Before I start this story, I want to warn you that I have taken certain creative liberties with various things in the HP and R+V universes. Overall, I haven't changed much, but there are going to be changes. Be patient, they will make sense in the end.

Harry sat on a school bus for the first time since he was ten years old. He was on his way to a school called Youkai Academy. Harry sat, dazed and unaware, as the events of the previous week replayed over and over in his head.

The courtroom was in complete pandemonium. Harry Potter, the savior of the Wizarding World, had just been sentenced to ten years in Azkaban. Curses- the verbal kind, not the magical kind- were flying around. People were crying and yelling and fighting. Harry was… silent.

Harry stared past all of the chaos. All he could see was the broken Holly and Phoenix feather wand lying on the courtroom floor. He couldn't breathe for a moment. Everything was wrong. Dumbledore had lost. They hadn't listened to him. His wand had been snapped, and he was now a criminal.

Harry wasn't naive. He knew that the punishment for underaged magic was far less than Azkaban. He knew that the judge had been Imperioused. He had just hoped that after everything that had happened, maybe something would go right for him when it really counted.

Harry scoffed. Maybe I am naive, he thought harshly.

Harry was escorted out of the courtroom by two Aurors. Harry thought it was unnecessary. Without his wand, he wouldn't be able to escape one Auror, let alone two. Harry watched passively as Dumbledore tried to follow him but was stopped. It was no use, everyone had seen that Dumbledore held no power here.

The Aurors roughly shoved Harry into a holding cell for the night. Harry wasn't sure if they were Imperioused too or if they just didn't like him. Harry couldn't really find it within himself to care. He sat huddled up on the cold and hard bed, staring emptily at the ceiling of his tiny ceiling.

The other prisoners cackled and mocked and jeered at Harry. Harry barely even heard them. All he could hear was the snapping of his wand. All he could feel was the missing weight of his wand at his side. The cold of the cell around him didn't register as he stared off into space.

Harry jolted awake hours later. His fitful sleep was interrupted by the harsh, grinding sound of the iron cell doors swinging open. Harry's heart leaped into his throat at the sight of the Aurors in the doorway. Beside them was a dementor.

"It's time, Potter," one of the Aurors sneered.

Harry hesitantly rose from the hard bed and walked toward the Aurors. His heart beat wildly in his chest. Everything in him was screaming for him to run. His feet dragged as he fought against his first instincts. The Dementor's presence was a great shadow in his mind.

After the fiasco with the dementors their third year, Hermione had been working with Harry and Ron to learn occlumency. Hermione had theorized that if they could lock any unhappy memories away in the presence of a dementor, they would remain unaffected. Considering he hadn't fainted yet, Harry supposed that it had helped to some extent. It did little to keep the misery at bay, not in Harry's current state. He remembered how helpless he had felt the first time he'd met one of the shadowy monsters. The same terrified, helpless feeling permeated Harry's very being as he tried desperately to look away from the source of his terror.

The Aurors lead Harry out of the dungeons and port keyed onto an old dock. As he walked toward the small boat at the end, Harry got the feeling of a disgraced pirate walking the plank. Harry knew what awaited him at Azkaban. Most of the prisoners were Death Eaters. Harry would be dead well before his ten years were up.

Harry was about to take the final step onto the boat when he heard from behind him, "Stupify!"

Harry saw a bright light flash out of the corner of his eye. Harry thought for a moment that the spell had hit him, but he realized that he could still move. So that meant… one of the Aurors had Stupified the other. Harry slowly turned to see the grizzly looking Auror who had Stupified the other. Harry froze at the sight of him. He didn't know him, so he wasn't part of the Order.

He must be a Death Eater, Harry thought. This man was going to bring him to the Dark Lord, and he was going to be killed on sight. If Harry didn't move immediately, there would be a group of Death Eaters dancing over his corpse in less than an hour.

Harry did the only thing that he could in his situation. He dived into the freezing water of the North Sea. The Death Eater dived in after him. Harry knew that his escape was futile. He was too weak to outswim a sloth, let alone a full grown man. The Death Eater grabbed onto Harry's foot and his stomach twisted as the man apparated them away.

