Sonny had never not only fed another grown man food before, he had absolutely never fed anyone the way he was currently feeding Clay Ashland Spenser, who also happened to be his colleague and friend. It was weird and odd for Sonny to do, now that he thought back to it, but with the current state Clay was in, it didn't matter what he needed to do, as long as it helped Clay feel even just slightly better.

Jason has sent the rest of the team home, knowing they all had hardly slept and would be right back at the hospital before the sun even thought about raising.

After Clay ate a few fries and only 2 sips of the smoothie, Jason put them on the counter in case Clay wanted more next time he woke up. Clay had held down the fries and smoothie so far, and actually drifted off to sleep right after he told Sonny he was full.

That was about 3 hrs ago, and Sonny had fallen asleep and so did Jason, even though he didn't really mean to, they all were exhausted. Clay had been asleep also, this is the most stretch of time Clay had actually gotten some good rest.

At about 6:30am, Trent, Brock, Ray, and Full Metal made it back to the hospital. They had stopped for breakfast, and brought coffee and blueberry scones from the coffee shop just outside the hospital. They rolled into Clay's room like some college frat boys who had come off a fun weekend, looking haggard and worn out.

"Come outside." Jason said in a hushed tone. As they made it outside the room, far enough away to not disrupt Clay, Jason spoke.

"Did you guys even sleep? You look almost as bad as Clay right now. Thanks for the coffee by the way."

"Yeah Jase we slept, a little. Had a lot on my mind though. Did you get any sleep? I got your update texts, has he been out since you texted last?" Ray asked.

"Ya, he has been asleep thank God. I was beginning to think he would never stop puking." Jase said in a concerned tone, with an undertone of exhaustion.

"Good, hope he stays that way."

"Well come in and see him, but keep it down. Any of you wake him, you'll be finding a new team to run on." Jason said in the same serious tone he would use in the field.

They all entered the room again, as quiet as they would be if they were hiking through enemy territory. It was as sweet as tier one operators would ever get. The concern and heartache over Clay's current health status was displayed in a manor that most people would call harsh or even flat out insensitive. But anyone who knew these men know it was far from harsh. Jason had never seen grown men rally around someone as they had a teammate when one of them was down.

Clay had stirred a bit when they came in, but never fully woke. Sonny glared at his teammates as they entered, he would never forgive them if they woke Clay.

As few more hours passed, and Sonny was checking Clay's breathing to make sure he was still alive. He had been asleep for hours. finally getting some sleep that would be a big step in the right direction in his recovery.

Sonny and Full Metal had been sending funny and inappropriate meme's back in forth for a few hours now.

Ray had stepped out to call Naima, and update her on how his blonde teammate was doing. She was saddened by the update, but encouraged by the way he had been sleeping recently. She reminded Ray that was the best thing for Clay at the moment. She always made him feel better, being a nurse, she never panicked when these kind of situations came up, she just calmly let Ray talk, and then she would explain whatever he needed. It always made her smile to hear the concern in his voice, and how much he cared about his teammates.

Ray reentered the room to another puking party, thrown by the infamous Clay Spenser. After a few minutes, Clay laid back and was clutching his head so hard in pain, that Ray froze for a second. Then he remembered what Naima had told him, just call the nurse.

So, Ray hit the call button and a nurse replied that she was on her way...