"Look, if I'm being honest, I always felt this stuff did more harm than good."

Yet, despite that feeling of prognostication as I said those words, I can't say I ever would have seen any of this happening. Destroy all magic? Ha! Never in a million years, nope.

Then again… voting to accept the monster king? Freeing said monster king? Not to mention Eclipsa! And what's been going on now with the monsters too! Living alongside them and accepting that kingdom as legitimate? With said Queen of Darkness at the helm?

But… it was that disbelief… that inability and shortsightedness… that made all this possible. All this mess. And now, they have to destroy magic.

I think a long time ago I wanted to believe otherwise. Magic was good. Magic helped the mewmans. I was created from magic. Omni and Rhombulus too… And, most of all, magic killed those annoying monsters. But the thought of magical harm… was always there…

Going on Solaria's monster massacres, I saw that. The death and destruction. But I loved it. It made me and the others feel alive. We were the ones in the right. Magic made it possible. Mewmans were on top because of magic, and it wasn't going away. No, we were going to use it to take all of Mewni, as it was meant to be.

Even when retaliation happened, the thought was there, but we all denied it. Solaria gave a lot of hate out, and it came back … and killed her. I think Omni was the one who blamed himself. He tried really hard to get Solaria to accept the ceasefire.

From there on, it kinda went downhill a lot. Eclipsa was a failure of a queen. We threw her daughter out. I tried with Festivia. It probably wasn't for the best but it was totally okay to tell her to hate monsters. Everyone did anyway. Who was I hurting?

Ugh, I'm getting too nostalgic. Star's off in the Realm as I just sit here in the tavern. Her mom and Eclipsa already took the baby and ran off after her. Hm. Touching.

My double is still sitting there at the pizza party. Rhombulus, the darn rockhead… still hyped up on that soda. And Omni, still fantasizing a bit about a return to the old days of the council. I wonder what Lekmet would have even done here. Probably sat there … or something.

But there is nothing to return to. What the heck, guys? Moon's on the run, and Star too, from that loony bin Mina, which WE set on them! What, are we just gonna find another peasant girl and do the whole baby swap thing again? No, look where that landed us! In this giant load of doo-doo! And now, we're all gonna… disappear…

I sigh and sip the Shirley from the stemmed martini glass. Even without a lot of buzz, all this is kinda kicking my brain as it is. Is it regret? That, after all these years of using magic to hate on monsters, it was all for nothing? Heh… maybe.

But I gotta say, I also feel a bit relieved. Maybe that's why I'm just sitting here at the edge of the universe with all these other bums. Ran away from responsibility, and all that schmuck? Yeah, maybe. But I'm not that psychotic that I'd cheer a nut job like Mina. Maybe I learned a thing or two. I dunno.

The universe is weird. I don't think we get smarter as we grow old. I mean, look at the idiot rockhead. Heck, even Omni. He actually went along with the bogus plan and for what? To restore the Commission and our… schedules? Gimme a break.

We were meant to protect people in the end. Releasing Globgor, and now this… geez, how low have we come? I take it back, maybe Lekmet could've reined in Rhombulus… he had corn for brains but he … probably knew what he was doing. He was like a big old grandpa.

I can feel the Butterflys whisper spell doing its thing. It's a bit tingly, honestly, but it doesn't hurt. My fingers phase a bit, kind of like they're made of energy and being drained. I cast a look around the bar.

Whoops, another poor sap sucked into nonexistence. Heh…

Wait up, I'm coming too.