Michael's point of view…

Soon enough I disregarded speed limits, opening the throttle wide. Sometimes my knee would be just skimming the ground as I took the bends. We all had a hard job, and this was my therapy. The ride was short, but it was Monday and by law, I had to return to school it was in the paperwork Mr. Evens dropped by. The school was just a monotone buzz of several-hundred voices hummed like an orchestra of deadbeat droids.

Last time I was here, I hated it and nothing has changed that fact.

"Put the smoke out, Mr. Guerin," Mrs. Dillinger snapped as I was walking to Maxwell with my new class sheet. I did, we don't want eyes and ears all over us not until Alex cracks the book that Tess gave him. Liz smiled before giving Max a hug, "This be the last place you would want to be," she smiled as new girl walked up behind her.

"Only Alex want's to be here, school is just a nice word for a leaveable prison for teens," she wasn't lying as I spoke while putting my smoke out on the locker. "New girl she ain't lying,"

Liz snapped, "Samaira, not the new girl. Damn Michael, you put the thing out on her locker,"


The new girl gave me an annoyed look, "Doubtful, but I will give you time to warm up to me," she seemed not to care about being called new girl, it was her name was hard for me to say.

When the frustration builds, and I think I might explode - I take a deep breath. I want to shout, have a tantrum and beat my hands on the ground like a toddler. I want to vent, let it out, but I don't want to say words I don't mean, be hurtful. It's just so easy to be cruel at that moment and then the damage is done. So many times I've wanted to unsay things, take it back. I'm learning how to deal with it, but slowly. All day it seemed to only get worse, but it was lunchtime as I met up with Max.

His face was serious, "Michael, Samaira is one of us. I gave her my blood along with Isabel, it was life or death and my powers were wonky because I drank. I healed Samaira after, she had Cancer and now she is alive and Liz is not crying anymore,"

I sighed, running my hands through my hair giving him a look. "I understand, Maxwell. I am not trying to be rude since she has been pretty cool to be around, its I can't pronounce her name right, I tried and it doesn't sound right," it would be nothing but another embarrassment that I couldn't say her name, a simple name.

Max laughed pulling me outside to the courtyard, "Fine," he muttered taking his seat with Liz, Isabel and Alex laying in the grass next to Kyle and Tess, this wasn't so bad.

Then we hear her, "Michael, can we please talk alone only for a minute?" I snarled as Liz, Tess, and Isabel all stood ready to protect my fragile man feelings, but I had this as I stood. It was a pleasure seeing her eyes, seeing the lust raging at my new body, the ink.

"I will be right back guys,"

Our banter was crude, and we insulted each other often, but that was the way it was with us. "I just want another chance; I was so very wrong and maybe you don't love me anymore. But you did once and that means something, just think about it, please," her voice broke as tears leaked out.

Again frustration, "Look, Maria, whatever we had is done. We are toxic to each other, look I don't want us not anymore, once long ago maybe I did but never on the level you did. Stay away or this will end badly," just wanting it to be over, this was clean, and she was making it harder and harder.

Maria's eyes twitched, her lip curled in anger, but it vanished, and she smiled. "Okay, I understand. See you around, space boy," like that it was finally over.

I saw Samaira talking to some guy at the tables, "Your sister, she doesn't sit with you?" they seemed very close.

Isabel raised her brow, "You have made a mess, Sam feels unwelcomed. She is great and really fun, give her a chance because you out of us all would get along with her. She is my best friend too, so knock it off or I will knock you out," her tone was low a slight hiss like a viper snake.

Truly felt bad for being cold to Liz's sister. "Look I will talk to her, its just I have been gone for a few months and come back to a new girl wedged into this already close group. What happens when we leave Earth?"

"She is coming too, they all are," Max spoke, his tone firm and unyielding.

By the end of the day, I was ready for the weekend. I have been home one week, and it was the same but not the same, the group now was a much better fit with Maria gone and with Kyle's old friends. Returning home, I feel like a tortoise retracting into his shell. The troubles of the world evaporating. To anyone else, this is a small dingy apartment like all the others exactly like it on this street, but to me, it is a sanctuary, it is a cocoon, it is rest.

I just can't sit still, I don't work tonight but I was about to head in and get some food but first I had to make it in time before closing. The night air was humid but cooler than the daylight, leaving the helmet just letting the wind whip my hair. I shake my head violently. I pound it down again and again, but my thoughts will not dislodge themselves. They will drive me insane. Make me into a monster. But yet I keep them deep inside, close to my heart they abide. I want to get rid of these terrible thoughts, but I also want to keep them tucked deep inside. They confuse and anger me, but yet they are my auditory. They are my worst enemies, yet my closest friends.

