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Chapter 1

I'm A What Now?

It is often said that people would kill for immortality. Having the ability to stay young for the rest of their days while never growing old or ever having to fear death is a prospect only some dream of and very few have achieved without a cost. Those few stemmed to people like Orochimaru of the Sannin, a man who obtained immortality by seizing the bodies of other to prolong his lifespan, or Hidan of the Akatsuki, a man who sold his very soul to a God for the exchange of never growing old and never dying from mortal injuries. No matter the subject, one must give something in order to obtain something greater than their being.

In one Uzumaki Naruto's case, he became an immortal by accident.

In a final ditch effort to stop Kaguya from plunging the world into eternal slumber within a 'peaceful' Genjutsu that was nothing more than a lie in disguise, Naruto and the Nine Bijuu formed one final attack in an effort to weaken the Rabbit Goddess long enough for Sasuke to complete the sealing of the Goddess.

And it worked!

…Well, sorta.

They didn't actually see Kaguya get sealed. The only thing they remember was Kaguya screaming something along the lines of "I will not be sealed again" before a bright light blinded the two descendants of Ashura and Indra Otsutsuki. A minute later, they opened their eyes to find themselves back at the tree of life-the pedals holding the shinobi alliance slowly beginning to blossom.

Naruto never worried himself over the anti-climactic defeat of the Rabbit Goddess, but to that day, he could never shake the feeling that something went wrong with the sealing of Kaguya Otsutsuki.

~Fast-forward 100 years later~

After the first 5 years that Uzumaki Naruto realized he hadn't aged a day since his 16th birthday, he and his friends laughed it off and Lee even threw in a joke about him reaching his 'eternal youth' (or at least he thought it was a joke). 20 years later after he had already had kids that were now looking older than himself, he started to feel cold every day he woke up. His wife, Hinata, reassured him that everything would be okay, but not even he could believe her words at the time. After passing his hat of Hokage down to Sarada Uchiha, he was thankful to spend the rest of his life with his wife that aged more and more by the day.

30 years later as he stood in front of his wife's grave with his son Boruto and daughter Himawari with their respective children and Naruto felt...lost; as if a part of himself was missing. He had watched the love of his life grow old before him every day and it killed him inside that he couldn't grow old with her. The fact that even his kids looked older than himself was killing him on the inside and nothing Kyuubi or his children told him could make things any better. He had watched all his friends grow pass him along with Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi and he could do nothing but attend their funerals. He was then sure that the feeling he got since that day they sealed the Rabbit Goddess was her 'parting gift' for ruining her plan. Even if she was sealed repeatedly, in the end, she got the last laugh, and Naruto was going to pay for it for every second he lived.

Another 30 years later and Naruto left the Elemental Nations. A year prior, Boruto and Himawari passed and the Leaf nor the Elemental Nations had no use for power figure in their age of peace. No one was foolish enough to challenge the most powerful ninja in the land and no one dare disrupted the peace unless they wanted the full force of the shinobi alliance to come down on them. So Naruto traveled the Elemental Nations and often visited his grandchildren. He'd had visited more, but couldn't bring himself to continue returning to the place that held half his heart there.

So, he got the bright idea to investigate the seal that seemed to float around the Elemental Nations. It was only discovered about 25 years ago by Kiri as they sent shinobi on an excursion to the ocean far south. 2 years later and they still had heard nothing from excursionist. Most of the Elemental Nations investigated this phenomenon and after a few months of research and missing shinobi, they finally were able to identify the seal that blocked them in. Apparently, the seal was more like a fog that seemed to get the victim lost no matter how far they entered. The second someone stepped into the fog, the seal swallowed them whole and never gave them back—proof from tying a rope to a researcher only for the rope to come back without the human being it went in with. After many failed experiments (and many lost lives) the Union decided to give up on the project and stated, "some things are better left a mystery".

Now, normally Naruto would not try something as stupid as entering a suicide fog that would surely kill him in a way he had absolutely no idea how (not that he was sure it would succeed in killing him anyway), but after a hole was put in the seal and a feeling of very familiar chakra made it through for only a fraction of a second, Naruto made his way to the edge of Kiri faster than Sakura could say 'Cha Naru'.

As Naruto came closer to the fog that blocked off the rest of the Elemental Nations, he could help the goosebumps that ran along his arms despite not fearing death. He still, like any normal human being, feared the unknown. He had no idea where this fog would take him when he stepped through and he was not 100% sure his Hiraishin would pull him out since his clones had trouble getting away. But this was his only lead to find out if he could be cured.

That slight chakra surge that felt too much like Kaguya Otsutsuki was what gave him the ability to flash forward the second he felt the seal began to falter.

The fog was…weird. It was as if the fog had limbs and was trying to grab a hold of him as he used his six paths cloak to get through. Every time the fog closed in on him too close for comfort, he used a truth-seeking spear to absorb the vast amount of chakra that surrounded him. It was like running through a rain forest and the further he went only caused him to use more chakra. Despite having the help of the tailed beast he still had within himself, he had been running for literal hours and was beginning to feel the signs of chakra exhaustion. Hell, no wonder no one ever made it back out of this fog! This was a got damn maze!

