Chapter 2: Nightmare

Later, everyone has regrouped at the New Avengers Facility in Upstate New York as T'Challa and Natasha had looked over the population of the world dropping at an accelerated rate.

T'Challa: (Folded his arms as he watched populations in foreign countries drop increasingly) This is a nightmare.

Natasha: (Looks over the World's population being depleted) I've had better nightmares.

Sam: (Walks over to the two) Yo! (Gets their attention) So that 25-year-old Pager Fury had with him, it just dropped dead.

T'Challa: (Turns to Sam) Let us see.

The two went to join Banner and Wilson as they saw the Pager that originally emitted a Yellow Star had turned off.

Natasha: (Walks inside) What do we got?

Bruce: (Turns to the Pager) Whatever signal it was sending finally cracked out.

T'Challa: What about the battery? I thought we bypassed it.

Sam: We did. It's still plugged in, but it just stopped.

Natasha: (Sighs) Reboot it, send the signal again.

Bruce: Well, we don't even know what this is!

Sam: Can we just say it's some kind of weird looking Pager?

Bruce: Or a modified, highly advanced Pager, we could call it that.

T'Challa; (Folded his arms) Give it to me. I'll have it properly analyzed in Wakanda.

Natasha: (Turns to T'Challa) T'Challa, I want to know who's Fury been contacting as much as you do, but I need you to trust us-!

T'Challa: (Turns to Natasha) It's not that I don't trust you to get it working, Romanoff. It's just I don't trust you to get it working faster.

Sam: I'm sorry, but isn't your country having a lot more problems than making a phone call?

Natasha: Sam!

Sam: What? I'm sorry, but haven't we all lost a lot lately?

T'Challa: We have, but I'll tell Shuri-! (Stopped where he was) ...Whatever is left of my Sister's team, that this is an important matter.

Natasha: Listen, you don't have to-!

T'Challa: I want to... I have as much a right to find who's on the other end of that message.

He turned around to leave, only to find a Blonde woman wearing a Blue and Red Suit, who has a similarly Golden Star Emblem on her chest as everyone turned to find her standing behind them.

Carol: (Looks at the Avengers) Where's Fury?

In Space, Peter and Nebula were seen inside of the Benatar sitting on a table playing Jenga through the use of Holoprojections as Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic was played in the background.

Nebula: (Takes out one block, only for all the pieces to fall down) UGH!

Peter: (Sees Nebula being angry) Hey, hey! Don't fret, the game isn't over, you just lost a round! I just lost two, so you're still good! (Restarts the holoprojection) Now first off, you don't ever want to get the pieces out from the bottom, because otherwise, everything just falls apart, and that's one way to lose! Now, let's try again. You first.

Nebula: (Takes one piece off from the top) Rrr!

Peter: Top piece? (Gets one piece from the middle) Now, that's a good start.

Nebula: (Takes one piece from one inch above the block Peter got) Rgh!

Peter: (Takes the piece out from the bottom) Okay, now you're trying to take me down, that's good for you.

Nebula: (Takes a second piece out from the same side) Rgh!

Peter: Okay, now you got me at a standstill, you're the verge of winning. (Takes one more piece, and the blocks fall down) Okay, and I'm beat! You won.

Nebula: (Watches the pieces fall down) I don't understand the meaning of this game.

Peter: Well the meaning of any game like this, in particular, isn't about winning! It's all about having fun! So... (Offers a handshake) Had fun?

Nebula: (Nodded as she slowly accepted the handshake) It was fun.

Peter: Great! I thought that was fun too...

Time progressed as Peter and Nebula were seen sharing food with each other, and tried fixing the ship together so they could get back to Earth, and then Peter was seen wearing the Iron Spider suit trying to fix the Benatar from the outside as he floated in Space.