Harry sprang away from the Death Eater, fully expecting to look up and see the Dark Lord himself, but when Harry looked up he saw… Grimmauld Place? Harry looked back toward the supposed Death Eater. "His" face began to contort into one slightly more familiar. Harry knew the girl standing before him from Hogwarts. He hadn't interacted with her much, but he remembered that she had gotten into a lot of trouble his first year. She was almost as much of a trouble maker as the Weasley Twins.

The girl cast a drying charm on both Harry and herself. "Wotcher, Harry. Sorry about all the confusion. I'm Tonks."

Harry stared at her in bewilderment. He had, after all, thought he would be dead by now. Then again, Harry had spent the last five years in varying degrees of "should've been dead by now." You'd think he'd be used to it at this point.

"Everyone's in the kitchen. C'mon."

Harry followed the strange girl blindly. In the kitchen were Sirius, Hermione, Moody, the Weasleys, and Dumbledore. Sirius wrapped him in a hug as soon as he saw him.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there to support you, Harry," Sirius spoke in his hoarse voice.

Harry squeezed Sirius back. Though it was weak, Sirius got the gesture. After Sirius let go, Ron and Hermione hugged him as well. Molly Weasley, surprisingly enough, waited until after they were finished to start fretting over her seventh son in all but name.

The whole room was filled with emotions that Harry was not used to. The hugging, for one, was different. Everyone was looking at him like he was a dead man walking. Harry knew that something was off.

He looked at Dumbledore, who had yet to speak. "What's going on," Harry asked.

The old man sighed heavily. "Harry, we have all decided that… in order to keep you safe, you must be sent away."

Harry stared at his Headmaster in complete disbelief. Surely he had misheard him. "What?" The question was little more than a whisper, but everyone heard it. The room was silent.

"I have an old friend in Japan. He owns a school there that has been hidden from both the muggle and magical world for centuries. I believe that it is best if you go there until you are ready to return. It is the only place that you will be safe now."

"I- You- You can't be serious!"

Sirius said nothing. That was enough of an answer for Harry. If Sirius wasn't going to make a pun about his name, the circumstances had to be dire.

"I'm afraid I am, my boy." Dumbledore wouldn't meet Harry's eyes. The ever-present twinkle was absent.

Harry looked around at the fallen faces of his loved ones. Mrs. Weasley was sobbing into her husband's chest. Sirius looked about ready to follow. Ron and Hermione… they looked lost. Harry wanted to comfort them, but if he opened his mouth, if he moved, if he breathed, he was sure that he would burst into tears. So Harry stood frozen and miserable while his world as he knew it crumbled around him.

The bus jerked to a stop, throwing Harry out of his memories and his seat. He had nearly forgotten how much he hated the big yellow death machines.

"This is your stop, kid. Better be careful in there, Youkai Academy is a scary place." The man chuckled evilly. "Try not to die in there."

Unlikely, Harry thought. If you can survive in Hogwarts, you can survive anywhere.

Harry looked down at the scar on his arm. The basilisk had bitten him there. The scar was a constant reminder of all Harry had survived in his four years at Hogwarts. If anything was going to kill Harry, it would be Voldemort himself.

Harry began walking toward the school. The forest he had to walk through reminded him of the Forbidden Forest. It was dark and creepy. Harry felt as if he was being watched. It was almost nostalgic.

Harry began to get lost in his thoughts as he walked. He had barely heard the sound of a bicycle when suddenly he was kissing the ground. Harry rubbed the back of his head as he got up, feeling for a lump. When he looked up, he was met with a pair of beautiful green eyes that practically shone even in the dark forest. The girl who had hit him had bright pink hair and soft features. Harry blushed at her proximity.

Harry began to get up, but he noticed that his hand was squished into something a lot softer than the forest floor. Harry looked down to see that he was grabbing the girl's thighs. Harry's cheeks flushed red enough to rival a Weasley's hair before scrambling away.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, I swear!"

Harry looked at the girl again. A pretty pink blush dusted across her cheeks. She looked dazed.