Luckily for the Jinchuuriki, Naruto finally found freedom when he burst from the fog and landed on another pool of water that reflected the sunset in the distance. Though he was nearly out of chakra, he continued supplying some to his feet as he leaned over and caught his breath. After a few seconds, he turned his head away from the setting sun and gazed behind him. His eyes widened as he saw nothing but the ocean and the light reflecting off of it. He turned fully to investigate and was shocked to not find the fog that just seconds ago was trying to absorb him. He raised his arm up, but much to his shock, there was a solid invisible wall that he could not push pass. He frowned and pulled out a three-pronged kunai and stabbed it into the invisible wall. His frown deepened as the kunai didn't embed itself into the air like he wanted.

After minutes of frustration and discovery, Naruto sighed and pocketed the kunai. He had finished the first part of his little excursion, now it was time to finish the rest. He looked forward to the sunset in the horizon and smiled. Hopefully he could find that chakra signature he felt and finally join his loved ones in the after life like he wished. There was nothing stopping him now, not even time.

~Fast-forward 10 years~

Naruto slammed his head down against the wooden bar-stool, ignoring the people around him that looked his way with raised eyebrows. He had been searching this new Kami forsaken continent nonstop for the past 10 years and he hadn't gotten even an inch closer to the location of that chakra signature he felt all those years ago. He'd go back to the Elemental Nations, but considering the Hiraishin markers he had in the Elemental Nations didn't work and considering how hard it was just to get through the fog that blocked this side of the world, safe to say he was stuck. Not to mention the hardships he had went through from the past 10 years would have all been for not.

For one, the first town he ever came across was filled with people who looked like they were still stuck 500 years in the past only to find out it was this entire continent that was stuck in development. If things couldn't get any worst, they spoke in a language Naruto had never heard and, the killing blow, all of them had the chakra capacities of a new born! The strongest thing he could feel to chakra was from the soldier that chopped wood for a living and even he had the chakra level of a Genin!

Yet, that wasn't even the ultimate sin. The ultimate sin came when he found out they did not know what RAMEN WAS! What village doesn't know about the food of the Gods?! This was blasphemy! BLASPHEMY! 100 years wasn't enough for the Uzumaki to forsake the food of the Gods! Saying there was no ramen was on the same level as telling him Madara became religious! Its horrifying isn't it?! Someone needed to be hanged to satisfy the Gods for this blasphemous ignorance!

...Anyways, after 2 months of learning the language, with the help of his shadow-clones of course, and the help of a passing red-headed merchant (who he would later call the "Devil in Skin" along with her many, many twin sisters) who sold him a language book for intermediates and advanced learners for an outrageous price that almost made a C-rank mission look cheap, he was able to get back on his feet. Before he left on his journey he had to be sure to thank the people who allowed him to live under their roof for 2 months. He had stayed with a male farmer, that talked more than a fan-girl gossiping about a particular duck-butt individual, his wife, a big woman with an even bigger heart, and their 4-year-old son, Donnel who was hands down the most unintentional source of comedy the blonde had ever met. They tried to offer him money and food on his journey, but thankfully he didn't have to worry about money since a band of bandits tried to ransack the village before quickly being disposed of by the blonde shinobi. Safe to say Naruto became the richest man in the village by the time he raided their base.

Over the first 5 months he traveled however, he quickly learned 3 very important rules about this new land.

One—never leave the village without extra rations. At first, he thought he would be fine with the amount of nearly endless supply of instant ramen he stored in multiple storage scrolls and thanks to a special seal he conjured himself, he never had to worry about them spoiling. However, when his scrolls began to show signs of depletion strengthen by the fact in the present day he was down to one scroll of ramen that held about 3 cups, he had to rethink his eating habits. He was sure at the time that his adventure would take a hell of a lot longer than he thought and he might just kill someone if he did not resupply his ramen storage on this blasphemous continent.

Two—always leave a few shadow clones awake as he slept since nearly every other night there was a bandit trying to stick him up. Even if the bandits of this new continent were nearly as weak as the bandits back in the Elemental Nation's, he didn't feel like waking up every night just to kill a couple of fools who found it too hard to work like a normal hard-working citizen (ah, the irony of that statement. He was sure Shikamaru was rolling in his grave right now).

Three—bring a GODDAMN MAP! It didn't even cross his mind to ask for one back at the little village he left since he was too focused on getting back on the road and making sure the people were actually prepared for another bandit raid instead of being cut down like kettle. Every time he went somewhere new, he would go in one direction, only to remember he already went in that direction, just to change into another direction to come back from the direction he just came back fromjusttogoinacompletelydifferentdirectionthanwherehewantedtogoandnowhisbrainhurtjustfromthinkingwhatdirectionhewassupposedtobegoingagain. Now his head was a jumble of words and, Kami, he should have had a plan before coming out here.

