Okay, got this baby out! First thing's first. Luna is not going to replace Weiss. She's just going to be another friend for the group, but slightly more involved in the vampire stuff. Not so much as Brynhildr or Ruby, but she'll help out our protagonist.

However, the look I had in mind for Luna, is going to be a mix between what I've described and Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane. (Yes, I am a fellow member of that Fandom. Boat waifus ftw.)

Also, in this AN I give my opinion on where I think Jaune's going in the upcoming volumes of the RWBY show. So, there's some spoilers there. Skip if you don't want any.


Okay, so I think volume 8 has been amazing so far. We've gotten a shit ton of development from the characters. However, I want to postulate what might happen to our favourite knight in the coming volumes. We've seen a bit of his growth here and there for the last three volumes, but nothing huge since Pyrrha's death.

Right now, I think Ironwood's semblance is overclocked, creating the current issues we're seeing with him. He's too focused on fighting Salem that he's basically lost it. He's going to do anything to get Penny back even if it means sacrificing Mantle.

So, after Qrow, Marrow, Winter, and Robyn get done killing the shit out of Ironwood in the next episode (not confirmed, but I think that's going to happen or they'll break his aura and he'll return to normal but devastated,) RWBY and ORNJ +EP are gonna hang out in Atlas to recover and hand things off to Winter and Robyn + whatever's left of Ace-ops. From there, I have several routes laid out for Jaune.

1. He'll stay with the group and continue their fight with Salem as a whole team. This comes with several other alterations that I'll describe below.

2. JNR + O or E will break off and pursue another objective. I'm thinking Vacuo. (I think this is likely, but not so much as the first.)

3. Jaune might abandon the group entirely if Cinder is not killed in this volume and pursue his own objective. (Not hugely likely, but could happen given Jaune's anger towards Cinder.)

Now, with all of these, I think there's the potential for Jaune to begin pursuing another relationship. Jaune doesn't seem completely over Pyrrha, but with how the next volume might turn out, he may grow closer to one of three girls. It largely depends on where Roosterteeth wants to take Jaune's character in how he grows in the next volume. But I have three likely candidates for shipping.

Ruby, Weiss, and Emerald.

I think the first two are the most likely. The last, I'm thinking is nearly impossible, but the chance is there. Nothing solid, I'm not going to do a corkboard style analysis of their relationships.

With Weiss and Ruby, there may be a continuation of their current friendships. We might see some signs of feelings growing between him and one of the girls. Given how Jaune and Ruby are, I think it might be a more natural growth into a romantic relationship. When it comes to Weiss, we've seen her warm up to Jaune quite a bit since volume two. It's possible they might have a conversation that reveals how they feel about each other since Jaune used to like her, and since the dance Weiss may understand that he deeply cares for her. (She did go to the movies with him finally. Oscar is the best wingman.)

This brings us to Emerald. She's joined Ruby's team finally. Now, I would totally understand if Jaune kills the shit out of her since she was partly responsible for Pyrrha's death. (I won't count Penny since she's didn't technically die.) However, if at the beginning of volume 9 or end of volume 8, she tries to prove that she's legitimate about switching teams, Ruby and the others might decide to keep her around. The only way I can see her getting closer than acquaintance level with Jaune is if she comes to him and talks to him. (breaking down and crying about how she's sorry might help Jaune to understand her perspective. If they come to the conclusion that she's also a victim of Cinder, they might find some common ground to develop a friendship.) The only way I can see them actually getting into a romantic relationship is if they break off from the main team and got to Vacuo with Ren and Nora. While Emerald couldn't replace Pyrrha, it's possible with whatever happens in Vacuo she and Jaune might grow closer over that arc.

[Zarathustra: Unknown Location]

"Assiah: The World of Action,"Zarathustra declaimed into the void.

The Hermit stood on a golden beach, staring off into the twilight sun. Waves gently crashed against the shore in a recurring pattern, each surge never reaching further than its destined station. The wind blew in the same manner, repeating the same cycle every few minutes. Not even the gulls were exempt from this phenomena.

He had seen this same stretch of land more times than one could have ever imagined. Yet, it had not once changed from whence it originated. Zarathustra's footsteps never remained in the golden sand, nor did the sun ever set on this beach. Every facet of this golden world refusing stray from this rule, frozen in time or bound to repeat the same moment for all eternity.

