Here is a new story, I own nothing but new people and plot points.

My feet slip outwards on the wet autumn leaves as I round the corner, the cold evening air shocking my throat and lungs as I inhale deeper, faster. With each footfall a jarring pain shoots ankle to knee, ankle to knee. Perhaps jumping that wall onto stairs wasn't so smart. My heart beats frantically, all or nothing. Fail and my whole body will pay the price, run and the damage is limited mostly to my shins and knees. I was dirty and tired but right now my goal was to get to my dirt bike and get the fuck out of Santa Cruz.

I shouldn't have left Max and Isabel the way I did, but the anger at seeing Maria in the bed of some old friend pushed me, and instead of blowing them to hell I left. But now I had some un-friendly skins on my ass, the government has left us alone but not the Skin and Kivar. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, exhausted. My long legs broke from beneath me and collapsed onto the seat of my bike, it was time to go home it had been a good five months.

I drove through the night, feeling the fatigue wearing on me once again my brain is on five percent battery. And in a moment, I am cast in crimson, bathed in a rosy glow; how the sun gives each dawn without even the asking or the earning of the light. I move my fingers through the air that grows brighter with each passing moment until it becomes a new bold day.

Roswell was home, for now but maybe one day we could return to Antar and live, not hide and run like we will have to here. I was going to have to enroll back in school that was for sure, maybe get my job back at the Crash Down and not kill my cheating ex-girlfriend.

The town was just waking up, it was Friday, so I head home, my small apartment was clean when I walked in. You could tell no one has been here living but Isabel must have come and cleaned it incase I came home to them.

I stepped into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic floor. My mind was in shreds; I would never get that picture out of my mind. I turned the dial, old and metallic, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening my hair and trickled down my back. My eyes fell closed over and over, each time showing me the images like photographs ...Maria and her friend in bed…I knew now I wasn't in love with her like Maxwell and Liz or Alex and Isabel.

I just stayed with her because I didn't want to be alone, I only ever had Max and Isabel and when they got mated, I was alone.

I was hungry but right now, I just collapse in bed knowing I would see them soon but not if I crashed my bike from sleep deprivation. I feel this blackness come over me. Like a blanket, but not a blanket of warmth but a blanket of coldness making me shiver. But somehow it's making my eyes feel heavier and heavier. I finally close my eyes finally sending me into a dreamless sleep.

I wake suddenly, every thought in high definition. My eyes take in every ray of light and without a doubt I know I've slept too long. The noises are of a day in full swing, traffic heavy. I dress in black jeans, black boots, and a tight black tee I have grown stronger the last few months. My hair was much longer, my chest and arms covered in tattoos some came to me in dreams, I was decent when I walked from my apartment. I groaned putting on the dark tinted sunglasses and sped off down the street being careful not to have attention drawn to me. I was some loser here, some white trash I was better gone, but knowing I had hurt my family here had me coming back.

I parked outside the Crashdown it looked the same, it smelled the same like any normal restaurant, I guess. But this smell was home too, the fresh air mixed with the cooking food. I walked in my eyes scanning until they land on the dark brown hair of the waitress who was bobbing through tables, her skin was tanned her eyes swirled like melting chocolate, but Liz she never caught my eye. Now or never, Michael, I chant as I walked up behind her as she tossed an order to some dorky looking guy.

I lean against the counter next to her, she was tired you could see it. "Hey," her head snapped to the left seeing me, a bright smile came to her face.

Like a missile her arms wrapped around me, I was shocked. "Michael, it has been five months you jerk. We missed you, we're your family, sit and I will get you some food," her hands pushing me into the stool behind me as she walked into the kitchen. I just watched her move, but deep-down thankful Maria was not here.

My normal was now resting in front of me as she looked me over, "You have changed. Eat and I will talk," she pushed the Tabasco to me before she continued. "Max and Isabel, they took your leaving hard. We each in turn looked for you, but nothing we looked through newspapers for anything odd but nothing, and I doubt you have been up to anything but trouble. Maria, she has been gone for two months but is back, everything with our group went to hell when you vanished," her eyes worried, but her tone changed getting heated as she spoke.

Now it was my turn, I was hot headed and trouble. "I had to leave for a little, it was best, or I might have killed Maria and her friend. I am sorry if what happened ruined your friendship," I was too, they had been friends for some time.

