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Chapter 36 Hanging Tree

It has been a week since Finn has been home and safe from the torture that was the British Ministry. Hermione and Luna had gotten updates from Kingsley that Ron and Fudge were in Courtroom Ten being interrogated on their actions, they tried to lie and said the Dark Lord made them do it, but to no avail the council wasn't having it.

Cornelius Fudge and Ronald Weasley were sentence to a year in home arrest and six months probation as a muggle, which none of them were too pleased about.

In the Abattoir, Finn was sitting on the couple's bed looking out the window with a longing look. He was having some flashbacks of how he was tortured in the ministry, he hides it well from Luna, but she catches him when he flinches from her touch.

Luna came into the room and watched Finn, he looked sad and lost for what has transpired. She felt bad that he went through this situation, but she hoped that he would be ok in the long run.

Luna crawled onto the bed and sat next to Finn. "Love I've interrupted a deep thought, haven't I?" She looked into his eyes seeing his pupils growing smaller. "I can see it growing smaller in your eyes."

"I'm fine, lovely." He sat tall and cleared his throat. He looked away from her and shook his head.

"But you aren't." She muttered. Luna took his hand in hers and kissed it. She wants to know that he is ok and not letting what happened to him get into his mind and make him lose his way. Finn has come so far from when he was daggered to now. "I want to help you." She said.

"I know you do," He said, squeezing her hand and sighed. "But just what they did was horrendous." Every time Finn closed his eyes, he kept seeing himself getting tortured by the wizards, he never knew why they hated their species. Thinking they were better, seeing how Luna and Hermione act they were never going to be like that.

Luna nodded. "It was. They could do worse with werewolves and other creatures." She said. "I have seen what they could do, Finn. be happy they didn't do worse."

Finn nodded. "If anything were to happen to me-"

Luna laid her hand on his lips and shook her head. "Nothing will."

Gripped her wrist and continued, "I want you tell our unborn child who I was, and let it know where my family came from."

Luna got on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, she pulled him into a deep kiss. Finn groaned and rubbed his hand over her hips, he hissed when she pulled away and scrapped her blunt nails over the nape of his neck. "You aren't going anywhere, love." She whispered.

Finn sighed and laid his forehead on hers. "I know but it could happen. Someone in your world could see how dangerous I am and take me away from you," He laid his hand on her stomach and sighed. "Even take away our child." He said.

Luna looked to the side with a glazed look in her eyes. "No, they won't, I won't let that happen." She said.

"Why do you say that?" He asked.

Luna smiled at him and said, "Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure."

Finn chuckled and shook his head. "Oh, my little witch," He said. The upgraded original had lightly ran his finger down her nose, her lips and lightly ran his fingers over her cheeks. His fingers past over the mating mark, between her unclothed chest and over the slight bulge that held their unborn child.

With his ample hearing he heard not only Luna's heart but also the baby's heart. It was beautiful. The heartbeat was strong and mighty, a Mikaelson heartbeat. Finn blinked away the tears, but one became a stray and fell on his cheek. He brushed it away and laid a small kiss on Luna's chest where her heart laid.

"Do you the sex of the babe?" He asked.

Luna smirked and nodded. "But I would never tell." She said. Luna had saw what her future children would be like, what powers they would have, what their traits would be like; she would never tell her beasty because that would ruin the surprise for him.

Finn huffed and laid an ear on her chest. "Fine." He said. Finn got up and had gotten dressed for the day, he noticed that Luna wasn't having morning sickness which was very good because he knew that she had potions for that. He watched as she had done her daily routine, but he noticed that she had slight bump to her, maybe a month or two along. He had seen a few pregnant women in his life but never his own, never a woman he truly loved to watch as she carried his child. Their unborn child.

Once she was finished Luna lightly pecked Finn the lips and smiled at him. "Are you ready?" She asked.

The second oldest Mikaelson hesitated. Was I ready? He thought. Since being back from that dreadful place he has hid himself in their room away from his siblings. He didn't want to face his siblings, he wanted to be on his own for a little while, but a week was long enough.

Finn stood straight and nodded his head. "Ready." He replied.

Luna smiled at her Original, she took his hand and rubbed her thumb over his knuckles. She was afraid too, but she knew that he was ok, he just needed a small push in the right direction.

Once they left the confines that was their room, they noticed that there wasn't a sound coming from anywhere except there was some noise coming from Klaus' study. Finn let out a nervous sigh and gripped Luna's hand with all his might and cracked his neck.

"It's alright, my love. You can do it." Luna said.

