Warning: There are spoilers for Seasons 7 & 8 for Game of Thrones, including the Series Finale. You have been warned.

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As Jon continued riding his horse through the woods North of the Wall, his thoughts kept turning to Dany. Ever since he had driven that dagger into her, his mind has refused to let her go. He truly meant when he told her that she was his queen now and always. He would love no one else for the rest of his life as he loved her. His soulmate. His Dragon Queen.


As the sun begins its daily trek across the sky, its light and warmth begin to be felt across on the lands beyond the wall. In the rebuilt Hardhome, Jon rolls over begrudgingly as both the sunrise and Ghost's whining about being let out, wake him up.

"I hear you, Ghost," Jon mumbles as he rolls out of bed, to his feet. He walks over to the bedroom door and let's Ghost out to do his thing. Jon walks over to the washbasin and rinses his face.

As he gazes into the mirror, he sees the regret, heartache, and the years of fighting have hung heavy on him. However, as he looks down to see a rolled-up scroll that he received last night, a smile comes to his face. King Bran has decided to pardon his crimes and commute his sentence due to overwhelming pressure from the North (AKA Sansa) as well as his service to the kingdoms of both the North & South. There is a brief mention of Grey Worm giving his blessing on the pardon if Jon never goes to Naath for any reason. Jon understood the hidden threat and respected it.

"Today is the day, I return to the North," Jon says out loud for the first time. He dresses quickly as he had already packed most of his belongings the night before. As he straps Longclaw to his waist, his mind jumps back to that fateful day in King's Landing with Dany once more. His face slips into a look of sadness and regret, but he no longer dreads thinking about that day. He continues to wish that he could go back and change that day or try to prevent the whole thing together. He shakes his head, noticing that it would not do well to dwell on "What ifs."

Jon walks outside, strapping his packs to his horse in the nearby stable. He glances towards the water's edge to see Ghost drinking water and cleaning his fur after a kill.

"CROW!" A smile comes to Jon's face as he hears Tormund call to him.

"Tormund, morning," Jon replies in his typical fashion.

"Yeah, it's a great freaking cold ass morning, you mean?" Jon merely shakes his head with a small smile. "Anyway, are you ready to head South? Last time you went, uh, …" Tormund stops speaking and looks almost apologetic for nearly mentioning Dany. Jon glances up at Tormund with the small smile from earlier still on his face.

"It's okay, Tormund. You can say her name. Daenerys. Even after five years, she is still within me." Jon, unknowingly, rubs on the heart and scar tissue there. Tormund glances at his hand before the previous look is replaced by his usually joyful look.

"Sorry, Crow. I miss the dragon too, at times. I admit she was a lovely lass." They both smile as they know precisely what Tormund means by this. That's usually how far he usually takes it, no longer does he make any sexual jokes about her as it used to just bring out the dragon in Jon. He is still fiercely protective of his queen.

"That she was. Now, anything you need from me before I set off on that barge?" Jon knew if he started thinking about her, his brooding would kick into overdrive and put him hours behind.

"Nah. Now stop stalling and get out of here. We have a party to throw." Tormund starts waving his hands to shoo Jon away. Jon chuckles hearing about this party as Tormund had been mentioning it ever since the scroll arrived last night. He grabs Tormund in a friendly hug and with a single nod, guides his horse onto a barge that will take him across the ocean towards the wall. Jon whistles calling Ghost with him.

"Wake me as we get close to the landing site," Jon mentions to the wildings manning the barge. They all nod in respect for what he had done for them. Jon lays down next to his horse and calls Ghost over, the three of them fall asleep.



Jon Snow.


Jon is startled awake by the sound of his real name. He is immediately alarmed by what he sees or what he does not see. He is sitting down on the ground surrounded by fog yet does not hear any sounds that one should listen to while traveling on the ocean. He notices that his horse and Ghost are not with him. He quickly gets up, looking around trying to get his bearings.

"Finally, sleeping beauty awakes!" Jon hears from behind him. Jon spins around to see a man sitting in an ornate high back chair. Jon feels a sense of awe from this man. Yet, he can also feel waves of power rolling off him, almost like a warning. I won't mess with you if you don't mess with me.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Jon gets out, trying to keep his voice as steady and calm as he can manage. The man smiles in response to Jon's questions.

"The answer to your first question is a little complicated. So, let's start with the second as it may be easier." Jon gives a simple nod in response, showing his understanding as the man in the chair is watching him in interest.

"In simple terms, we are in your mind. A dreamscape or dreamland, if you prefer. This is happening all inside your head. Technically, you are still asleep on the barge from Hardhome." The man explains to Jon, who at first has a confused look on his face, which begins to clear as he realizes this is pretty much a dream.

