Samaira's point of view…

I was happy, happier than ever imagined since for years I thought I would be gone by seventeen. But here I am living life, I have a hot ass boyfriend who would smash anyone who crossed me. He was my other half and I was his, now we seemed to work together when he grew too hot-headed, I found a good way for him to blow off steam.

It was a hard night when I told my dad, or at least told him I wanted to be with Michael in that way and wanted to get on the pill. He was very understanding and thought I was so responsible for coming to him and talking, not once did I tell him Michael and I have already been active. But everything was so on edge in Roswell, Jim was keeping tabs on new agents who are in town, he played his part well but in the end, we are being hunted.

It was Friday night, and here I sit alone in his apartment he was working a double and would be home in the next two hours. I was going to cook in the next forty minutes so we could eat before everyone arrived after their date night. The book was in front of me, and Alex's laptop too as I was working on it, for Alex and I the symbols came easy but still hard for us.

Music played low, Max was not thrilled about going out for date night, but I am logical countering if we disrupted our normal routine, it might bring attention our way. Michael and I never do date nights, so we are good. Liz and I knew we had to talk to our dad, face to face, and tell him the truth about who we're now before we leave. In no way can he think we died, it would kill him, but if we just acted like we ran away or kidnapped it be better but in the end, he would know we're safe. The rest could go suck a dick if they thought they could tell us anything about what we should do, Jim already knew and was happy Tess and Kyle would be okay.

My fingers clicked on the keys, it was a time consuming and right now I was the loser who had time. -The Granolith requires a startup of twenty-four hours. All must be inside at this time when the sequence ends and the five metric starts you have only that small moment to place your hands on the black cone. It is a long journey, but you will not even notice, it will transport you home to a planet in the five worlds that are loyal to you King Zan, my son. The Granolith holds great power. Keep the crystal safe you mate holds the power over it, trust in her-

My head was starting to hurt as I continued, we are so very close.

Last looked to be written by another, it was too. A seer of Suiko, a plant on the whirlwind galaxy part of the five-world alliance.

-When our King returns, he will bring a wife of great beauty, she will help him rule and bring peace to our galaxy, the new Queen. They have a heavy task ahead of them but with their now great family, all will be set right.

Queen Ava, she will step down as Queen and take a better role, warrior, and Lady of the Northlands. Her destined mate will win a great battle with the help of others, together they are a true force.

Princess Vilandra, once disgraced will make amends with her people. For she is not living that life, she has been reborn into a caring creature. Her mate will be our next Haidari Master.

Lord Commander Rath, he returns and takes battles in hand with the ruthlessness our galaxy needs. He strikes down all who oppose the King, he wins battles and is death, he will deliver peace to the five worlds and the King who will fight in many battles with his brother. His mate, young and as beautiful as the new Queen, she brings power and compassion she will be Princess of Laventhorpe, of the iced isles. But let it be known here and now, she will perish at the hands of the one she loves.-

The book was done, and I was destined to die and by someone I loved, I doubt it be as if they murdered me, it had to be on accident. I was always ready to die, I saved it and would show Max and make him understand if I was destined to go, I was ready.

"You work too hard, my love," I had been to busy to have not felt him coming in.

I stared into his hazel eyes, even if he was the one. I still loved him, "I finished the book," smiling while closing the laptop.

"Anything good,"

"Nope," it was the truth, his eyes turned cold.

He sits with me, "You're not lying but hiding something,"

I was not saved when we heard the gang arrive, Michael knew Max would force the truth with shaking hands he dragged him in. "She finished it, tell me what it says since she refused,"

I snapped, "I never refused, you ass,"

Liz took the laptop, she and Max read over it with Alex who with fast reflex's looks at the last page, trying to see how I could have translated it so wrong. Liz was sobbing as Michael looked about to come unglued.

"A MEETING NOW," it was yelled as he vanished from the room with each of us following him.

Michael refused to sit, I just cross my legs my back straight and head held high, I was ready. Maxwell was looking at me, "We can leave in two days, quit your jobs, pack and do what you must. Alex said you translated it perfectly, but that leads us to an issue. A seer gave some details, I would bring a queen worthy to rule with me. Vilandra would bring the next Haidari Master, Former Queen Ava would become Lady Ava, a warrior alongside Kyle. And my brother, my best friend would be Lord Commander bring me victory and crush any force against me," he stopped each looked thrilled all but Michael, he growled out.

"What does it say about Sam?"

Alex held his heads in his hands, "His mate, young and as beautiful as the new Queen, she brings power and compassion she will be Princess of Laventhorpe, of the iced isles,"

Max cut him off, "Samaira will be very wounded in battle, Michael we will fix it,"

He lied, dear god, he lied. Alex and Liz looked at him and I smiled.

Michael paled, Liz tried to speak but I cut her off. "Liz, enough," my eyes glowing in anger and like that she backed down.

Michael just took the boys to the side, planning on every action to keep me safe. But right now someone in this room was going to be the reason, the reason I died.

"Liz, him knowing would cause many issues. It never said it was him, just the one I love so that means anyone in this room. I am ready, I am not scared and as long as Michael doesn't find out we can be happy," she was not on broad, she would tell him given the chance.

Later that night I was in bed, Michael was curled around me like he could protect me, but deep down I knew it was going to be him. I finally fall asleep.

The nightmare is more of a night terror because it feels as if I might die from the pain in my brain, I am desperately trying to wake up, screaming for help, yet nobody comes.

I scream…

Then an ominous boom startled me out of my abysmal nightmare. My cheeks were wet and my body was bathed in a cold sweat. The sheets were twisted around my limbs, probably because I was thrashing in my sleep. Michael was shaking me, "It's only a nightmare, come back to me," his tone hurt me, it was filled with pain.

The boom was Maxwell, the door had to have been slammed into the wall but his body was close while Liz was shaking in the door frame. "I will protect you," Michael just held me close.

"Are you okay, Samaira," his voice gentle. "Yes, Max. Just a nightmare,"

My heart pounded against Michael's chest. I trembled as he laid us back down, just running his fingers on my bare back. The room was entirely dark. No light anywhere. The remnants of my nightmare still clung to my mind, haunting me.

"I love you, we can stay on Earth. We can leave Roswell and just travel and stay away from the FBI," he was willing to stay here when he thought I would be hurt.

I smiled, "No, we belong with them, we have to bring peace to your home galaxy, Michael. I will be hurt but I can heal," controlling the bond, he would not stay in the dark forever but for now, he had to remain there.