Wade carefully stepped through the aisles of the store, cautious around every corner. He didn't hear any doors opening in the back so he figured that the prisoners must still be inside. He knew that there was a back way but the Walgreens was closed and the chances of the back way being open were slim. So the only way that the prisoners could escape now is through the automatic doors in the front. Wade made sure that he never lost sight of the automatic doors as he moved around the small store. He felt like a shark swimming through a coral reef to look for his prey. Or in a better way to describe it, a fish swimming through the coral reef looking for the Great White Sharks. Actually, the three prisoners are three tiger sharks. The Grim Reaper is the Great White Shark. So, a fish, swimming through a coral reef, looking for three tiger sharks, while avoiding the Great White Shark.

His senses have sharpened and he felt like he could sense danger from behind like Spiderman. When the hairs on his back spiked up, he quickly turned around and saw a fist coming towards his face. He barely ducks in the nick of time and shoulders the attacker in the stomach. Sangster fell down to the ground but the two prisoners standing behind him attacked Wade at the same time, using their chains to wrap around Wade's throat.

Wade felt his face turn red as a red marker and gagged like he had a tube down his throat. He fell to the ground and tried to get his fingers under the chains but they were pressed hard against his throat and he felt his vision turning black.

Sangster steadied himself against one of the shelves before he went to go help out his allies. As he walked away, he pushed against the shelf and caused a bottle of bleach from the top to fall off. It spilled over the ground and spread across the tile floor in the direction of the prisoners. Sangster slipped in the puddle of bleach and fell to the ground.

The shelf that the bottle of bleach fell off started tipping forward like someone was pushing it. An invisible person. It falls over to the ground with a loud noise that was loud enough to wake a sleeping person. The prisoners jumped back and McKinley, who was holding the chains around Wade's throat, relaxed his grip upon seeing the shelf fall over. Wade seized his opportunity and kicked McKinley in the groin area. He slipped out of the chains with resistance and backed away from the gang of prisoners.

More fluids spread across the floor and reached the automatic doors. Wade realized this when he saw about half a dozen bottles of bleach spilled onto the ground, along with isopropyl alcohol. Fumes start rising into the air and it took only one whiff for Wade to start coughing and gagging as the fumes entered through his lungs. He backed farther away from the criminals and covered his hands over his mouth and nose.

One more shelf fell over and trapped the three prisoners underneath. The flammable liquid continued to spread across the floor and soaked the front of the three prisoners' orange outfits. The three of them tried doing pushups to get the shelf off fo them but it was like trying to lift a car with your back while underwater.

Wade collapsed to his knees as he caught his breath. He inhaled as slow as a balloon slowly exhaling air and turned to the three prisoners. He looked down at the liquid spreading at their uniforms and realized that his work had been laid out for him. The three prisoners were trapped underneath a shelf, unable to go anywhere, and they were soaked up to their necks inflammable liquid. The liquid also reached the bottom of his shoe and his left knee bone. He jumped to his feet and faced the prisoners, taking in the fact what he was about to do next. He could not believe that he was about to kill three unarmed prisoners and he was going to kill them with fire. He was truly horrified and was hoping that there was some other option but as he weighed in the situation, and realized how soaks his shoes were, the only way for him to escape Grim Reaper would be to cause a disaster that killed three people. Now that it was actually happening, he froze. And the flammable liquid soaked inside his shoes and wetted his socks.

He blocked out the image that they were even human and he ran off through one aisle. He jumped over the front counter and grabbed a zippo lighter from inside a glass case of cigarettes. He flipped open the cap but hesitated to flip on the 'switch'. He exhaled like he hadn't breathed in years before sprinting back to the trap prisoners. He steps in front of them, only a few feet away, and the soles of his shoes step into the flammable liquid but he doesn't feel the contamination in his shoes.

"I am so sorry about this." He puts his other hand on the trigger of the zippo. "But I don't want to die." He flicks the lighter.

A small spark escaped from the zippo and fell to the wet tile floor and set the flammable liquid on fire right at Wade's feet. The fire lights up like a Christmas tree and spreads to the prisoners as a bullet fired from a gun. Wade's pants caught fire and spread all the way up to his neck. He screams in agony and runs for his life not stopping to put out the flames.

He smashes his way through the automatic doors before he falls to the ground in the rocks and dances around to put the fire out. The Walgreens store catches fire completely like a big bonfire in the woods but Wade was about six to seven car lengths away to be caught in the radius.

A group of firefighters rush in and hit the firey Wade with drapes. The flames put up a battle and refuse to be put out but they give in and decide to snuff themselves away as Wade lays motionless on the ground, his skin a light shade of red with boils on his neck and chest that looked like they were going to burst.