Peter: (Is seen in the Iron Spider Suit as he watched the Stars) So... From what the Blue Scary Lady said, it's been 22 days since we've been out here, and it's almost amazing because, to me, it feels like months since we lost everyone... The Star Guy, Red Tattoo Guy, Antenna Lady, Doctor Strange... Mr. Stark... (Peter is seen sitting on a chair) You know, if it were anything else, I'd be talking like crazy, asking how many Planets there are, and if there was a time that everyone fought against a weapon called the Death Star, but... (Sighs) Honestly, after everything I've been through, I don't think I'm really up for asking any of that... In fact, I don't really feel like talking about the fact that food and water ran out like four days ago, and the fact that Oxygen levels are almost running out to a point that we're going to be out of all of it tomorrow morning. And you know, we'd be heading back to Earth by now if the Spaceship I'm on wasn't damaged in battle, so that sucks... (Bites his lip) Of course, I could use the New Suit Mr. Stark gave me to help me breathe, but then the Blue Lady wouldn't have oxygen, and then I'd be left alone in an empty ship... Waiting to starve. (Folded his arms) And the scary part isn't just about dying... It's what my Aunt May would do if I were gone... Or my friends at school... But if she was dusted? What if even if I did get back, everyone I've ever known is just gone? That's what scares me... What would I even do if they're gone? (Rubbed his eyes) I don't even know what to do now... (Turns to press on his Spider Emblem) What do you think, Karen?

Karen: (Is heard from the suit) Honestly, I'm not sure what else there is to do, Peter.

Peter: (Sighs) Yeah, of course, you don't. (Rubbed his face) Well... Is there a way to get a message back to Earth?

Karen: At this distance, it would take 800 light years for the message to be received.

Peter: Oh, that's a long time... Okay, screw it... Aunt May, Ned... I'm really sorry I didn't stay on the bus... (Tears up) And uh... I'm going to miss you both. (Sniffed as he rubbed his eyes) Did you get that?

Karen: I did... Sending the message now.

Peter: (Nodded) Thanks, Karen. (Sighs as he covered his face) Thanks... (Turns to Nebula) Hey, um, I'm going to be outside, take one more look at the stars, and then I'll come back for you, okay?

Nebula: (Nodded) Okay.

Spider-Man: (Sighs as he put the Mask back on) I'll be back.

The young teen then went back outside to crawl on top of the Benatar and sits down, hugging his knees as he stared at the stars.

Spider-Man: (Stares at the Stars) Okay Karen, I just need one more thing.

Karen: What do you need?

Spider-Man: Can you set an alarm? Make it an hour before we run out of Oxygen? I wanna be with Blue Lady when it happens.

Karen: Setting a timer now. Have a good sleep, Peter.

Spider-Man: Thanks, Karen... And for what it's worth, it's been nice knowing you.

And so, the teenager sat on top of the ship looking at the stars until he passed out. His feet helping him not move out of the ship and float in Space as he sat there, sleeping until a light was shone in his face. At first, his head twitched trying to move his eyes out of the light until his pupils slowly opened, seeing a bright light floating in front of him and the Benatar as he looked at it. The light then moved on top of the ship, going to Peter as part of the brightness cleared out, revealing Carol Danvers staring back at Peter as she made a small smile at him.

Back at the Avengers Facility, T'Challa was seen sitting down on a table looking over a picture of him and his family, seeing his parents and his sister together being happy until he heard a noise. He stood up, turning to listen as he heard it was coming from the sky as Carol was seen flying back carrying a damaged Benatar. Soon, everyone got out to see, including Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan as they were looking for Tony, only to find Peter and Nebula walking off the ship's ramp as most of the team saw the young hero with his mask.

Pepper: (Sees Peter) Peter! (Turns to run over to him) Peter!

T'Challa: (Looks at Peter) Do we know this child?

Natasha: Tony did. Apparently, he's this Spider-Person everyone talked about on social media.

Bucky: (Raises a brow) Seriously? That's the kid who webbed me and Sam back in Germany?

Peter: (Sees Happy with Pepper) H-Happy?

Happy: (Sees Peter) Good to have you back! Come on, let's you get back inside-!

Pepper: Wait, where's Tony? (Everyone started to gather around as she turned to Peter) Peter, where's Tony?

Peter: (Looks at everyone who was staring at him) ...He's gone... (Starts tearing up) S-Stark, he's gone... I-I couldn't-! (Fell to the ground) I couldn't help him... I didn't know what to do, h-he just-!

Pepper: (Gasps) Oh god. (Turns to Happy) Oh my god!

Happy: (Starts hugging her) It's okay... It's gonna be okay.

Peter: (Knelt down on the ground while the Avengers approached him) I tried... I tried, but I lost him!

