As Jon lifts the egg, it feels cold to the touch though like freshly fallen snow yet the egg has a strange warmth to it. He could just tell that they weren't dead.

Jon looks back down into the chest to see that there were two more eggs. He replaces the egg back into the chest before running his hand over the other two eggs, getting the same cold warmth from them.

After finally getting over the shock at seeing three more dragon eggs, Daenerys reaches forward to lay her hand upon Jon's arm to get his attention.

"Not sure if you knew this but it required three sacrifices to hatch my dragons - the witch who cursed me, Drogo, and my stillborn son, Rhaego." Daenerys stops at the mention of Rhaego, his loss still affecting her. Jon pulls her into a gentle hug, knowing it may be something that Daenerys could never truly get over. After several moments, Jon releases Daenerys who thanks him with a soft smile upon her face.

"I admit that I grew fond of Drogo but I never truly loved him. Not like I love you. You are the only person that I have ever loved." Jon could not stop the smile from forming upon his face.

"I don't want you to have to go the same things I did to hatch my dragons." Daenerys also had an unnerving thought that she is afraid to say out loud. I am unsure if Jon is also an Unburnt like me. The thought of what will happen to him if he is not and does immolate himself... I don't want to lose him when I only just got him. There is a simple way to test it though. Daenerys reaches out and removes a lit torch from the wall. She approaches Jon with it, pointing its flame towards him. Jon glances at Daenerys, knowing what she is doing and slowly raises his hand - hesitating before reaching out and grabbing the end of the torch.

The moment he grabs the end of the torch, Jon instinctively closes his eyes. After a few moments, Jon opens his eyes to see that his hand is completely surrounded by the red-orange flames. He slowly retracts his hand out of the flames in both awe and interest. He raises the same hand to lay upon Daenerys' warm cheek. She tosses the torch a few feet to her right before embracing Jon in a tight hug before pulling back slightly to lay a soft kiss upon his lips.

"My love… my handsome dragon," she murmurs sweetly, tears welling in her eyes. "I should have known from the moment I saw you."

He chuckles. "Knowing before I even knew myself, though I suppose Drogon and Rhaegal knew." He hugs Dany closer, savoring the soft curves and radiant beauty of his wife.

After several minutes Jon releases Daenerys to turn back towards the chest while Daenerys moved to replace the torch. Jon stares down at the three eggs for a few moments before closing the chest, picking it up while motioning to Daenerys that she should lead them out. They immediately left the crypts, heading directly to the Godswood.

Daenerys comes across Grey Worm as they exit the crypts whom she gestures over and whispers in his ear. With a nod, he begins walking around talking to the various Unsullied standing guard. Once he speaks with them, they immediately set off towards the Godswood to ensure that Daenerys and Jon would not be seen or interrupted en route. Once all of the Unsullied had been deployed to their spots, Daenerys and Jon begin walking to the Godswood with Grey Worm at their rear.

When they arrive at the Godswood, Jon sets the chest down near the white tree. With a look from Daenerys, Grey Worm takes his leave to gather their councils to meet them there. Jon looks at Daenerys to see a confusing look upon her face. Daenerys glances at Jon while pulling his mother's letter from her pocket.

"Something that has been bugging me is how did your mother know about me? I believe that she had died before I was born." Daenerys questions while Jon gets a pensive look upon his own face.

"She did," Bran interjects as he is being wheeled in by Arya. Jon looks to them both while sparing a smile towards Arya.

"How did she know about Daenerys, Bran?" Jon asks knowing Bran may answer in a strange vague way; which he was not in the mood for.

"Rhaegar delivered the news of Rhaella's pregnancy to Lyanna. He informed her that both his unborn sibling and his own child will most likely be born around the same time. In fact, you two were born just a moon apart with Jon coming first." He offers a sad smile when Jon instinctively reaches out to place his hand on the small of Dany's back. "Rhaegar desired to have the two of you together in any way possible. After all, Rhaegar knew of the prophecy. The two of you, together, brought the Dawn. Now with the Long Night come to an end, another comes. Only together will the tyranny in the South be ended. True Peace will return to the lands of Westeros and Essos," Bran stated in his monotone voice.

