"Beyonder!" Laura called as she looked around her living room. "Beyonder! Beyonder!"

"Wow, you say Beyonder a lot." Laura turned around to come face-to-face with the strange entity who brought her to this world in the first place. He stood there with his arms crossed while tapping his foot impatiently. "What do you want now, kid?"

"It's about that boy. Izuku Midoriya."

"Seriously? Kid, I have no time for boy talk."

"Even if that boy just so happens to be given a powerful Quirk from All Might on the same day as I arrive?" Laura asked. "Did you plan that?"

The Beyonder sighed. "Look. I didn't know exactly what would happen to the boy. All I know is that he has the touch of destiny."

"The what?"

"The touch of destiny. Every reality has one. Some have more. They're given to people who are gonna make a great impact in their home worlds. This Midoriya kid is one of them. I figured if you are to find and face this anomaly that threatens many worlds, the best place for you to start would be by his side."

"So you think Midoriya is going to help me fight the anomaly? Well, how do we find it?"

"Kid, I told you, I've blessed you with a charm that'll help you find the anomaly just by seeing it. Now, quit bugging me."

"Me bugging you?" Laura asked. "You're the one who keeps screwing me over, estupido."

"I didn't send you to this world so you can call me up every time you have a question." The Beyonder explained. "I'm a cosmic being of the entire Multiverse. I literally have a google amount of better things to do right now. Next time, call me when there's an emergency." With a snap of his fingers, he vanished into thin air leaving Laura alone.

The next day, All Might had started his class for everyone. He had decided to start a practical class project. He told everyone to pick out their costumes.

"When you all applied, you also sent your personal designs for your hero costumes that help compensate your quirks. We've taken some liberties for your convenience." All Might explained.

Laura had designed her costume based on what her father wore in the comics she grew up with. Her outfit was mostly white with black stripes on the side. She also had metal sleeves where her claws slip out of. Lastly, she had on a black mask over her head with yellow stripes and white lenses over her eyes. Her hair still hung out of the back of her mask.

As soon as Laura was done, she joined the rest of her students and followed them into the artificial city where All Might explained the rules.

"This specific training exercise is for indoor anti-personnel battle! Villain battles are most commonly seen outdoors, but statistically, the most heinous villains are more likely to appear indoors. Whether in prison, house arrests, or warehouses, the cleverest villains do their business indoors. You'll be slip into villain teams and hero teams and face of in two-on-two battles inside of a building."

"So no basic training?" asked the frog girl calling herself Tsu.

"Experience teaches the basics! Not only that, but you'll be a lot more flexible than fighting robots."

"So how does this work?" Laura asked.

"Here's the scenario! Two villains hide a nuclear bomb somewhere in their hideout and the heroes have to take care of it. The hero team wins by either capturing the villains or securing the weapon. The villain team wins by either catching the heroes or protect the weapon until the time is up. Now then, most pro heroes don't always choose their partners. They often have to work with others by sheer chance, so your partners wil be chosen by drawing names." He holds up a box with a hole at the top. "Pick your letter."

One by one, every student reached in and pulled out a number. It was Laura's turn. She reached in and pulled out the letter C. She looked and saw another girl chose the same letter.

"Guess we're partners." Laura said. "I'm Laura Kinney."

"Momo Yaoyorozu."

All Might took most of the kids to a control center where they could safely observe the first trial. It was Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka (as heroes) against Bakugo and Iida (as villains.)

"Midoriya's going against his bully?" Laura thought to herself. "Suddenly, I feel bad for him."

Throughout the next five minutes, however, she was proven wrong. While Ochaco went to get to the bomb, Midoriya and Bakugo brawled in the lower floors. Much to everyone's surprise, Midoriya managed to hold his own against Bakugo's explosive quirk. Though he took his own fair share of hits, the battle proved to go back and forth. Meanwhile, Uraraka fought to get past Iida who was left protecting the bomb prop. In the end, the hero team managed to work together to win. Everyone was shocked at the result of the battle. Even Laura was speechless.

"Well, I'll be damned." She thought to herself. "Way to go, you two."

Three students reunited with the rest of the class while Midoriya was sent to the infirmary. Uraraka were proud while Bakugo was fuming and Iida was ashamed.

"Well, I'd say that the MVP of this battle is…" All Might announced, "Tenya Iida!"

