Identity Crisis

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UPDATE: 12/08/19 - First off I'd like to apologize for the incoherent mess that was this chapter before now. I literally left out an entire part when I copied and pasted it from Mircosoft word to the editing document on here. I also must've been more than half-asleep when I first wrote this as in one scene I had Shikamaru that leave the area in one sentence and be there in the next. I also had Sasuke supposedly leave without me mentioning it. I even confused myself re-reading it, I like the idea but I will be the first to admit I made a mess of it before. That said I've also added nearly 2k words worth of content to this. However, this is still unbeta'd, therefore, all mistakes are mine though there's hopefully a lot less now.

Full Summary: Naruto was happily engaged to her best friend Sasuke as well as the recently appointed Hokage. Everything was going smoothly no more wars just paperwork and wedding arrangements to worry about until one morning Sasuke wakes up believing himself to be Izuna Uchiha. If that wasn't stressful enough while trying to convince him Naruto herself was becoming less and less sure that he was, in fact, her Sasuke.

Chapter 1: You're Sasuke!

Everything was perfect for one Naruto Uzumaki well okay perfect was pushing it a bit after all being the new Hokage did come with a lot of paperwork and in no perfect universe would the blonde ever have to do a shred of paperwork.

However, if the deadliest enemy she had to face was the kind that could be beaten back with her precious time and a pen then all was well in the world.

"Aaand done! Another pile of paperwork successfully vanquished by yours truly!" The ninja proudly boasted to her bored assistant, "Congratulations." Shikamaru deadpanned before handing her more paper, "Here's the paperwork regarding the new school regulations and testing for the civilian school and the academy."

Naruto's smile fell but she didn't complain after all it was important and she was a grown adult, she could handle a little extra paperwork.

As if to punish her for thinking such thoughts her advisor added, "Also these are the papers requesting your approval for upcoming winter festivities." He set the pile of paper down before seemingly pulling out another stack to place beside it, "And this is this year's Genin hopefuls."

At least that wouldn't be boring but still did every student have an essay written on them in that stack? One sentence should be more than enough, it wasn't like she needed their entire life stories.

'Grin and bare it you can do it!' Naruto cheered herself on mentally much to her furry residents' amusement, "Is that all?" She glared at Shikamaru as if he was personally responsible for this torment.

"Oh, one more thing." The Nara heir smirked as she groaned unable to control her reaction to the news.

"The invitations to your wedding need to be approved. Ino demands not only that you pick your flowers asap her words by the way but that you set a date for dress shopping with the girls." Naruto made a face at this but her once lazy subordinate didn't let up, "And finally, you still have to pick a color scheme. Sasuke already vetoed all the orange from the choices." He looked up from his list with a raised eyebrow, "The wedding is two months away? Have you got anything done yet?"

Her head fell onto the desk with a painful thud, "I've been busy doing Hokage stuff!" The Hokage whined as she stood and threw her hands down onto the desk throwing a mini temper tantrum but when she saw it not garnering the pity the young woman felt she deserved she changed tactics, "Besides Sasuke should help out more!"

Sitting back down with a huff she eyed the paper and then her gaze went to her ever so helpful friend standing beside her desk. The Nanadaime's eyes gleamed in a way that the brunette knew meant trouble even if he didn't know exactly what kind.

He firmly stated, "No."

She proceeded to pout in what she knew to be a cute way, it didn't phase him in the slightest.

Frustrated she dropped the act, "Ah, come on I haven't even asked yet."

"And the answer is still no," Shikamaru said flatly.

She considered trying harder but the ninja knew that fluttering her eyes at the Nara would never work.

It was one of the reasons he made such a great advisor slash assistant, but not the only reason and not the main one either. Like his father before him, the Nara was a genius. There really was no one better than him for the job, in fact, if he really wanted she was sure that he could take her job. Brute strength she'd win for sure but if they fought it was just as likely that she'd lose to his tactical mind.

Even so, Naruto stared hard at him hoping to wear him down. She crossed her arms indignantly for a moment at being denied before the Hokage sighed and picked her pen back up. The paperwork wouldn't do it's self, though she would be beyond thrilled if that were to ever occur.

Her newfound work ethic lasted all of thirty minutes before she started to complain, "It's all Sasuke's fault that we're so far behind you know? How am I supposed to make all these choices and work too?"

Shikamaru didn't look up from whatever paper had his attention but he didn't need to because another voice answered her question.