Jon reaches out for Dany's hand. They grasp each other's hand tightly, not willing to separate. A click signals the entry of their respective councils into Godswood. Several of them, including Tyrion, share some strange glances at the chest by the royal couple.

Jon turns around to address the group now coming in. "Come on in and close the doors. Grey Worm, please ensure that we are sealed." With a nod, Grey Worm went to ensure Jon's request. After ensuring that they would not be interrupted, Grey Worm rejoins Missandei's side as they approach the couple in front of the chest.

As everyone approaches the chest, a deep growl emanates from above. Everyone looks up to see that Rhaegal was hovering directly above the Godswood while Drogon circled above. Jon locks eyes with Rhaegal, giving a nonverbal command for him to land. As Rhaegal lands to the right of the tree, he moves forward with a snarl causing Jon to lay his hand upon Rhaegal's snout. Daenerys smiles while moving forward to do the same with Drogon, who lands to the left of the tree. Daenerys knew that Drogon could be a jealous baby at times.

"Thank you all for coming. I have some news to impart to you all. Before I continue, I need to stress that anything we discuss here should be considered a state secret until such a time we decide to inform the lords and people of this news." Jon calmly explains while watching Sansa, Varys, and Tyrion eyeing Daenerys carefully. Jon took the time to meet each of their council's eyes and getting a nod in return before continuing.

"While I was in the crypts, I discovered a letter from my mother. There are some personal items in there. However, she mentioned that she always intended for Daenerys and I to be together, in one way, shape or form. Second, is this chest." Jon motions to the chest while Arya eagerly approaches it. With a smile, Jon opens the chest causing a gasp to come from Arya's mouth. Similar gasps of surprise emanate from everyone. Jon had to slam the lid closed as several people were getting a little to close for Jon's comfort.

"These three white eggs were hidden in the crypts by Edd per my mother's instructions. I plan to hatch these eggs here in Winterfell." Jon could see the nervous glances from Sansa, Varys, Tyrion, and Davos. Tyrion takes a few steps forward to speak first.

"How do you plan to hatch these eggs? I take it you do not want to hatch them the way our Queen hatched hers." Tyrion questioned, his uneasiness seeping into his words.

"No, I will not hatch them the way Daenerys did. I don't need a personal sacrifice. However, I will need to burn the eggs on a pyre along with myself to facilitate the hatching." And bonding but leave that part unsaid. Jon informed the captive crowd. He could see the questioning looks on the faces of Sansa and Arya, which he intended to address before they could put a voice to them.

"I am an Unburnt, just like Daenerys. The fire will not harm me. Yet, I know the lot of you will not believe it without seeing. So I will show you before the lightning of the pyre." Jon replied while getting uneasy nods from both Sansa and Arya.

"When do you plan on doing this?" Tyrion interjects. Jon glances at Daenerys who smiles with encouragement.

"Well, there is no better time than the present. Plus, it will only get more difficult if we wait as we make way to King's Landing. So it will be right now, right here." Jon clarifies to a once more surprised crowd. With a gesture from Daenerys, the Unsullied begin to build a pyre similar in shape and structure to the one Khal Drogo burned in all those years ago. However, instead of his body in the center, Jon placed the three eggs from the chest there upon a bed of dry straw and grass.

An Unsullied approached Jon and handed him a canteen. Jon smiles and thanks to him while turning back towards everyone.

"What is in there, Jon?" Arya asks the question on everyone's mind.

"This is water from the waterfall north of here, so cold that it solidifies into instant ice. I feel that I may need to use both ice and fire to hatch these eggs, as I am a mix of ice and fire." Jon calmly explains to his sister/cousin. Arya smiles and quickly moves in to embrace him into a tight hug. Sansa closely follows, with no words being exchanged between them as the emotions are all that is needed.

Jon hands the canteen to Arya while he pulls Daenerys into his arms. "I love you, Dany," Jon whispers into her ear. Daenerys can't bring herself to reply except to just hug him tighter. Once they separate, she begins to help him undress drawing glances from Arya and Sansa who can't help but blush as more of his flesh is exposed.

