Glynda Goodwitch had many stressing manners and duties to attend as a Vice-Headmistress on a an average day that would drive some to resignation, perhaps even to suicide or homicide, but she herself was above such weakness, her will and mind when like iron, with a piercing intellect to resolve aforementioned issues. Though she was quick to anger, such discipline had its limits, and she had very little outlets besides doing her job by killing Grimm.

Today a seemingly forgettable student had needed to be seen in her office, his combat scores were suffering due to his inability to manage his Aura levels, a typical problem solved through some weekend combat training with meditation, something Glynda did not to be bothered with since she was almost pulling her hair out as it was. Though, while not a truly animated character like those on RWBY, JNPR, or even CRDL, this male student did possess a preferably Huntsman worthy physique, and there were other ways to train someone's Aura.

Perhaps in a way that could relieve her of some stress.

The Professor felt some heat rise to her cheeks as her loins had sparked like a long-quenched fire, and her sensitive lower lips tingled at the salacious taboo of taking a student between her legs. She wasn't unaware of those lingering stares to her chest, or the way she'd catch a student or faculty member nearly snap their necks to see her rear bounce beneath her skirt, honestly, it did feed into a hidden ego she stroked every time she had a moment to herself.

Usually late at night in her shower or in a warm bath she'd indulge in that ego, fingers working in tandem to fulfil her fantasies, of being pressed against a book shelf, bend over her table, spanked with her own riding crop, the most extreme saw her pleasing a whole male team. Perhaps its been too long since she indulged in the male specimen that her mind drifted to such depravities, only allowing herself one or two sessions with herself before bed for the daily humdrum. In either event, she wanted it, she wanted this man, and she wanted him now.

So casually she eyed the rigid student, worried about his own barely note worthy future, and stood from her chair, sauntering slightly to the front of her desk. She sat her eye catching tush at the edge of the wooden table, her legs spread for a moment, flashing the student a shot of her violet panties through her almost translucent panty hoes crotch, Glynda smirked seeing the student flush red, sweat on his forehead, praying he wasn't caught looing at his teacher's shapely legs.

"It seems we need to have a talk about a few issues regarding your grades," Glynda said in a deceptively stern tone, she leaned forward, her breasts being bared slightly as the Student could almost see down the middle of her creamy luscious rack, "and about what we can do to improve them."

Boldly the teacher stood from her desk and straddled the Student's lap, surprising the young supple male under her, she felt his erection underneath her ass and grinned, thumbing the Student's chin, staring into his eyes with her predatory emerald eyes, "I figure you'll need a private lesson on Aura conditioning, it'll improve your combat prowess, especially when we get physical."

She gyrated her hips, rubbing against the throbbing cock that was separated by a veneer of clothing, she whispered into the Student's ear with a warm husky voice, her thumb and index finger loosening his tie, "Of course, this special training will be between us, and us alone, right?"

The Student nodded with a breathless pant, wincing as the Professor ground her soft fleshy ass against his throbbing manhood. He sat there wordlessly as Goodwitch, THE Goodwitch peppered his neck with her delicate lips, she loosened his tie and tore open his dress shirt, raking her nails against his chest, eliciting a strained moan.

Glynda brought her tongue from the crook of his neck up to the base of his ear, delighting in the Student's eager submittance. She gently pecked his lips but fell into a deeper, wet, kiss as he pushed back against her, his hands finding the skirt covered rump so many have lusted over.

She tore her blouse open to free her breasts from captivity, shivering slightly at the release and open air, hardening her soft pink nipples. Glynda licked the Student's lips, delighting in his taste, she nipped at his bottom lip with her warm breasts squished against his chest, she leaned back to let him devour the sight before him.

"Earn your grade." She said, cooing softly when his hands cautiously swept underneath her delectable warm mounds.

The Student needed no instruction as he went right to sucking on one of the pink teets, his hand groping the other, rolling the free nipple with the flesh of his thumb, squeezing slightly on the breast. He suckled the nipple tight, rolling it with the tip of his tongue to get a sweet whimper from Glynda, he sucked harder until releasing it with a sunctioning pop, lashing the breast with his tongue.

Glynda sucked in her lower lip and rubbed herself against his crotch harder, she was getting hot but wanted more, more stimulation, "Rougher! Do it like a man! Bite me!"

The Student obliged his teacher with lustful enthusiasm, biting her sensitive tit and grinding it between his teeth, his skin bristled with her shriek, but ground and sucked the nipple between his teeth until he was sure it would bear teeth marks. He released the nipple and tormented the next one with ferocity, gnawing on it with one hand holding Glynda's waist and the other holding the bun that kept her hair up.

