Samaira's point of view…

Time was up.

Too many on us, to many looking for us with us taking down the Government building a month ago. Maxwell called a meeting and alerted us we have forty-eight hours to say goodbye. It would take us an hour to an hour and a half to hike to Vasquez rocks where the pod chamber hiding from the human world. Liz and I stare at our father, our single bag was packed hers with certain clothes we couldn't leave, we together made use of that one bag. Mine was filled with pictures, anything and everything that meant something to us was placed in.

I loved my father, he was great, at times a jerk over boys but he was a father that was in the job description. I knew it was time, we had a little over thirty hours left, Liz sit's next to him smiling they always were closer due to her living with him while I was in Los Angeles getting treatment. We decided not to tell mother, not to say goodbye, we sucked for letting our dad deal with her. I flop down over dramatic like, "Hey dad, can we talk," the Crashdown would open soon and he be too busy to talk.

"Of course, sugar plum," his smile was open and friendly, the Crashdown had a smell that was home because it mixed in with his old spice and his lemongrass scent. It was warm, but inside I felt so cold even when under the table Liz takes my hands her brown eyes pleading for me to end it. She rather leave him her journal but it would crush him if we just vanished, we did need him backing us as Jim was too.

"This is hard to say, not because we don't know how but we worry about if you'll believe us or love us after. First no we're not pregnant," his face had been growing paler and paler until I ended his fear. He motioned for me to continue, "Dad, you remember when we had that shooting here, how everyone thought I was hurt?"

"Sure do, it tied with the worst day of my life," that was the day they found out I only had maybe four weeks left to live a already shit life.

Liz continued, "I was hurt, I nearly died. I had been shot and Max, he saved me. He is..." her voice trailing off watching the emotions show on dads face, it deterred her.

I groaned, " He healed her, Max, his sister, Michael, and Tess are not from Earth. They blend so well but they aren't, if not for Max we both be dead her from some trash with a gun and me from cancer, he healed us. Liz is his mate, I am mated to Michael, I know I have my work cut out for me," I wasn't sure if he understood or thought his girls are playing a massive prank, so I touched his hand wanting him to see it, Liz being shot, my healing and my own changing.

Dad's face froze. His mouth was slightly turned down, his eyebrows were curved downwards too; he looked like he was ready to cry - just looked like that though. He's strong, he doesn't usually cry over things like this. His face showed feelings of sorrow, feelings of being sorry for being such a jerk and not realizing what he's done. Then…I felt sorry too. Then he sighed as I released him before he saw something very disturbing.

"I owe him more than I could ever repay," his words low and devastated at what would have been, we're his world and that was nearly gone at one point.

I offered him a glass of water, he toyed with it as he spoke, "There is a reason to you tellin me,"

Liz she let out an anguished sigh, "There is, on Antar, Max is King, Michael is Lord Commander, Tess was Queen, not any longer as I am mated to him, and Isabel is a Princess. But here we're in danger every minute, they offered us to stay and travel, hide from our Government so we did not feel the pain of leaving, " her fruity voice was filled with her lingering hesitation and depression, I echoed it when I spoke.

"Dad, if we stay it might lead to us locked in a government white room being used as lab rats. We were human but that time has come and gone, it was a price to pay to be healed, but we're stronger now. We have chosen to leave Earth and reclaim their home world, we can come back or bring you to us but right now we have about twenty-nine hours and thirty- one minutes until we leave. Jim knows as Kyle and Tess are coming, same with Alex and Isabel, but Alex is just going to act like he vanished but we couldn't ever do such a thing to you,"


Dad's silence was somehow comforting and spoke for itself, it was peaceful in a way where you could feel at home and know that no matter what was happening, dad was forever there for you.

He spoke low and to the point, his face was pulled into a mask of rare seriousness. "I will talk with Jim, right now and see what he feels we should do. I will die before you two girls are used, if I have to live worlds apart than so be it as long as you two are safe and happy, I can sleep at night. I want you two to go to Michael's and Jim and I will meet you there in a little, I'll even bring lunch. I rather spend your last amount of time here with you, I am sure the Crashdown can manage without me," it was like a hug fest, just holding on to the other just socking in the moment of acceptance.

But all too soon he moves, "Go now, I have to talk to Jackie she is waiting to be let in than going to see Jim," he was making plans as we left, I drove down the streets of Roswell probably for the last time, it was my hometown and a very close knit one at that. You could walk down the street and people would stop and talk, wave, or just give a smile in greeting even if you're a out of towner.