Once down to just his trousers, Jon approaches the pyre. Daenerys picks up the eggs from the pyre, letting Jon lay on it not long after. She replaces all three of the eggs on his abdomen. With a kiss upon his lips, she takes a torch by one of the Unsullied, who all retreat back to the edges of the Godswood. Daenerys glances back behind her, motioning Arya to move up to Jon. She exchanges a nervous smile as she slowly pours the water on Jon, starting from his feet up to his head. The water instantly freezing as it impacts his skin. As the last of the water freezes on his head, Arya steps back while Daenerys begins to light the pyre in the same way Arya just poured the water. Jon begins to shiver as the freezing temperatures get to him. Daenerys drops the torch at the bottom of the pyre and steps back.

In just a few moments, the entire pyre is ablaze. At first, the fire is normal. A mix of red, yellow, and orange. Daenerys tries her best to keep her irrational fear of Jon being hurt at bay. She knows that he is also a dragon yet that does not mean she is ready to part from him so soon.

Suddenly, a sharp crack is heard throughout the Godswood. It draws everyone's attention to the pyre. They notice that the fire at the center of the pyre begins to change colors from a mix of yellow and orange to a mix of blue, green, and white. As the flames began to lick the leaves of the Godswood above, they slowly began to turn into a solid brilliant blue. In just seconds, the entire pyre is burning with blue flames. As the edges turn blue, the flames seem to turn inward before forming a figure-eight pattern. First, the flames seemed to increase in heat and intensity before a roar was heard from within. As quickly as it began, the flames began to die down. The fire begins to retreat towards the center, turning back to its normal colors before extinguishing itself.

No one says a word, nary a sound as Jon is revealed sitting down with his legs crossed. Daenerys lets out a small gasp as she sees the results of the flames. Jon raises to his feet as a proud smile comes across Daenerys face as three dragons surround Jon:

A white-blue dragon on Jon's right calf, spreading its wings to protect his decency.

An ice-white dragon on Jon's right shoulder, chirping and nuzzling his cheek.

An orange-blue dragon on Jon's left shoulder, eyes trained on the onlookers.

As one, all three dragons screech to the sky, followed by answering roars from Drogon and Rhaegal who both take a few steps forward to investigate the three new hatchlings.

Daenerys is hit with a flashback of when she hatched her dragons several years ago, seeing Jon in the exact same pose. She snaps out of the remembrance to begin to approach Jon with his cloak. When she gets to within a few steps of him, the dragon on Jon's right shoulder hisses at her. It causes her to stop moving forward, knowing instinctively that they were protecting their father. Jon immediately turns to look at the dragon, giving it a snap and click from his own mouth. The dragon bowed its head, knowing it had been reprimanded. Daenerys takes that as a sign to place the cloak around him, trying her best not to jostle the hatchlings.

Reaching her hand out to the now cooing dragons, Daenerys felt it nuzzle the side of her palm. The same dragon that had hissed at her while Jon begins to stroke the orange-blue dragon on his left shoulder before a light hiss from below grabs his attention. Jon leans down with his other hand to give some attention. This caused all three dragons to begin purring.

Arya takes a few steps forward while keeping a respectful distance from Jon for the dragon's sake. "That was cool. Now, what are you going to name them? Are they male or female?"

Jon glances at Arya, smiling at her inquisitive nature showing itself. "They are female. As for names, let me think."

After a few moments of silence, Jon smiles, "I have got them. This one on my left shoulder, Lyannaella, a combination of our mothers, Lyanna and Rhaella. The one being stroked by Daenerys, Elaenax, after the daughter of Daenys the Dreamer. Finally, the one on my leg, Alysannion from the wife of Jaehaerys." Arya smiles yet has a small confused look before putting voice to her look.

"I love the names, Jon. Just one question, why not Visenya?" Jon smiles, knowing Arya is referencing their childhood. "I would like to save that name for a potential future daughter of mine. Why make it confusing?" Jon resists making his smile larger as Arya's eyes go wide in response. As Daenerys' pregnancy is fairly new, Jon is forced to lie to Arya. "No, she is not with child. Not yet Auntie." Arya shakes her head after narrowing her eyes at the teasing tone from Jon.

