Identity Crisis

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Chapter 2: Cross That Bridge

Naruto didn't panic, she was a professional. Okay, she was panicking on the inside but only Kurama knew that.

It once again slipped her mind that the furball was oddly quiet about the whole thing.

The Uzumaki needed to take control of the situation, put on her Kage face. It still needed some work according to both Sasuke and Gaara but what did they know!?

"Okay… first, we should probably get dressed." She told the Uchiha who was still only wrapped up in their bedsheets.

Then she'd book him into the hospital to get an evaluation on his head done.

It was the perfect plan. He'd be home by dinner and they'd laugh about this.

He seemed to agree with the dressing plan but upon looking around he didn't find any of his clothing laying around. That was strange… then again everything about the situation was.

"Oh um, right… let me get you some of you-" she paused at his expression, "Sasuke's clothes."

Keeping an eye on Sasuke the blonde grabbed them both something to wear from the closet before she tossed his onto the bed.

Normally she wouldn't get his clothes for him and would have call him lazy if he had the gall to ask. But if she had been inclined to do so the ninja would have thrown them at his face. He would've caught them no problem but she still would've tried to catch him off guard.

However, with the way he was watching her she decided against the idea of acting too familiar.

Normally on a morning with her only wearing his shirt and him eyeing her that closely it wouldn't involve getting more clothes on. But that look wasn't sexual at all it was cautious.

He didn't trust her.

That hurt.

Even if he wasn't himself, the ninja part of her understood of course. He was a ninja too and one who as far as he knew woke up in bed with a stranger. Not only that but wasn't he supposed to have been from a warring era?

The war she had been in had been beyond horrible with a high body count but it had been short. Izuna Uchiha had lived his whole life in wartime.

Naruto got herself dressed while she pondered all of this but the woman also didn't let him out of the corner of her eye. There was a big difference between in that she didn't bother covering herself up as she got her clothes on.

Sasuke was putting his pants on underneath the bedsheets. Once they were on the dark-haired man discarded the covers.

Did that mean that Madara's brother was shy or was that just Sasuke's interpretation of him.

He seemed to be thinking heavily about something as he stared at the shirt in his hands. Was something wrong with it? It's not like she had any men's clothing that Sasuke would frown upon, anytime she did try to do that the article of clothing would get destroyed or go missing.

He had no appreciation of the color orange.

Finally, he seemed to reach a decision as the Uchiha pulled the dark material on over his head. The Uzumaki wondered if he was considering the possibility of her attacking him when he put the shirt on.

Before she could bring that or anything else up, he spoke, "You and this Sasuke live together?"

Naruto furrowed her brows at the question but answered truthfully, "Yes."

"And you said he's an Uchiha?"

"Yes again."

"But… you aren't."

Obviously, what gave her away? The blonde hair, blue-eyes, or maybe her tan? Instead of saying any of that she simply smiled, "Nope, not yet."

"…Not yet." He looked so confused by her answer, did they really never marry outside of their clan? "What's your surname?"

"Oh, I guess I haven't introduced myself, have I?" Naruto muttered to herself and then barely withheld the annoyance at the fact that it was her 'surname' that he deemed important.

"I'm Naruto and my surname as you so kindly asked for is Uzumaki."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed his whole body became rigid.

"An Uzumaki?"

"Uh, yeah?" It wasn't really a question because that was her name but his reaction had thrown her, what was wrong with her name?

"The Uzumaki clan is allied with the Senju." He spoke the final bit with more disgust than she could ever remember Sasuke having used while in her presence.

"Wait a minute what-" Naruto stopped short at the glower he sent her way, "What kind of trick is this?" He spat hatefully, she winced, "Look why don't we just go outside and-"

"I'm not going anywhere with you." Naruto knew Sasuke's tells he was ready to fight her here and now if she made the wrong move. That was not good.

The Anbu outside their apartment would be inside in seconds and she'd have a hell of a time getting an attack from him swept under the rug.

"Sasuk-" Sasuke cut her off, "I'm not him, and for his sake he had better not be an Uchiha if he is siding with the enemy."

"I'm not your enemy!" Naruto told in with more than a little bit of desperation for him to believe her. This was bringing back memories she'd rather forget.

"Yes, you are." And just like that the Uchiha teleported away in a similar fashion to Sasuke, but it was not the exact same she noted.

"Damn it!" The Kage screamed before hurriedly throwing on the rest of her clothes and not even bothering with her hair.

The blonde knew that a Sasuke who was compromised and running around her village could be disastrous.

Seeing her rush out of her house the Anbu guards quickly followed after their Hokage. It took everything in them to keep up as her usual pace to the Hokage tower was not even a brisk walk they knew something had happened.