Finn huffed and asked, "What if I can't?"

Luna kissed his cheek and placed his hand on her slight protruding stomach. He looked to his mate and looked to her stomach, he can do it, for Luna and for their unborn child. She said, "I know you can. I will stand by your side."

Finn looked to his mate and smiled. "I can do it." He muttered. Finn kissed her forehead.

"Come." She said. Luna took his hand and guided him into the study where his family, minus Elijah, were standing ready to hear what had accrued while he was captured.

When they opened the double doors, they saw his siblings standing around. Klaus sat at his desk while Freya and Rebekah were sitting in the chairs by the windows while Kol laid on the sofa that was in front of the fireplace. Hermione wasn't too far with Marcel, Davina, Caroline, Matt and the Parker twins by their sides.

"Hello all." Luna said. She skipped over to Hermione and gave her a hug while saying hello to the others. She looked over at Finn who looked lost and scared.

"So, Finn, tell us," Kol started off. "What happened while those weenies captured you for experiments?"

Rebekah rolled her eyes while Freya and Klaus gave him dirty looks. Hermione said, "Finn you don't-"

Finn shook his head and held up his hand. "No, no, I want to. I have been holding it in for a good while, so I need to tell you what they had done to me and what they had planned for you all." He said. "So, where to start,"

"How they captured you would be my best bet." Kol muttered. Davina zapped him in the forehead and looked back to Finn with an apologized look. The little witch hated when Kol acted like a grown child, but he was her fiancé and she loved him, so there was no two ways about it.

Finn sighed and cleared his throat. "Alright here we go. So, I was walking home I saw several men walking around me, following me. I couldn't really do anything because I was out in public, but ultimately when I got to an ally way where I could fight them off but instead, they overpowered me, and I couldn't get them off. Once I had finally fought them off, I made sure to run but I saw this fat man and he blasted me with this spell; I couldn't move. I couldn't feel anything at all. I was very frightened, and I had no one there to help me. Then everything went black for me."

"Then what happened Finn?" Klaus asked.

He sighed and walked towards the window that showed the outside world he was so desperately wanting to be out but now it didn't want anything to do with him. "Then I woke up and found myself changed up, stripped naked and taken of my pride because this fat man wanted to see how I would lose myself to my beastly side." He said. "But here is the thing I made sure to never show my side, but he made me, he made me show that I side that I never wanted to show. Then the experiments began."

"What did Fudge do?" Hermione asked. She was quite afraid to hear what happens next because she knew Fudge was a monster and wanted power. Hermione hated that man because he almost ruined her and Harry's life.

Finn shook his head and looked over to Hermione. "He and a red headed young man both tortured me. They didn't even get their hands dirty, they had me dunked in vervain baths while it was either hot or cold," He started to pace and get mad. "They poked me with hot pokers to see how fast I'll heal, staked me, and just true torture." Finn shook his head and whipped away his tears that he didn't know ere shed. "It was an awful experience. It was like seeing people in our village get hanged for small things, and that song they sang to console the people that were accused."

"Hanging Tree." Klaus, Rebekah, Kol and Freya said in unison.

Finn nodded his head and looked back out to the window. "I hated that song. Always have, and always will." He growled and punched the wall that hung one of Klaus' paintings. "But you lot had saved me it was liberating to feel safe, but I was also very close to killing that fat man and the red headed kid for what they have done."

"I wish you would've brother, then we can truly call you a Mikaelson." Kol said.

Finn looked to his younger brother and growled at him. "Piss off you rotten brat!" He exclaimed.

Luna stepped in front of the brothers and placed her hand on his chest. "Calm down the both of you, please." She said. "It's no use in fighting."

Finn cupped her hand over his chest and sighed. "You're right my love, only fools would know to give false hope into saving someone."

Kol stood up and got in the second oldest Mikaelsons face. "Why you ugly bastard." He said. He hissed and was ready to punch him, but Finn was faster. He gripped his younger brother hand and crushed it with all his might. Kol screamed and fell to his knees.

"Now how is Davina going to marry you if you don't have a hand!" Finn screamed.

"AAAHHH! I'm sorry, ok? I'm so sorry." Kol begged.

Finn smirked and let go of Kol's wrist. "That serves you right." He looked around the room and sighed. "I think I said my peace. Good day everyone. I will see you at the wedding the next day, correct?"

Everyone nodded and watched as he walked away. No one would admit it, but they were frightened of Finn since he became an ultimate original, just seeing his pure strength was like seeing Hulk in action. No one wanted to mess with Finn Mikaelson if they wanted to live to see the day.

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