"Yes, however, does one balance wedding plans and work at the same time."

"Sasuke!" Her gazed turned from her now amused assistant to her smirking fiancé who climbed through her office window as if he owned the place. She couldn't really say anything, she'd been doing the same for years now and that was before it was even hers.

"In case you forgot we split the wedding responsibilities and mine are nearly complete and before you say anything, I've got a demanding job as well. Yet I managed somehow."

As much as Naruto wanted to deny it, she couldn't because it was her job to give him his. If he was busy it was because of her. At that thought a grin crossed her face, "You're absolutely right Sasuke!"

He eyed her warily then.

'Uh oh, he's suspicious, gotta act fast!'

"You work really hard, in fact, you could use a break so let's make it official!" She glanced around her cluttered desk before looking over at the entertained Nara, "Where are the vacation forms?"

"Second drawer on the left." He didn't even stop to think about it, he knew her office better than her.

If the Hokage didn't know any better she'd think he was after her job.

The blonde opened said drawer and low and behold it was right there in a section that said 'vacation,' she probably should give Shikamaru a raise if only for how organized he kept her desk. It even had dividers that were both alphabetized and color-code, talk about over-kill.

"Thanks, Shika. You're awesome!" He simply shook his head and excused himself from the room not wanting to get in the middle of it. After all, it was only amusing with them until someone got maimed.

"Naruto I'm not taking a vacation so that I can plan the entire wedding by myself." His irritation was apparent.

'Busted.' Her furry companion laughed in a distant part of her mind, she ignored him like a pro.

"How'd you know?" She asked while eying the vacation slip and considering pulling a fast one. Before the blonde can he made his own move by snatching up the paper and burning it with glee.

"Hey that's official Hokage paperwork stuff, that's like treason or something!" At the very least it was a waste of paper, even if they had an abundance of trees that was no excuse.

Naruto smirked, "Ya knooow," she said dragging out the word 'o', " I could punish you, make you pick the colors and the flowers-"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "You could do that or you could-" Naruto stopped that thought by sliding her hand back into the drawer and showing off another slip, "Fill this out, I've got tons of them and you can't burn them all!"

"Wanna bet?" He teased.

She really should know better than to challenge him by now.

The Uchiha leaned against her desk and crossed his arms the playful mood fading, "You do realise that I have taken care of everything in regards to the wedding so far don't you?"

The Uzumaki wince, it was true.

"You know I don't know anything about this kind of thing..." She tried to reason, "And I do?"

"Fair point..." The Hokage said while moving around her desk to stand right next to her husband-to-be.

This wasn't the only time they'd had this conversation over the past few months.

It always ended the same way, she'd apologize and he would take some of her load and then get stuff done.

"I said I was sorry…" Naruto grumbled as Sasuke gave her the stink eye knowing what she was trying to pull, it was clear he wasn't going for it this time. She bit her lower lip and tried her best to get him to bend to her will. He turned his head.

Naruto grumbled, "Alright, fine... have it your way then."

She turned around and marched over to her office door and opened, "Hey, Shika you there?"

The Nanadaime called out knowing he was still in hearing distance, "I need a favor."

Shikamaru casually strolled back down the hall, "A favor?"

He knew what she was asking him for, she wanted to shift over some of her workload onto him.

"Yeah, just a small one." He didn't look convinced.

"Just cover for me please I need to get some of this wedding stuff taken care of." Her hands were clasped and up like she was begging him.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes before he lazily looked over to the Uchiha standing around idly, if he were a betting man he would bet than she would get little to nothing done in regards to their wedding and he had a feeling the other man knew this as well.

"It's not just more work for me you know, it's more for you as well." He finally said, if she left early today then tomorrow she would have to stay late to make her deadlines. Certain things he just couldn't do, even if she liked to remind him that he could forge her signature perfectly.

Dropping her hands she smiled, "I'll make it up to you!" He seriously doubted it, "What a drag... fine I'll take care of the winter festivities this time." It would take something off her plate but not much.

What she failed to realize was that while he would do the more time-consuming groundwork it would have been something that would have gotten her out of doing some paperwork for a few hours and broke up some of the monotony of her chosen career. Not that he would tell her that, perhaps more work would get done in the long run.

She clapped her hands together, "Really?" The Kage hugged him tightly much to the other ninja's displeasure, "You're the best Shikamaru!"

"Yeah, yeah just go a few months without needing a new desk and we can call it even." He joked.