They arrive at the tower in record time and into her office just as quickly.

"I need someone to get me granny-no wait she's a Senju isn't she?" The last part was mumbled but the Anbu hear it and glanced at one another in confusion though due to the masks they wore none would be the wiser.

"Then Sakura, someone get her and tell her to come to my office now." One of the Anbu disappeared as the Hokage glimpsed around her office, something was missing. No, it was a someone, "Where's Shikamaru?" He was always here when she arrived, the Nanadaime failed to take into account how much earlier than normal she was. "Someone get me Shikamaru… please."

She tacked on the last word once the ninja realized how she was ordering her subordinates around. Normally the Hokage would phrase things as a request or at least not like she was demanding something of them.

She was well known as being the friendliest and most approachable of the Kages.

It wasn't necessary though as the Anbus followed their orders quickly and efficiently having noticed their usually calm leader's urgency.

Soon Shikamaru entered her office yawning widely, "I was on my way here when you called as you're usually at least another hour something must be wrong."

Naruto nodded, "You could say that." She was pacing in front of her desk as she had been since the ninja first arrived. Her advisor's eyes followed her, "Sakura should be here soon."

He nodded and waited for the medic all the while watching the young woman with his keen eyes. He had studied her well enough to know when it was a Sasuke related problem, and he could sense that it was.

Unfortunately, he doubted it was as simple as a problem with the wedding venue. No, it was something more serious. If she was calling in Sakura that meant it was likely something health-related, but calling in Tsunade would make more sense as she would be more professional when it came to the Uchiha.

No doubt Sakura was an excellent medic but even he knew she and Sasuke weren't on the best terms. Sasuke himself would rather go to Tsunade if he had a say in this, of that the Nara was certain.

Before he could continue to contemplate the little information he had Sakura arrived.

"I was told it was urgent, what's going on Naruto?" The pinkette asked without formalities, had there been other Kages or officials present she would have been but to her it was just her old teammate and their lazy friend.

Naruto looked around the room noting where her Anbu were hiding in the shadows. As much as she trusted them this was about Sasuke… not many people liked the Uchiha and her Anbu were not an exception and so she sighed at what she was about to do.

The Nanadaime stopped pacing, "I want to speak with Sakura and Shikamaru alone."

Both the ninjas looked surprised by this proclamation especially Sakura.

For a moment the was no sound or movement, the Anbu had never been asked to leave her office before so they didn't move as quickly as they normally would have when given an order. Despite not wanting to do so they appeared from their hiding places and bowed to their Hokage before the two of them took their leave.

Naruto smiled at them guiltily while they closed the door hoping there were no hard feelings. She'd have to make it up to them later.

Once the door was firmly shut the Uzumaki performed the seal to silence the room, at this precaution Sakura looked uneasy.

"What is going on?" She demanded.

"It's…" Naruto paused wondering how to explain the situation.

"Sasuke." Shikamaru supplied startling his Kage, "How did you-" the blonde shook her head fondly, "Never mind stupid question you're Shika, of course, you'd know something."

"All this secrecy because of Sasuke?" Sakura asked with noticeable distaste before she paled, "He didn't… leave again, did he?"

"No… okay yes, kinda… I don't know where he is and we have to find him and fast because-"

"I can't believe him! I knew he'd do this, it's just like when we were kids, he has you! But is that enough for him? No!" Naruto let the medic have her mini-rant until she stopped to breathe then the blonde continued before the other girl could start voicing her issues once more.

"It's not that, he has amnesia or something he thinks he's somebody else… maybe it's a Jutsu?" The last bit was asked with barely contained hope as she looked between her two friends for some kind of confirmation that such a thing existed.

Shikamaru's eyebrow rose, "And who exactly does he think he is?"

Naruto rubbed her bare arms, it felt weird that she was in her office without her Hokage coat but she'd been in too big of a hurry to remember to grab it that morning.

"Izuna Uchiha."

"Madara's brother." The Nara stated without having to think about it. Of course, he'd have such a thing memorized.

While it wasn't a question Naruto still nodded.

"That's crazy, do you think maybe he was joking?" Sakura asked and then quickly answered herself, "Of course he's not, he doesn't know how."

Naruto would argue that Sasuke could be quite funny when he wanted to be, most of the time if bordered on morbidly funny but it still counted. In this instance it was irrelevant so she didn't mention it.

"Right, so we need to find him before someone notices something off with him."

Shikamaru nodded.

"Maybe we should let him continue to think that he's this other Uchiha, he'd probably be more even-tempered." Sakura said irritably.

Naruto bit her lip, "Probably not a good idea… he… he said I was his enemy."