Now, back in the present, he is currently 'resting' his head against the bar counter as the voices around him goes through one ear and out the other. After years of searching with no lead whatsoever, no one could blame him for taking a break...

A break that has lasted for about 8 years now.

What? He got bored!

What the hell was he supposed to do while waiting for a Goddess to unveil her 'master plan' to the world? Everywhere he went, the people had no clue who Kaguya even was, and, Kami forbid, he asked where he could find dark energy. The last time he asked that question he was run out of town curtsy of angry villagers that had one-too many run-ins with dark mages.

Or better yet, the Grimleal. They were a group of followers that worshiped a Godly Dragon of Annihilation that tried to destroy Ylisse 1000 years ago, but was stopped by Naga and the First Exalt of Ylisse.

Ylisse was the peaceful nation that housed the devoted followers of Naga and the descendants that were blessed with her power. They were, overall, peaceful people. They did not want for much other than to live their lives and worship the very ground the current Exalt, Emmeryn, walked on. Emmeryn was the Sarutobi of this continent. She was a peaceful woman who only wanted what was best for her people, and he was happy to say he had the pleasure of soaking in the positive energy she exuded. How her own people could have once hated such a radiant soul for the mistakes of her pour excuse for a human father was beyond the shinobi.

Apparently, 5 years before he arrived on this continent, the former Exalt of Ylisse raged war on Plegia and deemed them 'heathens' for worshiping a God that was not their own and slaughtered every Plegian he and his army could find. It was the Kiri incident all over again and Naruto sometimes wondered if a Sharingan somehow made it to this side of the world. It was so inhumane and the mad man ended up hurting his own nation in the end. If not for the man's assassination, then the world would have bled both countries dry. Emmeryn, the daughter of that cruel and heartless man, was the light that helped rebuild the nation from their dark times. No matter what the people said about her or what they threw at her, she continued to support her people through their hardest time and Naruto couldn't help but respect the woman.

The continents that bordered Ylisse was a lot different than the pacifist nation. One was the warrior nation named Regna Ferox. A place where the blonde was never allowed entry into ever again after 'disgracing fellow warriors' in the last big tournament held and gave him a bounty on his head curtsy of one pissed off East Khan Flavia. In Naruto's defense, he was raised as a shinobi, so he fought like a shinobi. Did he fight dirty? Yes. Did he completely destroy his competition? Or Course! Was the the way he defeated his opponents necessary? Well, that, he could agree he'd gone a bit too far on.

The second was Plegia. A desert country that had more sand than the Suna desert and more insane religious worshipers than a stray dog had fleas. Most, if not all, citizens of Plegia worshiped the God of Annihilation—something Naruto will never understand nor try to. Despite most of them worshiping the God, none wanted the God revived more than the Grimleal. They did everything from sacrificing their own, all the way to breeding within one another in order to create the 'perfect vessel'. Naruto would wipe them off the continent of it didn't make him look no better than the former Exalt.

Speaking of the nations, there was another continent on the other side of the ocean called Valm that Naruto spent over 6 years travelling. The culture there was much like his own back at home and the people on Chon'sin were the first people he met that had some kind of control of their chakra network that wasn't a mage. Most fought with two blades in each hand and, Kami, they took honor very seriously. They were willing to die for their honor much like the Feroxians were willing to die for their pride as a warrior. Their families were closer than any clan Naruto had met and had activities that reminded the blonde much of home.

Hell, they even spoke his language! Though they were fluent in the language that was spoken by their neighboring continent since it was mandatory, their main language was definitely the language used by every shinobi and civilian of the Elemental Nations. Naruto had never been happier in his entire life to explore the culture of the people he felt were long relatives and hadn't been that happy in a very long time.

Then that chakra signature he had felt so long ago flared across the country and within only a few seconds, he was back on this continent. He thanked his father every day for the Hiraishin. He had planted a three-prong kunai with the Hiraishin formula all around the continent to make traveling 100 times easier and also so he could teleport to the random burst of Kaguya's chakra signature that he had only felt three in the past 10 years. Once when he came to this continent, another 6 years ago somewhere east of Ylisse, and the other about 3 days ago.

Now in the present, the ninja was defeated once again as his head stayed on the table and waited for the drink he ordered from the barkeeper. All he wanted now was a drink. Even if, thanks to Kurama, he could never get drunk since his chakra would just slowly flush out the alcohol. Well, that wasn't technically true since the only way to bypass that wall was to drink so much or drink something with enough alcohol that Kurama couldn't heal the after effects fast enough. Either way, he needed something that would make him feel alive at the moment besides the headache that reminded him of his eternal bad luck.

Suddenly, the front of the bar slammed open and what sounded like the voice of a man who skipped one too many language classes spoke to everyone in the bar.

"List'n up, maggots! Han' over all ye coin an no one'l get hurt!"

The only sound aside from the people panicking outside was a noise at the bar counter curtsy of one Naruto Uzumaki repeatedly banging his head against the wooden structure. The blonde's luck didn't get any better since the figure at the front didn't seem to like the blonde ignoring his orders. So, he heaved the axe he had on his person over his shoulder and stomped over to the blonde that ignored his orders.

