Chapter 14: The End

Somewhere else in the world, you could see three suits stashed inside of a containment unit. One was the one made by Tony Stark to use in the Avengers Civil War. The other was made out of Iron, the one used in the first fight against Thanos. And last, but not least, the Red and Black suit made by Peter Parker himself as a voice filled the air.

?: You know, I wasn't always a superhero... I had a normal life, despite having my parents die in a plane crash. I went to school like everyone else, I had good grades, good teachers, and good friends even if one of them was socially awkward.

We then see Peter Parker wielding the six Infinity Stones as he did in the last chapter as his voice continued to speak its mind.

Peter: But then I got bit by that Spider... And then my life changed; my Uncle Ben died... I became Spider-Man... And I sort of joined the Avengers, even if it meant everyone was having their own fight club going on at the time. My best friend from school found out who I was. I fought against a Vulture and had a building fall on top of me. And then my Aunt found out who I was, which made her scream the F word out loud. But afterward, I actually became an Avenger the first time around when a flying Donut hovered above New York, and, well... After what everyone went through in the last five years... You could say that everything I went through before was just the beginning what came next.

Parker's voice stopped talking as he was seen making the 3rd Snap in the row, the light blinding everyone around him after he made it.

Once he performed the action, he found himself in a Realm that he never seen before. A world that was Orange all around as the ground itself had water on an endless scale. He looked around his body, seeing every wound inflicted upon him in battle vanish in thin air as he looked pretty okay. He turned to look around, trying to find something in this mysterious world until he froze right where he stood.

From his point of view, a man was seen standing next to a Yellow Pontiac, looking into the abyss as Peter slowly began to walk over to him. The man looks painfully familiar, as well as the car. There was one other person who droved that car, and he instantly knew who it was as he stopped about five feet away from the man, staring at him in bitter disbelief.

Peter: (Stares at the man) ...U-Uncle Ben?

The man turned around, revealing himself none other as Ben Parker, as he looked at his nephew, happy to see him once again.

Ben: (Smiled at Peter) Hey there, kiddo. Long-time no see.

Peter: (Stared at him) H-How?

Ben: How was the library?

Peter: (Blinked) W-What?

Ben: The library. I picked you up there because you were researching the study of Spiders. For a school assignment, I mean. (Folded his arms, smiling) How was it?

Peter: (Looks at the being in front of him, slowly shaking his head) Y-You're not him. He's dead, you're not really Ben. (Looks around in the world he's placed in) This, this is the Stones! They're doing this. (Turns back to Ben) You're not real.

Ben: (Shook his head slowly) No, I'm not... But it can be.

Suddenly, with a flick of his wrists, all six Stones came into view, hovering in the air as between nephew and uncle as Peter looked at them.

Ben: (Looks at Peter as he stared at the Stones) Each Stone has the potential to shape the universe however the user sees fit once they're all combined together... You can also use them to reshape reality as you know it.

Peter: (Stares at the Stones as Ben started to walk next to him) ...I could change my life in a whole new direction... I could recreate the whole day, have myself actually go to the library instead of going to that cage match... And then you'd never get shot by that gunman on the street while you waited for me... (Turns to Ben, his eyes getting watery) I could take everything back...

Ben: (Stares at Peter) But you won't do that... Do you know why you won't do that?

Peter: (Stared at Ben) Because you would never ask me to do that... (Turns to look at the Stones) It wouldn't be right.

Ben: All your life evolving, Ben Parker raised you to do the right thing.

Peter: (Has a tear rolling out of his eye) Even if it hurts to know I can never have you back?

Ben: Every Soul that is made carries another as a part of themselves. Even in death, their legacy lives on in the Souls that they interacted with themselves... And as your real Uncle had once said, "With Great Power..."

Peter: (Nods) "Comes with Great Responsibility".

Ben: (Nodded) Yes, Peter...

Peter: (Nodded as he became very emotional, having tears covering his eyes) Can I still hug you even if you're not really my Uncle?

Ben: If it makes you feel any better than you are right now.

Without anything left to say, Peter hurled himself over to the Cosmic being in disguise, hugging the man who looks like his Uncle as he let the tears pour out of his eyes.