"Are you alright? You didn't hit your head, did you?" Harry asked.

"You're bleeding," the girl said instead of answering his question.

Harry frowned in confusion. He brought a finger up to his nose and pulled it away to reveal the dark red liquid.

"Oh. I hadn't even noticed. But how are- what are you doing?"

The girl had gotten much closer. She seemed to be… sniffing him?

"I'm sorry. I can't help it because… I'm a vampire!"

With that, the girl latched onto Harry's neck and began to suck his blood. Harry startled. He wanted to push the girl off, but he feared that that would cause her to tear out his neck.

"G- get off!" Harry cried.

That seemed to snap the girl out of it. She jumped away from Harry with a hand clamped over her mouth in embarrassment. Her cheeks were bright red.

"Oh no! I'm sorry! It's just that... I've never drank blood from someone before and y-you were bleeding and you smell so good… like a human."

"You can't just go around biting people without their permission!" Harry was a lot more flustered than scared or angry. He had sort of expected that something of this nature would happen when he'd heard that Youkai Academy was a school for monsters. Besides, the bite didn't really hurt. It felt more like a hickey.

The girl pouted, looking thoroughly chastised. Harry suddenly felt guilty even though he was the one who'd just had his blood stolen. Harry looked around and found her bike a few feet away; it was lying on the side of the path with a broken wheel.

Harry pointed his wand at the bike and cast, "Reparo."

The bike popped back into shape to the awe and amazement of the pinkette. "Wow! I've never met a wizard before! That was so cool!"

Harry blushed when the girl smiled cutely at him. He hadn't expected that reaction. From what he'd been told, monsters didn't like wizards because they were closer to humans.

"I'm Akashiya Moka. Thank you for fixing my bike… and sorry for hitting you with it… and biting you."

The girl looked sad again, so Harry said the first thing to come to mind. That proved to be a stupid decision, as always. "Hey, it's alright. You just need to ask first." Harry was mentally smacking himself for that.

"Really? Thank you so much! Does that make us friends?" Moka asked, glittering with unbridled yearning. Harry really couldn't hope to say no to that.

"Of course."

The pinkette did a silly little happy dance that made Harry smile before she paused and put a hand on her chin thoughtfully. "Y'know, I still don't know your name."

"Oh right! So sorry. I'm Har- Potter Harry." Harry was still getting used to Japanese customs. The translation charm that Dumbledore had put on him could only go so far. Harry needed to learn and remember most of the customs for himself.

After Harry's introduction, he and Moka walked to the school together. Harry asked if all buildings used by monsters were surrounded by so much… Halloween. That led to a swap of Halloween stories and a decent time killer. The two chatted all the way up until it was time for them to separate, so each of them could get their schedules.

Harry followed the numbers on the doors until he found classroom 1-3. Harry knocked on the door and entered when a spritely voice beckoned him to come in. The teacher, a woman with brown hair and cat ears, stood in front of the class. Her eyes seemed to be perpetually closed, and her tail waved about carelessly.

"You must be the new student! Please introduce yourself," the teacher said. Her voice was high pitched, and cheery.

"I'm Potter Harry. I'm a transfer student from England. I hope we can all be friends," Harry said. He bowed, as he had been told(by Hermione, obviously) that that was the polite way to greet the class. Then he took one of the open seats by the window. As soon as he was seated, the teacher began to speak again.

"Alright, then! I'm Ms. Nekonome! It's nice to meet all of you. Now, as you all know, this is a school for monsters. Currently, this planet is well under the control of humans. So, to survive, we have to learn to live alongside them. That brings us to our first rule. You must remain in human form as long as you're on campus! Rule number two, never ever reveal your monster identity to another student! I hope we'll all follow these rules," she said with an amiable smile.

"Why bother?" said a beefy looking guy to Harry's right. "If we see a human we should just kill them or rape 'em if they're pretty. That's what I'd do anyway." As he finished speaking, an abnormally long tongue peeked out and licked his lips at the revolting thought.

Harry glared at the monster. He could already tell that he would be a problem in the future. Harry had to sit on his hands to keep himself from hexing him on the spot for just the suggestion. Fortunately for the disgusting monster, a distraction came when the door slid open.

