Title: The Event that Changed Everything

Rating: T

Summary: One tiny event changes everything for Petunia Dursley. She gets invited to attend Hogwarts during Harry's fourth year. Based on the Magical Petunia challenge on Potions and Snitches.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

Petunia Dursley was glad that Harry had gone with those Weasley people. She was mad at what the twins had done to her Dudley. She was his baby and he had been attacked. She was still lost in thought when Vernon walked in.

"I'm taking Dudley to get his things for the coming year," he told her.

"Fine," she said, "Do be careful."

"I promise," he said and both of them left.

Hours later Dudley and Vernon wasn't back and Petunia started to get worried. What had happened to them? Dinner came, and went, and then she heard the knock. Hurrying over she opened it to find an officer standing there. He had taken off his cap and she could see that he was going gray.

"Mrs. Dursley," he said.

"Yes," Petunia said.

"Do you know a man name Vernon Dursley?"

"Yes, he's my husband," she answered.

He sighed and Petunia had a bad feeling about this, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Dursley, but your husband and son have died."

Those words hit her…hard. She stood there, staring at him. No, this wasn't happening.

"H-H-How did this h-h-h-happen?" she asked.

"A semi," he answered. "I'm sorry, but their car was thrown over the bridge."

Petunia's word shattered and she screamed in pain. No, this wasn't happening. No, they weren't dead. The officer left her to mourn and all around her things started to shake. But Petunia paid no mind, her mind lost in her grief. And then she blacked out. When she came to a letter was floating above her.

No, she didn't need this. And then it opened its mouth.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We have been informed of the use of the Shaking and Shattering Charms. Since a previous warning of using magic outside of school has been sent you're hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A representative from the Ministry will be coming to your residence to snap your wand.

"HE'S NOT HERE," she screamed, not hearing the rest of the message.

An hour later a man showed up at her house. The look that he gave her told her that Harry, who wasn't even here, was in deep trouble.


"Dursley," she said, blowing her nose.

"I'm here to snap Mr. Potter's wand."

"For what reason?"

"The use of magic outside of school."

"Well I hate to inform you but Harry isn't here," she said. "He went with the Weasley's a couple of days ago."

"And you expect me to believe that."

"Check is room," she said. "Meantime, I have a funeral to plan."

Normally she wouldn't have allowed the freak in but she wanted him gone. By time he did leave it was almost nightfall. Petunia didn't send Harry a letter about Vernon and Dudley's deaths. She doubted that he would have cared. The funeral was quick, though she did wish that they had died in the winter. The summer heat was almost unbearable.

As they were lowered into the ground flowers started to bloom, making people move back. Petunia stared at them in shock and then ran off, not caring if anyone thought low of her.


"You must understand why I've come to you," the woman told Dumbledore. "Twice we have sent letters, telling Mr. Potter that he's been expelled and twice he's not there. Magical activity was inside his house and at a cemetery."

"And both times Mr. Potter wasn't there."

"Albus, how can Mr. Potter do magic and not be there?"

Dumbledore looked at her and answered," Because he wasn't there."

"Do you think that we might have a late bloomer?"

"I will know when I talk to her."

"Then I trust that you'll be able to take care of it."

When Dumbledore arrived he wasn't alone. Minerva went with him. He knocked on the door and they waited. A few minutes later the door opened and there stood Petunia Dursley. Her eyes looked bloodshot and she was wearing black.

"What do you want?" she asked him.

"I need a word with you about what's been going on."

"There's nothing-."

Something broke at her tone and she flinched.

"Come in," she said and she moved aside to let them pass.

The living room looked like someone had shot at everything. Dumbledore saw her hands shaking and something else broke. Dumbledore felt the strong pull of magic coming from her. Something had happened that changed everything.

"Mrs. Dursley, you need to calm down."

"I-I-I'm a wreck," she said. "Ever since V-V-Vernon and D-D-Dudley d-d-died things are-."

A table floated several feet off the ground.

"Minerva," Dumbledore said and Minerva waved her wand, casting a calming charm around her.

Things died down at once.

"The Calming charm won't last long, maybe a couple of hours, but it should help us out."

"What is wrong with me?" Petunia asked.

"I believe that you're what is called a late bloomer," Dumbledore told her. "I sensed a huge amount of magic coming from you."

"No, I'm not magical," she said. "That was Lily."

"I know what I sensed," Dumbledore told her. "Therefore, as Headmaster, I'm inviting you to attend Hogwarts as a student."

He saw Petunia staring at him in shock.

"I think it's safe to say that training you is the only way that you're going to control your powers," he said. "Minerva will take you to the castle since we don't know if it's safe for you to take the train."

Dumbledore saw Petunia nodding.

"Come along," Minerva told her.

"The house?"

"We'll have someone to finish putting your affairs in order."

And Petunia locked the door and followed the both of them down the road.


Normally, if things had been normal, she would have been excited about the idea of going to Hogwarts. She had wanted to go ever since she discovered that a place like that existed. But it wasn't the same without Vernon and Dudley. Petunia only went to one shop, Mr. Ollivanders, to get her wand. It had taken three hours, but finally she was paired with a wand. Everything else was delivered to the castle and a woman name Madam Malkin came around to size her for her robes.

She spent most of her time in her quarters and only came out when she wanted to walk around. She found the library that Lily talked so much about and the woman that ran it, Madam Pince, allowed her to read whatever she wanted as long as it wasn't from the Restricted Section. That's where Dumbledore found her.

"I see that you love to read as much as Lily did."

"It's better than being surrounded by four walls," she told him.

"True," he said, setting down.

"Anyway, I might not understand how I could be a witch but I want to learn as much about this world. Lily seem to like it enough."

"She did," Dumbledore told her.

When he left she put the books back and headed back to her quarters. She had a lot to think about and a lot of time to think about things. She just hoped that there wasn't any more surprises.


A/N: I did this story before, and some people really didn't like it. So I'm doing it again and I'm hoping that it will be better….and longer.