Rebekah looked to her brother and threw her blood red nail polish at him. "Asshole." She muttered.

Without looked up from his book Elijah said, "Language, sister. No lady should speak like a sailor such as yourself." Rebekah sighed and went back to painting her nail with a clear polish.

Finally, being outside from his family, the older Mikaelson was sitting in the back of the house in a gazebo with his face in his hands. He was getting frustrated with this modern world; it was confusing and just not right to him. He grew up with horses, villages and open markets; not cars, buildings, or houses that were bigger than his old home. He had missed a lot and it was because of his selfish half-brother Niklaus.

Finn was pacing at this point, he was seething with anger. He ended hitting the post in anger and ran his fingers through his short hair. But, he stopped when he felt a presence next to him, he looked up and jumped five feet in the air when a fox was looking at him with owl like eyes, but they were grey like storm clouds in the fall. The fox tilted its head and gave him a small smile with its tail swinging back and forth. Finn chuckled and shook his head. "This new era even has strange animals," He muttered. The fox blinked again and sniffed at him.

Finn noticed that the fox had a collar on around its neck, which he knew that it was a pet, he let his hand out and the fox sniffed his hand, it looked back up at him and started to rub its head against his hand. He gave it chuckle and rubbed the fox behind its ear. When Finn sat down on the bench the fox sat in his lab and that gave him a chance to look and see what gender the fox was, and it was a girl. Which surprised him because he rarely ever came across a female fox, but there was a first for everything.

Whenever he hunted foxes he always came across male foxes; rarely ever came across a female fox. But, seeing this creature in his lap was something magical.

The fox curled into a ball on Finn's lab and looked up at him. Luna was looking at the handsome Original vampire with curious eyes, she found him fascinating for not aging a day in his life, he must've experienced some things in his life. But, what she didn't know was that he missed everything that only his brothers saw.

Finn and Luna watched as the sun set behind the trees, they both lost track of time and they enjoyed the silence.

"I despise my family," Finn said. "I have always despised them. They have treated myself like a no one, my brother Niklaus locked me away for 900 years-which frankly didn't surprise me." He looked down at the she-fox and set her on the beam. "I just want them to know that I am also part of this family and not the bore brother who is suicidal. Before we were turned I was set to marry a girl in our village, I wanted to have a family, but my mother took that away from us the second Henrik died." He looked to the she-fox and started to rub her tale. "I wanted to die the second my father offered the girl of my dreams to me to kill, but I couldn't. I wanted to end it, but we are immortal. We can never die." He sighed and rubbed his sad hazel eyes. "Years later after seeing my siblings become the monsters I was hoping for them to understand that we are monsters, killers. But I guess they will never have their humanity again. They will forever be something monstrous."

Luna listened closely to Finn; her heart broke when she learned that he was suicidal and that his family didn't treat him right. She placed her paw on his hand and laid her forehead on his cheek. She so wanted to share her mind with him and say that he wasn't alone in this world, that he was a good man that no monster could define him and his family.

Finn smiled and picked the she-fox in his arms. This fox was just the perfect animal for him to talk because she wouldn't judge or be hurtful to him in anyway. Plus, if she did see him as his true nature than he was hoping that she wouldn't run away.

When it was finally dark out Finn and the she-fox had gone to his room for the night, he had let the fox roam around on his bed to get a feel of it. Luna had picked a pillow and curled herself into a ball, Finn chuckled and went to take a shower and get in his night clothes-which were just plain dark grey pants and no shirt and barefoot. When he came back out from the bathroom he saw the she-fox sleeping by his pillow. He wandered if she had a family or was an orphan or a mother herself? He didn't know, but he was going to make this last before he set her free. He laid next to her and saw her breath even in and out, the fox had a slight snore which made Finn have a small smile on his face. She was a unique fox and he was happy that she came into his life.

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The Dark of You-Breaking Benjamin