He stopped in front of the boy and raised an eyebrow at the man's attire. He was wearing a black jacket made from a material much like a noble with orange cargo pants with black combat boots with a red scroll on his back and what looked like a headband strapped around his neck. The man smirked. He hit the jackpot! He didn't know what a noble was doing out here so far away from the capital, but boy was the boss going to be happy when he brought this kid back to him. Their pockets were going to be full for a loooong time.

"Hey, get up! I'm takin' ya to da boss!"

Much to the bandit's shock and everyone else in the bar, the blonde held up the universal sign for "fuck you" without lifting his head and casually let it fall back to his side. Now, the big guy was pissed. Noble or not, he wasn't going to let this rich bastard get away with flicking him off even if he was needed for ransom. A smirk came to his face as he thought it over. The blonde didn't necessarily need all his limbs to speak to his boss, so he would just chop some off and they would be on his way.

Unfortunately, the bandit would never know how his life ended since one second he was heaving his axe over his head, and the next his world was plunged into eternal darkness as his head jerked back and his body crashed limply to the floor. The bar went silent as they looked at the blonde who still had his head on the table. Suddenly the blonde pushed himself off the stool he was sitting on but not before placing a few gold coins on the table and whispering 'keep the change' to the still stunned barkeeper. The blonde didn't even take a glance down at the body that had a kunai sticking out of his skull as he made his way out of the bar and out to the streets of the screaming townsfolk.

These bandits picked a very bad day to ruin his evening.

Garrick would like to think he's had a very successful life as a bandit. Hitting village from village in Plegia while the king ignored his people's pleas for assistance while the king himself payed them to ransack villages bordering the Ylisse and Plegia was one hell of an easy pay. Him and his boys never had to worry about retaliation in Plegia since its king was in their back pockets and Ylisse's defenses were so pathetically unguarded that it was like snatching candy from a baby. Why would he waste his time doing daily labor when stealing and pillaging was so much more rewarding!

That being said, it was not always an easy occupation. Recently, the prince of Ylisse has been patrolling the borders and putting an end to some of his boys. Within the past 3 weeks he had lost over half of his men thanks to that damn prince and his little band of children playing 'hero' and it seriously began to piss him off. That's why he was overjoyed when the king sent him a messenger with a task he was all too eager to accept. They had been monitoring the prince's route for a while and had an idea where he would be within the week.

He was ordered to strike the village mid-day and take anything they found as a payment for their services. The prince would come running to defend his 'sheep' while dragging along his band of Shepherds. Then, with the full might of his gang, they would overwhelm the little prince, kill his band of Shepherds, and take him hostage to the king of Plegia. There the king would force the Exalt of Ylisse to appear before him and execute the boy right in front of his sister. It was such an evil, yet stupid plan that only the Mad King himself could come up with. Garrick would never understand politics or what went through that crazy fool's head, but as long as he was getting paid they would hear no complaints from him. He and his boys were 10 minutes into their pillaging and everything seemed to be going well.

Then he watched as multiple hooded figures began dispatching his boys one by one. It wouldn't be so bad if the figures were grown men or soldiers fighting for the cause and all that whatnot, but the fact that all these figures seemed to only be about 4"5 broke a blood vessel in the bandit leader's head. His men were being slaughtered by CHILDREN and going from the high-pitched battle cries he heard from the small figures, they were all WOMEN?! WOMEN! He'd never felt such humiliation in his life! He would much rather be captured or slain by the prince brat than this band of children!

Suddenly, he was now alone with 15 hooded figures and it only made him grit his teeth more to the point they were groaning under the pressure. All the figures wore the exact same long red cloak (which looked a few sizes too big for the short girls) with short sleeves with the base of the cloak going all the way to the ground and overlapping and had black flaming patterns along the baselines. Underneath the cloak she wore bright orange short shorts with long black sandals that went up to their mid thighs. Up top they wore a black long-sleeved sweater with a head band dangling from their necks with what looked like a strange leaf symbol. They all had their hoods up from the cloaks, but the bandit could see a couple strands of blonde hair and wide smirks that only seemed to piss Garrick off more.

"Be warned, evildoer!" All the high-pitched children began saying in perfect sync while doing multiple exaggerated poses that greatly confused the burly man. "You are in the presence of greatness! Divinity! Justice! My father is a renown legend among the shinobi world and it is with his power that he has bestowed upon me that I stop your evil plans, scum!"

Shinobi world? The man thought. Were these girls claiming to be ninja of all things?! Of all the idiotic-

He didn't get to ask questions since the girls seemed to continue with their synchronized monologue as if they rehearsed for this very moment, confusing the hell out of the bandit leader the more they spoke.