"Sorry I'm late. I got lost. Hello, everyone! I'm Akashiya Moka!"

Harry sighed in relief at the sight of his new friend. He had been hoping that they would have classes together. Harry wasn't really that great at making friends. At Hogwarts, he typically just hung around with Ron and Hermione. He was relieved to have found a friend here at all.

Moka was about to find her seat when she made eye contact with Harry. Her face lit up immediately. "Harry, it's you!" she cried. She leaped at him, almost throwing him from his chair as she wrapped him in a hug.

"M-Moka… I can't breathe…" Moka had Harry's face firmly planted between her breasts. If Harry didn't suffocate first, the blood rushing to his head would surely kill him.

Harry and Moka decided to stop and get something to drink before heading to their next period. Moka got a can of tomato juice and Harry got pumpkin juice.

"So, apparently we weren't supposed to reveal our "monster identities" to each other earlier," Harry said, only slightly bashful about having broken a rule on his first day. School rules really start to matter less and less after all the life-threatening situations Harry and his friends had found themselves in over the years… Well, they mattered less to everyone but Hermione.

Moka looked a bit bashful. "Yeah… I guess I just got excited. I've never really had friends before beca-" Moka was cut off by a slimy, cocky sounding voice from their right.

"Heeey, sexy. Akashiya Moka, right? I'm Komiya Saizou. I'll be your friend."

Harry scowled and turned to see the same perverted asshole from their homeroom.

"You want friends, huh? Why didn't you just say so? I can be real friendly. Maybe you should ditch the wimp and come hang out with a real monster."

Harry would've found the lame pick up lines and cliche "bully" behavior hilarious if they weren't directed at his new friend.

"Was that really the best that you could come up with, Saizou? Honestly, are you going to ask for my lunch money next?" Harry said with a flat expression.

Saizou growled threateningly and snatched Harry up by the collar of his shirt. "Better watch it, numbnuts. I'll squash you flat before you can scream. What is a babe like you doing with a loser like this guy anyway?" The last statement was said to Moka with a frankly disturbing leer.

"Numbnuts? My cousin came up with better when we were ten," Harry hissed mockingly, taking the attention off of Moka.

That got him tossed into a nearby column at high speeds. The impact hurt a lot more than Harry had anticipated. He had almost forgotten who he was dealing with. It wouldn't do to underestimate a monster. At least he had been released. Harry pulled out his wand to hex the fool blind, but Moka got in his way.

"Harry-kun! Are you alright? Go away, Saizou! I only befriend nice people, thank you!" Moka yelled. It wasn't quite as acidic as she'd intended it to be, but Harry gave her points for effort.

Saizou chuckled. "I'll be back," he said menacingly.

As if he couldn't get any more cliched, Harry thought.

Moka helped Harry up. Saizou left with a cocky swagger, clearly thinking he'd won. Harry gritted his teeth in frustration. He had better be happy that Moka was there.

Moka led Harry up to the roof. They both decided to skip the next period, which Harry was grateful for. Their next class was math, and Hogwarts didn't teach much of that. Harry didn't even want to know how far behind he was in that subject.

"Man, that was so scary~" Moka sighed. "I'm glad you weren't too hurt."

"Don't worry about me. What about you?"


"It can't feel so great to have a creep like that stalking you around. I thought creeps in the human world were bad, at least they don't have superhuman strength."

"Oh. Well, it's pretty common here I guess. Usually, the stronger monsters will look for mates here at Youkai Academy. As far as monsters are concerned, if you're strong enough to beat the mate you choose in a fight, their parents will give their blessing. As a vampire, I usually wouldn't have to be worried, but I can't use my full power. Look." Moka tugged the sides of her shirt away to reveal a rosary on a chain.

Harry tried very hard to stare at only the rosary, but Moka's breasts were very hard to ignore. Moka spoke, thankfully bringing Harry's eyes up to her own.

"If this rosary were to be removed, I'd transform into my true form, a powerful and scary vampire. I can't take it off myself, though," Moka said.