Goodwitch whimpered feeling the Student's teeth press into her flesh, her sex was on fire, it demanded immediate attention, "Come on, show me you're a man, fuck me, fuck me!"

The Student bit harder, getting a squeal from Glynda, he lifted her up and laid her out on her back, grabbing her panty hoes he tore them open, sliding off her stained purple panties to get eye level with her wet slit. He split the soft, welcomingly warm flesh open with his tongue, lapping her up like a thirsting dog, his lips pressed against her lower lips as his tongue wriggled madly in her salty sweetness.

Glynda's moans were low but pleasant, she writhed feeing the tongue exploring her sensitive pussy, it has been quite the dry spell, or no one had given her this much attention with their tongue for a long while, she was already close to cumming and he barely licked her.

"F-forget about me being your teacher-" Glynda whimpered as the Student's tongue wriggled in her aggressively, she moaned loudly, and cried, "-I want to be your bitch! Make me your bitch!"

The Student smirked against Goodwitch's pussy as she came with a cry, his tongued lavished in a rush of her juices, he licked and sucked dutifully, shoving his pants to his knees to humor his teacher. As she panted and twitched, he had gone around the table and straddled her face as she breathed, he pressed his loaded sperm sack against her lips and nose, she sputtered for a moment but welcomed his beanbag into her mouth. She suckled his left nut between her supple lips, her tongue lost between the soft salty skin, her mouth opened wider to take down the whole sack and gargled him.

Glynda sucked passionately with a rumble in her throat, she wanted this degradation, it made her sex boil like a hot tea kettle to be used so dirtily. The Student lifted up to free his sack from her mouth, slipping the head of his cock past her lips, he moaned feeling her tongue slither around his head, Goodwitch gagged as he hit the back of her throat. Glynda dug her nails into his hip and ass, using them as leverage to lift herself up further to suckle on her Student's hot throbbing cock.

The Student pressed his tongue back between Glynda's legs, intent to make the slutty professor cum before him, his hips thrusted downwards, forcing himself further into the Professor's throat. He fingered her upside down, sucking on her clitoris like he did her tits, forcing the blonde professor to squirt. He sucked until he felt her throat vibrate with a shriek around the half portion of his cock in her mouth.

Glynda sputtered and choked on the student as she tried to suck in air through her nose, being partially smothered with her Student's wet nuts in her face, her senses being encompassed with the smell, taste, and the feeling of masculine flesh, fulfilling her fantasies in a steady progression.

The Student lifted her legs from under her ass and sucked her sizzling lips to his heart's content, his tongue writhing in her feminine euphoria. He released her lower lips with a pop and pulled his cock from her mouth reluctantly, giving Glynda a chance to breathe as he stood behind her head.

Glynda panted, licking her lips, she looked back to see what her Student wanted to perform next until he forced his cock down her throat at his new angle, her back arched and she choked around the sudden invasion but mewled submissively as he started to thrust into her mouth at a steady rhythm, drawing back his hips until he was halfway out and sliding back in. Her legs twitched but her heels hooked the edge of the table as she let hm fuck her throat.

The Student grabbed onto her breasts and rolled her sore nipples with his thumbs, he groaned watching his cock outline in her throat, the choking noises and straining flesh sent shivers up his spine as his balls clenched. He clutched her throat as he sped up his motions, Glynda's tongue wriggled along the base of his cock, the Student slapped her breasts, watching them jiggle as she whimpered.

Glynda's eyes were wound shut as his balls slap against her nose, she could barely breathe through her nose, her mind was swimming, she could barely think as she squirmed underneath the Student. She swallowed around him, eager to taste his salty goodness on her tongue, her gagging intensified as her lights began to go dim, her legs kicked out and her sweat coverage body slid on the table. Just when she was sure she'd pass out, the Student pulled back and fired out thick hot streams of her salty reward, giving her room to breathe through her nose as she swallowed her reward.

The Student pulled out from Glynda's mouth, firing a few strands onto her face, that she scooped up with her fingers and sucked down. He went around the table and pulled her closer by her knees, with two fingers he went knuckle deep into the professor, delighting in her clenching hot sex.