Her boney hands waving it off, "It was Maria who caused the problem, after you left, she changed. She blamed you for everything. Your fault she cheated because you didn't give her attention, it wasn't the fairytale she wanted. Said if you wouldn't have walked in this wouldn't have happened since her and Billy were a onetime thing," she just vented as she spoke her hands waving around as I ate, I could see why Max dug her she was as loyal as they come.

I just pushed my empty plate away but she replaced it with one with a slice of cake, "Thanks, but Maria can do what she wants because it ain't going to be me. She can blame me, but I never promised her a fairytale that was in her head, all I can be is me," my words low and angry, but more angry she tried in vain to blame me for her fuck up.

It was about thirty minutes later when Alex and Kyle both sat with me just laughing, it was feeling good to be back. "I called Izzy, her and Max are probably breaking every law to get here," Liz smiled refilling our drinks.

She was right when Maxwell walked in it was like no time had passed, we hugged like brothers until Isabel crashed into us. My eyes slowly filled with tears, the anger at Maria was forgotten. Before I knew it, I was hugging him tightly, his own tears dripping from his cheeks on to my black shirt. His arms were encircled around me, making me forget where I was except for that smiling face in front of me.

Same with Isabel, her voice cracked. "You don't ever get to leave again, my god I missed you. Look at you," her eyes roamed over but than again we didn't like each other like that, maybe I was not capable of really loving another alien or human.

"I'm home, don't worry,"

After Liz was off, we all ditched the Crash Down, Maxwell was helping Liz into his Jeep when another voice chimed in, one I never heard. I turned to see a girl with long brown hair, it was lighter than Liz's but darker than Isabel's, her eyes a creepy mix of blue, green, and yellow. But she was smiling at the girls, "Hey, sorry I am late," Isabel was the first to hug her than Liz, and the boys.

"Sorry, Michael this is my sister, told you she was living with my mom now she lives with me and dad. Samaira, this is Michael we told you about him," I never listened to Liz when she started talking about a sibling because I never cared and still don't, but I hold my hand out.

She gave it a firm shake, but her eyes are on Isabel. "She knows about us too," anger boiled up as this new girl smirked.

"He is ready to blow," Isabel laughed as they got into Alex's car, Max smiled at me.

"She is with us, plus she has helped more than you understand. I was taken for nearly two weeks and it was her, Alex, and Isabel who saved me, she was hurt and I had to heal her but right now that's is all we can talk about," which means there is more but now was not the time, we all head out to my place.

It was fun to be back, the girls went to get food since I sure haven't. End of the night everyone was crashing here, all but the new girl her name was already forgotten since she never spoke to me and no one had said it. She stood, "See you guys later, I'm going home to a bed in no way is this floor worthy to be slept on,"

Isabel was already passed out on Alex; Liz was on the sofa giving her sister a pleading look. "If you go, I have too," such a weak pathetic plea, Liz should try harder.

She bent down getting level with Liz, "You poor thing, Max his body is as bad as the floor you should come home too," Max was boney too, I smiled my body just relaxed against the wall.

Liz jumped up as Max laughed, "Very scary, Liz," they fell to the floor but new girl had Liz pinned in a matter of seconds when Isabel spoke making me jump slightly, she was sleeping just a moment ago.

"Samaira five- Liz zero,"

"Pleaseeeeee," Liz pouted.

Who was older here?"

New girl helped Liz up, "Liz, seriously you going to sleep on the floor?"

"Why not, we all are. How are we twins?"

New girl just sighed, "Fine, but no freaky alien sex," Kyle gaged before handing out pillows and blankets. Liz smiled prancing off to Max who just pulled her back down and to him, Tess arrived crashing with Kyle.

It was carefree right now as we all just goofed off. New girl looked so un-comfortable, but she grinned and bared it for Liz. "We getting the guy's stuff from his unit tomorrow?"

Isabel answered her eyes closed just cuddled with Alex, "Yes, so next time there is more to sit on and not just our boyfriends,"

A frustrated chuckle came from someone.