Daenerys turns around to everyone gathered, "Alright since the dragons have now hatched, let Jon go get dressed." Jon glances at Daenerys, understanding the hidden command. "At once, my Queen." Jon places a light kiss upon Daenerys' brow as he passes with Arya in tight pursuit. The newborn dragons retreating to hide beneath his cloak.

"First," Daenerys begins as Jon leaves the Godswood with Arya, "I am asking you all to keep quiet about this. Consider this a state secret and a command from your sovereign. If any of you speak about this before we announce it or without our permission, you will be arrested and charged with treason. Is that understood?" Daenerys' tone slowly changes from a motherly one when Jon was still present to her Queenly one. Daenerys makes eye contact with every person to get their reply before moving on to the next. Eventually, everyone agrees to keep the dragons in confidence.

The door to the Godswood opens, allowing Jon to return, dressed back in his typical black attire. The three dragons all poked their heads out from the cloak on his shoulders. Jon glances around the Godswood before addressing Daenerys, "Ready to go?"

Daenerys nods and gestures towards her council to precede them out of the Godswood. "See you at our dragons," Daenerys says as she passes by Jon.

As the door closes behind Daenerys, Jon turns to address his council. "I am joining Daenerys on returning to Dragonstone to plan the siege of King's Landing. I would like you all to join me except for Sansa."

Sansa looks surprised as well as a little insulted before Jon continues, "I need someone to remain here in Winterfell to look after the North in my absence. There must always be a Stark at Winterfell." Sansa smiles, now realizing that Jon is making her the Wardeness of the North until his return. Jon then turns to Arya standing next to Sansa.

"Arya, would you like to ride a dragon?" A huge grin forms on her face at the prospect of finally fulfilling a childhood dream. Jon could see the child-like excitement dancing in her eyes.

"I will ride along with Lord Tyrion and Varys south. Have a safe ride." Jon shakes Ser Davos's hand. "You best get ready, Ser Davos. They leave at mid-day." With a bow, Ser Davos takes his leave. Arya quickly darts after him to get her own supplies, leaving just Sam & Sansa alone with Jon.

Jon turns to Sansa, "I believe that there are a few things you need me to sign or provide guidance upon, right?" Sansa sensing that Jon would like some time alone with Sam, nods and quickly leaves the Godswood.

"Sam, I have a big favor to ask of you." Sam nods in reply while keeping a serious look upon his face. "I would like you to look after my daughters while I go South. Make sure that they are kept safe and fed. I'm sure that Sansa and Gilly will help."

Sam is shocked and rendered speechless by Jon's request. Finally, after stumbling over several words, he is able to reply, "I am honored, Jon. I will look after them as if they were my own, brother." Jon smiles knowing that Sam meant every word. They embrace but the hisses from under Jon's cloak prevents them from embracing further. Jon opens his cloak, guiding the three dragons to Sam, though they are reluctant to leave their father.

As they separate, a loud whoosh occurs behind them. When they turn around, they see Drogon taking off. No doubt to meet Daenerys outside of Winterfell. Jon takes this as an indication that Daenerys is just about ready to leave. As Drogon disappears over the walls, a wet lick touches Jon's fingers. Looking down, Jon sees Ghost has returned to his side. Jon smiles as he pets Ghost's head. Jon approaches Rhaegal who leans forward to allow Jon to mount him. As Jon takes his place on Rhaegal, he looks down to see a begging Ghost. With a smile, Jon leans back.

"Come on, boy." Ghost barks before leaping up onto Rhaegal's neck, directly in front of Jon. Ghost lays his head upon Rhaegal's neck tucking his paws up. Jon ties some leather straps around Ghost as a precaution. The door to the Godswood opens, showing Arya sprinting towards Jon. As Ghost is being secured, Jon reaches a hand down to Arya, pulling her up behind him.

Once both Ghost & Arya is secured, Jon leans down and pats Rhaegal's neck. Taking that as the signal for time to go, Rhaegal effortlessly leaps into the air. Jon watches a waving Sam and screeching dragons begin to get smaller and smaller as Rhaegal rises into the air.