"What?" Laura asked. "What about Midoriya or Uraraka? They won."

"I can explain." Yaoyorozu said. "Iida's the one who was most able to adapt in that battle. Bakugo was entirely driven by his own grudge and nearly dropped the building on top of everyone. Same thing with Midoriya. Uraraka lost focus. That last attack was hers would be too dangerous if the nuclear weapon was real. Iida was the only one to envision that the struggle would have been like. He was able to pull of a true counter-strategy. The hero team only won because this was a training exercise with restraints."

"That makes sense, I suppose." Laura said.

"We've got to start at the bottom and work our way to the top." Yaoyorozu continued. "If we don't earnestly cheer each other on, we'll never be top heroes!"

After that was the next battle. The hero team was made up of Shoto Todoroki and Mezo Shoji. The villain team was made up of Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure. Much surprisingly, the hero team won easily when Todoroki froze the place and secured the weapon while the villain team was immobilized. As he walked away, Laura kept her eyes on the half-frozen kid.

"Who is that?" she asked.

"Shoto Todoroki." Yaoyorozu said. "Son of the pro hero, Endeavor. Keeps to himself."

Laura had a strange feeling about him as he walked out of sight.

After that came the third trial. Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsu were heroes and Eijiro Kirishima and Hanta Sero were villains. It wasn't as memorable as the previous two matches, but the heroes won.

Then came the fourth trial, one where Laura and Yaoyorozu participated in as the villains. The heroes who'd go against them would be Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro. Laura and Yaoyorozu went into the building and placed themselves alongside the bomb.

"So what are we dealing with?" Laura asked.

"Well, based on what I could observe," Yaoyorozu said, "Jiro's quirk gives her earplug-like limbs on her ears that amplify her heartbeat to explosive levels as well as detect sounds. Kaminari's quirk generates electricity. Those two combined won't be easy to beat. We've got to plan this carefully."

"Right." Laura said. Suddenly, an idea popped in her head. "I think I've got a plan."

"All right. I've got their strategy." Jiro said unplugging her ear cables from the wall. "The claw girl's going to hide above the doorway to ambush us."

"No prob." Kaminari said as he started to sparkle electricity from his fingers. "I can catch her by surprise."

The two of them continued up the staircase. Eventually, they found the room where the bomb was. The two of them peeked inside and only saw Yaoyorozu standing there. Kaminari got himself ready.

With a sudden chop in the air by Jiro, Kaminari dashed in. He kept looking up and saw Laura hanging on the wall by her claws. Without hesitation, he shot lightning bolts at her. Out of instinct, Laura jumped off the wall and landed on the ground.

"Dang it!" Laura complained.

"Next time, leave the planning to me." Yaoyorozu said. "Now, you deal with sparky. I've got the human subwoofer."

Laura proceeded by charging straight at Kaminari. She pulled her claws out of her knuckles. He freaked out and jumped backward. She swung again making him dodge out of the way. Meanwhile, Yaoyorozu pulled out a wooden bo staff and swung it. Jiro had moved out of the way to avoid it.

"A quick reminder, everyone," All Might announced, "Any lethal moves are not permitted. For example, Ms. Kinney, I won't tolerate it if your claws were used to maim Mr. Kaminari."

"Don't worry about it, All Might." Laura said. She jumped up and pulled out one of her foot claws delivering a strong kick to Kaminari, but it didn't cut him.

"Kaminari," Jiro said, "They're distracting us! They're stalling for time! Switch!"

"Got it!" Kaminari said. He and Jiro ran past each other to trade opponents.

Jiro pointed her plugs and took a deep breath. When she exerted, a loud sound exploded as it rang painfully in Laura's ears. Her super hearing made it even more painful as she was brought down to her knees. Meanwhile, when Yaoyorozu tried to attack Kaminari with the bo staff, he caught it and sent a bolt of lightning that knocked her over.

The hero team saw their chance. While the villain team was down, they ran right past them toward the bomb. They placed their hands on it at the same time.

"All right!" Kaminari cheered. "We won! And with seconds to spare!"

"Did you though?" Laura asked cracking a grin.

"What?" Jiro asked.

Suddenly, a sound buzzed across the building. It was a sound no one had heard before. All Might's voice came after.

"Time's up! The villains win!"

"What?" Kaminari asked. "That can't be! We won!"

"Yeah." Jiro agreed. "We secured the weapon!"