Another short drive as I pulled into an empty spot, a few people milled around outside as I walked in, I took a booth in the very back it was alone table away from the chatter. "What can I get you, tall, dark, and assholish?" it was new girl, wearing the same waitress uniform Liz wore who was mad dogging me from a yard away.

Leaning back, "A cherry coke, and a burger with fries. Make that a double patty as well," her eyes make me feel like she can see my soul and isn't impressed. I guess Samaira looks like their biological mother, and Liz an even mix of the parents. I added, "Please, don't spit it," but she just walks off waving her order pad in the air as an answer.

The Crash Down was full. I looked around at the busy tables. An old couple eating side by side, one glass of ginger ale each, studiously bent over their meals. A group of young women in their thirties collapsing with helpless giggles as a stern woman dining alone nearby looked on and frowned. Alien freak tourists, trying to decipher the menu. A family and their teenage children. And then high schoolers. The noise level was high. The smoke level, too. But it didn't bother me. I was used to it.

"Here you go," she set the plates in front of me, turning on her heel and walking off but in the nick of time, I reach out fast grabbing her wrist. I just pulled her down onto the bench across from me before releasing her, her eyes surprised as much as I was that I did it.

I just lean back my arm over the back of the booth, I looked a picture of ease but trying to find the right words was hard. But after another minute words spilled out, "Sorry, I hate saying it but I am. I have made you feel un-welcomed when you are very welcome to hang with us, this having another human know of us is very hard. But me calling you new girl is just because your name for some damn reason is impossible for me to pronounce and when I have it sounds wrong," she didn't look at me like a moron she just sat letting me talk, even when I did sound like a dumbass who couldn't use grammar.

Her head cocked to the side, her eyes looking over my shoulder as a sly smile came to her slim face. "Thanks, just call me, Sam. Most do, I will teach you at some point how to properly say my name. I had no issue with the new girl, it was your body language and how you looked at me that had me feeling unwanted," she was honest and I liked that, but when she walked away this time I let her go. The food was not as good as when I cooked it, I just tossed her a tip on the table getting ready to leave when Max walked in, it was closing time.

He smiled, "Michael, should have told me you were here, I just left your place,"

"Was hungry, why what's up,"

He waved Liz over, "Nothing, we were going to come over after her shift,"

"That's fine, meet you at my place," I turned to leave as Liz and Samaira strode over to us, they looked happy and carefree, but I knew better none of us are. "Come on, Liz," he called out acting impatient but he would wait for her forever if he had too.

Liz frowned at her sister as they walked behind us, "Come on, Sami," she was whining, it was annoying but it was only how Liz acted with her sister.

"I told you was going out after work, dealing with Erin,"

Her eyes on the Senior she was talking to at lunch, Liz snapped. "You could do better; he is a damn prick. He hates us and makes sure you don't have time, you came home…" she stopped her face losing its tan as she paled, but her sister sighed placing her hand over Liz's cheek. I noticed their scents are similar, Liz was a mix of Lavender and Tea tree.

Max stepped in, "Liz, don't act like this you can't guilt her. Come on we are going to Michaels," his tone so low but so filled with emotions.

"She is right, he hates you and it has been an issue. He hates Isabel, Alex all of you and now its Michael he has started in on. Give me a minute, I am coming with but in no way am I sleeping on the floor again," her tone changed with every word, this was too much drama for me.

Who cares if these losers hated us if they do one thing I will personally give them an actual reason too. Liz peeked up, "Right outside," but Samaira and her boyfriend are not but a few feet from us, Max, Kyle, Tess, and Liz are waiting in the Jeep, guess she was riding with me.

Her voice cracked like a whip, "You watch it, or your ass will be single faster than your small mind can comprehend,"

Her eyes on the filled Jeep and then myself, she seemed to be the single one who didn't care if I was smoking. "Guess you're my ride," she looked unsure but came over to me.

"Sure am, come on," patting the space behind me, I take her cold hand in mine helping her as best as I could, she swung her leg over the bike. "Put your feet on the braces, right here. Now arms around me," she did without complaint.

Then her words are yelled as Max started his Jeep, "Helmets?"

"Not tonight, trust me,"

She laughed, "No, not in the slightest," but she tightens her arms around me as her boyfriend watched me ride off with his girl, this time I took a longer way just enjoying the ride. She was too, I looked back at her when it hit me, she was beautiful, and her smile was something new to me, foreign. When she just smiled at me it was like for a split second everything stopped and her smile pierced through all the bad in my life and all was well again.

In no way was I going to fall for Samaira, she was off limits…I feel lost and confused, but happy and certain. I am like a ball of tangled yarn. The parts that are untangled are available, useable; the rest is a mess, useless until it is untied. That mess feels endless and at most times unyielding. I just hit the gas and her peal of laughter sparked more resistance.