"He's obtained titles like the 'God of Shinobi' and 'Second Flash of Konoha' and is also the best father that ever LIVED! But you are not in the presence of his greatness," the girls then began doing some weird dance where they began jumping lightly on their left leg as their hands were outstretch towards the bandit palms facing his way while the other pointed behind them in the same gesture. "You are in the presence of his very own offspring! His BLOOD!" They stopped again as they now stood in that same stance while rolling their head wildly in circles; the bandit starting to believe that these little girls had dropped a few marbles throughout the speech. "Some fear my name as the second coming of the Legendary Sannin, while others fear my name as the 'Lady of Doom'! All shinobi kneel before my awesomeness and can't help but to drop their jaws at my power!"

Then the girl in the middle stopped and slammed her hand on the bridge which summoned forth a cloud of smoke that engulfed her fully; the other figures jumping into the smoke with their leader not long after. A few seconds later, the bandit's eyes nearly jumped out of his skull as before him stood a horse sized cat with white fur and on all fours while glaring daggers in his direction. It had yellow tribal marking on its face and, strangely enough, red nail polish. He completely forgot about the girl who was now standing on the back of the creature, her hood removed and showing her face to the world. Locks of golden blonde hair danced in the source of wind that seemed to come out of nowhere as the girl's blue eyes looked down on the man with a shit-eating grin. Two whisker marks decorated both sides of her cheeks and an eye-patch covered her right eye.


"I AM-"

With Naruto

Naruto whistled as he stepped over the corpse of his recent victim. These people were just so laughably weak that he didn't even bother using chakra on them. They were not worth the drainage and he was sure Kurama would have reprimand him for 'wasting chakra on such weaklings'.

Another twist of his wrist sent a kunai flying and and into the skull of a previously living mage. Did he honestly expect him not to see him when he was leaking that much chakra?

Anyways, aside from mages manipulating chakra, the only people who seemed to be in the program was the Valmese. They performed various techniques and called them 'skills' but Naruto knew chakra when he felt it and it was surprisingly far more interesting to observe than he thought. They can be manipulated into various different actions that were quite similar to shinobi techniques, but far more powerful and versatile. If that wasn't interesting enough, it was the rawest form of chakra he had felt on this side of the world without the use of tomes and enchantments. He'd tried using those techniques himself, but-

The blonde quickly leaned his body forward to duck the axe that tried beheading him. With an amazing show of flexibility, the blonde shot his leg upwards and right into chin of the burly man behind him. There was no need to turn around since the snap of a human neck rung audibly around the streets. Jeez, couldn't they see he was trying to talk?

Now, where was he again? Oh, right. Techniques. Unfortuntealy, for whatever reason, the techniques of this world didn't agree with him and his attempts in learning them. Every time he attempted to perform the technique it either didn't work, or a completely different force came out of it and nearly killed him more than once (ah, not that he could die anyways). So no techniques from other world. Good ol' Ninjutsu was far more preferable than-

The blonde suddenly stopped as a very familiar filling could be felt in the distance.

It was faint, but there was no trace of the user using a tome to give their chakra form. It was chakra. Raw chakra at it's finest. Chakra he thought he would never feel again in his life, and it felt heavenly. If it couldn't get any better, it was used blatantly and felt well controlled. He didn't know the jutsu that was being performed nor the person using it, but he didn't need to know either to know that whoever was leaking chakra was a shinobi.

Immediately, the Uzumaki transformed into his Six Paths cloak and was darting towards the chakra signature as fast as he could. This was the first chakra signature he could feel outside the human body in months and he'd be damned if he was too slow to confront what could potentially be a lead to that chakra signature he felt all those years ago.

Within seconds, he was on the rooftop of the cathedral in the middle of the town and right above the scene. He looked down and saw what could only be one of the bandits looking at a girl who was standing on top of, what looked like, a white…giant cat? It wasn't Matatabi size and definitely didn't have the chakra of a Bijuu, so he could only sum it up to be a summons; a powerful one at that; even better. The girl seemed to be in the middle of a speech, so Naruto enhanced his hearing with chakra to get a better grasp on the situation.


Then his eyes widened as his mouth hung agape.

There was a deathly silence in the area as the bandit stared in stupefied shock at the girl that puffed her none existent chest out in pride. The silence lasted all but 10 seconds before the cat underneath the girl began to growl before brutally slamming its tail into the back of its summoner's head—making the rest of the figures around her disappear in a puff of smoke and completely shattering the mind of the bandit watching.

"WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT SUMMONING ME TO YOUR IDIOTIC PERFORMANCES?!" a feminine voice boomed from the maw of the enraged cat. Unfortunately, no one must have told Morgan to fear animals that was twice her size since she hopped up from her prone position on the ground and began yelling back at the cat with blood dripping down her forehead.

"What the hell you stupid ol' cat?! You could have killed me with that damn tale of yours!" Morgan roared at the cat that only seemed to get angrier at the girls reply.

"IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE, THEN STOP SUMMONING ME FOR YOUR STUPID PRESENTATIONS! I AM NOT HERE FOR OTHERS AMUSEMENT, BRAT!" the cat roared back which made a tick mark grow on the young blonde's head.