Such was the nature of Die Ewige Wiederkunft. The eternal curse bound on this world.

No matter how much he struggled, Zarathustra could not change even the most minute of details. Everything remained exactly as it was intended. The way she wished for it to be painted.

"Yetzirah: The World of Formation," Zarathustra spoke once more.

He glanced off into the distance, hoping to find another human come to this beach. However, Zarathustra became disappointed when his wish was ignored. The man merely turned back to face the sun with a sigh.

"Beri'ah: The World of Creation..."

Zarathustra began walking along the beach. His footfalls each creating a squeak with every step. However, they did not remain, vanishing and thus destroying any such trail he left behind.

"Atziluth: The World of Emanation," Zarathustra recited, stopping at a craggy barrier along the beach.

At his feet was a brown-leather bracer. Zarathustra reached down to pick it up, holding it in his hand for several moments. It quickly turned to dust and reappeared at his feet. A gust of wind uncovered a buried dress hidden beneath the sand.

"There are three who grasp the World of Creation," Zarathustra continued, turning back to gaze at the sun. "Many more who understand Formation... However, for any to reach Emanation, another must propel them above the throne of God. Samiel remains aloof to her nature yet has achieved Beri'ah. Freyja has chosen to slumber, waiting for the Dies Irae to begin. Lord Machina simply does not have the required traits to ascend to Emanation by virtue of the hunt." A devilish smile stretched across Zarathustra's lips. "That can only leave the young Caesar... Yes... He may be a new-born infant, but any clay can be moulded into a masterpiece. Every emperor requires a tutorship before they may take the throne. With all of the knowledge granted by a legion, one simply cannot execute such strategies without an aged general at their side." A chuckle escaped his lips. "The fool in his court. Certainly not a knight, but a trusted advisor..."

Zarathustra had foreseen the young man's rise long ago. He'd gone beyond the moment the Hermit offered his services to the Lord-Commander; however, each finale left the mage wanting. Now, it was time to follow another of the many routes time had offered the man.

"Perhaps I shall find the end I seek this time..."

[Jaune: Arc Household]

Jaune felt something soft nuzzle against him. His eyes cracked open as an ear flicked his chin. Pulling away from the source, he found Luna curled up next to him. The Faunus was soundly asleep, breathing quietly with her mouth hung open. One of his shirts, serving as a nightgown for the girl, nearly drowning her in cloth.

It was an image many young men would have dreamed of, waking up next to an undoubtedly beautiful girl who was wearing almost nothing. Certainly, Jaune had those fantasies come across his mind from time to time. However, this one did not make his blood run hot.

Jaune had brought her back to his house for the night. He had considered the apartment but chose the alternative. The location did not matter since teaching Luna as much English as he possibly could took precedent. They must have passed out during the lesson.

Luna had tried her hardest to learn everything she could. Indeed, she had a basic grasp on how to speak English, but reading and writing were beyond her. Now, her English was broken and made little sense as she constructed more complex sentences. However, she could communicate her point with some thought.

Climbing out from her embrace, Jaune sat on the edge of the bed. He heard Luna gleefully mumble something in German behind him, but he paid no mind to it. The boy merely pondered what he was going to do next. Bringing Luna to their realm was only a whim. He hadn't planned on the girl ever revealing herself, but now he was responsible for her.

I should bring her to Malleus then... If she's going to remain in this dimension, accommodations need to be made. I can't hide her in a closet or send her back and forth from Valhalla.

I gave her my word. I was going to teach her everything about this world...

He felt the bed shift, causing him to turn around and focus on his companion. Luna had sat up, rubbing one of her eyes as a yawn escaped her lips. Her ears flicked occasionally or turned to face a sound coming from another room.

Jaune immediately stood and walked to a pile of clothes sitting on a chair. It was a Beacon uniform he'd stolen from the Academy the previous night, along with a few other pieces she could use. Luna would have to make due until she could acquire more clothes.

"Luna," Jaune spoke, grabbing her attention. He opened his bathroom and gestured her inside. "Take these; I want you to meet someone."

She processed what he said for a moment before standing.

"T-Thank you, Leon," Luna spoke slowly, sounding out her syllables. With the onset of an embarrassed flush, she ducked into the bathroom.