Peter: (Sighs as he hugged his Uncle) I love you, Uncle Ben.

Ben: (Hugs Peter back) I love you too, Peter...

The two stood there until the same light appeared in the realm once more, making it all disappear as we were thrust back into reality, Rocket Raccoon was seen shooting at a Chituari Leviathan charging itself over to him as it attempted to swallow him up, making the little mammal brace himself until it landed. Instead of a crash, dust just swirled in the air around the Raccoon.

Everywhere on the field, Thanos's forces were seen turning into ash as the forces of good looked around, seeing both Chitauri and Sakaaran forces aligned with the Mad Titan disappear while Steve Rogers stood watching right next to Drax. Black Widow was seen doing the same as Sanctuary II was reduced to atoms right behind her, she saw Thanos standing defeated, having let go of the King of Wakanda earlier while he watched his Black Order getting incinerated. Everything bad disappeared as Maw died while trying to walk over to join Thanos, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive shared a tender moment one last time before getting dusted off together.

Thor stood up, walking next to Natasha as they both looked at Thanos as he moved to sit down, groaning in pain as he took everything in, feeling defeat for the first time in years as he rested on the spot he chose. Dust was seen slowly rushing off from the back of his armor, and then into the rest of his body as Thanos rested his eyes, knowing that his destiny was not meant to be as he lowered his head, dying as he received the same kind of treatment he gave to 50% of life in the Universe as he was finally no more.

Once everyone opposing life itself was gone, victory was in favor of the good guys. But there was a cost to that victory, as an extremely wounded Peter Parker was seen staggering his way around the ruins until he could no longer carry the strength to even stand anymore as he fell to the ground, sitting against whatever used to be a part of the Compound.

The side of his arm that was used to Snap Thanos away was heavily burned, as well as part of the side of his body. Lying there weak, all he could do was look straight into the T'Challa as he ran over to Peter. Checking on how wounded he was, he placed a hand on the side of the boy's head. It felt really warm and knew that the one he called a friend was close to near death as Stark arrived, flying over to his protege as he took his helmet off.

Tony: (Walks over to Peter) Parker, Parker! (Knelt in front of him, seeing how bad the kid's wounds were) Shit... (Shoots foam on his wounds as he spoke to his A.I.) Friday?

Friday: Life functions critical.

Tony: Shit, this is bad... This is really, really bad! (Turns to Peter) Hey, look at me. Look at me! Can you hear me? Parker, look at me, dammit!

Peter barely gave a response, as all he could feel right now tremendous, excruciating pain coursing all over his body as he gave out small breathes of air. His ears ringing as he could barely even hear anyone speak, much to the torment that Stark is now having to deal with.

Tony: (Looks at Peter just looking into the air as he bit his lip. Then starts to speak) Hey, you're going be okay... Alright? You're going to be fine, now just stay with us... Come on, don't you see? We won... We freaking won, don't go out on me now! Come on, say something!

Natasha: (Walks over to Tony) Tony...

Tony: Give me a sec, I'm not done!

Natasha: Tony!

Tony: Goddammit, I'm NOT DONE YET! I... (Looks at the kid) I can help him, I...

Natasha: (Placed a hand on his shoulder) You did the best you could... Let me speak to him.

Tony now just looked at him, seeing how severely wounded the kid as he there was nothing else he could have done, but watch. He then started to back away, painfully as Nat knelt down, placing a hand on the boy's chest.

Natasha: (Looks at Peter while she held her hand on his chest) Hey...

Peter: (Breaths in and out slowly, looking at Nat) Nat...

Natasha: (Stared at him, sad at what's happened) Why did you do it? Why did you do that for?

Peter heard what Nat had asked, trying muster up the strength to speak. It was hard, given how much he's weak both physically and mentally. But after a while, he started to slowly speak to her as he gave her the answer.

Peter: W... Whatever... It Takes.

Nat grimaced hearing that said out loud... She started to regret having said that at the beginning of this damn day since it led to Clint dying in Vormir. And now, it got Peter too.

Right now, with nothing left to do, all she did but sit by his side with her hand on his chest as Parker slowly placed his hand on hers.

Natasha: (Looks at Peter) You've done well out there... You really have... (Slowly began to rub the side of his head) You can rest now...