"My presentation is a ritual I must perform when confronting the boss of the bad guys! You will respect the speech and ritual that me and my dad put into making this introduction!"



Garrick could only watch as the two continued to argue—completely ignoring the fact that they were in the middle of a skirmish. Somewhere between the argument, the cat and girl seemed to turn their argument into an all-out brawl evidence from the comical cloud of smoke that formed and the sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoing through the plaza. A few seconds later, the cat sat victoriously on its prone summoners back with her maw held high in triumph.

"Next time you summon me for something this foolish I will retract my summoning contract. Understood, kitten?" Garrick could faintly see the girl nod her head on the ground before there was another puff of smoke and the cat disappeared from sight. The bandit leader was now far from asking questions. He had seen some weird shit in his life from multiple merchant girls that all shared the same face and name, to giant draconian skeletons that were the size of a kingdom. Why should a girl who was seemingly able to multiple herself and summon horse sized cats be any different from the norm?

Somewhere between his musings, the girl was back on her feet and spouting nonsense once again that he apparently didn't catch the beginning of.

"-slay the evil that plagues this town! These people are now under my protection and for disturbing the peace of the village, your life is now forfeit! Prepare yourself for I will show you no mercy!" The kid roared and got in a battle stance with a kunai that magically appeared in the girl's hands when the bandit wasn't paying attention. Now that the little comedy skit was over, all seriousness rushed back into the man's body. The girl was now getting serious and it was time for him to do his job as a bandit. He brought his short axe over his shoulders and glared at the girl as he prepared to give her his final words before he separated her head from her shoulders.

Unfortunately, no one will ever know what his words would be to the girl since something went through the back of his head and out of his right eye. He fell lifelessly to the ground dead and a new body landed in the clearing right in front of the now dead bandit leader—making the girls eyes widen in shock.

The new figure's eyes were not so shocked as the little girl before him was. He was studying the kid before him intensely as he took in all her features. The girl didn't have the red hair of the Uzumaki that they were so renown for, but he wasn't looking at her hair nor was he really paying attention to the whisker marks on her face or the blue eye that was much like his own.

Naruto had learned how to point the signs of a Bijuu or Jinchuuriki. Being merged with Kurama's chakra for so long along with the power given to him by the Sage of Six Paths, Naruto's chakra sensing ability went through the roof. If someone was using chakra, there was no way Naruto would not be able to sense it within a 20-kilometer range. He also knew how every Bijuu's chakra felt. Every Bijuu from Shukaku to Kurama felt slightly different from each other, but had a sense of familiarity to each of them—much like twins having an invisible connection between each other. Since he had a portion of every Bijuu within him, it made it that much easier to point out their locations and, in what used to be Bee's case, Jinchuuriki. That being said, Jinchuuriki was easily pointed out to the immortal. Even if he didn't know who the Jinchuuriki hosted, he always had a feeling in his gut that told him when a Jinchuuriki was nearby or who the Jinchuuriki was.

But as far as Naruto knew, there were no more Jinchuuriki. He had made sure that when he was Hokage and head of the Shinobi Alliance that the Bijuu were to be left alone. He only solidified the treaty by stating any attempts to seal the Bijuu were going to be dealt with by himself. The only Bijuu that willingly allowed himself to be sealed was Kurama and has been with Naruto for the last 130 years.

This all lead up to why he was glaring daggers at the young girl in front of him. Not only could he feel Kurama's chakra inside her, but he could feel every Bijuu radiating from her chakra stream. If that wasn't bad enough, he now knew where that surge of Kaguya's chakra came from 3 days ago. It was faint, much like a seal when used to suppress or stop chakra flow, but Naruto's senses never failed him and it was definitely coming from this little girl. He didn't know how this girl became a Jinchuuriki or how she got some of Kaguya's chakra, but he was sure he was now closer to the answers he was looking for.

Before Naruto could even began to question the girl in front of him, she suddenly shouted and jumped right at him; arms extended and all.

"FFFAAAAATHEEERRRRRRR!" The girl cried as she jumped to the temporarily stunned immortal. His shock didn't last long and before the girl could get close to hugging him, he raised a foot and the girl slammed right into his combat boot— comically sliding off and landing on her face. There was but a brief period of silence before the girl shot back to her feet and glared up at the older blonde.

"What the hell was that for you stupid old man?!" she exclaimed at the man who destroyed what was supposed to be an emotional reunion. Her 'father' only narrowed his eyes at her.

"I should be asking you the same thing, little girl." Naruto said, a sharp edge in his voice. "Who are you and how did you come from the Elemental Nations?" his eyes furrowed more at his last question, "and how do you have the chakra of the Bijuu. Answer correctly because I don't have much patience right now." To the girl's credit, she didn't even flinch. In fact, she only seemed to look confused as she stood to her feet.