Jill clutched Damien's hand and silently cried as the paramedics did their best to revive Wade.

One Month Later

Wade had just gotten used to fresh air against his bare skin, which now had skin grafts that made him look like Deadpool without his mask on.

He met with Damien and Jill in front of a coffee shop where he sat down in his chair, wearing a violet shirt with dark blue jeans. Jill was wearing a dark blue jacket made of leather and she was finishing up removing the remains of her cast. She wanted to remove the cast off in front of her boyfriend to show that she was recovering. Damien suffered from nothing more than a broken nose and his nose healed up in less than a weak. He was alright.

"Looks like your arm is better," Wade said upon marveling her healed up the arm. "I'm happy for you."

"I see your battle scars are looking sexier every time I see em." If she said that in bed, then she would be licking his scars. "How do they feel?"

Wade touched his hair, which was growing back at a slow rate and had nothing more than three inches of hair. "Doctor's said my hair should grow back."

"I think you look better bald," Damien inputted. "I think blad people look cool. I mean, have you ever touched a bald person's head? Their skulls are warm."

"LIke glass reflecting off the sun," Wade offered. "This glass was burned, unfortunately. But it was worth it."

"It's been a month and Death hasn't come after us in a long time," Jill said before she sips from a cup of hot chocolate.

"Just think, only a few months ago, we were all supposed to die in the building collapsing into a sinkhole," Wade said. "Thanks to me, we get a second chance at life. We get to live it to the fullest and we get to start over." He grabs his coffee cup and holds it up for a toast. He waits for the other two to join him in raising his glass before he said, "To premonition."

"To premonitions."

At a nearby gas station, a driver pumps gas into the back of his car, colored indigo. Once he has a full tank, he puts the pump back in place before driving off to the Starbucks coffee shop, forgetting to close his gas tank all the way and began leaking gasoline.

"You know, the three of us," Wade said. "We caught a lucky break. Unlike the other survivors, we followed through and beat Death at its own game."

"Yeah," Damien said hesitantly. "A slight problem with that."

Wade and Jill look at him like he was someone to refused to accept a trophy for an easy win. "What are you talking about?" asked Wade.

"There were at least ninety-five survivors before us and they followed through on the rules. How come we survived? Sure, it's been a month, but why are we still alive?"

"Maybe because we followed through on what that creepy coroner guy told us to do," Jill said.

"Then why do I still have that feeling that there is something watching after us?" He looked over his shoulder to search for an unseen threat to prove his point.

"We caused a disaster that wasn't supposed to happen," Wade explained. "We killed three people that weren't supposed to die. What more could Death want from us?"

As fate would have it, something inside the Starbucks cafe shattered and drew the attention of the three teenagers. Jill was jumpy before she put a hand on her chest and took deep breathes like she was self-training herself to breath.

The indigo sports car parks next to the three teenagers and continues to leak fluids onto the ground. The driver gets out of the vehicle and lights up a cigarette.

"What the hell?" Wade gasped upon seeing the TV turn on inside the Starbucks cafe. He pushes himself out of his seat and walks inside to get a better view. He stands in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest as the TV switches to the news channel and shows overhead footage of a prison set on fire.


Wade studies the prison on fire happening in front of him and his eyes widen as he remembers the conversation he had with Damien a month ago. The three prisoners that he killed in the Walgreen fire, they were supposed to be transported to Nefas Prison and the worst of the worst were sent there. He feels a gust of wind blow against his skin and shivers as if he was in Antarctica. "What the hell?" He looks down as a newspaper is blown to his feet. The headline was the same as the one on the television but he noticed that his first name, WADE, was highlighter in ketchup but the ketchup looked like blood.

The driver of the sports vehicle finishes the rest of his menthol cigarette before he flips it away.

He runs back to his friends' table and starts panting like a dog.

"What's going on, Wade?" Jill asked. She put a hand on his hand and shivered at his touch.

"I don't think it is over yet," he gasped. "I think the three prisoners were already scheduled to die in that prison fire. We were supposed to kill three people who weren't supposed to die. Friedkin, Sangster, and McKinley, they were already scheduled to die in the Nefas Prison Fire." As soon as he realized what he said, his back stiffened like a door.

The gasoline leaks to the cigarette on the ground a few feet away from Wade's feet.

"No," Jill said with terror. "It can't be."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Damien asked with fear rising in his voice that made Wade even shakier.

"I think we're still on Death's list," he said softly.

The wind blows the cigarette towards the gasoline and the fire lights up like headlights.

Wade, Jill, and Damien had only seconds to react before the sports car blew up and the only reactions they could offer were shocked ones.