Soon, every one of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy gathered around Spider-Man as he sat on the ground. Hearing her permission to rest, Peter shut his eyes closed and let himself drift to sleep...

A while later, Tony and Pepper were seen flying over to the Stark house camped in the woods as Morgan Stark was seen getting out of the house with Happy Hogan. Seeing her dad as he was in the pictures, she ran over to him, seeing that he's back in the flesh while Pepper introduced Tony to Morgan. Tony knelt down, looking at his Daughter as Morgan did the same with her Dad. Then all they did next was hug each other the family was brought back together.

Then Natasha was seen arriving at the Barton residency. Seeing the Quinjet land, Lila got out of the house and saw her Aunt Natasha out on the field as she and Cooper ran over to hug him, happy to see her here as Romanoff could feel the same. Laura then got out of the house as well, seeing Natasha there, but without Clint... As everyone looked at her, all she did was stare as Laura became emotional. Seeing her heartbreak, Nat did what she had to do and comforted her as the kids huddled together into a hug.

Wanda and Vision were seen in Wakanda, with Shuri seen helping him restore some part of memory as the Wakandan King observed the clinical treatment. As they stood together, Vision had slowly grasped Wanda's hand, conjoining them together as they began to look at each other with a passion.

At San Francisco, Hope and Scott returned home to Cassie, having everyone back together as they sat on the front porch and listened to the fireworks being fired upon in the sky, enjoying each other's company as the night looked young.

Then finally, after some time, everyone was seen gathered together in a room as the voice of Peter Parker filled the air once again.

Peter: (Continues his speech where he left off) In my time as a hero, I learned many things, one of them being everyone wants a happy ending. Sadly it doesn't always turn out that way. Maybe this time it did. I hope that by the end of this week, everything gets put back to the way it was and it all goes back to normal. Or at least as normal as it can get. Man. When I first started off, I was over the moon that I could do all I could and be something other than normal. And for all the times I thought about going back to how I was before the bite, I wouldn't change a thing. I mean, sure, there are a lot of things I could've done differently and better, but then again I wouldn't be who I am and/or turned out to be. Now, I can look back and see how small I actually was compared to everything happening in the universe. I-It's enough to make your head spin, you know? The whole ever ending struggle between good and evil will still rage on and, as a matter of fact, that's the future everyone will have to live with. (Sighs) It's what I'll have to live with for the rest of my life now.

Then at the stage, we can Peter Parker, alive and well while wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of black jeans as he stood in front of an audience of reporters sitting in front him, he pulled down his hoodie's sleeve to show off his new Bionic Arm, causing everyone with a camera to snap pictures of him as he continued to give off his speech.

Peter: (Looks at his Robot Arm as he talked) You know, if I learned I had this... Accelerated Healing Factor in my system earlier in my life, I should have known that I wouldn't be dying out there on that field that day moving forth. But as factors go, it wasn't enough to even heal my arm, so that was why I got a new Winter Soldier Arm. Of course, when I woke up, I was completely shocked by this! So shocked that even when my Aunt May came to find me, she asked me, "Oh my God, what the hell happened to your arm?!" And then I was like, "Well, I survived The Walking Dead, that's what happened!"

There was a burst of laughter that resonated the room as everyone laughed at that joke, his friends and family were seen standing together chuckling at that statement as Peter continued to speak.

Peter: (Chuckled along with everyone else) Yeah, she was so mad at Mr. Stark that day, that I distinctively remember Dr. Banner having to gently hold her back just so she wouldn't murder the poor guy or anything. But then after a while, everyone cooled down and she told me how she's thankful for is that I'm okay. Even if I lost an arm after nearly dying. (Sees a hand pop up) Uh, yes?

Reporter: Hi, April Maye for the Daily Globe. What can you tell us about how you feel now that you stand here having told everyone your identity?

Peter: Well, thanks to my friends after spending time with them for the last few years, I feel like I don't really have to hide who and what I am anymore. And I'm glad to have gotten this off my chest because now, I hope to inspire others as well as Captain America and Iron Man have when I was a kid. I hope to share the example of what it means to be a good person. I hope that everyone learns that they can be their own hero in some shape or form despite who or what we all are. And more importantly, I hope that if there are more people like me may show up one day, they'll live to become greater than what we all are today. Because if it weren't for Clint Barton...

