Samaira's point of view…

Erin was controlling in more of when we broke up, he would cause me massive trouble type of way. His angry face still smoldering underneath his stony expression. His rages seem pointless to me, although I never say so for what good would it do. His voice was more like a low growl, but it was words that escaped not the growl itself. "Don't you dare do it, Guerin is trash and he will never be more than that. Maria saw him finally, now you need to," this was more than enough.

I snapped, "This isn't about him; I am going to go hang with my sister and our friends. Michael is my friend now, he at least is a sweet guy you, on the other hand, could take some notes from him,"

Erin was too far gone; he glares at me with hatred in his cruel dull eyes. "You are an extremely stupid girl. Aren't you?"

Our heated quarrel continues. It was definitely a war of words, I was done for tonight I was holding up the fun and make no mistake being at Michael's was fun, even if I had to sleep on the floor. "You watch it, or your ass will be single faster than your small mind can comprehend," my eyes like daggers but his switched from bright to dull with malice.

I just leave him there, I had missed Liz every day I was gone, but was way too sick to visit, she was happy with Max, so I told her to stay. I came to her and ever since it has been like the light was switched back on even if Maxwell said I was changing, so be it, it is cool all of us together. And now that Michael is cool with me, it is better. The damn Jeep was filled when a minute ago there was room for me, Alex was meeting us I guessed.

Michael stood smoking, his eyes bore into mine as I walked over "Guess you're my ride," this was going to be fun, never have ridden on a bike before.

"Sure am, come on," he was patting the space behind him, his hand grasped mine he didn't flinch at the heat that burst but I did. He helped me on as I swung my left leg over, getting into what I saw as the correct position.

"Put your feet on the braces, right here. Now arms around me," his voice was more gentle but commanding at the same time, I did because in this he knew better than me. I wrapped my arms around his hard thick waist, and for once some thoughts crept into my head.

I called out behind him, "Helmets?"

"Not tonight, trust me,"

I burst out laughing, "No, not in the slightest," but just gripped him tighter as to not fall off as he took off faster than Max ever has, I was right this was great even when I noticed him taking a longer way to his place. The air was crisp and chilly, wish I had my jacket but this was perfect kinda like flying but on the ground. He turned back as I smiled at him, he wasn't trash an asshole of course but white trash was not it.

It was only about five minutes longer, but it felt like ten more when he pulled into his slot, still smiling. "That was great," looking windblown as much as I did, both happy. The Jeep and Alex's car are already here and his lights are on as he helped me back off, he was the first to walk away with me behind him but when we got to the stairs he moved to the side letting me walk up the stairs first.

Music was heard the moment I opened the door, all we did was eat and watch movies or listen to music but with all their issues it was never safe to be out. Isabel smiled, "Finally,'

Michael just gave her a fierce look, "Was enjoying the ride, lucky we even came,"

"He ain't lying," taking a seat, Tess was doing Liz's toes, granted after Maxwell just cleared the brainwashing from her, she was great to be around and didn't want Max, but Kyle was on her to do list.

Alex moved over to me with his note pad, "Here look, " the symbols looked familiar but I was changing faster than Liz, Kyle or Alex. I dropped the book, it made no noise as my fingertips have the magenta mist around them "Soon, but more trouble is coming first. Your translation is right," everyone was staring again, Liz just got up and coming back with a water bottle.

"Here, Max. You heard her,"

Michael was giving me a look, "What was that?" his voice worried but angry too.

Maxwell gave him the answers, "Our blood is bonding with her, so she is changing to be like us. With the other three, their change is slower because all I did was heal them, but no one else I have healed has changed at all. Sam, at times, gets flashes of the future, the same as Liz, but Sam is powerful and so will the rest. We need them when we take back the five worlds, I have studied the best rulers alongside the gang and we figured we could make it right when we return, are you in?"

Michael was looking at us each in turn, "Yeah, I'm in,"

Then he was silent as everyone spoke low, the music lowered as it reached ten at night. "Alex and Isabel are leaving to get pizza," Tess smiled down at me, I had been in my own world for a little it seems.

