The Doctor came into the waiting area and was met by 5 very concerned and exhausted military personnel. Getting the feel of the mood of the men in the waiting room, decided it would be in his best interest to cut to the chase.

"Hello gentleman, i see you all are anxious and tired, so i am just going to cut to the chase. Petty Officer Spenser has suffered a very severe concussion, and the CT scan revealed a fairly significant brain bleed. What is also concerning is that he seems to have some damage to his ears also, though not an overly concerning amount, i am most concerned about the level of confusion and pain he seems to be in. We are going to keep him for at least a few days to keep an eye on him. Any questions?"

"Thanks Doc, when are we able to see him?" Jason asked anxiously.

"He just got settled in a room, so i will have an orderly take you there now. Just a heads up, as you already know he is still very sensitive to light and sound. We have the room as dark as we are able to keep it and have the machines running on quiet. So please keep the noise down, it's gonna be a hard long recovery for him."

"Got it, thank you." Jason replied, not needing a reminder of Clay's condition that they had to deal with while trying to get him to EXFIL.
A minute after the doctor left, an orderly came and showed them to Clay's room. When the entered room 116, Clay was laying with a towel covering his eyes and forehead, he had a emesis basin tucked between his side and the railing on the bed and he seemed to be asleep, not moving a bit when all his teamates filed in very stealthy as if they were in enemy territory.

They all took a seat and settled in as much as they could, and waited, preparing themselves as much as they could for what was to come in the next few hours and days.

About an hour passed before the man laying him the bed made it know that he was still living. Clay had moaned and moved around a few times, but was never really with it.

A few minutes after he restlessly moved around for the first time since he was brought in, he jerked out of his sleep as vomit escaped his mouth, startling everyone in the room to attention and action. Clay, was now trying to sit up, vomiting while he scrambled around to try and locate the plastic basin to try and catch what was spewing out of his mouth. Sonny was seated closest to Clay, so the second he heard him struggle he located the basin.

Clay hadn't been awake since his teammates came into his room, so he had no idea that while he was struggling, Sonny had already gotten the basin up to Clay's mouth. As Sonny helped Clay, Trent got up to get a cloth and dip it in cold water.

Clay didn't have much to vomit, when he was done he, Sonny helped him lie back down and Trent covered Clay's eye's with a cool cloth, as Clay tried to relax, he spoke for the first time saying "Y' k?"

"Everyone's ok bud, only you found trouble. Do you need anything?" Sonny replied quietly.

"Hm, thirsty."

"Thirsty? Ok, what sounds good? Jase will get you whatever you want bud." Jason stood up, ready to get whatever Clay wanted.

"Smooth'e." Clay replied, sounding like he was already half asleep.

"Clay, you might want to start off with something more soothing to your stomach, like applesauce or rice." Trent said.

"D'snt matter, sick any'ay." Clay said with good point. He's had his bell rung a few times before, and knew how it went with head injuries. Anything he ate would probably make a reapperance.

Jason headed to the cafeteria, looking for a smoothie and maybe some fries for Clay and a coffee for himself. He ordered, paid and grabbed some honey mustard for the fires, knowing that Clay would possibly want the sauce to dip them in. He also noted that the fires were thick and soft, not crispy, which is just how Clay like them. If Clay wasn't up to eating, he was sure one of them would eat them.

It's funny when you spend so much time with someone, how you pick up on things like their likes and dislikes. Jason made it back to the room, handed the fires to Sonny and put the smoothie on the side table.

Sonny took the fries from Jason, noting that they were cool. "Clay, do fries sound good bud?" speaking in a whisper in case he was asleep. You never could tell since his eyes were covered and he tried to avoid moving at all costs. The only response he got was a mumbled sound and Clay's mouth opening. Sonny plopped the first fry in Clay's mouth...