T'Challa: Hey... (Placed a hand on Peter's shoulder) It's alright... There was nothing no one could have done.

Peter looked at T'Challa before moving to hug him. Despite being startled by this, the King moved to hug him back just for comfort while Rocket walked over and sat down next to Nebula. Having seen no sign of his friends, he only took Nebula's hand as a comfort. That night, everyone just stood on the field trying to comfort each other...

The next day, everyone gathered inside of the facility as they looked over all the people that were Decimated by Thanos as pictures of the Fallen surface in the room.

Sam: (Is looking over pictures) Okay, so it's been 23 days since Thanos came to Earth.

Natasha: World governments are in pieces... The parts that are still working are trying to take a census, and... (Bucky sighed as he saw Steve's picture) He did exactly what he said he was gonna do. (T'Challa sadly looked at a picture of his Sister) Thanos wiped out... (Carol even was at a loss when she saw Fury's picture in one of them) 50% of all living creatures.

Bucky: (Rested the back of his hands on his chin) ...Alright, well, do we know where he is yet?

Sam: Not really, but with the Kid back, maybe he could tell us something.

T'Challa: That's not an option.

Rocket: Why not? He could tell us where Thanos is!

T'Challa: Unlike Tony Stark, I'm not going to endanger a child's life by fighting a war he does not understand!

Rocket: I'm sorry, how old was your sister again?

Sam: Okay, seriously? You're gonna go with this shit and act like an asshole?

Rocket: Well, I'm sorry! It's not like I just found out that everyone I have ever known, including Groot, just turned into Dust!

Carol: Yeah, well you better keep your temper in check, or otherwise, I'm gonna have to punch you back into Space! Your attitude's not helping anyone!

Rocket: No, certainly not Kevin Bacon.

Sam: (Raises a brow) Do you even know who Kevin Bacon is?

Rocket: Yeah, he's been said to be part of the Avengers! Assuming he's ain't one of the poor Humies that got turned to ash.

Bucky: Look, I get not bringing in the kid, I get that! But maybe if we could just ask him where Thanos is-!

Peter: (Is seen in the room) I don't know where he is. (Gets everyone's attention) Thanos only said that once he was done, he said he was going to finally rest, but he never said where.

Carol: Are you sure he didn't say anything else while you fought him?

Peter: Fought him? I didn't fight him. I played dodgeball with pieces of a moon he cheese cubed and hurled at me while he was busy wiping the ground with Mister Stark's nuclear bomb proof suit and made the wizard guy give him the Mcguffin. Now, how do we find him?

Bruce: Okay, slow down turbo! You just got back after three weeks in Space!

Peter: Yeah, and I have like 3 more meals to eat before I'm not starving anymore! (Walks in) But that doesn't mean I don't want to help find him!

Natasha: (Sighs) Look, kid, we appreciate the help, but-!

Peter: But nothing! Look, Thanos took everything from us! So we need to find the Stones and make him give it all back!

T'Challa: And we will! But you have already been in a fight against Thanos, there is no need for you to be in another!

Peter: And that goes the same for all of you guys?

Rocket: Eh, he's got a point.

Sam: Hey, Honey Badger! Not helping here!

Rocket: What? What did I say?!

Peter: Look, guys! It's okay if I come with you, I'm an Avenger now!

Bucky: Who the hell made you one?

Peter: T-Tony Stark did.

Natasha: (Rolls her eyes) Of course he did.

Peter: What? Tony Stark was a smart guy, wasn't he?

Carol: Yeah, but from where I'm standing, he wasn't very bright about making choices.

Peter: Listen, I have fought a guy who dressed like a Vulture! And for everyone who was at the Airport in Germany, you guys should know I can take care of myself! Just give me a chance!

T'Challa: (Turns to Peter) We don't doubt your abilities, but perhaps it is best that you consider resting after being in Space for so long.

Natasha: And besides, you need to be with family rather than go off fighting.

Peter: Well, that's fine! I can just call Aunt May, and tell her I'm fine! (Turns to Happy) Hey, Happy! I lost my phone somewhere, can you call my Aunt?

Happy: (Widened his eyes) Shit.

Peter: Great! (Turns to the Avengers) Anyway, as I was-! (Raises a brow) Wait... (Turns to Happy) What did you mean by "Shit"?