It smelled of crisp autumn air, apples, pumpkin, and spices as the season of baking was drawing in. We spotted Maria and some random guy talking when I pulled into the market, I doubt he had much food and I was thirsty. Liz scoffed getting out, "Look grab some things, doubt they have anything as we're leaving,"

Maria was watching with narrowed eyes, I smirked, "You must have heard the news?"

She was so confused right now, "What news?"

"Michael asked her to marry him," Liz cooed in a snobby rich bitch way, in this moment I was so proud of the girl she turned into. Maria looked to die, her face paled as she looked at the guy, if fire could shoot out of her large mouth it would have as we left her fuming to grab some snacks.

We made quick work of the market and Maria as only ten minutes later we arrived at Michaels, Max was smoking with Michael on the patio when we arrived. "I think my boyfriend is a bad influence on Maxi," my statement was echoed by her grumbling.

Max looked tired, "We made a tape for our parents, we couldn't be as strong as you two and talk to them. Kyle and Tess are on their way here, Alex will be soon, Isabel is helping our mother and will arrive in a little. How did your talking go?" his tone was even tired but not the physical but mental, that was the worst kind of tired.

I am dropped into a seat, but my body never touches the soft cushions, it feels the heat of Michael as he lays me on him, just holding me. "It went rather well, he is heading to talk to Jim as we speak. He took it all very well considering his daughters are leaving and not human anymore, but as long as we're safe and happy he is okay," it hurt though, to leave him, to know we caused any pain to him. We thought our mother would deal better with it but dad would play a large part in hiding whatever they decided.

Max was whispering to Liz who had silent tears running down her face, Michael gazed at me. "Now are you okay, Sam," his eyes so deep and caring, when we're close like this it seemed the world stopped, and it was just us.

"As well as can be expected, it will be hard but staying would be harder not only on us but our dad. He would be in danger and used to lure us out into the open, we still have our human emotions, and when you return you have to learn to bring those out as the alien side will take hold," we had talked before about this, Max, Tess, and Isabel too. Leaving Earth for the five worlds was not going o be all sunshine and rainbows it was going to be blood sweat and tears, and in the end death.

The bright sunlight filled the room as Kyle walked in with Tess, they are never far from the other, I was so thrilled she found love and was able to change because now she is like a sister not only to me but to Liz and Isabel. "Your dad is at my house, never seen to grown men cry. We skipped out, but they will be here in two hours with food since you have none," I tossed him some chips, Tess gave me a sad look before taking her normal seat.

Her voice echoed my thoughts, "I told them us leaving is just as hard as staying, but at least on Antar we have planets on our side, that it may be blood, sweat, tears and battles but we together would rule over the five worlds, here we die strapped to cold steel tables, all of us," she was right, but we never wanted our father to know about the war on the five worlds, that was a little too much information for him.

Max gave her a stern look, "I doubt the girls wanted him to know of the war, but your heart was in the right place," he changed and would make a better king than before, we never went to the Summit meeting in person, we contacted them with the words, "We're coming, home," that was it.

Alex arrived without Isabel, so he sits alone eating some nutty buddies like a loser in the corner, Liz and Alex felt everyone should know the truth about the seer's prediction, but with Max King and backing me they kept their traps shut for now.

By four in the afternoon did she walk in looking happy but so sad, she and Max loved their parents. "Twenty hours left," Alex chimed in right before the door swung open yet again, none jumped up to scare them. Jim and daddy walked in with bags of white containers in hand.

Jim spoke, his accent like he got hit in the mouth a fair few times. "Can't stay too long, long enough to talk and say goodbye, we have work to do. Samaira, give me your keys,"

I eyes him, "First tell us what the plan is," my keys cold and heavy in my hands.

Dad smiled, "We might have knocked an Agent by the name of Peirce out, guess he shot at you. We are going to make it look like he was drinking and hit your truck, he will live but sadly none of you will. It will help us get the black suits from town for some time as well, we along with the Evans will get everything taken care of here," his tone was firm and unwavering as I tossed Kyles dad my set of keys.

"Body's" Isabel asked, that was a good question.

"We found some, don't worry we will talk to your parents and make them believe somehow," Max handed him a tape. "This show them this, we made it last night we could be strong like Liz and Samaria,"

We sit around and talk, enjoy the food when I see my dad take Max and Michael into Michaels room, Jim was talking with Tess and Kyle in Max's/ So I just sit back with Liz, "What is Maxi feeling?"