Finally exiting the restroom, Luna had dressed in the school uniform, wearing the long black stockings they provided to students. Her hair was now tied up into twin-tails with a pair of ribbons but still letting most of her white locks down. This change becoming rather appreciable from her original style.

Jaune found it fitting for her.

"Are you ready," Jaune asked, having gotten his uniform on in the meantime.

"Mhmm," Luna uttered, nodding her head with a smile.

With that, Jaune grabbed his bag and opened the door to the hallway for her. Seeing this part of the house for the first time appeared to have astonished Luna. She peered at some of the many artworks on the walls or Jaune's family photos with a curious expression. Jaune allowed her to gawk momentarily before urging her along.

Coming down the stairs, the sounds of his sisters in the kitchen grew louder. Whatever they spoke about was of little concern to Jaune. He and Luna strode right past them and on their way out the door. His faunus companion may have glanced in their direction but did little else. She chose to follow Jaune instead of wondering why they stared at her.

As the two left the building, Jaune's sisters picked their jaws up off the ground. Their minds had to take a moment to comprehend what they'd just seen. Their little brother was leaving the house with a girl they had not recognised nor knew the existence of. The thought of them coming from the upstairs drew many assumptions from their wandering minds.

"Wait a sec, who the fuck was that," Blanche cried out in confusion.


It did not take them long to reach Beacon. Jaune had chosen to carry Luna there as a swarm of bats to circumvent any obstacles along the way. Bringing her to the rooftop would allow them to enter Beacon largely undetected. Their fellow students wouldn't make a deal out of a random girl. They might not have met her due to differing class schedules.

If they noticed, Jaune was prepared to make something up. He was showing the new transfer student around.

Jaune did guide her to Malleus' office, avoiding most of everyone in the halls. The secretaries waved them through, and they travelled further into the administrative wing. When they reached their intended destination, Jaune knocked on the door rather than barge in.

"Come in..."

Jaune opened the door and shuffled inside. Luna followed but remained inside the door. The presence of a new face caused Malleus' eyes to narrow as the wheels in her head turned. She clearly didn't recognise Luna but was attempting to discern her identity like she was a student.

"I don't believe we've met," Goodwitch said, cocking her head to the side. The woman was now visibly confused, thinking she'd forgotten a student.

"G-Guten morgen, Frau..." Luna greeted, but her words trailed off without a last name to complete the phrase. She fidgeted while awaiting someone to save her.

"Goodwitch," Malleus finished with a nod. "And given you are with Mr Arc, I'm going to assume there is something rather odd going on here. So, nehmen Sie platz."

Luna immediately sat down as Jaune closed the door. The woman stood and glanced at the faunus for several moments, trying to discern what she actually was. However, as time went on, even the mighty Malleus Maleficarum was looking lost. She'd never come across something quite like Luna.

"She's not a mage if that's what you're wondering," Jaune spoke, leaning against a nearby wall.

"That's what I was assuming," Goodwitch replied, cupping her chin. "What exactly is she? Her body is saturated with magic. More so than most magi I've come across."

"It's because she's an Ahnenerbe," he explained, gesturing to Luna. "A byproduct from when I forged Crocea Mors. However, she's conscious but knows almost nothing outside of Valhalla and myself. She doesn't even know English anymore. I've taught her everything I was able."

Jaune himself wasn't sure what Luna was. However, the closest label he could apply to her was that of an artefact. One of flesh and blood and containing her own soul, feelings, and desires. Such a thing was the basis of an Ahnenerbe; however, she was her own person capable of deciding what she wanted.

"A humanoid Ahnenerbe..." Goodwitch quietly exclaimed, leaning in to get a closer look at Luna. "Fascinating... We know they can be created, but I've never seen one before." She looked back to Jaune. "She's going to need somewhere to stay. I can put a room together with everything a young lady is going to need. However, as for the matter of clothing... I can make some funds available, but I'm not an authority on what's fashionable for young women." The woman returned to her chair, plopping down with a sigh. "Which such a job falls to you then, or the various girls you're friends with. However, I think both of you can return to class today."

"Ummm, class," Luna inquired, attempting to discern the meaning of that specific word. Or she was wondering about the context surrounding Malleus' decision.

