Chapter 1: SNAP!

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But as for right now, I like to write a little what if story for Avengers Endgame. Now, for those who have seen Infinity War, you guys know well who died and who lived! But what if, despite the 1 million possibilities that Doctor Strange has foreseen, that the roles were reversed somehow? It's something that's been on my mind for a while now, and I'd like to have it posted now than never.

But just to give off a definite warning; for those who have not seen Avengers Endgame, PLEASE turn away now! This can contain spoilers from the latest MCU installment, and I don't want to have the cinematic experiences to be taken away from something that I enjoy to write! So again, if you have not seen the movie, you have been warned.

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Everyone was defenseless against the might of Thanos as he held five Infinity Stones. Despite their combined efforts, they were picked off one by one like football players getting tackled, and in the end, the Mad Titan used the Time Stone to bring Organic Synthizoid Vision back to life, only just to rip out the Mind Stone out of his head. Now, he had all six Stones, making him one of the most indestructible beings in the Universe when Thor arrived and threw his new weapon, Stormbreaker, right at the Purple Alien's chest. With Thanos struck, Thor moved down to glare at him as he relished in his suffering.

Thor: (Glared at Thanos) I told you... (Put his hand at the back of his enemy's head) You'd die for that. (Pressed his weapon further)

Thanos: (Felt Stormbreaker being pushed further into his chest) AHHHHHHH! (Groans in pain as he tiredly talked to Storm) You... You should have... (Placed a hand on Thor, trying to get a sentence out) You should have... (Turns to Thor coldly, now regained the strength to speak) You should have gone for the Head. (Moves his Infinity Gauntlet up)

Thor: (Sees Thanos Snapping his fingers) NO!

Suddenly, there was a huge flash of light covering everyone's vision, until it vanished, revealing Thanos's left arm containing the Infinity Gauntlet has been severely burned from using all of the Stones' powers as thunder was heard in the background.

Thor: (Looks at Thanos's arm) What did you do? (Turns to Thanos) WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Thanos said nothing, not a word as he used the Space Stone to leave Wakanda, getting Stormbreaker off his chest as Thor stood there, shocked at this sudden development as he had no idea what Thanos had done.

Steve: (Walks over to Thor) Thor? Thor, where did he go?

Bucky: (Is seen walking to Steve) Steve? What's wrong with your arm?

Before the WW2 veteran could ask, he looked at his arm, noticing it quickly turning into ash as both Asgardian and former Hydra Agent watched in horror as one of the best of the Avengers started to become dust.

Steve: (Looks at his hand disappearing, turning to his best friend) Bucky... (Turns to walk towards him, only to fall and disappear entirely)

Bucky: (Sees Steve get Dusted) Steve! (Ran to where his friend stood, finding nothing, but ash) What the hell?

Both Warrior and Soldier were left emotionally stunned at what seemed like a death of the noblest fighter in the World, but as they mourned, half of the Jabari, Dora Milaje, and Border Tribe were seen wiped out from existence while M'Baku, leader of the Jabari, stood helplessly as he watched so many Wakandans fall victim to such an unexplainable series of events. In the jungle where they fought, T'Challa, the Black Panther, King of Wakanda, was seen lying injured on the ground as his loyal servant, Okoye, was seen running towards her King.

Okoye: (Runs to T'Challa) My King! We must move! (Extended her hand to the King) This is no place to die! (Gets T'Challa up, only to be enveloped into Ash)

T'Challa: (Gets Okoye's hand, but fell down as it disappeared, watching in awe as one of his trusted allies faded) Okoye? (Stands up, looking at the spot she stood) Okoye?! (Turns around, seeing the Alien Tree also being affected) Huh?

Groot: (Looks at Rocket as he sat there being sad as he awaited a terrible fate) I am Groot.

Rocket: (Watched Groot slowly becoming nothing, but Ash as he walked to him) Oh, no, no, no! (Tried to touch Groot, but was too late as he disappeared) Groot! no.

T'Challa watched as what seemed like the Talking Raccoon's friend disappeared, as he turned to Natasha Romanoff to ask what was happening, only to find Wanda Maximoff turn into dust as she looked up in the air as if she was looking for Vision in the afterlife, before disappearing without a trace, leaving the dead. Seeing Okoye, the Tree, and Wanda turned to ash, he realized this could be happening at random, which left him with one person he needed to call.

T'Challa: (Widened his eyes in fear) Shuri! (Turns to call Shuri) Shuri!

Falcon: (Groaned as he got up) What the hell's going on?

Rhodey: (Walks to Sam) Sam! Where's Cap?

Falcon: I don't know... I-! (Turns to look at Rhodey, widening his eyes) Whoa, what the hell's wrong with you?!

Rhodey: What? (Looks at himself, finding his legs disappearing) What the... (Turns to look at Sam before he was Decimated)

Sam: (Took his Googles off, watching the War Machine disappear) Rhodes! (Looks around) Rhodey?! Don't play games with me, where the hell are you at?!

T'Challa: (Continues to call his Sister while speaking in the Xhosa language) Shuri, please respond! Shuri, as your King, I demand you to respond right now!

Shuri: (Looked panicked as she answered the call) Brother?

T'Challa: (Speaks English) Shuri! Where are you?! Are you hurt?! Answer me!