Naruto released him from the hug and threw a glare toward her fiancé, "It's not like I said 'Hey, Sasuke I've got a great idea why don't you burn my desk to ashes that'd be fun!'"

Sasuke had the gall to just shrug, he wasn't sorry at all.

"Well, there's nothing to be done for it now. Just go home for the day I'll take care of what I can." It was giving him a headache just thinking about all the extra work.

Not wanting him to change his mind she gave him a quick wave, "Well I'm off!"

The Nara sighed in relief pulling out his pack of cigarettes before he looked at the mess in front of him and then at the fourth desk he'd had to procure from her since her tenure.

"I'll never understand those two's form of foreplay."

Naruto had left the office with Sasuke but they split up as unlike her he had more work to do so she happily skipped to her favorite ramen shop on the way home. Sasuke surely wouldn't find out being on the other side of the village and all. Where did he get off telling her that she can only have the deliciousness that is ramen three days a week, it was frankly horribly mean of him. Then again she wasn't marrying him because he was nice.

He said it was for her health but her health was just fine thank you very much.

Speaking of marriage it still felt unreal sometimes, not that they were together no there wasn't anything more real than that. It was more the whole engagement part. Sakura had asked her why she was marrying him.

That question was simple to answer.

She was marrying him because she loved him. Sakura hadn't seemed pleased with the answer, probably because the girl knew that she didn't care about marriage. Her pink haired friend probably thought she was being pushed into it by Sasuke. As children, Sasuke could do no wrong in her eyes but that had changed after he came back for good. Now the medic had to find a fault in everything he did or said. It was stressful and she hoped her two best friends could eventually move past it.

It was true that Naruto didn't care about marriage one way or another but he wanted it to be official and she was fine with that. Especially when she had asked him why it was so important to him. Sasuke still had trouble expressing himself with words so of course when he told her he wanted her to be his family, the blonde had argued that she was already his family.

He eventually managed to put it into words that she understood by bringing his parents into it and explaining what he recalled of them from his childhood. It wasn't something that he ever really talked about but the Uchiha had clearly wanted her to understand. And the young woman couldn't help but listen to his words and agree that she wanted that with him as well.

Naruto finished up her ninth bowl of ramen and smiled as she paid the man behind the counter.

All the contemplating over ramen had made her glad that she was heading home, it was rather exhausting to think so deeply about emotional things.

She is surprised to see that he beat her home. Inside of their shared apartment, the blue-eyed girl watched him as he leaned over their wedding plans with an exasperatingly contemplative look.

"So, what're you working on?" It looked like locations of some kind, but the wedding was going to be held in the center of the village so that everyone would be able to attend so what was he up to?

He didn't take his eyes off of the pamphlets, "You're home early."

"Didn't you hear Shika's covering for me. He's a bit peeved and that's your fault you know." She poked his cheek making his gaze finally find hers, no she wasn't jealous of her own wedding plans keeping Sasuke distracted from her, nope.

"I was but I thought for sure you'd waste your free time away eating ramen."

He knew her so well.

"Well, you thought wrong." His dark eyes looked amused, "Did I?" The Uchiha didn't believe for a second she didn't stop by there. Did he smell it on her breathe? Maybe she should start carrying a toothbrush.

"Um-hm, sooo Shika's probably gonna find a way to get back at me for this festival stuff... and you heard him, he's still miffed about the desk thing too."

"Is that right?" Naruto nodded, "Yup," She said while making her lips pop at the 'p' sound.

"In that case I'm sorry, whatever will I do to make it up to you?" His sarcasm wasn't missed but she leaned up against him and whispered in his ear, "You could try groveling."

Sasuke's face turned until his lips were a hair's breadth away from hers and as he spoke his lips grazed the blonde's own, "I could."

Then they were kissing.

No wedding plans got worked on that night.

She'd have to apologize to Shika later.

The sun was shining brightly through the curtain, but it was of no concern to Naruto as she simply buried her face into the warm body beside her blocking it out and smiling contently still mostly asleep.

At least she was until she was promptly shoved off the bed, "Ow! What the hell Sasuke?"

Sasuke was looking around wildly from the naked woman on the floor to the unfamiliar room and back again, "That wasn't funny." The blonde stood up rubbing her sore elbow that had whacked the nightstand with no regard for her state of dress or lack thereof causing him to avert his eyes. It made him equally aware of his own nakedness so he made quick work of wrapping the covers around his waist, "Would you please put on some clothes."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Um… are you blushing?"