"The answer to your first question may surprise you. I was born as Dracul. The First Men called me Drago. You may call me, Draco." The man stands up walking towards Jon with his hand extended for a shake. Jon is shell shocked. This is no man in front of him. This is the God of Rebirth, Resurrection, and most importantly, Dragons. As Jon's mind catches up to his body, he immediately kneels in front of Draco.

"Hey, hey. No kneeling. I hate that." Draco reaches down to help Jon back up to his feet. Jon merely nods as he waits for his voice to come back.

"Not to be rude, Draco, but what are you doing here?" Jon slowly gets out nervously and still in shock at a literal God in front of him.

"Ah, yes. Come have a seat." A table and second chair across from the existing one had appeared from no whereas Jon's attention was on Draco at the time. As Jon drops into the chair, Draco retakes his seat across from him.

"I know this is quite a shock. I have a few more coming so try to hang in there. Did you want a drink before I continue?" Draco asks a nearly comatose Jon. The question startles Jon out of his funk.

"No, thank you. I would like to keep a level mind." Draco merely nods in reply.

"Gotcha. Alright, here it is. Everything that went down between Daenerys & you was not the way it was to be. I know you both love each other, just as much now as you did then. I can see it on your face whenever her name is mentioned." Draco begins to explain while Jon's face immediately changes at the mention of Dany. Yet, as Draco continued, his look of sadness and regret is replied by love and longing.

"I know you miss her. What if I can offer you the chance to be with her again, for the rest of your lives? A chance to correct the wrongs, mistakes of the past. Where you can begin to make things right." Draco begins to ask Jon these questions as a look of confusion and hope battle on his face.

"Of course, I miss her. She was my true love, my other half. If I had the chance to be with her one last time, I would do anything for it." Jon states with a passion that he had not felt in over five years. Draco smiles as Jon's passion, conviction, and love convince him.

"Excellent. What I can offer you is a chance. The rest will be up to you." Jon nods, wanting to know what Draco meant by "a chance."

"As you know, I am the God of Rebirth among a few other things. Here is what I will do to grant you this chance. I will send you back in time with all your memories intact to a time and place of your choosing. Just know this, the further back you go, the greater the risk of changing the future where your foreknowledge will not help. The earliest point I can send you back to is when you become the King of the North." Draco starts laying out the details of what Jon's one chance is. Jon is nearly wide-eyed at the opportunity he is being offered. Reality sets in when he hears the warning about how far back he will go.

"I understand. Do I have to do anything to earn this chance?" Jon asks, fearful of a major catch. Draco merely shakes his head.

"No. No catches. What, who, how, where, and when to change will all be up to you. Just be prepared for any consequences that may occur to anything you may change. You may make things better, yet also make things even worse. One more warning, some deaths you experience will have to happen. Fixed events such as some people's deaths cannot be changed, no matter what. However, you could change how they may die at the most." Draco stresses each sentence making Jon realizes not just the benefits but the consequences of time travel to the past. Jon, looking more dangerous than he ever did in the past five years beyond the wall, nods in response and begins to brainstorm on how far back he should go.

Wow. The ability to go back to any point in time of the last nearly six years. I must be careful about what I choose to change. I primarily want to make changes to prevent the attacks on King's Landing. Dany is my priority on this. I know that Missandei, Rhaegal, and Varys may also have parts to play in what lead her to do it.

The priority and reason for going back is the natural part. Now, the when and where. This is gonna be the hard part.

I could start at the beginning when I get the summons from Tyrion or meeting Dany for the first time. I feel that these are too far back, and I would not change anything about them as they went exactly as I wanted them to. For the most part, at least.

The next major events I can think of is me showing Dany the caves of dragonglass, leaving to go capture a wight or on her ship returning to Dragonstone from Eastwatch. I feel that the cave of dragonglass and heading North to get a wight, fall into the same basket as the first events with Dany. However, when I wake up on her ship, leaving Eastwatch with her at my bedside, is appealing at first. Yet, she did just lose her first dragon and child. It may be disheartening to add any more on to that plate.

Ah, our first-time making love while sailing to White Harbor. No, I would not change that for anything. Its something I will keep with me for all my days. It was perfect.

The next events I can think of is when we arrive at Winterfell, riding the dragons to the waterfall and telling Dany who I truly am. Out of those three, the only one I would like to change is when we ride the dragons to the waterfall. It would be a perfect spot to lay everything on the table to her. No one to disturb us. Hard to believe that was one of the last times we were delighted before Sam told me that night on who I was. I still wish I never knew at times.