She knew he didn't mean it but those words had still stung.

Both tensed at this, "What! Why?" Sakura asked at the same time as the Nara calmly questioned, "What made him say that?

"I told him my last name…"

"Your last name?" The medic looked confused but her advisor didn't, "Uzumaki. Your clan had ties with the Senju."

"Yeah…" Naruto wished she had thought of that before she opened her big mouth that morning, then again it probably wouldn't have occurred to her that he hated the Senju as much as he appeared to.

"Now I see why you didn't call in Tsunade if he considers you an enemy by association there's no telling how he'd react to her." The brunette sighed reaching into his vest pocket for the pack of cigarettes he kept there.

The blonde ninja had some idea and it wasn't a pleasant image.

"So now you see why we have to find him quickly, quietly, and most important secretly. This can't get out… too many people already don't trust him." Naruto did her best not to look at Sakura when she said that.

The green-eyed girl's frown deepened as she spoke making the Kage think she might not have been successful. Honestly if she didn't need a medic, the woman wouldn't have called Sakura in on this.

Sakura was one of her best friends but Sasuke was a sore subject that the Uzumaki was trying to find time to work on with them.

The Kage knew things would never be the same between the three of them but she hoped for something a little less tense in the future. Perhaps even friendly greetings when they passed one another while going about their normal day, a girl could hope.

Naruto didn't think it was an impossible dream just something that would take time.

"When we do find him, what do you want me to do?" Sakura asked pulling the other girl out of her thoughts.

"Um run scans, check his head, I dunno medical stuff." She shrugged.

Sakura didn't look impressed with her suggestions but hey she wasn't the medic.

"We have to find him first." Shikamaru reminded the two women, "Where do you think he would go?"

Naruto looked down at the floor and shrugged again, "I don't know… should I check places Sasuke would go?"

Just then all three ninjas tense and turn to the window in time to see a familiar figure jump inside. It appeared that Izuna was just as bad at going through doors as Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" Sakura called out before she could stop herself.

He shot her a look as if to say 'not you too.'

"Um, what're you doing here? I mean how'd you know where I was?" Naruto wasn't sure how to address this version of Sasuke who not only didn't know her but thought of her as an enemy.

"I asked." He deadpanned, "It got me strange looks when I inquired about your whereabouts."

"I can imagine," Shikamaru said watching the other man closely.

For a moment all was quiet until he spoke again, "I tried the door but those in the masks wouldn't let me in."

Oh, maybe he was better mannered but still just as impatient, before she or her friends could find their voices the Uchiha continued, "Something is not right."

No kidding was her gut reaction but her Kage training helped her instead say, "What makes you think that?" Gaara would be proud of her restraint.

"The people who don't avoid me or call me Uchiha all call me… Sasuke." His expression was troubled.

Naruto wanted to say 'I told you so' but reframed at his lost look, she didn't want to make things harder for him.

"I know I'm not this Sasuke but this village…" He trailed off looking back outside the window toward the Hokage mountain, "It was founded by the Uchiha and by… the Senju." The last name was still said with great distaste but not the outright hate from before.

"I see you've done your homework." The Nara's voice pulled Sasuke's eyes away from the mountain where two of his greatest enemies' faces were craved.

"Yes. I realized quickly that my questions attracted too much attention so I found the library… it has much information and all of it for free." It was obvious that he was quite taken with their public library.

"I believed first that this was a Jutsu but my mind is my own." He crossed his arms, "As hard as it is to believe… I must be in the future." Even as he voiced this suggestion, he looked like he couldn't believe he'd said it.

"Time travel?" Sakura's disbelief plain as day.

"That's not possible, is it?" Naruto looked to her resident genius who appeared to be deep in thought.

Shikamaru sighed, "We need more information."

The Hokage nodded, yeah time travel was crazy talk and that was Sasuke no doubt about it, same voice, face, chakra, it was him. It had to be.

"How can you explain looking exactly like Sasuke and where is he if you're not him?" Naruto asked feeling confident that this was indeed her husband-to-be.

"We are related so sharing similar features is to be expected however I believe this Sasuke and I must look remarkably alike with only minor details such as our hair."

"That's the second time you've mentioned your hair," Naruto noted.

"Yes, mine is… was longer." His fingers graze his hair before he seemed to notice as he snatched his hand back.

It seemed to Naruto that he missed having longer hair even if he'd never really had it, the emotion he had over it appeared to be real. But it couldn't be, it was some mind Jutsu there was no other reasonable explanation.

"Like Madara's," Sakura asked, the Uchiha jaw tighten but he nodded tersely.

That was weird, he didn't react like that when she mentioned Madara before.

