Dear Jack,

We thank you so much for the touching letter. It warms both of our hearts to know just how much you love and care about our daughter.

Yes, it was a shock that Janet chose to get married so fast and an even bigger heartbreak to know we couldn't attend her wedding. We have a great deal of family still here in Indiana that need us, and not to mention the cost and timeliness of transportation to get to California. Roland's ulcer has been acting up and that is another reason why transportation was a factor in our not being there.

We are both very proud of you for walking her down the aisle. It must have been incredibly emotional for you to do so. We believe that is a testament to how much Janet cares and loves you; to trust you to play such a part of her big day. It is such a comfort for us to know that you think Mr. Dawson would be such a good husband to our daughter. It really does help us believe it, too.

Thank you for being there for her and loving her. It means the world to us.


Roland and Ruth Wood.

Ruth wrote that letter on her own. Deep down, she knew that her husband could relate to her gratitude towards Jack, but his daughter's sudden marriage shifted his perception of what her life should have been. In a way, he felt she was safer sharing that apartment in California with Jack than this new husband he thought he would be overjoyed to call a son-in-law one day.

At the same time Ruth had gone to the post office to mail the letter, Roland had gotten up and walked into the room Janet had called her own growing up. In the middle of the room was the bassinet that he had given her when he thought she had married Jack. He brought it back with a knowing she would need it someday if not then. He looked at the bassinet and prayed she wouldn't need it anytime soon.