Damien jumps to his feet and chases after the three prisoners. An incoming truck was heading right for him. A black truck with eighteen wheels. He froze in place in horror and looked at the driver, only to find that there was nobody inside. This led him to only one conclusion: Death was driving the truck.

Not my time, he shouted to himself and ducked out the way. The truck continued to drive and was about to run over Wade and Kill.

"Shit," Wade said and realized that this was Death's attempt at Kill's life. He shoves her to the side by the waist and she falls on the seat of her pants. Wade jumps out of the way and plows into the police van, incinerating it. Wade sat up and stared at the wreckage in horror. He saw Damien talking to someone in the van and knew that it had to be Det. Tucker. Death had just claimed the life of Detective Tucker. "Oh god," he gasped, "I can't fucking believe it." Did he cause the death of Det. Tucker? Was it his existence that leads to him dying this day out of all the days he could've died? He was a homicide detective and the death of him was a teenager who had a vision of a nightclub being swallowed into the earth? It was either that or Det. Tucker was already scheduled to die today. Either way, he couldn't lose sight of his mission or else he would get crushed under the wheels of the next Death-controlled truck.

Another good thing that happened, actually, the only good thing that happened besides Wade and Damien surviving was that Jill had been skipped on the list. Which meant that Damien was next. He looks over and sees Damien rising to his feet and running after the prisoners, who were running down a hill to get off the freeway. Wade grabbed Kill up and checked her shoulder. Her collar bone was sticking out of place, creating a lump in her shoulder that looked like something was poking through her armor. He was disgusted for a brief second but didn't let it tether him. "Let's go," he said, "We have to help Damien out. I saved you so his name is up on the list."

Not too long later, Wade and Jill rushed after Damien as he climbed down the hill as well and chased after the prisoners. Despite the three prisoners being chained together, they had managed to come to some sort of mutual agreement in how to run and how much space to put between them and the others. Wherever the person in the front, Friedkin ran, the other two followed.

Damien sprinted with all his might, jumping over boulders and maneuvering out of the way of incoming cars as they pulled up into the freeway. Wade and Jill were a good twenty feet behind him and were catching up with all her might. With every step Jill took, her bone felt like it was poking farther out of her skin and feared it would rip through her flesh.

The three prisoners cut through an alley between two convenience stores. It was a short gap between the walls, narrow. There was a dumpster ahead of them and the three stopped and pushed the big dumpster behind them to block Damien's path. Damien doesn't hesitate and jumps on top of the dumpster, causing the three prisoners to flee off once more. Damien loses his balance and tumbles off the dumpster, landing on his side with nothing more than a soft grunt of pain. He gets up and sprints after the targets.

The three prisoners run to a gas station, cutting through several cars and causing them to stop momentarily before Damien could cross. They ran across the street and right into oncoming traffic, being careful and precise about when to run and when to stop because cars were coming in both directions left and right.

Damien hesitated to cross the street. The three prisoners were already standing on the painted yellow lines that separated traffic in different directions but he hesitated. He remembered the Death-controlled truck coming for him when his intended target was both Kill and Det. Tucker. He saw Det. Tucker's demise and knew he was dead because he was still trapped in the van. Wade pushed Kill out of the way in time and skipped her name on the Who'S To Kill list. His number was up and it was the thought of this that terrified him. His number was up for a few months and it never fazed him until now, possibly because he was no longer in a Death-proof house and in the wide-open where the Grim Reaper could use anything from a paperclip choking to a plane crashing on top of his head to kill him. The speeding cars didn't seem natural to him. He could barely catch a glimpse of a single car, each one passing was a blur.

He chose his moment, looking both ways and ran for the prisoners when the time felt right to him. He began sprinting off like he was on track team before a blunt object struck him in the face, square in the nose. Damien falls flat on his back in the middle of the street, half-conscious.

"Good job," Sangster praised McKinley after he threw a rock at Damien's face. "Let's go now."

Blood drops from both of his nostrils as Damien's head tilts to the right. His eyes slowly opened and he could see through his blurred vision a yellow object heading towards him. As his shallow breaths became steady, he opened his eyes and saw another truck coming for his path. This time, there was a driver inside and he was honking the horn rapidly. He also saw the wheel about to crush his head coming in fast, like a bullet in slow motion.