"Guuhhh, ahhhh, fuck- yes, yes, yes, more, more!" Glynda cried with tears streaming down her cheeks with black mascara mixing with her spit and sticky sweat, her eyes were squeezed shut as her sex was boiling out of control, her juices spraying and leaking out of her madly. Her eyes suddenly sprung open and her scream reverberated throughout the room, she screamed, and screamed as the Student mercilessly pressed down on her one magical on switch, he rubbed his fingers against it, and she was on her back convulsing in orgasmic glee. Glynda's hips rose and slammed down as she writhed, the Student's knuckles always slamming against he wet slick flesh in lout clopping noises, his tongue pressing down on her clit. He released his fingers and a pent-up spray of feminine cum, watching is professor's body shake with sexual tremors, panting like a bitch in heat.

The Student straddled her waist, pressing his cock into her tight folds, shoving himself in halfway, making the teacher arch her back with a low moan. He pulled back and with a moan slapped their hips together getting a squeal from Glynda as he stretched her tight underused pussy, he prodded with his cock to stretch out her sensitive flesh to his likings. The Student grabbed her knees and set them against his shoulders as he mounted her, staring down at her weakened green eyes, and then he started thrusting like no tomorrow.

Her hot folds enveloped him in her soft slickness, he pressed her tits together and gnawed on them both, angling himself to start rubbing along her magical spot like his fingers. Glynda's panting, moaning, and sexual sobbing only increased as hit her at previously unreached depths, her nails dug into his shoulders as he got closer.

She saw the light when he hit it, her iron mind and will suddenly snapped with a scream when she came, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING! CUMMING! CU-CUM-NNNINNG- NNGG- AHHHH!"

Glynda's intense orgasm had sent her over the edge but it had also broken her mind with euphoria, her eyes crossed and her tongue lolled out, her lips were formed into a open mouthed silent scream as her body swam in pleasure, "Gwaahhh, ahhhh, gruhhhhh, ahhhhhh, gah-ohhhhhhh-"

The Student did not relent, rubbing his cock against her G-spot repeatily, making her tighten around his cock with a vice-like grip, he kept his professor fucked silly, his bitch, just what she wanted. Her moans steadily became animalistic and guttural, her mind had checked out of the building and he had her body at his mercy, his lusting plaything. The Student grabbed her throat and fucked her harder, he gyrated his hips to get a mewling moan from Goodwitch's subconscious as her body sucked him down to the point of no return.

He fulfils everyman's wish to creampie the proud strict professor with a strangled moan, he slapped his hips down and held them against her writhing body as she came again, he felt her walls milking his twitching cock into her womb. For a moment he panted against her, cuffing her chin and seeing the emptiness in her rolling emerald eyes invoked his Aura to reinvigorate his cock.

The Student slid out of Goodwitch, watching with satisfaction as she twitched with cum leaking down her buttcheeks. He pulled the semi-conscious professor to her feet, undoing the bun to her hair to let it flow free and stick to her wet back, with one hand grasping her scalp. He slid back into her cum dripping pussy with renewed vigor, clapping her cheeks with his thighs as he mercilessly fucked Glynda. Her breasts and arms flailed wildly as her absent-minded body was used, her moaning staying at an unintelligible guttural octave. The Student grasped one of the breasts for leverage as he was intent on fucking her unconscious, he slapped her jiggly ass roughly, feeling her pussy squeeze him back tighter with every slap, Glynda's lolling tongue and howl signifying her acknowledgement of each strike until her pale cheeks were branded with red palm prints.

The Student curls the fingers he used to finger fuck Glynda in her mouth, she suckled on them with her subconscious enthusiasm taking over as her body built into one large intense last orgasm. He presses her against the table and forces her knees back onto it, holding her by the nape of her neck and by her hip he gave it his all as he felt his own orgasm approaching rapidly in their cacophony of wet flesh against wet flesh.

With three great thrusts he clapped his hips to Glynda's ass and reveled in the sensation of her body milking every drop of cum he had in his load. The Student moaned gruffly with his hips pressed against Glynda's ass, cum leaking, spraying out from between her folds and down her thighs and onto her feet. The Student slid out with a loud squishy plop!

He admired the way Glynda lied on her desk, as if bowing or praying on her hands and knees, he fished out his Scroll to take an immaculate picture of her round ass on her feet, her loose cunt leaking his cum in a stream. The Student took a video panoramic, going around from her ass to her unconscious face, he slid his cock into her mouth and limply fucked her face to clean off his fuckstick, taking one last good look at her teeth marked breasts.

The video was for him and him alone, though, he had a feeling he'd need to seek some more Aura training from Professor Goodwitch, sometime soon.

A bit shorter than the first, but hopefully scratches your itch just right. The Student is more or less a self insert for the reader, I do intend to have these two meeting again, maybe even have Cinder catch a Atlesian grunt with his pants down and take advantage of the situation~