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Why did Clay always find trouble? Trent thought as he checked Clay over while he lay unconscious on the floor of a jungle. The poor kid could never catch a break. It had felt like Clay had suffered just about any injury you could think of at this point. Trent had never been so stressed as the team medic of Bravo, but he also knew Clay was just as much a part of the team as he was. They all loved Clay and it tore all them apart when he was sick or hurt.

Trent and Sonny were next to Clay. "Let's roll him on his side and I'll check his spine and neck. Support his neck and help me roll him." Trent told Sonny. You could never be safe with head and neck injuries. As Trent felt Clay's spine and neck, he felt nothing outta place. He was very relieved. An explosion like that could've easily left Clay with life altering injuries. Even though his spine was intact, he could still be left with life changing injuries. Clay had a long laceration on his forehead, his life eye was bruised and his left eardrum seemed to have burst. Trent was sure he was going to be in a world of hurt when he woke up. When Trent was satisfied with Clay's spine check results, Sonny helped roll Clay back so he could lay on his back. As Sonny was on the lookout of any hostiles that would want to take them out, Trent tired to get Clay to wake up and respond. He tried slapping him, pinching between his shoulder and neck and tried a sternum rub, and all he got was a few groans. He was a little concerned that Clay didn't wake up, but noting to panic about yet. Trent and Sonny hunkered down as they waited for Jason, Ray, Brock and Cerb take out the tangos and then they could head back and get Clay some help.

Closer to the compound, Ray had taken out 2 of the guards who were outside. The rest had made it inside, so bravo was going to have to do some close contact fighting. Jason was confident they could take the rest of them out, it was just always safer to do it from a distance and in cover. They had found the rest of them pretty easily. They were sometimes surprised at how these untrained fighters tried to avoid being found or killed. They sometimes hid in places or stumbled upon bravo and were killed before they could even make up a plan to take cover and defend themselves. They sometimes sealed their own death, just by the places they chose to hide. Jason wasn't mad though, it makes his job a little easier sometimes. When they were sure all the tangos were nuturlized, Jason radioed to TOC and asked Trent how they were coming.

"Clay is still unconscious, no sign of hostiles in this area. Don't wanna move him until we have to."

"Okay, we'll head back to you." And the rest of the team made their way back to Trent, Sonny, and Clay. Hoping Clay wasn't injured to bad.

As they met up with the rest of bravo, they came upon Trent leaning over Clay's still, still body and all they heard was Trent asking Clay questions. As Jason came closer, he realized why the conversation appeared to be one sided. Clay was laying there, eyes half open, the left one almost swollen shut and he was moaning and flinching away from Trent whenever he asked him a question. Clay's head was killing him, it hurt so bad he didn't even think he could function. He wasn't really with it, Trent was asking him questions and all he did was look at Trent with a blank stare. Clay's head was limply tilted to the left, closer to the ground and as Trent was trying to get him to be aware, he would just stare and drool dropped outta the side of his mouth. Clay also kept trying to move his head, like he was trying to avoid something. He was also trying to reach his hand up and touch something on his head. He was too outta it to get his hand anywhere close to his face.

"Clay, hey c'mon I need you to talk to me, are you hurt anywhere else but your head? "

Clay grunted and finally responded about 40 seconds later;


"What hurts? Clay, hey what hurts?"


"I can imagine. Do you hurt anywhere else?

" my...eye."

"Your eye hurts?"


"Sun? Huh?."


"Is the light bothering you?"

"Ye..s." Clay responded with a strangled grunt. Sonny who was seated on the ground next to Clay, accepted a bandana from Jason, Trent then wetted it and handed it to Sonny to put over Clay's eyes. It was concerning that he complained about the light, the jungle was thick and the cover was heavy. It wasn't dark by any means, but it was no where near as sunny as it would be when the left the thick cover the jungle provided.

They hadn't even moved Clay yet and he was in terrible pain and hardly with it. Trent was concerned how they were gonna get him to EXFIL...