By one almost everyone was crashed, I was nearly there too, my smoke was nearly done after I could sleep. New girl was awake and so was Isabel, both are off talking really low, hands together. Something was up, and in no way was Isabel into chicks but I watched them walk back to their spots and act as if nothing happened. I hated to admit I was glad to be back even with new girl knowing about us, she saved Max and was close with Isabel when even Liz and my ex had never been.

I drifted to sleep and felt like I blinked before the sun was in my fucking face. I wake like I'm hooked up the mains. No sleepiness, no slow warming up. Within seconds of realizing I was unconscious I am on my feet, eyes wide, dreams not just forgotten but erased.

The girls are all up since I can't see them, the boys all starting their own form of waking up. Just than my front door open's and four girls walked in, and the way the sunlight hit them, some might consider them angels, but demons are more fitting.

Each had a white bag in hand, new girl dropped hers in my lap. "Eat up, we have work to do," she moved on taking a seat by Liz. I ate before I brushed my teeth and hair leaving it down today it was much longer, I just swapped the black tee for a black tank top as it was about to get hot in here.

Liz and her sister, and as Maxwell asked, I would stop calling her new girl to her face at the very least. They cradled a large box between them, fitting it into the bed of her Chevy Silverado. Isabel was making sure everything big was out and the rest would all fit into the truck, it was hot and I was tired.

"I need water, you guys load up while I walk over to the market across the street and get us some drinks," new girl yelled already walking away, I needed a fucking break as I followed her.

My own voice calling out, "Wait up, ill go with you,"

I noticed some assholes that once fucked with Maxwell standing outside the market. "So, how are you holding up being back?" she asked, guess she knew why I vanished. My fingers run through my hair when I noticed she smelled like lemongrass and sweet orange.

I answered, "It's harder than expected, but it feels good to be back with my family,"

"Must piss you off that they told me, but after everything they had no choice," she at least was decent to be around.

"I trust Max," we wait for the stop light she just gives me a look, she was a good foot shorter than me.

Her teeth dug into her lower lip, "Good,"

She groaned, "Assholes," muttered under her breath but I still heard her fine. When the flash of annoyance comes so does a bad idea. Isn't it always the way?

I braced my hand on her lower back feeling heat like a heartbeat as we walked past the small group. She just walked in as I stayed behind. "So, look who's back, Guerin,"

I smirked, "That's right, I'm back,"

I just stood my ground with them, they are in no way able to take me on. Jack came closer, "Still looking like trailer trash, Guerin. Guess somethings never change no wonder Maria cheated, she found that even she could get better than a drunks trailer trash kid,"

I grabbed him never noticing Samaira was standing with two bags in her arms. "That's right, I am trailer trash but guess what, I will pound your face into the ground if you cross me," every word said between clenched teeth.

I turned to take the bags from new girl when my day got worse, Maria was getting out of a newer car her hair was longer, her clothes a tad different but now I was shaking with anger. New girl whistled in a sarcastic way, her voice calling out loudly. "Grade A whore, coming our way," her tone sly as her eyes narrowed, but guess Maria has always hated new girl, and new girl hated her.

"Samaira, don't you ever just leave?" than her eyes land on me, I just reached over taking the two bags from new girl. "Space boy?" her face brightened, once long ago I would have loved to see it but now nothing.

"Come on, we have things to do," just trying in vain to not deal with this. New girl smirked at Maria who looked ready to blow.

"Michael, I messed up. Please just talk to me we can work us out,"

I wasn't ready to deal with her, I seethed. "I don't love you, never did. I was just alone and used you as much as you did me, you cheated and not even I stooped so low. There is no us," I wanted to strangle the life from her, but only the warning from Max last night had me standing here. He erased the fact we aren't from here, but everything else was still lingering in her inflated head. A warm hand touched my bare arm, when I looked down it was into a set of witches' eyes.

"Ready to ditch the bitch?"

"Yeah, lets go back to my place," we still had to move everything in.

She tried once more, "I love you, I messed up,"

It was Samaira who spoke, "Sorry, I didn't get that. I don't speak bullshit,"

That was how I found myself later that night, not on the floor but the long sofa watching everyone eating pizza all but her she was leaving and this time leaving her sister here. "I have a date, Liz," than she was gone as I took another swig of the burning clear liquid.

"I'm going to bed," and I was my room was back to normal and a very welcomed sight as I just flopped on the bed passing out.