He pressed a button on his Web-Shooters, revealing a picture of Clint as everyone looked from their seats.

Peter: (Looks at Clint's pic) We wouldn't be standing here having this talk right now. (Turns to the group) And yeah, he wasn't necessarily perfect, nor was he the Strongest Avenger. (Makes everyone laugh again as he smiled) But he was a good man... A good man to his friends, family, and to everyone he swore to protect. So... (Gets out a Cherry ICEE) To the loving memory of Hawkeye!

Soon after, everyone clapped their hands hearing that sentiment. Then afterward, everyone regrouped outside in a cemetery and watched Clint's casket being carried with a bow and arrow placed inside as everyone stood where they were. Both Avengers and Guardians, including Doctor Strange and Wong, Scott Lang and the Van Dynes, King T'Challa, Princess Shuri, and Okoye, the Barton Family, Maria Hill, Thaddeus Ross because of some mutual respect he's had for him, Carol Danvers, and Nick Fury as they all watched the casket getting buried into the dirt.

A while later, everyone met up inside of a coffee shop as most of the originals huddled around Clint's picture with the Barton family, Peter was seen sitting down at a table with a cup in his hand, watching how everyone was reunited once more as he sat alone until Shuri walked over to him.

Shuri: (Walks over to Peter) Hi.

Peter: (Turns to Shuri, happy to see her) Hi.

Shuri: (Smiled) May I sit next to you?

Peter: (Nodded) Of course. Go ahead.

Shuri: (Sat next to Peter while looking at him) So... That was an impressive speech you had there.

Peter: Thanks. (Turns to Shuri) How are you doing so far?

Shuri: I think I should be the one to be asking you that question.

Peter: Why? Because of my C-3P0 arm?

Shuri: No, because of the reason why you lost your arm! You could have seriously died.

Peter: Yeah, or lose an eye, according to Doctor Banner.

Shuri: Hey, I'm being serious! What you did back there... It was...

Peter: (Raises a brow) Spectacular?

Shuri: (Smiled) Selfless. I'm not even sure you would have survived if you didn't get bit by that Spider.

Peter: Are you theorizing that it was the Spider that saved my life back there?

Shuri: In a way, yes.

Peter: Well, I'm grateful. But I can't take all the credit in using that glove. After all, Hulk survived because of Gamma Radiation, due to the Stones-!

Shuri: Having Gamma radiation emitting from within. Which by the way, you guys could have made the glove more efficient.

Peter: How? It worked fine.

Shuri: You know, I have no idea how many times I have to tell my Brother something about just because something works-!

Peter/Shuri: Doesn't mean it can't be improved!

Shuri: (Blinked) Wow, he remembered?

Peter; Yeah, he told me that when I upgraded my Suit sometime before all this...

Shuri: You upgraded your Suit?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah, I have.

Shuri: On your own?

Peter: Why? Didn't T'Challa make his own suits?

Shuri: Oh, you wanna know who created his suit?

Peter: (Nodded) Shoot me.

Shuri: You're staring right at her!

Peter: Oh! Okay, that is so cool-!

The two continued to talk as T'Challa and Tony watched from the other side of the shop, seeing them getting along so well.

Tony: (Sees the two talk) Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm sensing some kind of Adam and Eve vibe from those two.

T'Challa: (Nodded) Peter is a good person, has a good heart...

Tony: Of course he does.

T'Challa: My sister shares the same, along with intellect.

Tony: Oh, so she and him would get along just fine then? Aren't you a bit worried?

T'Challa: (Turns to Tony) Having been traveling the world with your former Protege for the last five years, and having seen what he's done to win the battle, I'd say my sister is in good hands if they do start a relationship.

Peter: (Still talking to Shuri) Okay, favorite scientist on three! Three, two, one-!

Peter/Shuri: Reed Richards! (Both them become hyped up) Heeeey!

Tony: (Sighs as he looked at Peter) Isn't it weird that he looks so much older than he used to be before?

T'Challa: A lot has changed, yes. But he is still the same person you knew, only better.

Tony: (Nodded as he looked at Peter's new arm) Yeah, I can already tell...