A roar from Jon's right gets his attention. He sees Drogon joining them in the sky with Daenerys' white hair flowing from her spot upon him. As one, they turn south towards Dragonstone with their armies moving under them.

Several days later…

As the sun begins to set on Dragonstone, a roar cuts through the silent dusk over the nearly empty castle. A few moments later, Rhaegal and Drogon fly overhead. They land nearby upon the cliffs, the same one where Jon had first connected with Daenerys and stroke Drogon.

Jon releases Ghost's straps, who eagerly jumps down to begin stretching and rolling around on the cool grass. Jon could not stop the happy grin at Ghost's antics. Arya jumps down, following Ghost to the ground. As Jon dismounts from Rhaegal, Daenerys had already dismounted Drogon and was approaching Ghost, who quickly sits up. Daenerys smiles as she pets Ghost's head.

Jon embraces Daenerys and gives her a quick kiss before he takes her hand. They began to walk to Dragonstone without releasing each other's hands. Arya, sensing that the couple would like some alone time, took off with Ghost to explore the coast. As the couple gets several feet away, Rhaegal & Drogon take off towards the sea to hunt.

As they enter the castle, Daenerys stops Jon. "Since we have a few days before the others arrive, what will we do in the meantime?" Daenerys asks with a seductive tone. Daenerys then turns around and saucily walks towards her room in Dragonstone. Jon smiles before taking after her in a run.

On a ship sailing towards King's Landing, a sailor knocks on a door. A voice inside bids the sailor entry.

"Sorry for bugging you, sire. I was asked to inform you that we should be arriving by sunset in King's Landing." The sailor replies, standing at attention.

Captain Harry Strickland turns to the sailor. "Thank you. Please pass my thanks to the captain."

The door closes as the sailor leaves, Harry turns to the man sitting at the table. "Inform the men to properly rest. We head ashore soon."

The man stands and salutes, "At once, sire."

On a similar ship but headed to Dragonstone, Tyrion and Varys are discussing the rapid developments with their Queen & King while Ser Davos is resting below deck.

"What are your thoughts on our Queen and her King consort?" Tyrion asks Varys, on the recent developments with Jon marrying their Queen as well as being the last living male Targaryen.

"I believe Jon could be the one to keep Our Queen's darker tendencies in check. Yet, it could be best for Jon to rule alone without worrying about Daenerys. He knows that some people in Westeros will always see her as a foreign whore." Varys says, who seems to be voicing some opinions out loud, without noticing that Tyrion could hear him.

Tyrion gets a shaking feeling towards Varys. He is unsure if he should mention this to Jon when they arrive at Dragonstone.

Jon and Daenerys are resting together in bed after several rounds of coupling, trying to catch their breaths.

"Jon?" Daenerys questions in between gasps.

"Hmm." Jon is unable to say actual words at this point.

"Something that I have thought about recently is what would have happened to us if the Rebellion never happened. What do you think?" Daenerys asks Jon, who pauses in thought.

"The first thing that I think is that Rhaegar would have become king after my father's death or removal. You and your brother raised in court and spared of all that pain."

Snuggling against his side, Dany trails a finger along his chest. "Don't forget you and your siblings," she purred.

Smiling wistfully, Jon looks up at the ceiling. "I have no doubt they would have been as close to me as Robb and Arya. Most likely, Aegon would have been married to Rhaenys or a woman to the North to strengthen their ties. Perhaps Sansa?" Sansa would have gotten all she dreamed of in that case.

"As for you," Dany continued for him. "You would have married Rhaenys, myself or even both. You could have been the next Aegon the Conqueror after all," Daenerys notes while Jon remains silent, thinking of what could have been. Jon did agree with most of Daenerys' points yet one unsaid point would have been appealing. The note that due to the survival of Aegon, he would not have to rule. Jon would be relieved of the burden.

Jon tightens his arms around Daenerys, "I would be happy for moments like this. As long as I have you, I don't care for the rest. Let us not dwell on what could have been but what can it be."

Daenerys smiles and places a kiss upon Jon's chest before laying her head upon his heart. The couple falling asleep, enjoying the brief peace before returning to war tomorrow.

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