Shuri: Brother... It's Ayo, she... She just vanished!

T'Challa: Where are you? Tell me, I'll come get you right now!

Shuri: (Breathed as she looked around the lab, looking at her hand as she too was disappearing) Oh Bast... T'Challa!

T'Challa: (Hears the mic turned into static) Shuri? Shuri, what's happening? (Gets no response as his heart started to shake) Shuri, please answer me! Shuri!

T'Challa then fell on his knees, realizing that his Sister was now one of the Fallen as he knelt his head down, silently crying out tears after enduring so much loss as the remaining Avengers gathered around the King.

Sam: (Turns to look around) Hey, anybody else seen someone got dusted in thin air? What the hell's happening?!

Natasha: (Looks around) Where's Steve?

T'Challa: (Looked up to watch the distance) ...Oh god.

As the team in Wakanda reeled in their defeat, the team on Titan, which consists Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Doctor Strange, and most of the Guardians of the Galaxy have been dealt with sharing their own defeat as thunderstorms reigned in, and Mantis and Drax were already Decimated from the effects of Thanos's Snap as Quill turned to Stark.

Tony: (Looks at Quill) Steady, Quill.

Quill: (Shook his head) Oh man... (Faded in Ashes)

Strange: Tony... (Gets Stark's attention) There was no other way... (Gets Snapped out of existence)

Peter: Stark... (Gets Tony's attention) You uh... You don't look so good!

Tony: (Raises a brow as he looked at his hands, noticing that they're slowly getting turned to ash as he looked at Peter) Well, I'll be damned.

Peter: (Runs to Tony) Mr. Stark, please! Please stay!

Tony: (Shook his head) Sorry kid... (Dusts away in the air)

Peter: (Widened his eyes as his idol just vanished) TONY! (Fell on his knees, completely in shock of what just happened) Tony...

Nebula: (Stares at the ground) He did it...

Peter: (Turns to Nebula) Did what? What did Thanos just do?!

Nebula: His goal was always the same with Stones: wipe out half of all Life in the Universe... What did you think he did?

Peter: (Shook his head) No, no way! No, they can't be dead! They can't be! W-W-What about that Soul Thingy? Don't you think-?!

Nebula: That's not how the Soul Stone works... But it doesn't matter... (Clasped her hands together) Thanos got exactly what he wanted...

Peter: Well, there has to be a way that they're still alive, right?! The Guardian dudes, Doctor Strange, Mr. Stark... They have to be out there somewhere! M-Maybe they got teleported-!

Nebula: The only intention Thanos has ever made was to wipe out half of all life... Everyone that was here, they're gone... (Closed her eyes) Including Gamora...

Peter: Oh god... (Sits down, rubbing his head) Oh man... What do we do now?

As both sides dwelled in the shock of their defeat, Thanos was seen on another Planet, sitting down in a homemade farm he built as he watched the sun over the horizon, making a satisfied smile on his face as he knew he had done his work while back on Earth, The Pym family were seen with Scott as Hope was inside of her Suit.

Scott: (Is seen with Hank and Janet) So tell me again why I'm not going inside the Quantum Realm?

Hank: Your suit still needs to be looked at after having trouble changing size.

Janet: And with me around, hopefully, I can make the Suit's Regulator working properly again.

Scott: Okay, well you can forgive me if I feel like I'm being left out over here.

Hope: (Wears her Wasp Suit) Oh relax, Scott! You've had your thrill of the spotlight, the least you can do is share!

Scott: Okay, okay! But be careful, the Quantum Realm can be a really big place to be in!

Hope: I'm always careful!

Janet: Oh, and watch out for Time Vortexes honey! There's nothing we can do to save you if you get caught.

Hope: (Nodded) Thanks, Mom! (Grabs the cannister) See you guys!

Hank: (Turns to Scott) Scott, would you do the honors?

Scott: (Is handed the button that makes anyone Subatomic) Oh, this is-? (Sees him nodding) Okay! Great! (Takes a deep breath) Okay, going Subatomic in five... (Hope activates her Mask) Four, three, two, one! (Presses the button, making Hope Subatomic)

Hank: (Turns to a mic) Hope, can you read?

Wasp: (Is seen inside of the Quantum Realm) Copy! Scott, you weren't lying when you said the Quantum Realm was big!

Scott: Oh, why would I-! (Gets Hank's attention, reminding him of Germany) Okay, I see the point.

Janet: Hope, did you find the particles?

Wasp: I did! Particle extraction starting now! (Opens up the cannister, absorbing the particles inside of it as she closed it once it was complete) Okay, Particles secure!

Scott: (Is heard in Wasp's comlink) Alrighty! Going back in three, two, on-! (Wasp's comms suddenly gets static)

Wasp: (Hears nothing, but static as she floated inside the Realm) Scott? (Groans) Scott, do not screw with me right now! This is not a joke!

While Wasp was inside, Scott, Hank, and Janet were seen to have disappeared, leaving nothing, but dust floating in the spots that they stood as the youngest of the Van Dyne family continued to call for them, unaware of their fate.

Wasp: Mom? Dad? Hello? Is anyone there?! Scott, I swear to god, if you and Luis are pranking me, I'm going to kill you! Scott?! SCOTT!

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