"You're going to school, Luna," Jaune specified. "It's a place for you to learn. Isn't that what you wanted?"

Luna's jaw dropped as it clicked in her head. She looked around the room with an eagre gleam in her eye. Jaune could already see her body starting to shake in excitement. Undoubtedly, many ideas about what school was were running through her head. Some may turn out lacklustre for her expectations, but there was more than enough to satisfy her.

All she needed was Yang and Ruby to get ahold of her, and she would be fulfilled. Blake and Pyrrha would try their best to extend a friendly gesture and make sure Luna was comfortable. Nora's own energy would likely serve to amplify Luna's while Ren attempted to keep them both in check.

"Yes," Luna chirped eagerly, practically leaping out of her seat in excitement. "I want to... go to s-school!"

Her words managed to draw a gentle smile out of Goodwitch. The woman let out a sigh, kneading one half of her face as she pulled a Scroll out from inside a drawer. She handed it to Luna, who gave it a confused yet curious glance. As the device opened up, exposing the inner screen, Luna yelped and nearly dropped the Scroll.

"I'm always happy for eager students, Luna," Goodwitch expressed, leaning back into her chair. "However, if you could wait outside, I need to discuss something with Mr Arc."

"O-Ok," Luna agreed, leaving the room without a second wasted. The pair inside could hear her playing around with the Scroll, attempting to figure out how it worked.

Goodwitch allowed another breath to escape her lips. She looked in his direction, pushing her glasses up as he bore down on the vampire. Jaune could tell she was annoyed or suspicious from her microexpressions.

"What exactly are you playing at here," she sternly inquired.

Malleus was right not to trust Jaune. This woman was nearly on the frontlines of the war against magic, so someone showing up with a random Anhenerbe set alarms off. It didn't account for how dangerous Jaune was on his own, but she didn't know Luna's exact function here. The girl could have been a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off.

"Nothing," Jaune answered with a smug grin. "You've mistaken my motivations for something sinister. I summoned Luna, so I asked her what she wanted. This was the result..."

Call it a sense of obligation to her. Jaune gave Luna her life, so he needed to ensure this rose could blossom. His desire to see her again only yielded a more delicate task for him to complete. She needed to cultivate a personality for herself.

"Is that all," Goodwitch replied with a raised eyebrow. Her tone filled with disbelief on the verge of outright laughing. "Just to learn?"

"Hehehehe," Jaune laughed at her reaction. "Not everyone has to possess some grand scheme for their desire. Something as simple as this is only required, especially if the girl in question values this dearly. However, as she continues to develop, her appetite might change."

It all depends on what she becomes passionate about. Such was the result of the Tabula Rasa. You would never know what path they could take in the future. She could create an Ahnenerbe on her own.

"I am finding it difficult to believe it's that simple," Malleus expressed with a sigh. "Though, I may be biased from experience." She began kneading her brow. "So, let's say I do believe you. Having Luna go to school affords the Council a unique opportunity to study Ahnenerbe."

"If it's what is needed, then I'll agree," Jaune replied, moving to leave the room. "However, you may only perform whatever tests Luna consents to. Nothing more..."

[Ruby: Later in the Day]

Ruby and the others sat around during a break in Dr Oobleck's class. The teacher had stepped out upon Goodwitch's insistence. She really didn't care; Ruby's mind wandered to more important subjects. Most notably, about the vampire that was missing right now.

Jaune hadn't shown up to school yet. None of the teachers made a huge deal about it, so things went on as usual. Ruby was just nervous Jaune was getting into a big fight or some business with the Council. This morning, going to his house only yielded many angry sisters demanding to know what he was doing.

They kept mentioning something about a girl, but Ruby fled before she could get caught in their inquisition. Ignorance was a better solution to that mess. No doubt, if she remained, the girls would have squeezed Ruby like an orange for information.

The sound of a simultaneous murmur rose through the class, bringing Ruby back to Earth. People were beginning to chat quietly about something, which turned her attention to the front of the class. There, Jaune was standing next to a girl and Dr Ooleck.

The other boys in class began to grow rowdy as they stood there. Many sat up properly or talked amongst themselves about her—the same with many of the girls clustered around. A few were leaning over their desks to get a better view of her. Such was a typical reaction to a new student, especially one admittedly as attractive as this girl.