Morgan: (Sees her dad) Daddy!

Tony: (Turns to see Morgan) And here's my cue. (Pats the king's back) See you around, your highness.

He turned to leave so he could pick up his Daughter.

Tony: (Picks up Morgan) Oh, what are you doing hanging around the crowd, little miss?

Morgan: Looking for you.

Tony: Looking for me, huh? Wow, you love your daddy, huh?

Morgan: (Smiles) I love you 3000.

Tony: (Is stunned by the sentiment) 3000? Wow, that is... Crazy. (Smiled) Alright, what do you want to eat?

Morgan: Cheeseburgers.

Tony: Cheeseburgers? Oh, how about a million cheeseburgers, hmm? I'll get you all the cheeseburgers you want!

Morgan: Okay.

While Morgan had her father carry her out of the shop, Natasha was with Hulk watching the Barton family while they stood behind them.

Natasha: (Looks at Clint's picture) It's hard to believe he's gone.

Hulk: (Nodded) I know... (Turns to Nat) You know, I tried... When I had the Gauntlet, the Stones, I've really tried to bring him back.

Natasha: (Looks at Bruce, nuzzling his hand) You did the best you could... (Sighs as she looked back at the picture) ...You know, I wish there was some way to tell him... (Turns to Hulk) That we did it.

Hulk: (Nodded) I'm getting the impression he already does.

At New Asgard, Thor was seen on a hill overlooking his recently repopulated Kingdom while wearing a pair of shades, listening to the sounds of the pigeons flying in the air while the docks rang their machinery, and the wind blowing in the air as Valkyrie walked over to join him.

Valkyrie: (Stood next to Thor) So... When can we expect you back?

Thor: Umm... (Turns to Valkyrie) About that...

Valkyrie: (Smiles) Thor, the people need a King.

Thor: (Turns to Valkyrie) No, they already have one.

Valkyrie: (Laughs a little) That's funny.

She gave out another laugh, standing on her spot to look at the small town of New Asgard before turning back to Thor, who had no funny look on his face.

Valkyrie: (Sees Thor's expression) Are you being serious?

Thor: (Nods as he turned to look at New Asgard) It's time to be who I am, rather than who I'm supposed to be... (Turns to Valkyrie) But you? You're a leader, that's what you are...

Valkyrie: (Turns to look at New Asgard) ...You know I'll make a lot of changes around here?

Thor: Oh, I'm counting on it. (Looks at Val) Your majesty.

He stared at her, offering a handshake in which she happily accepted as she was now deemed the official ruler of Asgard.

Valkyrie: (Sighs as she looked at Thor) What will you do?

Thor: I'm not sure. (Looks into the horizon) For the first time in a thousand years, I have no path. I do have a ride though.

He turned around to look at the Benatar, which was sitting on top of a cliff while Rocket was standing outside waiting for him.

Rocket: (Gestures Thor to follow) Move it or lose it, Hair bag.

Thor: (Nods at the Rabbit before turning to Valkyrie) So... I'll be seeing you around.

Valkyrie: (Nods) Yeah... I'll see you...

They both stood together for just one moment... One moment together on a cliff before Thor began to slowly press his face close to hers.

Valkyrie: (Sees Thor about to kiss her) Whoa!

Thor: (Stands back) Oh! Uh-!

Valkyrie: What are you doing?

Thor: Oh, I thought this was-!

Valkyrie: No, not that!

Thor: No, of course.

Valkyrie: No, this was just a friendly conversation.

Thor: Among friends, of course, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-!

Valkyrie: Oh, it's all good!

Thor: Really?

Valkyrie: Yeah, it's all good.

Thor: Okay, great!

Valkyrie: Fantastic.

Rocket: For the love of God, seriously!

Thor: (Rubs his head) So, good luck with the kingdom, your majesty.

Valkyrie: Good luck on your trip!

They both moved separate ways as Rocket introduced Thor inside of the Benatar, Peter Quill was seen looking for any clues as to where Gamora has went as he sat in his chair, listening to the sounds of his friends coming in so he could get rid of the picture.