Happy: (Rubbed his head) Crap, how do I put it this way?

Peter: Happy... My Aunt May is okay... Right? Happy, you checked on her while I was gone, didn't you?

Happy: (Nodded) I did.

Peter: And?

Happy: (Takes a deep breath as he looked at Peter) And... She wasn't at the apartment like she usually was.

Rocket: Oh boy.

Peter: (Blinked as he just stood there) W-Well... Did you call her? I mean, maybe she was trying to look for me!

Happy: I tried.

Peter: Okay, did you look for her? S-She doesn't go out of Queens that much!

Happy: Peter, I did.

Peter: Okay, then has she called you?! Maybe she called you! O-Or even drove all the way up here! (Turns to the others) Did any of you see you leave her car parked out somewhere-?!

Happy: Peter, I'm telling you! I looked everywhere! I called, I checked if she called back, she never responded! (Sighs) I'm sorry, but maybe you should consider-!

Peter: (Turns around) No, no, no! No, she can't be! Not again! (Starts getting short out of breath) She can't be gone! No, she can't!

Rocket: (Raises a brow) Is it me? Or is he losing some breath over here?

Natasha: (Nodded as she got off her seat) Peter, breathe.

Peter: (Shook his head) She has to be out there somewhere, I know it!

Sam: (Walks over to Parker) Kid, calm down!

Peter: No, you don't understand! I-I can't lose her! I can't! (Starts getting dizzy) Not like-!

Natasha: (Walks over to Peter) Peter!

Peter: (Starts to faint) Not like Ben. (Fell down)

Sam: (Sees Parker fell unconscious) Damn...

Happy: (Watched as everyone gathered around Peter lying on the floor) I'm sorry... (Gets everyone's attention) I was going to tell him sooner, but then... (Sighs) Tony...

Natasha: (Nodded as he looked at the kid) Let's get him to bed.

Soon, they put Peter to rest inside the med bay as Bruce came back with a diagnosis.

Bruce: (Walks back to the group) Alright, I checked what happened, and it looked like he experienced a panic attack.

Bucky: You sure he isn't about to have his atoms just torn apart like what Thanos did with 50% of everyone else?

Bruce: Well, if he was, he would have done that by now. (Shook his hand) Don't worry, nobody's gonna have any Cosmic side effects thereafter if we start having any emotional attacks.

Sam: (Shook his head) So... His Aunt's gone, so does he have anyone else we could contact?

Natasha: (Shook her head) No, I checked all of Stark's files, and the kid's family had numerous tragedies even before the Decimation.

Bruce: Like what?

Natasha: Well, his parents died in a plane crash, and his uncle, Ben, died of a gunshot wound in Queens.

T'Challa: So he has no one?

Natasha: (Shook her head) No... He doesn't...

Sam: Wow, and Thanos thought that we'd be grateful for what he did?

Carol: (Looks at Peter sleeping in bed) Okay... (Turns to the group) Well, you guys take care of him, and I'll bring in a Missouri and an Elixir when I come back. (Turns to leave)

T'Challa: (Turns to Carol) Where are you going?

Carol: To kill Thanos.

Sam: (Turns to look at Carol) Wow, she really is new to all this.

Natasha: (Turns to Carol) Hey! (Gets Carol's attention) You know, we usually work as a team here, and uh... Between you and I, we're also a little fragile.

T'Challa: We understand that up there is your border, but you are not leaving without us finishing our fight.

Bucky: You even know where she is?

Carol: I know people who might.

Nebula: (Is seen standing in a corner) Don't bother. (Gets Carol, Natasha, and T'Challa's attention) I can tell you where Thanos is.

Everyone regrouped back to the room to hear what Nebula had to say.

Nebula: (Looks at a table in front of her) Thanos spent a long time trying to perfect me. When he worked he talked about his great plan. Even disassembled, I wanted to please him. I'd ask "Where would we go once this plan was complete?" His answer was always the same... "To the garden."

Sam: Oh, so Thanos has a retirement plan? Who knew?

T'Challa: Where is he?

Rocket: (Climbs on top of the table) When Thanos Snapped his fingers, Earth became ground zero for a power surge of ridiculously cosmic proportions. No one's ever seen anything like it, until two days ago. (Shows another Planet) On this Planet.

Nebula: Thanos is there.