Ruby saw what looked like a faunus-Weiss. Not precisely a carbon-copy of Weiss, but someone who had the same refined looks she did. The biggest difference was their heights and builds, appearing closer to Ruby's own, though more developed. Their faces seemed pretty different but held the same degree of prettiness. With the kitty ears and different eye colours, it really made her that much cuter than Weiss. Something more approachable than the Ice Queen sitting right next to her.

Please don't be a mind reader, Weiss... I know you're magical, but please don't let that be your superpower!

If you can hear me, you're the prettiest out of all of us. She's just cuter...

"All right, everyone, calm down," Oobleck beckoned, gesturing for effect. "We have a new student today. However, someone dropped the ball and didn't prepare for a student who mostly speaks German. So, Mr Arc is going to be assisting her for now." The doctor nodded to the girl, urging her to say something.

The girl stepped forward and gave a shy wave. She took a deep breath, summoning whatever confidence she could gather from deep within.

"Hallo~," she said in a sing-song tone. Her German accent appeared quite obvious. "My name is Luna von Anhalt!" She finished with a bright and cheery smile.

Once more, that same murmur rolled through the class, though more excitable than the last. The sound of Yang snickering brought attention to herself from her younger sister. Her lips were curved into a sharpened Chesire grin, ready to hunt down the poor girl. Ruby already felt a twinge of fear course through her body for Luna.

"What are you laughing at," Blake asked with a dry tone.

"Ohhhh, nothing," Yang replied with only the thinnest veil of guile.

Oh god... I need to save her!

"Then, I guess, for now, you can sit with Mr Arc," Oobleck continued, going back to his desk. "So, back to the Etruscans..."

As Luna and Jaune filed into their row, the group spread out enough to fit the two next to each other. This left Jaune by Ruby and Luna by Blake. At least, that was the arrangement.

Yang switched seats with Blake, sliding up next to her comically with that same dumb grin on her face. Luna didn't seem to mind, only looking at her for a second before glancing back at Jaune's notes. What really got her attention was the arm going around her shoulder and pulling her into Yang's grasp.

"Yo, Luna, if you're hanging out with Jaune, you're hanging out with all of us," Yang began. Her smile turning more predatory by the second.

What was going on seemed to be lost on the poor girl, but she enjoyed another person talking to her. It only made Yang's motives that much more egregious.

"Yang, you leave her alone," Ruby harshly whispered, shooting a glare towards her sister.

She's falling for it!

Yang was going to lure Luna into a trap and tease the poor girl to death. Ruby needed to keep that from happening at all costs. Someone could only take so many puns and bad jokes before they were driven mad by the blonde. Ruby was a veteran when it came to that.

"And we only got a half-day, so what're you guys doing after class," Yang continued, glancing over to Jaune, who wasn't paying attention to them.

"Ummm," Luna hummed, attempting to find her words. "Jaune is taking me to the mall... I need to buy new clothes."

Thus, Yang's attention turned to Jaune. Ruby knew precisely what she was thinking. Something lewd about Jaune guiding a girl through a mall to buy clothes. She missed the fact Jaune was a guy with seven sisters, so it came with the package. Undoubtedly, there was not a better specimen to help you pick something out. Even if he was a vampire.

"Ooooo, well, you found the perfect gal," Yang declaimed, placing a hand on her chest poshly. "I'm something of a connoisseur when it comes to fashion. So, why don't I help you and Lady-Killer here out? Besides, Jaune's got bad taste in clothes..."

"Y-You want to go with," Luna replied somewhat eagerly.

"Yep," Yang said with a pop at the end.

A sigh escaped from Blake as she set her pencil down. "I'm going too," she said. "Someone has to keep you in check. Usually, it's the cliche that the guy's untrustworthy, but you're the one that needs to be watched. Especially because I know your style..."

At least someone agrees!

"I take offence to that," Yang replied with feign indignation. "You hath wounded me..."

"Yeah, Blake's right," Ruby jumped in with a raised voice.

Ruby was cut off from going any further by the sound of a throat being cleared from the front of the class. Dr Oobleck stared right at her with an annoyed expression before he turned back to the board. The silence became deafening as Ruby sank down in her seat with a blood-red flush painted on her cheeks.