"That's alright," Harry said. Moka stared at him with her eyes blown wide in shock. "If Saizou comes back, I'll protect you." The determination in his tone was clear. If Saizou tried to approach him or Moka again, Harry would hex him into next week.

"Harry-kun that's so sweet!" Moka exclaimed as she threw her arms around his neck. "I'm so happy that you can accept me even though I'm a vampire."

Harry smiled. "Now what kind of hypocrite would I be if I judged you by your blood? After all, monsters don't typically like wizards either."

"I could never hate you, Harry-kun. After all, you're my first friend!"

Harry smiled sadly at Moka. He remembered the days before Hogwarts when he was in a similar position. Dudley was like a living friend repellent back in those days.

"I'm glad to be your friend, Moka."

"You're also… the first person I've drank blood from. I could never forget that fragrance and that taste. Harry-kun, may I…"

"I mean, I guess if you w-"

"Thank you!"

Moka launched herself at Harry and latched onto his neck. Harry let her get a few sips before stopping her.

"Umm, I think that's enough, Moka."

Moka pouted, but she let go of her wizard friend anyway. Harry walked Moka to her next class. The two shared matching smiles before Harry left to get to his own class. Harry's smile remained even as he walked into his next period five minutes late.

The whole situation was just so… normal. Harry had just skipped class, not to fight some creature or disguised Death Eater, but to talk to his friend. His only problems at the moment were math class and a bully hitting on his friend. The irony wasn't lost on Harry that the most normal school day he'd ever had was in a school full of monsters.

Maybe wizards are just a special kind of weird, Harry thought.

When class was finished, Harry waited outside where Moka had agreed to meet him for lunch. As time went by, Harry began to wonder whether or not his friend would show up at all.

Harry was about to go back inside to find Moka when he heard a scream somewhere in the forest. He was running toward it almost before he realized what the sound was.

Somehow, Harry was sure that the scream belonged to Moka. After all, things never went well for Harry very long before something awful happened. Harry was almost back to the bus stop by the time he reached Moka. A hulking monster stood over her. His skin was tight over his muscles, and his bones covered him like armor. He had long claws, and he was almost taller than Hagrid.

Harry caught a glimpse of his face, but he didn't need it. He knew before he'd even arrived that this monster was Komiya Saizou. Harry should've been afraid. Any normal 15-year-old boy would be terrified of the beast Harry was staring at. But Harry was not normal. No amount of normal high school shenanigans were going to change that.

Harry felt no fear. All he felt was rage. Saizou threw Moka into a tree with his abnormally long tongue. Harry realized that he was trying to goad Moka into transforming. Of course, he wouldn't know that she couldn't do that.

Harry nearly hissed his curse as he saw the bruise on Moka's cheek. Harry cried the first spell to come to mind. "Confringo!"

A wildfire sprung from Harry's wand and engulfed Saizou. The monster cried out and flung himself on the ground in an attempt to put out the fire. Harry ran around the monster, more concerned for his friend at the moment than his opponent.

"Are you alright? Do you need any help walking?"

"I'm fine, but- Harry, look out!"

Harry turned around in time to be backhanded across the clearing. Moka screamed out in alarm as Harry went tumbling down a hill. He stopped just before he could roll into the blood red lake.

Thank Merlin for small mercies, Harry grumbled in his mind.

Harry got up slowly, holding his aching side. Moka slid down the hill right after him. She was at his side almost immediately.

"Harry-kun, we have to get out of here! Saizou is an orc!"

Harry, of course, had no idea what that meant, but he figured it was bad. Still, he had hurt Harry's new friend, and he had to pay for that. Harry reached for his wand only to find his pocket empty.

I dropped my bloody wand. Unbelievable. In true Harry Potter style, everything was going to shit. Harry and Moka began to run.

"Moka, I need you to find my wand while I distract Saizou," Harry said.

Moka shook her head defiantly. "I won't leave you alone with him! He's an orc, and without your wand, you're just a human! You'll die!"

"Well, we're both going to die if I don't have my wand, Moka," Harry refuted. They didn't have time for this. Saizou was gaining fast.