"Nice, better get enough," Kyle and the boys could eat a few pizzas on their own, I looked at the time and at Liz who was staring at me, her brown eyes pleading.

I groaned, she wanted to stay the night since our dad thought we are with Isabel and Tess, not the entire crew. I spoke, "Liz come on," but her lower lip pouted out, I was only a minute older but she played the little sister very well.

Michael spoke for the first time in the last hour, "You can have my bed if you stay, let Liz have her fun," his voice is deep but not harsh anymore, he was tired you could see it.

"And where will you sleep?" I asked my head hanging off the back of the plush chair, my legs over the other side, he looked very umm odd upside down.

"In my bed,"

I gave him a look, "Oh we sharing than?"

"Well yes, it's a big bed enough room for us both,"

Liz smiled, "Great now that it's settled, we also need to deal with the threat coming,"

"It is harder without knowing what threat, it might be something we have to deal with, with only a moment's notice," Tess gave Max a look, Liz knew the look it was worry.

Michael chimed in, "Skins, they were chasing me I might have led them to you,"

"We will deal with it, after pizza I am going to bed," I was the last to mention it, it was agreed we would deal with it and very soon. Earth was not for them or now us, it was growing dangerous and we could die here. Max and Michael are in the corner talking as I sit with the girls so Kyle joined the man conversation.

"Are you worried?" Liz asked me, I knew she was. "No, I know we will be okay. The numbers are equal now, Luck and power are on our side," it was good because with our rank even it was an assist here and on Antar.

Tess looked over her shoulder, "He has changed, and his attitude is for the worst. He is very hot-headed, he has no mate, nothing to balance it. His body changed but we can all say for the better, not like anything was wrong with it before though," now we all turned and looked seeing him with no shirt on, his black jeans and socks only.

Liz gave a low whistle, "Yeah, Tess. But Michael is with us and as powerful as Max and Sam, you, Isabel, and I are next with Alex and Kyle just learning to use theirs. With Alex and Sam working on the translation we will leave and never come back, it is never going to be safe here, it isn't now either," her tone grew more worried, Max and the white room was like a nightmare we all might face.

I leave them walking to the boys, hearing Michael," It is my fault," then it cut off their eyes on me, the small intruder. "Is it though, you must like to blame yourself. They would come regardless; they want the royal's dead they will kill us all. But now with the numbers equal it is another key in place, Skins can be killed we all know this. We deal with what comes, together," Max just touched Michaels shoulder his eyes are on me though.

"She is right, Maria was never the one supposed to be in our group, it was Samaria," the way he said my name was as he was sounding it out for his friend, Kyle gave a groan.

He was leaned against the wall his arms crossed his chest, "Right, Alex and I need more training and the girls too. We can't protect them, and in no way do I want Tess protecting me, can you imagine her smug face," I could, as we chuckled.

"What is this about equal numbers?"

Maxwell started, "In the first part of the translation it said we would all find an equal here, not mates, but that has happened. Like it or not Samaira is your equal when the battle comes here or on our home world, she will be the Yin to your yang in certain words. It was destiny we all met, only their DNA could bond with ours,"

I cut him off, "Well we don't know yet, who we all are more equal too, Liz is his mate but might not be his equal in battle. It could be Isabel and Liz or so forth only once we return can we use a Ulia Moonstone to do so. I somehow doubt mates would be paired as the higher powered one would sacrifice themselves for the other with ease," I just thought like that, but hell it could be Liz and Max and I hated to think of her in such a way.

"She is right," Alex said, I never heard them walking in but Isabel gave me a sad look. "Enough of this, we together are a very powerful force. As long as we stick together," it knew she was talking about Houdini next to me.

"I'm not leaving, Izzy," was all he said giving her a long hug, it worked as they talked for a few minutes alone. I just eat with the rest the conversation back to joking around acting like normal teens, but it was weighing on us all the battles we all would face. My new family was as dysfunctional as it was large, we had two nerds, a beauty queen. Two girl next doors, the jock, the mysteries boy, last was the criminal the very guy mothers would never want their daughters with. My eyes touched each one, we could and would protect each other here and on their planet.

