Axel and Lioness After Serving Two Masters

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"Never thought myself the protector of the scroll of Jo-Lan." Axel said to himself.

"Life is full of surprises." said a voice it was Lioness. "So what will you do with the scroll Axel?"

"Keep it with me for now since Guan will no doubt come after it again." replied Axel and Lioness nodded.

"Don't take this the wrong way Axel but that dream of yours was a bit weird but it sent you to the scrolls and you met your father's teacher what was that like?" asked Lioness.

"I admit the dream was a bit weird and I don't know how long it will be until Guan comes after me for the scroll." said Axel and Lioness put her hand on his shoulder.

"Guan may have those guards but you have me and the boys friends make you stronger remember." said Lioness.

"I remember." smiled Axel and he hugged Lioness then Master Ji arrived. "Master Ji."

"Axel your friend is right you'll need help to guard the scroll of Jo-Lan." said Master Ji. "And this girl along with your 3 male friends have proven themselves friends of Jo-Lan."

"Good to know." replied Axel. "We best get back to Landmark City tomorrow to stop whatever villain we face next."

"You, me and the others are a team of friends." smiled Lioness as she and Axel hugged. "And we'll face what threat together."

"That I'm glad." smiled Axel as he and Lioness watched the sun go down.

The End