"What are you talking about, father?" She asked, confused at the blonde's words and making his eye twitch at her calling him 'father' again. "Don't tell me your 100-year-old brain aged these past three days." Naruto eyes shot wide at the girl's words. "It's me!" she pointed at herself as if it would help her 'father' figure out the puzzle that was now in his head. "Morgan Uzumaki! Y'know, love of your life, your little adorable flower and all that whatnot. It's only been three days since we've been separated!" the girl, Morgan, then began stomping her feet angrily and pointed at the older blonde. "How could you just vanish like that you big meany?! I was worried sick, dattebane!"

Naruto's eyes went even wider at the girl's verbal tic. It was, without a doubt, his mother's verbal tic she had used when he first met her. Y'know what, now that he was actually paying attention to Morgan's features he couldn't help but think how much she looked like him when he was a kid. The whisker marks was finally starting to register in his head and the lone blue eye that matched his was only solidifying her claim. If all her facial features weren't screaming at him that this girl could potentially be his daughter, then the fact that she was wearing the red cloak that he wore as Hokage basically was hammering the nail in the coffin.

Naruto shook his head wildly. He may have visited a few brothels to relieve some stress every now and then on his journey through the Elemental Nation, but he was sure to use seals that were foolproof and prevented him from impregnating the woman he bedded. Even if, and it was a big IF, he HAD a child on that side of the world there was absolutely zero chance she could make it to this side of the world without going through the hell he went through to get here. She looked around 13 and her chakra levels couldn't be more than when he first came back from his training trip with Jiraiya (which was damn impressive by the way). He needed almost all the chakra he had now in order to get to this side of the world, so he could scratch out the possibility of her being his daughter from the other side.

Even on this side of the world, the only women he had slept with was… was….

Naruto honestly had to stop and count on his fingers to find the answer. No matter how much he loves Hinata, he was still a man and a man can only go so long with morals and Jill.

Evidently, the girl in front of him somehow knew what he was thinking and grew a tick mark on her head before angrily, and without mercy, kicking her father straight in the family jewels. There was an anguish squeak as loud as a lion's roar as Naruto was lifted off his feet slightly before hitting the ground and covering his Little Naruto.

"Don't count how many women you've slept with in front of me you perverted old man!" Morgan shouted angry as she shook her fist in rage and watched her father squeak and squirm on the ground in agony. There were a few seconds more of her father's whimpering before Morgan grew another tick mark at what her father was thinking and went behind the almost recovered blonde and kicked him in the jewels once again—causing every man in the town to wince suddenly as they felt the pain of a fallen comrade. "AND I'M NOT A BASTARD YOU BASTARD!"

Morgan's anger didn't seem to waver a bit the entire time her father picked himself back up from the assault of his future offspring. Everything in him right now was saying, screaming for him to choke the little girl before him, daughter or not. Hell, at one-point Kurama must have felt Naruto's distress because he woke up and looked around the mindscape in alarm as Naruto's anguish roared throughout his home.

It took all of Naruto's self-control to now stand and only glare at the source of his pain. "So," he choked out an octave higher than he would have liked, "If you are my daughter, then prove it." Morgan's eyebrow raised as she looked at her father who was now looking at her seriously.

Then she placed a hand in her palm as if she had finally understood something. "Oh, I get it now. This is a test to identify myself like you always used to in my training." She then saluted at the blonde. "No problemo, captain!" One familiar hand sign and a poof of smoke later, Naruto and everyone in the vicinity jaw dropped at the sight before them.

In front of him stood a blonde pig-tailed woman that had a D-cup figure women would kill for and hips that put even the best models to shame. She had a heart shaped face that didn't have a single blemish and three whisker marks on each cheek much like his own. The killer that made most men, and some women, gush out blood from their noses was the fact that the only thing hiding her modesty was the clouds of smoke that lingered around her important areas.

Funnily enough, Naruto wasn't even aroused—not one bit. Maybe it was because the girl in front of him insisted that he was her father and his brain automatically put her in the category where no matter how many times he saw her naked it would shut off all hormonal reactions. Or maybe it was the fact that he had seen Naruko many many times along with multiple naked woman in order to perfect the hinge in front of him. It could even be the fact that when he looked back on those days he could not help but to cringe at his blatant disrespect he showed toward the female body and would knock his past self over the head if he ever got the chance.

It would seem all that made him justified for smashing his fist against the top of the little blonde's head. The henge dispelled immediately with a puff of smoke and Morgan brought her hands over her head as she stared at her father with misty eyed betrayal. "W-Why did you hit me, dad?!" She sobbed, not believing her father's actions. "Y-You use to tell me that was your favorite jutsu!"

Naruto began to sweat as he felt the glares of the women around him on the back of his head. "W-What the hell do you think you're doing in public you little squirt! You're a girl so have some damn decency for Kami's sake!" Naruto yelled in comical anger, never feeling more like a hypocrite in his life.

"S-so *sniff* its only okay to show you in private?" The older blonde could swear he could feel the women, and now men, behind him trying to put a hole through his head with their eyes. If it was for the pure innocence he could feel in Morgan's emotions, Naruto would have believed the brat was doing this on purpose.