As if in slow motion, the car explodes and sends the three kids in three different paths.

Jill is launched into the door leading into the Starbucks cafe, which was already propped open. Her eye level gets impaled on the push bar.

Damien is launched back and his back connects to a standing pole. The pole stops him from flying back but a shard from the car flies towards him and decapitates him from the neck.

Damien flies into the middle of the street. He rolls into a sitting position and had only a fraction of a second to realize what was about to happen next: A speeding car passes him and hits Wade in the face with the side view mirror. Wade's neck twists at a one-eighty degree angle and he falls onto his side, the last survivor of Dies Ultimata officially dead.

The Grim Reaper gazes down at the three corpses and cracks a smile.

I do not own Highway to Hell, AC/DC does. If you do not recognize any of these deaths, then that is because they are not from the movies, but the novels and comics.

Candice lost her grip and landed on her face, but her back snaps forward upon impact on the ground and she is left as nothing more than a broken bone corpse.

Living easy, living free

Season ticket on a one-way ride

Sam Lawton screams in agony as the fumes of the burning Flight 180 plane incinerate him.

Asking nothing, leave me be

Taking everything in my stride

Don't need reason, don't need rhyme

Tod reached for a pair of scissors, desperate to free himself from being choked to death by a thin wire in his own bathroom.

Ain't nothing I would rather do

Going down, party time

My friends are gonna be there too

Billy turned around, only for a flying piece of the shard to decapitate him from the mouth up.

I'm on the highway to hell

On the highway to hell

Evan slips on the noodles he had thrown out earlier, falls on his back, and the leg of a falling ladder impales him through his right eye.

Highway to hell

I'm on the highway to hell

The barbed wire fence flies towards Rory and cuts him in three. Rory stands there, gasping for air with eyes wide before he falls apart.

No stop signs, speed limit

Nobody's gonna slow me down

Charlie fell down the elevator shaft, only to survive with little damage. But when the emergency brakes to the elevator above him were cut, then he felt the fear before he was crushed.

Like a wheel, gonna spin it

Ben didn't plan on dying like this. He didn't plan on falling down an open manhole and snap his neck at the bottom.

Nobody's gonna mess me around

Hector Barnes lived a good life until he was bitten on the wrist by a cobra with deadly venom.

Hey Satan, paid my dues

Will Sax screamed in agony as several discs and CDs that have been sharpened went flying through him, one of them eventually flying right through his neck.

Playing in a rocking band

After finding out that she was resurrected only to inadvertently cause her brother, Daniel, to fall to his death off of a ravine, Louis picked up a gun and put it to her skull, finally outlived her usefulness for Death and he welcomed her with open arms in the same place that her dead twin was at.

Hey mama, look at me

Perry's back was turned, which gave Death a perfect opportunity to stab her through the stomach with a flagpole.

I'm on my way to the promised land, whoo!

Death was more than upset over the threats that Ian was making to his former friends, so he decided to show his sense of honor and loyalty by taking Ian to the grave a little early by crushing him to death with a cherry picker.

I'm on the highway to hell

Some were horrified that Shawna was impaled through the mouth with a coin dispenser, others were amazed at the poker chips flying out of her mouth.

Highway to hell

Allie had the slowest death yet, succumbing to HIV poisoning that she got when another survivor's HIV blood splattered onto her.

I'm on the highway to hell

Stephanie Pulaski truly thought that she could cheat Death over, but she regretted thinking as soon as the bus with no driver ran her over.

Highway to hell

Cabernet genuinely believed she had escaped Death because she had her child, but he came to finish what he started by having a van hit her and send her flying right into an electric box, which cooked her like a baked potato.

Don't stop me

Chelsea Cox thought her life was going good until she looked up and her eyes were impaled by a two-pronged icicle.

I'm on the highway to hell

On the highway to hell

Jack Curtis had the easiest death of all: Getting shot in the chest three times with a gun.

I'm on the highway to hell

On the highway

Death wanted to be really creative on this one death, so he made arrangements for Hunt to swim into the pool and literally have the life sucked out of him through a drain pipe.

Yeah, highway to hell

I'm on the highway to hell

Because Nick fell for his ruse so easily, Death killed him quickly by having Nick tossed across the room and smashing his skull in with his jaw dislocating.

Highway to hell

Highway to hell

Spencer wanted to hang himself to prevent Death from killing his family, only to find out the hard way that it was not his time to go until it was his time to go.

And I'm going down

All the way

She tried calling out to his name, but it was too late and the helicopter blades chopped Jake up to shreds.


I'm on the highway to hell

Carly Hagan looked at her hands one last time before she disappeared from the face of the earth forever, Death welcoming her with open arms in the realm of the dead.