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She closed her eyes tightly and tried to ignore the voices that could be heard from the shadows. She hugged herself tightly, trying her best to make herself as small as possible, as she lays on her bed, as close to her nightstand, where the only light in the room comes from her lamp.

She tried her best to block out the sound of the voices from within the shadows with a pillow. However, no matter how much she tries to block out the different sounds coming from the shadows she could still hear them, some of the voices were whispering and others were screaming at her. She tried her best to simply block them out, to ignore them. She simply had to remember that if she didn't pay them any attention, they would sooner or later go away just like they always did.

She lifted the pillow a little and tried to look over to her sister's side of the room. How she wished that Evy were home and sleeping across from her, instead of being to some sleepover at one of their classmate's house, a party which she wasn't invited to. However, the bed was still empty.

Looking back to the light coming from the lamp, before covering her head again and silently praying that the light would be enough, just until sunrise.

Oh, how she wished that she could just call for her parents and hope that they could fix everything, but she already knew that it wouldn't work since they were to some party with her older brother that one of her father's business partner was holding. Her last option would have been the babysitter her parents had hired to look after her, but she had already been in to check for "monsters under the bed" or in the closet, but since she didn't find anything, she simply assured the little girl that there weren't any "monsters" in the room and it was "safe" to go to sleep.

No matter how many times she tried to tell her babysitter that the monsters were hiding in the shadows and were yelling mean things at her, but without being able to see them, the babysitter simply petted her on the head and left her alone in the darkness, telling her that she should try to get some sleep. That leaves her alone in her bedroom, left hoping that she wouldn't disappear into that darkness. She pressed the pillow closer to her as the voice seem to only grow louder.

Finally, she couldn't stop the tears from falling down her cheeks, she cried to herself as quietly as she could in hopes that the monsters wouldn't be able to hear over their screams. She turned and pressed her face into the pillow she was laying on while tightening her grip on the pillow she was using to cover her head.

While all of this was going on all around her, she wasn't able to hear or notice when the door to the bedroom opened and in came a green cat, it looked around the room, before it jumped on the bed and made it's way around her until it was able to lay against her stomach as it began to purr softly. The cat slowly began to rub its head against her stomach to get her attention and when she finally opened her eyes and looked down at the green cat. Seeing it instantly made her smile as she slowly reaches out to pet the soft green fur, resulting in the cat to purr a little louder.

"Gar?! Shouldn't you still be at the party with mom and dad?" Her voice was no louder than a whisper as the green cat slowly shapeshifted from a cute cat to a young green boy. The boy slowly wrapped his arms around his little sister and hugged her close to him. He took the pillow she was using to cover her ears and placed it under his head, and then he began to run his finger through her long white hair, hoping to calm her down.

"The party wasn't any fun, and to wear an image inducer all night gets boring super-fast! Plus, I rather spend time with my little sister, then at some boring party at any time!" He told her with a small smile as he continued to run his fingers through her hair, hoping that it was enough to distract her from the voices. It wasn't the first time he would try to make her feel better when the "monsters" made her feel so scared that she couldn't even leave her room without her sister by her side.

A few moments of silence went by before he tried to once again ask her about "them". He knew that there wasn't any point in asking, but he still hoped that talking about it would at the very least help her to feel better, even if it only was for a little bit. He knew that it wasn't enough to make "them" go away, but it at the very least seem to help her through the darkest of nights.

On nights like this, he would lay beside her and listen as she tells him what they are saying, what they are whispering, what they are screaming at her. They want to be set free, that they want her to join them. Some of the voices said that she was too weak and would never amount to anything like Evy and that no matter what she will always stand in the shadow of her sister's bright and shining light.

As she continued telling him about it, her whole body started to shake and her hold around him slowly got tighter and tighter, but he simply continued to run his finger through her hair to calm her down. He also tries to whisper words of comfort, while he looked around the room to try and see the monsters that were terrifying his sweet little sister, but as always, he couldn't see anything other than a normal room.

"Gar... why won't they stop? I tried to ask as nicely as I could as dad told me too. I tried to tell them to leave me alone as mom and Evy told me too. I even tried my best to simply ignore them, as you told me to try. BUT NOTHING WORKS!" she cried into his chest.

"Everything will be okay, my little moon, and no matter what happens I will always be here to protect you! I promise." His words rang in her ear as he held her tight, as she continued to cry.

He kept that promise, every time she would feel scared of the monsters or if she would have a nightmare, he would always be there for her… that's until one day her big brother simply left without a word to anyone. Their parents tried everything and anything they could think of, but there wasn't any trace of him anywhere, after nearly two years of searching, the police and their parents finally gave up and declared him to be missing, possibly dead.