The truck swerves to the left to avoid Damien and heads straight for the gas station, he didn't have enough time to stop before he crashed into a street light. This street light fell over and crashed into another street light, that was aiming for Damien's head. Damien's eyes widen in terror as he realizes this was Death trying to kill him now. His head was about to be crushed from a street light and he screamed in terror.

He felt a tug on his shoulder and he was pulled to the side. Wade dragged Damien out of the line of the street light and saved Damien's head from being crushed literally by inches. The lightbulbs inside the streetlight shattered and the metal bounced off the ground with a very loud ringing noise, like when two pots are smashed together.

"What the hell?" Wade exclaimed. "Are you okay, Damien?"

He did not respond. The boy was laying on his side, barely conscious and with a bloody nose running down his right cheek. Wade touched his wounded nose and felt bloodstain his fingers. He wipes the blood off on his shirt before he looked over his shoulder to see Kill materialize behind him. "I saved him. I intervened and it skipped him."

"You know what that means?" Kill gets down to one knee and uses her good arm to check for any signs of broken bones on Damien. The only sign was his broken nose. "You're number is up, Wade. You're next."

"Then it's going to start all over again once I've been skipped." He looks across the street. The cars on either side of the road stopped in both directions in response to the truck veering off the road and causing the street lights to fall over like dominos. "Unless we get those prisoners, we're done for and this loop becomes endless."

"What are you doing to do? I was asking before is there a plan? They are on the loose and here we are, bleeding from our noses, sticking bones from underneath our flesh, and our number about to be called up to die."

"So nothings easy anymore." He tapped his finger impatiently against his knee bone like he was tapping to the ticks of a clock. "The longer we stay here and argue like a bunch of cliche survivors, the more time that runs out. I'm going after those prisoners." He stands up but Jill tugs on his arm with her good arm.

"What if you don't come back!?" she cried. "Let say you do manage to kill those three prisoners in some kind of explosion or something and you die too. What will Damien and I do?" Her voice raised in pitch as she continued. "You saved us from that nightclub, we have to have some kind of reassurance after all of this is done."

"We get to live lives to the age of seventy and die of natural causes. A heart attack is ideal for me." He snatched his hand back. "I can't afford to waste any more time. I'm leaving." Without batting an eye, he turns and runs off in the direction of the prisoners, stopping only when he heard eye-opening sentence come from Jill.

"I love you!"

Wade felt his heart sink to his stomach. He was never considered the possibility of dying because his survival instinct was higher than the stars. But when he heard Kill's 'I Love You' sentence, his mind exhumed himself of any thoughts that he was immortal. He wasn't immortal and when he realized this, he knew that if he failed, it wasn't just him that would be dying, it would be Jill. And even if he physically died and she survived, she would be psychological dead inside. They just had their first time yesterday and he could've gotten her pregnant. If she was pregnant - and they couldn't tell because the date of the deed was yesterday - he would want to be there for his child. He wants to raise his child with the woman he loves.

He turns back to her and without missing a beat, casts one last glance of her before saying, "I love you too."

Not wasting any more time, he sprints off in the direction he saw the prisoners take off in. he was now running on adrenaline and all of his athletic stamina was kicking into high gear because he was racing for his life. He was racing against time to beat Death and the first step was these three prisoners. He had a goal to capture them in mind but he didn't know what to do after. But if Death likes being creative with his kills in the Rube Golberg type of way, then he could use that to his advantage. All he had to do was create a disaster. A disaster as simple as lighting a zippo inside a kitchen that had gasoline leaking all over the carpet. Simple enough. All he had to do was light up the lighter, drop the match, and let nature takes it corse. Or rather, let Death take their corpse. Haha.

After two minutes of running down a street, narrowly avoiding more oncoming cars, he spots the trio of prisoners running for a Walgreens store. A Walgreens store had barely had any cars in the parking lot and even had a sign on the automatic doors that said closed. The doors still opened regardless and the three prisoners ran in. Wade chased after them and spotted only two red cars parked near the front and assumed they were the janitors' cars. "Somebody's inside there either way," he panted. "Besides the prisoners."

Wade slipped in between the sliding doors as they closed on him. When he looked back, they seemed to have locked shut as he stood no more than three feet away and the doors weren't opening. Either that or Death was locking him inside the small store with the lights turned off and the curtains on all windows down. "Where the fuck are you?"