I took another slice, every time we're here it feels right us being together, I wonder if they felt the same as me. But the way it is, I think they do.

"Going to bed, you all should too," tossing the paper plate into the trash as Kyle and Alex are tossing blankets and pillows to everyone, a pillow was sailing at my face when a very tattooed arm grabbed it with fast reflexes.

"She is crashing in my bed," everyone looked at us.

I just smiled, "Hey it was the only way I was staying, this floor kills my back. We should buy some air beds for our weekend getaways here,"

Max laughed, "Agreed, we will get some tomorrow,"

I just leave them heading to his room when he called out, "I will be in soon, don't freak when I get in and blast me into the wall,"

"Shit, no promise's,"

I turned on his radio and left it at his station, I had no clothes here and felt bad because I hated sleeping with pants on. I just walked back out seeing him in the kitchen drinking water, but it probably wasn't water. I called out as Tess was shutting off the light, "Can I borrow a shirt?"

"Closet," was called from the dark. "No dirty shit, Elizabeth,"

Her groaning was the last I heard for a little as I shut the door behind me. The dark room contained a small bed, not made looks like a rough night was had, two straight-backed chairs, a bureau-without any mirror-and a small table. There were dark drapery curtains at the dormer windows, no pictures on the wall. I just fixed the bed enough it looked just un-made, his closet was dark until I flipped the switch and light flooded it. My fingers skimming the cotton tee's until I found a worn gray Metallica tee it had a few rips but I loved it and vowed right here and now it was mine and not his. My hands pulled my tee off, the bra was next and his shirt was on, it was light and airy, next my jeans and socks are folded with the rest on a chair when the door opened.

His voice low and amused, "That's my favorite one,"

"Same, guess you will miss it,"

He belched, "You can't have it,"

I slide into his bed, it cradled me, in fact, it was better than my own bed. "I already have, might steal your bed too,"

I just heard him mumbling words but none sounded nice but soon the bed dipped with his added weight, I just rested my head on the pillow, laying on my left side seeing him laying on his back. He looked to try and move, "You can always go lay on the floor if me in your bed in uncomfortable," I could imagine his face filled with disbelief, Liz was the shy one mom was more outgoing so in turn I was raised that way.

With a grunt, he answered, "You could,"


"My back itches, not you making me uncomfortable. I have had a girl in my bed before,"

I scoffed, "Lay on your belly, I don't have time for you to act like you have ants crawling on you,"

He chuckled, "Fine, this once I will listen,"

Answering right back, "Doubtful," I watched as he flipped over, shit he was in boxers only as I calmed the fire raging inside. I just did what I did to Liz and even Max sometimes, my fingers scratched with such precision over his back which I noted was muscled. His body relaxed more and more, when I noticed his back didn't itch any longer, I just rubbed harder into the tense spots on his back, the entire back. Max was tense too, guess being the leader and his commander is very hard, but I was taking that role alongside him.

He made low growls of approval, my hands, fingers digging into his skin until it to was relaxed. I flopped down on his bed, I myself was ready to pass out as he groaned, "Thanks, feel much better now,"

"Yeah, might have given them an odd impression though. You were growling like a lion," humor was all he heard as he joined in chuckling. "So,"

Now we just laid down, I drifted into consciousness. And then back out. The world was a blur, and random images seemed to float aimlessly around in the pool of my thoughts, as though they were being blown about viciously by a hurricane. A tap on my shoulder momentarily brought me back to the outside world, but after a second, I was once again lost. I could feel somebody trying to look at me, staring death in the eye, but I couldn't keep focus. The whole world simply felt low resolution, a bad quality movie.

Another tap, "Yes," I questioned.

His voice low, "You're not wearing pants,"

"You're smart," how did he know?

That was it, my body, mind, and soul retreated into wallowing blackness.