"No! You're my only friend, Harry. I'm not gonna let you die!"

It was no use. Saizou had already caught up. Even if Moka left then, it would be too late. Their only option was to run. Unfortunately, what Hogwarts lacked in math, it lacked even more in physical education. While quite fast for a human, Harry couldn't hope to keep up with a vampire or an orc.

Saizou caught up to them quickly and slapped Harry aside, somehow managing to not cut his side open with his knife hands while he did it. Moka ran after her friend. She helped Harry as he struggled to get up.

"You really ditched me for this weakling? Look at him! I only hit him twice, and he can't stand! Come with me, Moka. Heh. Maybe if you do, I won't kill the runt."

"Not gonna happen!" Moka replied hotly. Her soft green eyes were hardened with resolve. She and Harry were both walking out of this forest together even if she had to carry him out.

"Then die!" Saizou stalked up to the pair menacingly. His claws were poised to strike.

"Moka, you have to leave!" Harry pleaded. He couldn't look away from the immediate threat stalking towards them. Thoughts raced through his mind, possible strategies struggling to form. When he blindly pushed Moka away, his hand caught on the rosary. It slipped off so easily, Harry almost didn't notice.

He did notice when the sky suddenly turned red and bats came flying at him out of nowhere. None of the bats touched him, though. They all began to surround Moka. He briefly worried that they were attacking her, but Moka was silent. No screaming usually meant that everything was okay. A single bat peeled off of her eye to reveal a blood red iris.

Harry immediately looked for the rosary on her chest, but it was gone. He was holding it. Moka was now using her full vampiric power.

The rest of the bats scattered to reveal an entirely different Moka. She had silver hair and a huge, terrifying aura. Harry was in awe at his friend. He had never felt power like this, so tangible that it could be felt in the air.

Moka glared fiercely at Saizou. The orc was trembling in fright at the newly transformed Moka. He flinched back at the sight of the harsh glare.

"You have the nerve to assume you're monster enough to claim me? Know your place."

The silver-haired Moka kicked Saizou, sending him flying into the cliff face that Harry had rolled down. The orc was knocked out cold.

Moka turned dismissively from the downed orc. She stared at Harry with a look that he couldn't read. She walked toward him and held out her hand expectantly.

Harry was so dazed he couldn't really tell what she was asking him for. Then he remembered the rosary in his hand. He put the rosary in her hand, but he stopped her before she could put it back on.

"You're still… Moka… right?"

"I am different from the Moka you know, but we are both Akashiya Moka."

Before Harry could ask any more questions, Moka snapped the rosary back on. The silver hair bled out into pink, and the red eyes turned back to green. Moka's eyes fluttered closed and she passed out as soon as the transformation was complete. Harry caught her before she could hit the ground.

Moka drifted back into the land of consciousness to see Harry leaning over her with a concerned look on his face. "Welcome back. Are you alright, Moka?"

Moka sat up almost immediately, a flustered blush dusting her cheeks. "Am I alright? Why are you asking about me? You're the one that was hurt!"

"It's nothing. I'm fine, Moka. That must've been rather scary for you, though. You had to face him all alone. Though I suppose with the transformation that wasn't too big a task…"

Moka sighed. "Always so worried about me and never yourself… Come on, Harry-kun. Let's go find your wand and get you to the nurse's office."

"If we can find my wand, I won't need to go to the nurse's office," Harry retorted.

Harry had been practicing a variety of spells with Ron and Hermione since third year. Harry had upped the ante in fourth year. He had been motivated in part by his lack of spell knowledge during the Triwizard Tournament, but it was mostly due to Voldemort's return. Hermione had just been glad that Harry was "finally paying attention to his studies."

Moka and Harry took the long way back to the place Saizou had ambushed her because Harry couldn't make it up the hill in his condition. When they arrived, they split up to search. Harry was looking over by where Moka had been thrown against the tree, and Moka was looking in the opposite direction.

Eventually, Moka found the wand in a bush and handed it to Harry who then used it to heal himself. The two walked back towards the school and decided to skip the rest of the day. Harry figured they had earned it after almost dying.