"What is Michael feeling?" well she asked.

I answered, "He is hurt because I am hurting, he is ready and willing to leave but if I so much as hesitate he is ready to stay. Last he is horny as fuck," truth, it was facts as she groaned. Alex was practically dry humping Isabel, behind the sofa, was it the thrill of danger getting everyone hot and bothered.

Liz chimed in, "Same with Max, their emotions are nearly the same, only Michael has the confidence in what he will be on Antar where Max fears he will fail again,"

"We have his back together, and together we will make sure he never fails in this task," my hand was in hers, we're to half of a whole, we shared a connection not even our men could come between. It seemed like time dragged on before they left the room, both boys looking determined.

Our father he just dropped to his knees as Jim walked out, Tess was bawling as Isabel detached herself from Alex and hugged Tess. "I love you two, our time is up we have big things to do. Just know this isn't goodbye, no it isn't its see you later alligator. I will see you girls again," everyone seemed to look away at the raw emotions pouring out as we finish talking, his hug was home, it was warm and filled with every good emotion I ever knew.

But all to soon, the goodbyes are done, and they walked out, "We have to be at Vasquez rocks by ten that's when it will happen. We will wait in the chamber until the countdown is complete. Anything left do it now,"

"Now is the time to kill Maria," my eyes hinting at mirth. "I already killed her on the inside, telling her Michael asked you to get married," it was priceless.

But seemed everyone had a single task in mind before we left, Max took Liz into the room. Kyle was necking with Tess, and Isabel was glued to Alex. Last was Michael he swept me up bridal style carrying me into our room. "I want one last human experience with you, I may only be a little human, but it counts," now his voice was alluring in new ways, it made me dizzy with anticipation.

He was my drug. One touch and the intoxication is instant. Whatever he want to do is what we'll do and there isn't a thing I can do to stop him - not that I'd want to. Just his scent sends me into a heady trance, one that doesn't end until our bodies are still once more, just warm and snuggled in as close as two souls can be.

But the middle, my vision changes seeing the most wonderful sights, a new world. A colorful science fiction dream brought to life, Michael in battle gear never seen before, he was taller and bigger, his face more determined and the look on it scared me. But blue petals falling in waves, the blue was nothing like any earth child has ever seen it was magnificent in itself. His words echoed, "Our marriage can never be broken not even by death, it is you I waited for in those pod chambers. Waited for you to be born and grow," his words so soft like silk, but also rough as the white waters raging.

Then we cuddled together covered in sweat, frames had crashed to the floor, curtain rods barely clung to the wall.

My heart hurt, Liz and I walked hand in hand into the desert with Isabel and Tess leaving the boys with daddy and Jim. They wanted us a good distance away before the rigged it, Max and Michael would ensure the agent was hurt but would live, to take credit for killing us all.

We watched dad and Jim leave having to wait till they reached the Crashdown and Jim his new office before Michael did his thing, Max was dealing with Agent Peirce and shielding Michael.

...there was an enormous explosion. It was as though a fist of orange flame had decided to punch it's way out of the setup of a wreck. Windows shattered. Smoke and fire rushed out. Thousands of pieces of glass and steel, a deadly rainfall, showered down. I braced my hands up the shield holding with ease as our men walked forward through the fire.

The book was right, I never remembered the travel, it was like my eyes fluttered shit and opened to a world like we have never seen. It was lush not only was the foliage green but yellow and blue, vivid colors. Some I never have seen and could name, so the royal four fell to the ground hands covering their heads each screaming. I just braced for an attack, but nothing came, the just rolled to their feet.

Max smiled, "That really hurt, we regained all our old memories,"

I bared my teeth, "You ain't married to her, you best act right. I didn't come worlds for you to be a piss poor mate. You getting me, Michael,"

"Its Rath, and crystal clear, my love,"

A new voice firm and filled with confidence chimed, "Welcome home, King Zan, Lady Ava, Princess Vilandra, and our beloved Lord Commander Rath," he was tall, his hair was long and a color I couldn't place.

"Let's take the Five worlds back, at any cost," it was Max, or Zan. But his eyes touch mine and pain flashes, the cost was my death, but it was one death to secure five worlds, a fair trade.

This is the end, and yes I have a second planned, but not sure if it will be posted.