Weiss felt miserable. She hadn't slept well for the past two days. Moving from hotel to hotel with repeated checks for security made such a thing impossible to attain. She didn't care about homework either, nodding off in the middle of an assignment or during a lecture.

Yang would have called such an unWeiss-like thing to do. Because Weiss Schnee was a prim and proper young woman expected to maintain an air of grace to solidify her family's image. Not the girl picking at her food and trying to stay awake every second of the day.

Weiss felt sick at the former description. It sounded really stupid inside her head. The kind of stupid you cringed at because your friend did something really embarrassing.

Exhibit A: Ruby Rose and her lack of awareness.

That was part of her charm, sure, but it backfired on her sometimes. It didn't help when her mind wandered back to class to find Dr Oobleck staring at her and the group. Weiss had thought she was going to get chewed out for sleeping in his lecture. What a fright that had turned out to be for her.

What time is it? Don't tell me I'm gonna be here for another half-hour...

Weiss reached into her pocket for her Scroll, finding it wasn't there anymore. A disappointed growl left her lips as she propped her head on her arm. The memories of that night came flooding back to her. Though, her tired body and mind didn't have the same reaction upon examination.

I forgot I broke it...

That night made such little sense in her head. Why would a Nazi sneak up nearly eight floors just to get into her room? He didn't even get through the door but either climbed or teleported in there. That brought her back to her original point; why?

Weiss wasn't important in the grand scheme of things. She only ever sat in on meetings or entertained people during parties. The Heiress certainly wasn't some sympathiser to their cause. Even if many thought her father was. Especially with some of the many actions their company has been called out for.

The only thing that made things worse was Jaques' dismissal of the event. He hadn't cared enough to turn away from his computer upon Klein's explanation. A dozen members of their security team didn't prompt any reaction either. Surely, his terrified daughter would have caused a half-glance?

We've had giants and supermen fighting in the streets. Why should I be surprised at any of this? Ghosts and people having weird dreams has to be the least surprising thing...

Weiss slumped against the table, laying her head flat on its side. Before she could close her eyes to take a much-needed power nap, she was given front row seats to another scene. The new girl, Luna, and some of her friends were eating at a table a few rows away. Among them were Ren, Nora, Pyrrha, Ruby, Blake, and Jaune.

Right now, the group was playing a game on their Scrolls. Between each of them, some conversation was being held. However, the only person not playing, Luna, was climbing all over Jaune, pointing down at his screen with an expression of excitement mixed with anxiety. Her words were clearly meant to urge him on to victory or point out an approaching threat.

"'Sup Weiss," a person greeted from right next to her. "Why you staring at Jaune? Jealous?"

At the accusation, Weiss finally raised her head, turning to face the annoyance sitting next to her. Yang stared at the girl with her characteristic Chesire grin like she would elicit some reaction out of her. All she got was a half-lidded glance and a neutral expression.

"Why would I be jealous," Weiss replied with a question. Her confused tone indicated she did not see the situation as Yang did. In fact, she sounded more annoyed by the assumption.

"Well, fine," Yang gave a feigned indignant whine, crossing her arms and putting on a pout. "I thought he may have finally melted that ice-cold heart of yours, and someone was moving in on your territory!"

That got Weiss to blush. She was forced to look away from Yang for her to subdue it. However, the set of eyes on the back of her head finally got what they wanted.

Weiss knew Luna wasn't doing anything of the sort. The girl was naive and didn't have any aspirations for romance with the boy. She appeared more excited to just have a friend in an oh so Ruby-like fashion. On the other side, Jaune was merely acting as a translator for her and guiding her around while she found her bearings.

What would she be jealous about? That Jaune found another friend with the same energy as Nora and Ruby rolled into one? Frankly, anybody with that amount of enthusiasm could only be handled by Jaune or Ren.

At least, Jaune wasn't ogling her like some of the other boys in their class were. She'd noticed many people flexed their muscles or adjusted their postures to make themselves appear more attractive. It was the same thing Weiss had gone through in all of her prior schools. Whenever she entered the room, suddenly everyone was another Prince Charming.

"Shut up, Yang," Weiss weakly demanded, getting up with her tray to go throw it out. "You know it's never been like that."