"Okay so your hair's shorter, how do you explain that?" Naruto pushed trying to get him to admit to what she knew, that he was Sasuke.

He looked into her eyes then, she held his gaze without fear. Maybe she shouldn't have given his Sharingan but the blonde trusted him still.

"This is where it gets even harder to believe." He removed his shirt; Sakura made a noise in the back of her throat obviously surprised at his action but she quickly put back on her professional face.

Naruto didn't mind the removal having seen him shirtless many times over the years, "Okay what's with the striptease?"

A familiar look of annoyance was sent her way before he brought their attention to a scar, "I have no memory of this scar but I have plenty of memories of scars that I do not have."

"Sooo what you're saying is that you swapped bodies with Sasuke?" She didn't believe it for a second, first time travel now body swapping? Nope not real, maybe something that'd make a good movie but nothing like that could ever really happen.

Sasuke put the shirt back on and looked at them seriously, "If I have then this Sasuke is in my time and we need to find a way to swap us back soon."

"You say that like it's a matter of urgency." The advisor noted.

"If what I read today is correct then it is."

Sasuke's face was much too emotionless at that moment and even Naruto couldn't read what he was really feeling behind the facade.

"What did you read?" Naruto asked still not willing to buy that this man before her wasn't her fiancé.

His voice was monotoned as he answered, "The last date I recall before waking up here is apparently two months before I die."

Naruto's throat felt tight, "Well it's a good thing you're not Izuna and Sasuke's not trapped in the past then."

The Uchiha ran his hand through his now much shorter hair, "What will it take to convince you?"

"Let Sakura here," She pointed to the pinkette, "give you a checkup, maybe it really is a Jutsu or maybe you have a new kind of amnesia?" She was reaching but it was better than body-swapping time travel any day.

He didn't look pleased but nodded, "Alright, but when she finds nothing what then?"

"If she doesn't then we try another medic, I'm sure she'll figure it out if Sakura can't." Naruto was determined for this to be something they could fix with rest or medical ninjutsu.

"Then why not just go to her first and skip the unnecessary step."

Sakura looked offended as she mouthed 'unnecessary' to herself and scowled at Sasuke. That certainly wouldn't help the two's strained relationship and it wasn't even his fault.

"Because I said so!" Naruto knew it was childish but she also knew that the truth wouldn't go over well with the Uchiha.

His lips curled before he looked to Shikamaru, "This village is really run by this woman?"

The way he said woman made her hackles rise like nothing else. Stupid sexist Izuna-ish Sasuke, her Sasuke would never think that just because she was a woman or childish that she could kick his ass.

The Nara simply nodded half-amused as his Hokage was fuming at the gall of the Uchiha before her. The advisor thought she was doing remarkably well at holding back her temper until he saw her hands had gripped the desk hard cracking it.

Another new desk, how many did that make now the ninja wondered taking a drag of his cigarette.

"I am right here!" She told the two men, "Sakura will you take him to the hospital and do a full checkup please?"

Sakura frowned, "You're not coming?"

"No, it'd just have people asking questions." The Hokage shuffled some paper on her desk in an attempt to look busy, "Just let me know as soon as you find something."

"And if I don't?" The pinkette asked.

"Then get a second opinion." It came out harsher than the blue-eyed girl had meant it to.

Sakura didn't look happy but nodded.

Sasuke looked between the two friends then asked, "What happens when both tell you they found nothing wrong?"

Naruto didn't want to think about what it meant if the two most talented medics couldn't find anything. "We'll cross that bridge if it gets built."

"That's not how the saying goes." Shikamaru informed her only to receive a glare, "It is now."

The Kage couldn't keep her eyes from drifting to the clock every five to ten minutes, she should get rid of it, it only mocked her. How long did a full checkup take anyways? Should she have gone with them? No that would've brought them unnecessary attention.

The document in front of her was important but she couldn't focus fully on it. There was another paper calling to her as it poked out from a form practically demanding her attention.

The wedding invitations.

"Shika?" The blonde called out before she could think better of it.

"Hm?" Came his distracted reply.

"What if he really is Izuna and not Sasuke?" It wasn't possible but then again, she saw the dead come back to life in a way during the war… maybe it wasn't so out there. They were just souls inside of vessels, didn't that prove that the soul could be placed into another body?

The Nara looked up from his paper, "What happened to crossing that bridge when we come to it?"

"Is that how it goes?"


"That's stupid… I just want Sasuke back." Her voice became softer as she continued.

The invitations had somehow found themselves in her hands, they were mocking her worse than the clock had.

Shikamaru didn't respond because he wasn't sure what to say, sometimes it was better not to say anything. The two continued their paperwork while waiting for Sakura to contact them.