Hi there, Bartender Dragon readers! Missed this glorious bastard? Yea, I didn't miss me either.

Now, to answer the burning question, WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS STORY?

Well... Not gonna lie, Pidgeon was the driving force behind this, after he took over the physical writing, and I just steered him in the direction I wanted him to go. now Pidgeon joined the army and is making his way through the school for officers. I and hopefully all of you wish him the best of luck on his career path, but sadly that leaves him with no time for writing. Without Pigeon, this just kinda fell by the wayside, so that's that.

Next, is this story dead?

Kinda. Didn't you read the description? I don't blame you. BUT! Do not despair. I have been working on a special super mega awesome re-write! It will be published as a separate story, titled "True Bartender Dragon!". And once I decide to re-werite THAT, it shall be titled "The bartending Dragon of Foaming Beer"! Except not.

The first chapter will be out within the first week of October, so look forward to that, and I hope you will find it better, funnier, and more enjoyable.

If you have any messages for Pigeon, I will pass them along, and if not, and you just want the juicy new story, then, sit tight on your bums, and wait.

NPGamer11 signing out.