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New story!

My neighbor/really good friend tasked me with a challenge. To write a crossover pertaining to something she knew pretty well, and I gave her a list of various animes, books, movies, etc. She ended up choosing two that she knew that I knew quite well. RWBY, as I can apparently quote almost every line in every season thus far, and gen:LOCK, as we had finished watching the first season (the last episode aired ~2 weeks before she issued this challenge). Ergo, I had ideas. Many, many, ideas. However, I decided on this one.

Before I begin, I would like to say that this starts after the last episode of season 1 of gen:LOCK. However, I am ignoring the fact that Chase exceeded his uptime. And that Leon got stuck in a holon...etc. Also, this starts prior to season 1 of RWBY (though not by much).

Also, here are the pairings that will be happening:

Cammie & Kazu

Yasamin & Chase (I'm sorry for all the Miranda/Chase fans, but after the first episode, I really don't like her…)

Ruby & Oscar (cute! This won't happen for a good long while tho.)

Nora & Ren (never, ever, shall these two be split)

there will prob be more...

Here is a short prologue & Enjoy! (I don't own RWBY or gen:LOCK...they both belong to RoosterTeeth)

"Kazu! Through here!"

"Cammie, come on! Keep running!"

"I'm trying!"

*Boom* Another explosion rang through the base. As she tried to run, Cammie reflected back on everything that has happened to her thus far. She got recruited for this super awesome program called gen:LOCK, made a bunch of friends through training, and made an amazing bunny rabbit mecha. After their last mission, they went back onto their plane to rest up, when an even larger craft grabbed theirs. The larger craft pulled them along, and nothing they could do could stop it. Chase couldn't even enter into his holon to fight this thing off!

A while later, they were brought to this lab facility base thingy. Locked up and tortured, I really don't know how I am still alive. Actually, I'm not sure how any of us are. Valentina, actually, was the one who managed to escape first. She then found the rest of us and picked the locks on our cells. Right now, we are trying to find a way out, though it is quite annoying. We keep finding dead ends or split paths everywhere. There isn't much time to think either, as we have many chasing after us.

We finally found ourselves surrounded in this one room. I look around. There is a portal here! I motioned to Yasamin (who stood next to me). She nodded and got into a position to cover me. I snuck over to the portal and turned it on.

I let out a quiet "Yes!" the moment I hacked my way through to gain access. Now, to plug in the coordinates. And there! Now lets open the gate. I press the button and turn around.

"Cammie, Move!" Shouted Valentina as she pushed me out of the way, taking a shot that was meant for me.

"Val! No!"

"It's alright Bunny. Get everyone through the portal."

"But what about you?"

"Doesn't matter. Kazu, make sure she gets through."

Kazu nodded his head in response.

"Now go!"

Yasamin pushed Chase's body through the portal, followed shortly by Kazu (carrying Cammie). When Val turned to follow, an large blast was sent her way, sending her flying into the control box. Unknowingly to everyone, this scrambled the coordinates and destabilized the machine, sending those inside off to the unknown.