Disclaimer: I do not own Final Destination or the songs featured in here, only the stuff that I made up; the original characters and the original plot. Warning: This will contain major spoilers for the deaths, plots, etc. in the entire Final Destination franchise. Not just the movies, but also the tie-in novels and comics. You have been warned.

Wade Powell, a seventeen-year-old boy who has a premonition of a never before seen cataphoric accident at a nightclub leaves him and his friends walking out barely unscathed, but on Death's list for disrespecting the design. They believe that they have found a way to cheat death once and for all, but the price for blood must be paid with blood.

Wade Powell: The seventeen-year-old visionary of the Dies Ultima disaster.

Jill Griggs: The girlfriend of Wade who is seeing omens along with her boyfriend.

Tara Stone: The girlfriend of Jackson and rival to Jill.

Bryce McGuire: The chain smoker of the group.

Jackson Lipton: The loose-lip worrisome one of the group.

Hannah Bernard: The quiet and amoral one of the group who can be considered aimless when it came to choices.

Damien Riley: The brains of the group and is acutely familiar with Death, it's servants and the premonitions.

William Bludworth: A mysterious substitute coroner with great knowledge about Death and it's power and may be the only hope that the survivors have.

May 4, 2012

Twelve years after North Bay Bridge and Flight 180, eleven years after Route 23, seven years after Devil's Flight, five years after Coral Clipper, four years after John Doe's attempted killing spree in New York, and three years after McKinley Speedway.

Wade Powell jumped from his bed, panting and sweating.

"Bad dream," he muttered to himself as he wiped the sweat away from his forehead with the back of his hand. He gulps down some saliva before getting out of bed. The darkness of his room blinded him and the sounds of his alarm clock echoed throughout the room. He snoozes the alarm and checks to make sure that it was six at nighttime. His friends were going to pick him up in thirty minutes so he got ready.

"Was it really worth it?" he asked himself, referring to the three-hour nap he just took.

He spent the last three hours napping because he had a big night today with his friends.

Tonight, his friends and himself were going to the nightclub known as Dies Ultima. He rubs the sleep out of his eyes and gets his clothes ready.

He put on a pair of black jeans with black converse and a white t-shirt on his body. He brushes his teeth, puts deodorant on, and combs his blond hair back. He composed himself and made sure he looked presentable, doing a few poses here and there in the mirror. He put on his black leather jacket and rubbed his hand through his hair one more time before grabbing his phone and his keys and walking out the front door, locking it behind him.

Once he stepped outside, an SUV painted green drove up to his driveway with music blaring. Wade was already halfway across his lawn by the time the SUV parked. The girl in the passenger's seat stuck her head out the window and smiled at Wade. "You look nice."

Wade smiled at the compliment. "Thanks, Jill." He regarded her outfit. She was wearing a white blouse completed with skinny blue jeans and her brown hair was tied in a bun. Wade stared at her beautiful brown eyes that reminded him of chocolate. "You look just as beautiful."

"Thank you," Jill smiled. She looked back in the truck as if she was waiting on something. "I hate to rush you, but can you get in the car so we can beat the traffic there?"

Wade nodded at Jill but mentally said to himself, "Why did I let them talk me into this?"

Wade reached for the back door, opening it up and seeing his friends Bryce and Damien sitting there. Bryce was a tall boy around Wade's height with shoulder-length brown hair and a pale skin complexion. He was wearing a denim jacket and jeans and sat in the middle. Damien sat on the far end and wore a brown trench coat and khaki pants. His curly brown hair had a long strand of hair come over his left eye.

"Hey guys," Wade greeted.

"What's up," Bryce nodded. "Been banging any chicks lately?"

"At least I can bang a chick," Wade retorted. He spotted the two African-Americans teens of the group in the back. Jackson with an afro and Tara with braids. He nodded his head towards them as a non-verbal way of saying 'what's up' and got into the car, taking the seat behind the passenger seat. The only redhead of the group was a girl named Hannah and she was the driver.

For the last twenty minutes, the car ride was filled with minial talking but Wade stayed out of the conversations because he didn't really have anything to say.

"Wade?" Hannah called out. "You got your ID with you, right?"

"Yeah," Wade answered dryly with no enthusiasm. "I have it in my wallet right here."

"Just making sure that you know your story," she clarified. "I wouldn't want to be kicked out just because you forgot what your last name was."