Their mother and father had been sad for a while, but at the least, their work seemed to distract them just fine. In the meantime, Evy and Elena simply stuck together as they always did, but while their parents seem to get better over time, the sisters didn't seem to recover as quickly.

Just like right now, they were sitting in the room that they shared. Elena was working on a flower arrangement, while Evy was laying on her bed "working" to manipulate the light in the room into a laser and were shooting a few small and random things around their room.

Elena would glance to her sister occasionally, to make sure that she won't start a fire, before looking back to the flower arrangement she was working on for one of her classes. After a few more moments of continued silence, Elena finally decided to say something, since it was clear that Evy wouldn't. However, what could she say right now to break the silence?

Elena sighed as she reaches out to take another flower when suddenly she heard a voice that sounded of a voice nothing like Evy.

"He's not coming back." The voice's words ran through her head.

"Yes, he is. I know he is." She thought back irritated.

"They didn't try hard enough."

"They tried everything they could! Mom and dad tried anything they could... Uncle tried everything he could… but have we tried every that we could?"

"She's not telling you everything, she knows more."

"...She doesn't ... if she did... she would tell me... she wouldn't keep anything about our brother a secret!" She answered back, slowly growing more irritated as she grips on the flower grew tighter.

"Would she?" The voice questioned as a dark shadowy hand reach out to pick up another one of the flowers and placed it into the flower arrangement.

"...Yes, she cared about him as much as I do... even you know how important he is to us." She simply answered as she continued her work, trying not to turn her head to look at the shadow.

The shadow went quiet as it seems to try and help her with the flower arrangement, she sighs to herself as she looks over to Evy again, that seem too cut up in her powers to notice anything, from the corner of her eye.

Despite getting a bit better at controlling and taking control of her powers, she would still need the help of her sister for things to stay that way, even if things had slowly grown quiet down lately.

"Why haven't you tried to go out looking for him? With our power, it would be much easier to find him, so why not just let it all out? You could be so much more, but you're just too scared to step out of her shadow, you -." Elena suddenly slammed her hands down on the table, resolution in Evy losing her focus and sending a blast of light through the room before it hit the flower arrangement, setting it on fire. Elena quickly jumps out of the chair, away from the fire as Evy grab a fire extinguisher from under her bed and extinct the fire.

There wasn't much said, other then Elena apologizing for distracting Evy, they simply went back to do what they did before.

They didn't need words, Evy already knew the reason, there wasn't much other reason for talking about it. "Evy..." Elena tried to start but was cut off by Evy that walked over to their walk-in closet to change into a black tank top, black shorts with white knee-high leggings. she also took some black sandals and a white leather jacket.

As she walked out of the walk-in closet, she went to their shared bathroom to do her makeup and hair, when she was done getting ready, she made one last check in the mirror before leaving the bathroom with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Going to another party? or did you get an interesting date tonight?" Elena asked with a sigh as she laid down on her bed. It wasn't the first time, it wasn't anything new, and with the parents being out of town, Evy was free to do whatever.

"Yeah, some Idiot taking me to his school dance in Mississippi, good thing that his hot or I would probably have told him to forget it!" Evy answered with a smile, as she turned to her sister. "So how do I look?"

"Good enough for a school dance with an "idiot", just remember to be careful," Elena answered just in time as they heard the doorbell ring, signalling that Evy's date had arrived. "Well, time for me to go, don't stay up too late Lil' sis and if mom and dad come back, you know what to do!" Said Evy as she grabs a small bag and ran out of their shared room to leave for her date.

When Elena was sure that Evy was gone, she jumped out of bed and ran over to the walk-in closet to change into a long sleeve short black dress, making sure that the dress reaches to a little under her knees, black tights and a pair of her sister's long military boots. she then put her hair in a high ponytail, grab a black mask, and dark blue hooded cape. She then ran out of the walk-in closet to find a lantern that had a candle inside of it, which she quickly light.

"You're going to see the thief again, right? Tonight, he was hired to break into a museum and steal some rare painting, the security system has been updated a few hours ago." She nodded to the shadow as she turned off the light in the room and tried to make a path through the darkness, if she were right about the address then she didn't have to be in there for too long, and she won't have to worry about losing control. Elena took a deep breath and began to walk, holding the lantern in front of her, as closely as possible, as she walked through the darkness.

She made sure to hold the lantern as close to her as she could, but far enough away so she wouldn't get burned.

"Why are you so interested in this guy?" The shadows question wasn't new, it was the same one as always. She just continued to walk but decided to give it the same answer as she always did. "I just want to thank him for what he did… that's all." She answered with as little emotion as she could, as she kept walking down the dark path. "That does not answer why you so interested in seeing every time he's in town." The shadow's voice once again rang through the darkness once again. "I simply want to talk to him, that's why." She answered once again with as little emotion as she could.

Suddenly she came to a stop in front of the shadowy silhouette of the museum.