Natasha: (Look at the Planet's energy surge) He used the Stones again.

Bruce: Hey, hey... (Turns to the group) We'd be going in shorthanded, you know?

Bucky: Look, he's still got the Stones, so...

Carol: So, let's get them. Use them to bring everyone back.

Bruce: Just like that?

T'Challa: Yes... Just like that.

Natasha: Even if there's a small chance that we can undo this, I mean, we owe it to everyone who's not in this room to try.

Sam: Listen, I ain't scared to go into fighting against some big Purple asshole, but how do we know this won't turn out like it did the last time?

Carol: Because before, you didn't have me.

T'Challa: (Turns to Carol) Each of us all wants to fight for what is right as you do, but may I ask where have you been this entire time during all the attacks that took place on this World?

Carol: (Turns to T'Challa) There are a lot of other planets in the universe, and unfortunately, they didn't have you guys.

Everyone went quiet after that and did nothing until Thor stood up and walked over to Danvers, standing before her as he lifted his hand to get Stormbreaker, which flew dangerously close to her, but yet the Half-Human, Half-Kree did not flinch as the Asgardian eyed her closely.

Thor: (Sighs as he looked at Carol, who gave a little smile) I like this one.

Sam: (Folded his arms) When do we leave?

T'Challa: (Turns to Rocket and Nebula) Can you get the ship to fly again?

Rocket: Give me an hour, and I'll get the engines working again! Then afterward, we can all get on board and pay Thanos a *pleasant* visit.

Peter: (Is seen in the room) Count me in...

Bucky: (Turns to Peter, raising a brow) You're up early.

Peter: Yeah, that's the good thing about getting bit by a Radioactive Spider.

Natasha: Peter, listen-!

Peter: No, you guys listen to me! Thanos didn't just take away Mr. Stark and Captain America, he took away my Aunt May! And if there's a chance we could get everyone back, then I'm coming with you! And there's nothing you can do to stop me!

Sam: This kid isn't gonna stop, is he?

Nebula: I wouldn't.

T'Challa: (Turns to Peter) Everyone here has known someone being taken away by Thanos, so I'd say he comes with us.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) R-Really?

T'Challa: On one condition... (Walks over to him) If we allow you to come with us, then you will stay by our side, and our side only! Understood?

Peter: (Nodded his head without arguing) Yeah, I got it!

T'Challa: Alright... (Turns to Nat) Natasha.

Natasha: (Nodded as she looked at the Planet Thanos is hiding on) Let's get this bastard.

Later, the Benatar was seen flying up from the Earth's surface and into the outside of its atmosphere as everyone was seen strapped inside, ready to fight.

Rocket: (Is seen driving) Okay... (Turns to the team) Who here hasn't been to Space? (Sees Black Panther, Falcon, White Wolf, and Widow raise their hands) You better not throw up on my ship.

Sam: (Sees Peter taking in deep breaths) You breathing okay?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah! Yeah, it's just the last time I've been on board, I've spent three weeks floating in Space, so uh...

Carol: Goosebumps?

Peter: (Nodded) Yeah... Yeah, it's nothing! I'm all good!

Nebula: (Works the throttle) Approaching Jump in three, two, one! (Boosted the ship)

Peter: (Gets pushed back by how fast the ship was) Whoa! Oh my god, this is so fast!

Bucky: What's wrong? I thought you've been to Space before?

Peter: Not going this fast! Holy crap!

The team traveled through the Jump Points, before arriving at the Planet that Thanos was hiding on as Captain Marvel was outside flying in front of the ship.

Captain Marvel (Flew away from the ship) I'll head down to recon. (Flew down into the Planet)

Sam: (Sees her flying at high speed) Well, she's pretty fast too.

Peter: Yeah, faster than Thor!

Thor: (Turns to Peter) Hey.

Peter: (Widened his eyes) N-Not that I meant any offense at all! Y-You're pretty cool too! Also, it's n-nice meeting you, I'm-!

Thor: (Shook his head) No need to greet yourself, I know who you are, Man of Spiders.

Peter: (Blinked) Man of Spiders? (Made a small chuckle) Wow, Man of Spiders, that uh... That also rhymes. (Nodded) Nice haircut, by the way, it looks good!

