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Later that day.

Cammie P.O.V.

I knock and enter into the topmost room of the tower—the headmaster's office.

"Professor Ozpin?" He nodded at me to continue. "It's not that I'm not grateful or anything, but why did you choose me as team leader? Chase has always been the one leading us, with Yasamin as his back-up. Even Kazu has more experience than me! So, why me?"

As I start asking this question, Ozpin quietly prepared a mug of something, placed it at the edge of the table, and gestured for me to take it and have a seat.

"Miss MacCloud, I'm sure you know as well as I that teams can either be made or broken based upon various situations." I nodded. "In your team's particular case, not only have you just left a war-torn zone, but you have all experienced difficulties, including, though not limited to, torture."

I once again nod my head, but more slowly this time. What is he getting at with mentioning this?

"When the four of you first came to my office, I noticed several things, and these little quirks, as you might call them, have become more and more prevalent with the days following. You all have looked towards Chase as your leader, however, he is currently trying his best to re-adjust having a physical body again. Not only that, but he came from a military background—which I can tell you didn't—and he seems to be currently realizing that he isn't just a tool or a means to an end to protect others, but rather as a human being understanding what it means to really live. Madrani is doing her best to support him through this, but honestly, she is suffering as well. From what I have noticed, she is trying to overcome losing far too much far too quickly."

Okay. I didn't think about it from that point of view, "but what about Kazu? And why me?"

"From what I have perceived about Kazu, he seems to be like the strong, stoic type. The kind who has trouble listening to authority or asking for help." Then Ozpin looks directly at me, staring into my eyes. "You, Cameron MacCloud, are an adaptive sort of person. The kind who can take what is thrown at them, and without pause, throw it straight back. Although you still have much to learn, I think that your adaptability has allowed you to become a point of stability in this team, which may seem a bit ironic. But it is through this way of thinking that had me choose you as your team's leader. I think you will do well."

I head back to the dorm room my team has been assigned, but as I cross the door's threshold, I stare. "What the hell is this? I mean, letting four people of a team stay in one room, I get—we did this back home too—but this room is so small."

"My thoughts exactly," Chase began, "but what do you propose we do about it?"

"Nidanbeddo? Watashitachi wa sorera o kichi ni modoshite imashita. " (Bunk beds? We used to have those back at the base.)

Yasamin shook her head, "I don't see how we can make some stable enough with the supplies that we have."

I thought a bit more on the dilemma. We need the beds to sleep comfortably, but we need the space too...hm.

"Aha!" I exclaim. "Why don't we modify two of the beds to make rollaways (aka. trundle beds)?"

Who knew that there would be a similar conversation with completely different outcome occurring later on in another room?

Honestly, this mini-chapter is also a filler…

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