If I go back to anytime between those and the time of King's Landing begins, it may be too late to stop or change anything. That is especially true for both Rhaegal and Missandei, who I would like to at least try.

I have made my decision. More time would be welcome, but I don't want to re-experience some of the past again like going back beyond the wall to get a wight, knowing it is all for nothing. As much as I would like to try to save Viserion from being killed, I realize that the Night King would have gotten past the wall one way or another. At least this way, I know exactly what to expect.

"I have made my decision," Jon informs Draco, who looks up with interest.

"Excellent. Where would you like to go back to, Jon Snow born Aegon Targaryen?" Draco asks in a near-official way. Taking a deep breath, Jon gives voice to his choice.

"I would like to go back to when Dany and I fly Drogon and Rhaegal to the waterfall to spend some alone time together before all hell breaks loose." Jon calmly explains, watching a smile spread across Draco's face.

"Excellent pick. I think that would be the best point to try to change anything that happens during and after the Long Night. Now, there is one other thing before I send you back." Jon rolls his eyes, he had a nagging feeling there would be something else.

"If you would like, I can also grant you the ability to give Daenerys all of her memories from the future too. From the moment of the waterfall to the moment of her death." Jon looks relived if Dany could also get her memories back yet felt there was a catch attached to this ability.

"What's the catch, Draco?" Jon questions Draco, who lets out a sigh.

"All magic comes with a price. You have paid for yours with the five years you have spent up here. For Daenerys, it will be something quite different." Jon merely nods in response, wanting to know the price for Dany.

"If she truly wants her memories back, she will have to pay the price just like you are. Her price is this: If you are not apart of her inner circle when she claims the Iron Throne, then she must grant the North its independence." Jon slips back into his chair, as he was leaning forward listening to Draco layout Dany's terms to get her memories.

I do not think she would grant the North its independence. What if I don't want to be a part of her Masters in King's Landing? Or worse, made one for something I have no interest in? Then again, it's not my decision to make. It's Dany's. If I can be with her, I will have to accept any of these caveats.

"That sounds agreeable. I have no idea what her answer and choice will be though." Jon explains to Draco who nods in understand.

"I completely understand, Jon. There is one other way you could be apart of her council though." Jon merely has a confused look on his face. Draco smiles as he wonders how Jon will react to this next surprise.

"Jon, if she marries you, naming you her King, that will fulfill the price. I suggest not proposing just to fulfill the price. Let it be her decision." Draco explains a possible marriage, which catches Jon off guard. Surprised, understatement on how Jon feels about this.

Marriage? With Dany? I never thought I would ever get married. Yet, Dany is the only person I have ever considered marrying in any form.

Jon has no words to reply to Draco's explanation, decides to just nod to be safe. A colossal tremor ripples through the dreamscape. The fog begins to clear as the light starts to brighten.

"What's happening?" Jon worryingly asks Draco. Draco stands up while Jon does the same. The table and chairs vanish instantly.

"I have begun sending you back. Easier to do it while you're asleep. Solves several issues along the way, which I won't bore you with." Draco offhand responds to Jon, being calm as the tremors continue to build and occur more rapidly.

"Now?! What about Ghost?" Jon nearly yells at Draco, not catching himself.

"Ghost will be fine, Jon. If you change the future, Ghost will never be there as he will always be by your side. Ghost may sense a change in you when you arrive in the past due to the events that will happen." Draco explains quickly, knowing how fond Jon is of Ghost.

"Okay. How much longer before I wake up?" Jon asks Draco, calming down after hearing how this affects Ghost.

"A few minutes, if that. I think Rhaegal landing is what is gonna jock you back and wake you up." Draco mentions to Jon, who nods again. Jon begins breathing slowly and closes his eyes as if preparing himself for the time he is going to wake up in.

Good luck, Jon Snow AKA Aegon Targaryen. I will see you again. Draco's voice seems to fade away.

At first, Jon hears nothing but silence. As if from nowhere, Jon can listen to the wind speeding past his ears, feels it caressing his face and the cold air itself flying through his clothes. Without warning, a sudden jolt followed by a snarl has Jon opening his eyes.

He sees fresh snow rushing up to meet him. Only a second before he hits it, does he realize, that he is falling to the snow. As he impacts the snow, a second jolt hits the ground followed by a few growls and hisses. When Jon brushes the snow off his face, he is met with a sight that he has not seen in over five years.

A big green dragon is looking down at him. Rhaegal. IT WORKED!

As Jon is happy at seeing the green dragon again, he hears an angel's voice.

"Jon? Are you okay?" Jon freezes as he is standing up and brushing the snow off his body. He slowly raises his head and locks eyes with the love of his life.


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