Natasha: (Looks at Peter before turning to T'Challa) You sure it was a good idea to bring him along?

T'Challa: I've kept tabs on each person Stark allied himself with, and from what I have seen, he is known to be very persistent. (Looks at the world Thanos is hiding in) Besides... He has a right to be here along with everyone else when we find Thanos and make him answer for what he's done.

Natasha: (Walked over to T'Challa as he looked down at the Planet) T'Challa... This plan is going to work.

T'Challa: It has to... (Turns to Nat) Because I don't know what I would do if I don't get my family back.

Captain Marvel: (Flew back to the Milano) No satellites, no ships... No armies, no ground defense of any kind, it's just him.

Nebula: Then that's enough.

Meanwhile, on the world we see shows a beautiful field with lakes that share the same waterfall, as Thanos was seen walking over to a plant to pick it up and then walk back into his personal farmhouse, cooking it all by himself.

As he did so, part of his face looked like it had been burnt off from a large amount of energy as the Titan looked over his food, until he looked up to find Captain Marvel shooting Photon Blasts at him, disrupting his peace.

Thanos: (Covers himself from the blasts) Ah! (Turns to look up, only to be tackled by the Ex-Kree Imperial) Ugh! (Turns to fight back, only to have Carol holding him back by the neck while her foot was set on the Infinity Gauntlet) Gah! (Sees Banner emerging to grab the Gauntlet) Rah!

Bucky: (Shows up to hold Thanos's other arm) Grr!

Thor: (Shows up with Stormbreaker, and moved to swing at Thanos's left arm) Rah!

Thanos: (Gets his arm cut off) AHHHHHHHH!

Thanos growled in pain while the rest of the remaining Avengers walked inside as Rocket ran over to where the Gauntlet was to flip it over, only to find no Infinity Stones inside.

Rocket: (Sees no Stones) Oh no...

Black Widow: (Looked at Panther, before turning to Thanos) Where are they?

Captain Marvel: (Held Thanos's neck tighter) Answer the question!

Thanos: (Growled in pain) The universe required correction. After that, they served no purpose beyond temptation.

Bruce: YOU MURDERED TRILLIONS! (Shoved Thanos into the ground)

Thanos: (Groaned as he looked at the group) You should be grateful.

Spider-Man: Grateful? GRATEFUL?! (Activate Instant Kill and his Pincers, charging at Thanos) RAAHHH!

Black Panther: (Sees him charging at Thanos ready to kill) Peter, no! (Holds him back)

Falcon: (He and Bucky help the King out as they held him back) Calm down, kid!

Spider-Man: (Is held back by Black Panther, Falcon, and Bucky as he glared at Thanos) You killed my Aunt! She was the only family I've had left, and YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME! YOU-! (Suddenly starts running out of breath) You... You took everything...

Bucky: (Hears him running out of breath) Here we go again!

Falcon: Lay him down! Parker lay down!

Black Panther: (Laid Spider-Man on the ground) Breath, young one, breath!

Peter: (Slowly breaths as his Mask was taken off, his Pincers and Instant Kill were deactivated) You took everything from me... He took... (Continues breathing)

Black Widow: (Walked over to Peter, turning to T'Challa) I got him from here...

T'Challa: (Nodded at Carol as he got up, taking his Mask off to look at Thanos in the eye) Where are the Stones?

Thanos: Gone... Reduced to atoms.

Falcon: (Gets up) Bullshit, you used them two days ago!

Thanos: I used the Stones to destroy the Stones. It nearly killed me, but the work is done. It always will be. I am... Inevitable.

Sam: (Took his Googles off, looking around) Alright, let's tear this whole place apart! He's gotta be lying, maybe he hid them!

Nebula: My father is many things... A liar is not one of them.

Thanos: (Turns to Nebula) Ah... Thank you, Daughter... Perhaps I've treated you too harshly.

Thor: (Moved to cut Thanos's head clean off) RAH!

Rocket: (Widened his eyes as Thanos's head was cut off, turning to Thor) Thor... What did you do?

Thor: (Is in distraught as he looked at his kill) ...I went for the head.

Thor then turned to walk away while everyone else just stood in disbelief. Nebula looked over her Father's head lying on the ground as everyone knew that the only hope they had was gone forever as Thor walked off into the sun, defeat having been placed on all of them...