"I do~," Yang replied earnestly, skipping as she followed the Heiress. "But I can't help but fuck with you from time to time. Helps me gauge how you're feeling... Gotta know that Weiss-cream is still in there!"

And this is your way of showing it? How does Ruby live with you?


Finally, having gotten away from Yang, Weiss had made her way to the outside of Beacon. The bells had rung, signalling the end of the school day, and now the rest of the students were filing out. While they conversed about their plans, Weiss stood around, waiting for her car.

This left Weiss time to watch the crowd. Something to fill the boredom without her Scroll to occupy herself. Ruby could have done that, but Weiss lost track of her and everyone else.

Panning through the crowd, she had spotted Yang and most of their friend group hanging out near one of the columns. She guessed they were going to depart on some sort of excursion into Vale again. While such an idea would have been entertaining, Weiss couldn't signal Klein that she went with them.

Putting that poor man into such a situation would have given him a heart attack. Half of his job was watching Weiss, and the other was running the day-to-day operations of the Schnee Manor.

So, Weiss continued observing the crowd, watching a few fascinating groups here and there. However, as she turned to face the fountain, Weiss caught the sight of Luna once again. The person she was talking to was the last human that anyone wanted a faunus to converse with at Beacon.

Cardin was chatting with her, clearly attempting to turn on his charm with the poor girl. Luna seemed utterly oblivious to it, speaking to him like everyone else. Right now, she pointed out his casts, leading Cardin to begin spinning a tale about how he broke them.

How casually he was talking to Luna sent Weiss' rage skyrocketing. He had never treated any faunus student at Beacon with anything nearing respect. He only ever gave them his contempt. The fact Cardin was not meant he had ulterior motives.


Weiss stomped in their direction, hoping to save the girl from him. Those who got in her way noticed the look of rage painted on her face and stepped aside. Cardin only focused on Luna, so that meant he wasn't aware of her approach either.

Good, because she was going to chew him out. Someone had to. Cardin had to get it through his thick skull that his behaviour was unacceptable.

Approaching from behind Luna, Weiss began listening to their conversation. She was correct that Cardin had slathered on all of the charm he possessed while talking to the girl. Luna, bless her heart, seemed largely immune to it by virtue of the language barrier.

However, before Weiss was able to rip into him, Jaune appeared from behind Cardin. The boy stepped out with a genuine smile on his face that caused his eyes to squint. He placed a hand on Cardin's shoulder and clamped down tight, getting the taller boy's attention.


Cardin nearly leapt out of his skin, seeing Jaune appear behind him without a word. Judging by his expression, Cardin was afraid of getting his ass kicked by the blonde again.

"Hey Luna," Jaune said, turning his attention to the girl. "We're leaving soon. Everyone's ready to go..."

"Oh, sorry," Luna replied, turning to run back to the group. She waved goodbye to Cardin just as she abandoned him.

At least someone noticed!

"Fucking asshole," Cardin cursed under his breath.

Weiss didn't think when it came to his reply. She lifted her leg and stomped on his foot with her heel. This caused Cardin to cry out in pain as he likely had a broken toe now. However, Weiss wasn't going to stop there.

"Cardin," Weiss hissed, pointing a finger in his face. "How dare you?! You do not get to say anything about him! After everything you've done to him, you don't get to be angry with Jaune! Especially after you hurt him and Pyrrha!"

Weiss was shaking right now. All the pent up anger and rage was oozing out of her. It took what little self-control she had left to let loose a flurry of curse words and demeaning insults.

"Shut the fuck up, Schnee," Cardin growled, grabbing at his foot with a snarl on his lips. He was bent over to around her height as he nursed the wound. "Nobody gives a shit what a prissy bitch like you has to say!"

Weiss didn't allow him to continue, delivering a solid backhand with her left. Cardin wasn't prepared, catching the entire blow with his right cheek, and nearly fell over because of it. From all around, the other students let out a simultaneous 'AOoooo' just hearing the sound of the slap.

Cardin didn't attempt to reply. He grabbed his cheek in shock by the fact the Heiress had just slapped him. His ego had been sundered by a girl who was half his size. It was humiliating.

He turned and stormed off back into the Academy, limping along the way. The courtyard students watched as he ran with his tail between his legs then turned back to her. They stared at Weiss like she was some kind of alien, never having seen her act like this before.