Wade smirked at Hannah and mocked laughed at her. "Haha." He looked over his fake ID one more time to make sure that he knew who he was. "My name is Alex Lawton and I was born January 8, 1991.

Jackson sitting behind Wade patted him on the shoulder and captured his attention. He leaned in and whispered into Wade's ear. "Tara and I are so going to bang in one of the rooms."

Wade kept a neutral expression on his face as he looked at his friend. He was slightly uncomfortable with the fact that his friend just told him his sex plans and tried ignoring him the rest of the way there after saying, "Okay then."

The nightclub known as Dies Ultima was an exclusive club for young adults, which was the main reason seventeen-year-old Wade had to get an idea to make him look like a twenty-one-year-old. Construction began in 1999 and finished on May 13, 2000. For twelve years, it has been well-known for its selection of vintage wine and legendary medium-rare steaks. Karaoke existed there and was open from six p.m. to seven a.m. in the morning on Fridays in the city of Baltimore.

Hannah parked the car just behind a green van and stepped out. She looked at the nightclub, which was a building with two dozen floors and the nightclub actually being on the twenthieth floor. "We barely made it." She opened the back door and let the others out before departing with Wade.

"Ready for the time of your life?" asked Jill.

"It's just a nightclub," Wade shrugged. "It's just wine and steak and drugs that we are going to have in bulk."

The seven teenagers let themselves into the building and walked across the lobby to the elevators.

The seven friends stood in the elevator, patiently waiting for the feeling of the elevator ascending. Damien pressed the twenthieth-floor button three times but the elevator still went at a slow speed. They figured that they were going to be in the elevator for a good while so they decided to at least chat things out.

"We better not get caught," Jackson said to the group. "If my Dad finds out that I forged fake IDs, he's going to skin me alive before I make it to graduation."

"Relax man," Bryce said as he put a comforting hand on Jackson's shoulder. "Your dad's not going to find out, so just take a deep breath." He reached into his pocket to pull out a pack of Pall Malls like he owned the place. The others looked at him as he lit his cigarette with a zippo. The smoke coming from the cigarette was enough to make Wade and Jill groan in discomfort.

"I'll take one." Hannah reached. "You got the menthol kind?" Bryce nodded with a grin and took out a menthol cigarette for her and lit it. "Thank you."

When Tara was offered a cigarette, she shook her head. "I don't smoke cigarettes." She was about to say what she smokes until she realized that if she said it aloud, then people would look at her differently so she decided to keep her mouth shut and leave it.

"It's not exactly ideal to be smoking in an elevator," Wade reasoned. "It's bad for your health and you're going to get into a lot of trouble."

"What's the matter with having a little fun?" asked Bryce.

"I've put up with your smoking for two years, Bryce, and I always say the same thing: Smoking will kill you."

"We're going to die anyway, why not break some rules while we're at it?"

Wade turned to Jill with a nonchalant look on his face. He shook his head slowly and said, "He's going to die before us." Jill nodded in agreement.


"Slow elevator," Tara complained. "My metabolism is faster than this."

"No one cares about your metabolism, Tara," Jill said rudely. "Just shut up," she snapped.

"I'll shut up when you suck my dick," Tara retorted.

"You're a girl, you don't have a dick."

Wade was literally standing in between Jill and Tara as they argued, literally caught in their crosshairs. He was constantly looking from one person to the other as they were talking. Wade knew what they were arguing about. Before Wade started dating Jill, Jill was dating Jackson and he dumped her for Tara. This was a year and a half ago, but they were still mad at each other and were not on the best of terms. The only reason Jill and Tara are standing in the same elevator together is that Jackson wanted all six of his friends to attend this nightclub with him. He took a drag as regret started to sink in like a ship sinking.

Jackson was not going to intervene but Damien has had enough and stepped up. "Shut up you two!" he snapped at both of them and he raised an eyebrow when he realized that the two were looking at him with shock. Wade, Bryce, and Hannah expected nothing less when Damien got all 'Alpha Wolf' on them. He was not really one to shout but when he shouted, he felt really good. He liked taking shouting and taking control of situations. "If you two can't shut up for two seconds when in the same room or elevator as each other, use a cigarette as a weapon and kill each other or shut your fucking traps." He sighed deeply and turned his back to them, crossing his hands and waiting patiently for the elevator doors to open.