He said nothing but remained tense, "Oh wow you really are! That's kinda cute but also really weird." He was never really that shy even when they were both virgins so it was strange to the other ninja.

"No, what's weird is that I'm in a room with a woman I've never met. One who seems to think she know me and who refuses to put on her clothes!" He was doing his best to both let her have her modesty and keep an eye on any potential attack on his persons. Though admittedly it looked to be too late for that if his bare state was any indication, he was completely mortified but trying his best to hide it.

"A woman you've never met. That's not funny Sasuke." She grabbed at the closest article of clothing which happened to be the shirt he was wearing yesterday and proceeded to pull it over her head just as he replied, "My name is not Sasuke."

"Yeah, next thing you're gonna say is you're not an Uchiha right?" It was supposed to be sarcastic, but she was beginning to wonder if her fiancé might have been hit with a Jutsu.

"I am an Uchiha. Izuna Uchiha." He finally turned his attention back to her though it was firmly set on her face.

Naruto blinked, that name was familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on why.

"That's not funny Sasuke." The Kage knew she must sound like a broken record, but it really wasn't, and he needed to stop it.

She pointed at him and waved her arm around frantically, "If this is your idea of a joke it's not funny!"

"I'm not trying to pull one over on you and once again you've mistaken me for someone else." He stated with a complete straight-faced but Sasuke could do that too, of course, he could, he was Sasuke her mind all but screamed but Kurama gave no input for once though Naruto was too distracted to notice the lack of it.

Even the way he spoke was funny but he was Sasuke.

"No. You are Sasuke." She informed him stubbornly crossing her arms over her braless chest.

"For the final time, I'm not this Sasuke person." His annoyance, confusion, and embarrassment at the situation had him raising his voice even if it also made him feel slightly bad when she winced, he never did like speaking harshly with a woman.

"Fine. Then if you're not Sasuke why do you look like him?"

"I suppose if we are both Uchihas then maybe we look similar, though I'll admit I've never heard of one named Sasuke." Her face expressed even further confusion at his suggestion.

She could point out so much wrong with that sentence but instead focused on her point, "Not similar, exactly! You look exactly like Sasuke. I would know because I know every inch of him er- I mean you!" She tugged at her loose hair before fleeing into an adjoining room but before Izuna could think to find clothes and flee, she was back thrusting a mirror at him.

"See!" Carefully taking the mirror that was suddenly thrust into his face he pulled it back enough to actually do as she suggested he looked into the mirror even as he back away from her.

Izuna saw just what he expected to, he saw himself.

"This proves nothing I look exactly like myself."

"Exactly so you're Sasuke!" She demanded once more.

"No, I'm really not." He insisted wanting nothing more than to get away from this barely clothed pushy woman.

This was getting old but instead of getting angry at the confused girl he was just getting tired of having to deny it, not that he planned to lie to the poor girl.

If this was some kind of mean joke, he'd have quit it by now due to how upset it was all making her. So she had no choice but to think it had to be a Jutsu, or maybe a weird form of amnesia? She needed Sakura or Granny maybe both. Just as her mind was formulating a plan to fix Sasuke he spoke, "Wait something is different!"

"What?" Naruto asked eagerly for anything that could help but his next words did nothing of the sort.

"My hair." He touched the ends of his hair as if to explain, "What about it?" He's always had that hairstyle as far back as her memory went.

"Did you cut it?" He asked confused.

"Of course not, you've always had that hairstyle." As if he'd ever let her come anywhere near him with a pair of scissors.

He didn't seem to hear her as he was checking out his hair of all things.

"I wonder what my brother will think…" His long hair was a symbol of pride as a ninja showing that he could fight effectively with it just like his older brother could albeit his hair was less voluminous making the task likely less of a feat when compared to his brother.

Naruto felt like she could not keep up, she needed Sakura like twenty minutes ago.


He finally turned away from his reflection with a sigh, "No Madara."

Realization flickered across her face and he noticed it.

The Uchiha thought she finally realized her mistake, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Izuna Uchiha was a name she had heard because he was Madara's younger brother.

Sasuke thought he was Madara's dead baby brother.

He thought Madara was alive.

It was too much to process all at once, so she sunk down on the bed beside the man she knew to be Sasuke who is watching her take it all in.

It had to be a Jutsu.

Because amnesia didn't do this, did it?

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