"No, you didn't." Yaoyorozu said with a smile. "Take a look beyond what you just touched."

The hero team looked behind the weapon… and widened their eyes at the sight of a second identical weapon standing right behind it.

"What?" Jiro asked. "How?"

"My quirk." Yaoyorozu answered. "Laura had me make a second bomb and put it in front of the first. If this was a real nuclear scenario, you would've secured a fake bomb instead of the real one before it blew up."

"Hold on." Jiro said. "When did Laura tell you to make a fake bomb? I was overhearing you two from floors below and you never said anything about that."

"I figured out you were going to listen in." Laura said. "So I spoke out a diverting plan while giving Yaoyorozu the real one via sign language. We figured if you were satisfied in hearing one plan, you wouldn't suspect a second."

Jiro and Kaminari dropped their jaws staring in shock. They then dropped their heads in defeat while Laura and Yaoyorozu laughed.

The four of them returned to the control center where All Might congratulated them.

"Well done, you four! Ms. Kinney, because you showed tactical brilliance and used your opponents quirks to your advantage, I'd say that makes you the MVP!"

"It's an honor, senor." Laura replied.

Lastly, the hero team of Yuga Aoyama and Mina Ashido defeated the villain team of Rikido Sato and Koji Koda. After that, everyone gathered at the infirmary to praise each other on their efforts (mostly Izuku).

Laura noticed toward the end that Midoriya ran out to talk to Bakugo who didn't say much ever since his loss. She knew it would probably mean trouble, so she went to defend him, but she stopped herself when All Might appeared before them. She sat back down and was approached by Yaoyorozu.

"Hey, Laura. I just wanna say that was some good thinking today."

"No problem." Laura kept staring out into the sky.

"Not exactly the most welcoming person, are you?" Yaoyorozu guessed.

"Let's just say my dad was the very best at what he did, and what he did wasn't very nice." Laura said. "I guess it may be genetic."

Later that night, there was a dark bar full of seedy, underhanded criminals. These supervillains had no love for the city, especially to All Might, who they were reading about in the paper.

"Did you hear? All Might just became a teacher. Isn't that a riot?"

"Great. Now, we've got a whole mess of superhero brats to worry about in the future."

"It is interesting, you gotta admit." The man sitting at the bar said. He was accompanied by three different people. One was very large and muscular with black skin and had a bird-like face and fangs. Another looked like fancy-dressed, purple smoke. The third was a man wearing a trenchcoat. He also had on a silver mask that covered half of his face. The man who spoke was a messy man with dismembered hands over his head and arms.

"Huh?" a random villain asked. "What's so interesting?"

The man with many hands was about to speak, but the silver-masked man placed his hand on his shoulder and stood up. "Let me handle this. You're not exactly a people-person."

The man with hands growled, but gave in when the living smoke glared at him. The silver-masked man approached the villains.

"Who here is tired of how things play out? We commit crimes. Heroes stop us. And we're put in jail for things we couldn't help." The villains began to nod. "Long ago, when quirks became a thing, we had no need for heroes. We did whatever we wanted and things were better. But then, we were labeled unfairly as villains and it was up to the 'heroes' to play judge, jury and executioner. We were sent to prison for what we couldn't help while they earned the love and glory that they didn't earn. We were sent away for being ourselves while they pretend to be gods! Well, I say it's time for them to fall from Olympus and be proven to be frauds!" The villains' agreement grew. "And it starts with killing the Symbol of Peace, All Might!"

"And how do we do that?" a villain asked.

"You let me and my associates worry about that." The masked man said. "All we need are your multitude set of quirks to get us where we need to be. So if you follow us, we'll get you everything you deserve! Who wants justice against the false gods?"

The villains agreed loudly.

"So what do we call you?" a villain asked.

The silver-masked man pointed at his associates. "The one with the hands is Shigiraki. He'll be our leader. The one tending the bar is Kurogiri. The big one is called Nomu. And as for me, I can be your savior."

"What? You want to be our hero?"

"No. Not a hero. I want to be someone who can truly help someone who needs it. Instead, you can call me… a Samaritan."

Author's Note: Sorry it's been late. At least I'm continuing it. I may have should've made Laura's fight scene a bit longer, but I couldn't think of all the details. At last I'm making it up with my own OC at the end.

The new villain at the end is an OC of mine called the Samaritan. More on him later.

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