The rest of the elevator ride was filled with a silence that could stab a person. Wade leaned against the elevator wall, Jill resting her head on his shoulder. He suddenly looked up to see the elevator buttons lit up. The twenthieth-floor button was lit up of course, but he looked closer and saw that the numbers 1,8, and 0 were lit up. Then the lights in the buttons turned off and only the twentieth-floor button was lit up. He narrowed his eyes and looked down to the ground, confused. "Did anybody push the one, eight, and zero floor buttons?"

"Nope," Damien answered.

"I swear that the buttons were lit up," he tried to explain.

"Probably seeing things," Hannah suggested. "Damien was the only one pushing the buttons and I didn't see any other buttons lit up."

"Okay then." Even as he relaxed his shoulders, he still had this feeling that his stomach would explode due to uncertainty.

The elevator door finally opened and the group of seventeen-year-olds was on the twenthieth-floor. Wade stepped out and studied the room he was in. it was a small room with a white leather couch in the center, a TV across, a brown carpet with a diamond pattern and tall windows that showed the view of the city, billions of tiny lights in the distance with stars in the sky and a full moon and a flower vase filled with red roses and water. Something still did not feel right. He looked down the window and saw the ground a very long way down. He suddenly felt sick and stepped back.

As he stepped back, his finger brushed against a small table with a lamp and a piece of wood pricked him in the index finger, giving him a splinter. He hisses in pain and removes the splinter from him, sucking his finger.

"Will you please hurry up?" Bryce urged impatiently. "There comes a time where we won't be younger anymore."

Wade caught up with him and the seven friends made it to a door with a large African-American man standing guard in a black suit. "All IDs must be shown before entry."

"Nothing to worry on that score big boy," Bryce smiled.

The seven friends showed their fake IDs and were allowed entrance to the nightclub filled with dancing colorful lights, people, music, addicts, alcoholics, and sex addicts.

Wade and Jill walked towards the bar and put their forearms on the table. Wade got out his fake ID ahead of time and he showed it to the middle-aged bartender. The bartender seemed to buy it and he asked Wade what kind of drink he would like. Wade looked at the selection of alcohol and he spotted vodka that was labeled four. "I'll take number four."

"Five seventy-five, please," the bartender said.

Wade pulled out a five dollar bill and three quarters out of his wallet to pay the bartender. He was greeted with two shot glasses, one for him and the other for Jill. "Cheers." He clinked glasses with Jill and the chugged their drinks. The effects of the alcohol kicked in and Wade winced his eyes shut and shaking his head as if saying no. This tongue had a burning sensation. "Now that is a drink."

"Would you like to dance with me?" Jill asked after putting her glass down. She gestures to the song that was playing. The song Time After Time was playing on the disco, which meant slow dancing time. "This song was playing during Prom."

Wade smirked and nodded. "If you fall, I will catch you," he sung. "Let's dance." He took her to the dance floor and they began slow dancing. The erratic color changing lights changed to a soft baby blue color to give off a vibe of romance in the room. As Wade and Jill slow danced to their song, he noticed some things. He spotted Tara slow dancing with Jackson. He looked to his right and he saw Hannah with her hands wrapped around Damien's body and he saw Damien's hands rubbing her rear end. This gave him the idea of rubbing Jill's rear end.

"Are you okay?" Jill asked suddenly. "You seem a little off today."

Wade looked at her with a confused look and tried to think what it was that made him a little off. He couldn't figure anything out so he just shook his head. "I'm fine; just a little tired."

Jill narrowed her eyes at him. "Tired?"

"I just woke up from a nap and the sun is down outside," he justified his condition before he smirked. "But now that I'm dancing with you, I feel wide awake." Jill's face lit up with a smile just as he predicted and he leaned down to give her a kiss on the lips. The sweet taste of her cherry lips made Wade's hairs spike up on his arms. It was either that or the chill of wind he just fell through his leather jacket. When he pulled away from the kiss, he asked, "Is it cold in here?"

"Nope," Jill responded. "And how can it be cold for you when you're wearing a leather jacket?"

He shrugged slightly. "I don't know, I just feel like it's freezing in here."

"Maybe you drank something cold before we left. Did you have ice in your drink?"

"Maybe that, but it's something else."

The building suddenly shook and the people inside the nightclub lost their balance for a brief second. Wade put his hands on the ground and sat on his knees to keep his balance while JIll fell to the ground. "What the hell was that?!" Wade exclaimed. He snapped his head to the left and looked out the window. He charged for the window and put his hands on the glass as he looked down. Halfway down the building, on the twelfth floor, there was an explosion and black smoke emitting from the explosion site. Wade's eyes widen in horror as he realizes what is going on and that he just might die in this building. "Oh my god," he whispers as he steps back from the window, unable to breathe, unable to think and hands covering his mouth. "Please God, please have mercy on my soul."