I-I need to get out here...

Just as Weiss was about to make her exit, she found Luna standing right in her path. The girl shyly looked at her, coming up with something to say before the girl was allowed to flee.

"Weiss, do you want to come with us," Luna said, sounding out each of the syllables with her accent modifying the phonetics.

"No, I-I'm sorry, I," Weiss began, trying to let the girl down easy. It was really more to just get away from the school before any staff could find her.

"Pleeeaaaaasssseeeee," Lune begged, giving Weiss a puppy dog look. She added a slight wobble to her lip, sealing the face up perfectly.

God! Did Ruby teach you this?!

"Okay, fine," Weiss gave in with a breath.

Luna giggled and grabbed Weiss's hand. Without warning, she began running back to the group, dragging the Heiress along with her. Weiss had to nearly sprint just to keep up with her, or she was going to be pulled like a sack of potatoes.

Lighter chapter, nothing super ground breaking. I just wanted to introduce Luna to the cast and have the team bring her into the fold.

Okay, so the four worlds Ozpin was referring to were from the Kabbalah. For those of you who aren't well-versed in Jewish mysticism, it's basically the four planes of existence for divine creatures. It also is associated with magic. However, in this story, those who are magi climb up the ladder depending on how powerful they are and which Ahnenerbe they can summon.

Crocea Mors, for example, is a Formation figment. Valhalla is the next level up from that, a Creation Figment. Jaune's aura that slightly alters the world around him is his Assiah, a passive form of his magic.

Encyclopedia of MAJMLYAI.



Aliases: Leonhardt, Julius Caesar, Lord-Commander of the Black Round Table, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown

Familiar/Ahnenerbe: Crocea Mors, Luna, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown

People Consumed: 228

Nazis Killed: 1

Major Arcana: The Emperor


Aliases: Cassius,



Familiar/Ahnenerbe: Machecoul

Major Arcana:


Aliases: Mephistopheles, Helena, Freyja


Major Arcana: Tower




Major Arcana:


Aliases: Arthur Pendragon

Familiars: Excalibur

Major Arcana:


Aliases: Ozpin, Karl Ernst Krafft, Ahasverus


Major Arcana: The Hermit


Brynhildr Valkyrie


Familiar/Ahnenerbe: Musphelheimr Laevetinn

Major Arcana: Temperance

General Ironwood

Aliases: Deus Ex Machina

Familiar/Ahnenerbe: Götz von Berlichingen

Major Arcana: The Chariot

Qrow Branwen

Aliases: Corvus

Familiar/Ahnenerbe: Harbinger

Glynda Goodwitch

Aliases: Malleus Maleficarum


Winter Schnee

Aliases: Sonnenkind


Major Arcana:




Major Arcana:

Methuselah, Pierre

(He ded.)



Aliases: Element Unknown


Aliases: Element Unknown


Aliases: Element Unknown


Aliases: Sonnenkind, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown, Element Unknown


Major Arcana:


Aliases: Element Unknown



Ahnenerbe/Familiar/Holy Relic: Form of magic where objects are given a will of their own from the feelings put into them. They can be found, created, or summoned by those powerful enough to bend the world with their willpower. Those who use them, have their souls bound together with the object. They demand fuel through souls. It does not matter the source.

High Vampires: Vampires who have a greater connection to magical forces, which allows them easier usage of relics. All but twelve were wiped out by the forces of the SS in WW2. Further mechanics behind their power is unknown.

Mage: Someone able to bend the world through magic. Typical spell caster.

The Council: Organisation dedicated to safeguarding the world from magical threats. It has recently focused its attention to combatting terrorism, but its original goal still stands.

Arcane Name: Alias used by magi as an alternative identity. Vampires typically are given their arcane names by no choice of their own. It merely conveys an aspect of them.

Assiah, Yetzirah, Beri'ah, and Atziluth: Four planes of existence on the Kabbalah. Each plane is inhabited by various angels or holy men with God in the World of Emanation.

Die Ewige Wiederkunft: The Eternal Recurrence. Postulate coined by Nietzsche where he asks what a person would do if all of time ran in a circle. It is a concept central to Thus Spoke Zarathustra and The Gay Science.