"D-don't do it in private either! As a matter-a-fact, NEVER use it again!" Naruto roared at the utterly confused and hurt girl. Naruto just sighed and massaged the bridge of his nose. "Look, just…can you at least tell me the name of your mother. Maybe I can go off of that." Naruto may have slept around, but he was sure he could remember the woman he slept with depending on at least a name. If he forgot to put up a seal before he slept with someone, then she must have at least been more than someone he met at a brothel.

It would seem his question gave him the answers that he was not looking for from the way the girl slumped slightly forward with her head down. "That's…not funny, dad." Morgan said sadly. "You know I have never met mother before, so why bring her up."

Damn, now Naruto felt like a prick. Not only would he never find out the woman who gave birth to someone that could be his daughter, but he had inadvertently brought up bad memories for the girl.

"Look, Morgan. I'm sorry. Your looks may give proof of your claims, but I have had many people in the past try and 'imitate' an offspring of mine."

This was no lie. Back when he was just being renown as the 'hero of the shinobi world', there were many people that looked up to him and wanted to imitate their 'hero'. At first it was all just in good fun and Naruto smiled along with the people that looked up to him, but when he caught word of people literally scarring their face to replicate his own it started to scare him. He also remembered an incident that almost caused his marriage to go up in flames when a particular night he had drank so much that he couldn't remember a thing the next day. Sure enough, hours later, he was passed out in some hotel he did not remember going to and sleeping next to a naked woman he most definitely did not remember sleeping with. He had left immediately afterwards and swore he would never touch another drink in his life (which we all know now was a got damn lie).

It would have all ended there if not for the same woman to come before him years later when he was happily married and brought a son with all too familiar whisker marks on his face. All he could say to that situation was 'thank Kami for the Byakugan'. If not for Hinata unconsciously activating it out of anger and seeing through the woman's henge, he would have been in some deep shit he had no way to get out of.

And yet, the woman was insistent that the child she bore was his.

One visit to Tsunade later and Naruto was free from what could have been a nightmare. The only punishment that came out of this was Hinata refusing to sleep with him for half a year; no joke. When Hinata declares she wasn't doing something then there was no chance in hell you were changing her mind. Hell, you had a better chance at getting Sasuke to be a better father (RIP and bless that man's soul).

"No matter how I look at it, there is just no way for you to be my daughter." He tried to calm her down, but only seemed to make her angrier by the way she was gritting her teeth and tightening her fist. "For one, you keep saying that I should know something or that we've only been apart for three days, but three days ago I was…far away. And I've only been on these lands for 10 years and you can't be younger than 13."

"10 years?!" Morgan suddenly shouted and stared dumbfounded at her 'father'. "But you've been her for over 30! You've raised me since I was born! How could you have only been here for 10 years?! We were just at the alter in Plegia and you...you did…something." Suddenly, Morgan began grabbing her head in pain as she tried to remember what happened 3 days ago. "Y-you were…I…I can't-"

Naruto sighed. Nothing this girl said made any sense to him. The only thing he knew for a fact about the girl was that she was an Uzumaki. You couldn't be anything else with chakra levels as massive as hers (aside from the obvious Bijuu within her). Everything else had to have been put into her head. He wasn't in Plegia 3 days ago and he most definitely didn't perform any 'ritual'. Being able to sense her emotions he could tell she wasn't lying, so the only thing he could guess was happening was a case of mistaken identity, or, worse case scenario, the Grimleal somehow got ahold of her and altered her memories. She truly believed he was her father but no matter what way he looked at it, it was still impractical. All he could do now was point her in the right direction and hopefully find the bastard that messed with this girl's head (and also find out how the hell he perfected his Oiroke no Justu).

"…Proof." Morgan mumbled with her blonde bangs covering her eyes. "You want proof," she said as she brought her hand to her face and bit into the tip of her thumb before going through familiar hand signs to the blonde, "then I will give you proof!" Before Naruto could stop her, she slammed her hand on the ground and the square went up in smoke.

The blonde coughed as he waved away the chakra smoke in his face. He knew the hand signs the girl was weaving, but his amazement at the girl running through hands signs he was sure he only he knew stunned him enough for the girl to finish. By the time the smoke was gone, apparently so was the sun.

So Naruto looked up…

And up.

And up.

And up.

Until he was staring wide eyed at a very familiar titanic tall kitsune who was staring back at him with equal shock and confusion. On top of the nine tailed fox's head, Morgan stood arms crossed and a victorious smirk on her face. Naruto could hear the screams of the towns people and faintly see in his peripheral vision men and women passed out from the sight of a demon being summoned in their town, but they might as well have been invisible to the war veteran's eyes. At that moment, Naruto Uzumaki could no longer deny that this girl was his daughter. He still didn't know how it was possible, but he would be a fool to continue to deny the girl's words after what she had just done. There was only one person in the world that could summon the Kyuubi at will and that person was currently staring dumbfoundedly at his bewildered lifelong partner.

"Do you believe me now, Father!" Morgan shouted smugly at the shell-shocked man below her.

Yep, it was official. Some God out there was definitely playing with his life.

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