The entire twelfth floor went up in flames and the upper half of the building started falling forward. The building was starting to fall horizontally and as the building fell, the floor became more and more steep, almost turning into a slippery slide. Wade ran as fast as he could to get up, trying to reach for the exit, but as the floor got steeper, the slippier it got and he was sliding down the slide of doom. The upper half of the building fell over and landed horizontally on the roof of a neighboring building about half the height as the twenty-four story building.

Wade screamed in terror as he started falling, only to land on a wooden pillar. The people in the nightclub fell through the windows and to their deaths, some were able to grab ahold of something but others weren't so lucky when the objects they were clinging onto gave way and they fell to their deaths.

Wade looked around and saw that all of his friends were clinging onto something for dear life and when he looked up, he saw his girlfriend falling after losing her grip on the bar table. He caught her as she fell, his hands clutching onto her shirt. His face turned red from the physical exertion of trying to pull her back up. He tried to push himself off his foot planted on the pillar and just as her chest was just above the pillar, the front door leading to the nightclub disconnected from the wall and the top of the door cut through Jill's face like a knife through butter and claimed her life instantly. Wade screamed in horror as the blood of his girlfriend splattered onto his face and her lifeless weightless body fell, crashing through one of the broken windows and hundreds of feet to the ground. "No, JILL, Please! NO!"

Tara was holding onto the fire extinguisher on the wall with all her might. Her left hand slipped and she was left hanging from her right. Her body dangled as she felt her hand get sweaty. One of the bottles from the bar rolled off the table and landed right onto one of the pillars across from her. Instead of shattering, the cork of the pressurized wine bottle shoots out like a bullet and into Tara's eye and comes out the other end of her skull, blood trickling down her cheek like a raindrop. The young girl groans and her hand slip. She was dead before she even hit the cement ground.

"Wade!" Bryce called out from a pillar across from the pillar Wade was sitting on. "Over here!" He then gestured to himself and to Damien standing beside him. "Are you okay?"

"Jill," Wade stuttered in distraught. "She's dead. We're all dead."

"No one's going to die!" Damien shouted.

Like it was irony that was meant to happen, a fan on the ceiling a few meters above them disconnected and went falling right onto Bryce's head. The fan bounced off and went falling down the building and Bryce grunted in pain before falling forward and off the pillar. Damien tried reaching for him but it was too late.

Jackson and Hannah were the only two people who actually made it through the exit before the building landed on the roof. Everything was turned to a ninety-degree angle so they had a difficult time figuring which was was up. As they walked across the wall, a lamp above them, the same lamp on the table that Wade pricked his finger, was hanging from a wire and the flower vase from earlier spilled water on the wall the two were walking across. The lamp's power cord disconnected from the outlet and fell into the puddle of water just as Jackson and Hannah stepped in it.

Death wanted to claim these victims lives and he did so by creating complexity in their deaths. When the lamp hit the wall, he made it so it the glass would shatter and the plug on the wire would bounce off the wall and land perfectly into the outlet that the water surrounded. So when the plug went in and the end of the lamp was sticking in the water, the electricity shot through the water and zapped both Jackson and Hannah.

Jackson and Hannah screamed in agony as the outlet exploded and sent the two teenagers flying back. Jackson went flying towards the window, getting bisected from the waist up on the bar separating two windows. Hannah just went flying out the window with a shard of glass puncturing her in the nape and the end coming out her mouth.

Down below in the nightclub, Wade reached out to see if he could grab Damien. The two had no idea what they were going to do but when Damien and Wade's hands were interconnected, the building shifted again and Damien went falling forward after losing his footing. He fell onto the window but it didn't break. He laughed in relief as he crawled to his knees, but his happiness died out quickly when he looked up to see a falling stage light coming for him. His eyes widen in terror and the stage light crashes down on his face, decapitating him instantly. The stage light proceeded to break the window Damien's corpse was on and his body and the stage light went falling.

Wade gasps in horror as he realized that he was the only one left in this entire nightclub. He didn't like the sound of the building shifting once more and he lost his balance and fell. He landed on another window but didn't crash though. His face smashed against the glass, he slowly pushes himself up but the building shifted once again.