Thor: (Comes inside) Well, here we are! (Sees Groot) Tree! Good to see you! (Drops his bag on the table) Well... (Takes his shades off) The Asgardians of the Galaxy are back together again! (Pats on Quill's shoulder) So, where to first? (Works the galactic map)

Quill: (Sees Thor touching his stuff without permission) Hey. (Swipes back to where he left off) Just so you know, this is my ship still, I'm in charge.

Thor: (Turns to Quill) I know, I know, of course, you are! Of course. (Swipes the map again)

Quill: (Sees Thor do it again) See, you say of course, but you touch the map. (Swipes the map) It makes you think that maybe you don't realize that I was in charge.

Thor: Quail, you wrote in-!

Quill: Quail?!

Thor: Too many securities in there, okay? I'm gonna be your travel service assistant

Quill: Quill!

Thor: It's what I said.

Drax: (Looks at Thor and Quill) You should fight one another for the honor of leadership.

Nebula: Sounds fair.

Quill: (Looks around) Oh... (Turns to look at the map) It's not necessary.

Thor: It's not.

Quill: Okay?

Rocket: I got some blasters unless you guys wanna do knives?

Mantis: Oh, yes, please!

Drax: Yeah, knives.

Groot: (Smiles) I am Groot.

The two stood side by side hearing their own team encouraging them to fight to the death, making them both laugh in agreement that they don't want to fight each other.

Quill: No, no, it's not necessary!

Thor: No, there shall be no knifing one another! Everybody knows, heh, Who's in charge.

Quill: (Hears the statement said aloud, making him reclarify) Me. (Looks at Thor) Right?

Thor: (Turns to Quill, not exactly on board with that idea) Y-Yes, you! (Laughed bitterly) Of course! (Looks at Quill) Of course... Of course.

Back in the ruins of the Avengers Compound, Damage Control was seen repairing what was done from Thanos's initial attack as Steve Rogers looked out into the lake while Hulk, Sam, Bucky, and Peter were seen returning the Stones to where they belong.

Hulk: Coming back three, two, one!

Peter: (Shrunk back to size as he took his helmet off) That was pretty easy.

Steve: How do you feel?

Peter: Just like the last time, pretty great! Although, it's kinda sad to send Mjolnir away.

Sam: You never needed that Hammer anyway. Got those webs to send you flying!

Peter: Yeah, I do have that.

Sam: Yeah, why don't you head home now? We'll look into that Guy with the Claws thing you and the King were looking int.

Peter: That would be great! So, um... Does anyone want to take me back home?

Bucky: Sure! Come on.

Sam: Can we tag along?

Bucky: No, this is for exclusive members of the Robot Arm club only.

Sam: Oh, I see how it is! I see how it is!

Hulk: (Looks at the two leaving while standing next to Steve) You know, I might as well be joining them soon enough.

Steve: (Turns to Bruce) You're getting one too?

Hulk: Eh, depends on how my arm turns out. Nothing to worry about.

Sam: (Walks over to Rogers and Banner) So, what now?

Hulk: Now, we're done here!

Sam: I meant with the base? I mean, it's all messed up now, shouldn't we be fixing it?

Steve: Maybe... But not today.

Hulk: Yeah, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and settle down somewhere once this all blows over.

Sam: Okay. (Turns to Steve) Cap, what do you want to do?

Steve: (Sighs) You know? I think I might just do the same...

Sam: You serious?

Steve: I am... (Walks over to pick up a bag) Just like I was when I told you the day on the battlefield that was yours.

He pulled the rag off, revealing a fully repaired Vibranium Shield as Wilson took a look at it.

Sam: (Looks at the Shield, turning to Cap) Steve, you can't be-!

Steve: I've done all I can do for the world... But I'm sure there's plenty more for you out there. (Hands the Shield over to him) And I'm sure this will be in good hands.

Wilson slowly took the Shield into his possession, feeling the handle on his arm as he stood in front of Rogers.

Sam: (Looks at the Shield) Hmm...

Steve: So? How does it feel?

Sam: Like it belongs to someone else.

Steve: (Shook his head) It's all you now.

Sam: (Smiled) Thank you, sir, I'll make you proud.

Steve: I know you will.

They both stood together looking at the lake as the sun shined on another beautiful day, with the future looking bright as a new chapter into everyone's lives were about to begin...

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