Wade looked down and he barely saw through the glass that there were astronomically large cracks forming in the cementing and making their way over to the fallen building and the building that it was laying on. He saw people running scared for their lives and he felt the building shift one more time before the final act of this catastrophic accident happened. A sinkhole formed in between the two buildings and spread. The sinkhole was apparently big enough and deep enough to swallow both buildings combined. Wade screamed in terror as his life flashed before his eyes as he fell towards the sinkhole. "NO!"

I do not own Highway to Hell, AC/DC does. If you do not recognize any of these deaths, then that is because they are not from the movies, but the novels and comics.

Candice lost her grip and landed on her face, but her back snaps forward upon impact on the ground and she is left as nothing more than a broken bone corpse.

Living easy, living free

Season ticket on a one-way ride

Sam Lawton screams in agony as the fumes of the burning Flight 180 plane incinerate him.

Asking nothing, leave me be

Taking everything in my stride

Don't need reason, don't need rhyme

Tod reached for a pair of scissors, desperate to free himself from being choked to death by a thin wire in his own bathroom.

Ain't nothing I would rather do

Going down, party time

My friends are gonna be there too

Billy turned around, only for a flying piece of the shard to decapitate him from the mouth up.

I'm on the highway to hell

On the highway to hell

Evan slips on the noodles he had thrown out earlier, falls on his back, and the leg of a falling ladder impales him through his right eye.

Highway to hell

I'm on the highway to hell

The barbed wire fence flies towards Rory and cuts him in three. Rory stands there, gasping for air with eyes wide before he falls apart.

No stop signs, speed limit

Nobody's gonna slow me down

Charlie fell down the elevator shaft, only to survive with little damage. But when the emergency brakes to the elevator above him were cut, then he felt the fear before he was crushed.

Like a wheel, gonna spin it

Ben didn't plan on dying like this. He didn't plan on falling down an open manhole and snap his neck at the bottom.

Nobody's gonna mess me around

Hector Barnes lived a good life until he was bitten on the wrist by a cobra with deadly venom.

Hey Satan, paid my dues

Will Sax screamed in agony as several discs and CDs that have been sharpened went flying through him, one of them eventually flying right through his neck.

Playing in a rocking band

After finding out that she was resurrected only to inadvertently cause her brother, Daniel, to fall to his death off of a ravine, Louis picked up a gun and put it to her skull, finally outlived her usefulness for Death and he welcomed her with open arms in the same place that her dead twin was at.

Hey mama, look at me

Perry's back was turned, which gave Death a perfect opportunity to stab her through the stomach with a flagpole.

I'm on my way to the promised land, whoo!

Death was more than upset over the threats that Ian was making to his former friends, so he decided to show his sense of honor and loyalty by taking Ian to the grave a little early by crushing him to death with a cherry picker.

I'm on the highway to hell

Some were horrified that Shawna was impaled through the mouth with a coin dispenser, others were amazed at the poker chips flying out of her mouth.

Highway to hell

Allie had the slowest death yet, succumbing to HIV poisoning that she got when another survivor's HIV blood splattered onto her.

I'm on the highway to hell

Stephanie Pulaski truly thought that she could cheat Death over, but she regretted thinking as soon as the bus with no driver ran her over.

Highway to hell

Cabernet genuinely believed she had escaped Death because she had her child, but he came to finish what he started by having a van hit her and send her flying right into an electric box, which cooked her like a baked potato.

Don't stop me

Chelsea Cox thought her life was going good until she looked up and her eyes were impaled by a two-pronged icicle.

I'm on the highway to hell

On the highway to hell

Jack Curtis had the easiest death of all: Getting shot in the chest three times with a gun.

I'm on the highway to hell

On the highway

Death wanted to be really creative on this one death, so he made arrangements for Hunt to swim into the pool and literally have the life sucked out of him through a drain pipe.

Yeah, highway to hell

I'm on the highway to hell

Because Nick fell for his ruse so easily, Death killed him quickly by having Nick tossed across the room and smashing his skull in with his jaw dislocating.

Highway to hell

Highway to hell

Spencer wanted to hang himself to prevent Death from killing his family, only to find out the hard way that it was not his time to go until it was his time to go.

And I'm going down

All the way

She tried calling out to his name, but it was too late and the helicopter blades chopped Jake up to shreds.


I'm on the highway to hell

Carly Hagan looked at her hands one last time before she disappeared from the face of the earth forever, Death welcoming her with open arms in the realm of the dead.