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"They look like brats."

That just happened to be the first words out of a certain bridge-builder's mouth. Instead of being offended on behalf of his team, however, Harry just responded: "Well, they are genin. Of course their brats! What did you expect?"

The old man just looked flustered, and he mumbled under his breath.

Harry decided then to rectify the situation. "They are well trained brats, anyways. Don't you worry. Plus, in case something does come up, like, I don't know, a missing nin or something, well, you got me to handle the situation!"

Tazuna still didn't seem quite satisfied with that response, though he did freeze at the mention of possible missing nin. Harry just filed that away to ponder upon later. He turned towards his team. "Meet me by the front gate in an hour. Then we'll set off."


Harry stood by the gate with the bridge builder. They both were waiting for the genin to show up.

"Those brats better not be late! I have a schedule to keep you know!" explained the impatient, drunk man.

"Don't worry. I have taught them to be punctual, unlike one of our elite jonin," Harry responded.

At that same moment, a silver-haired man sneezed...right into his mask. Horrified, he ripped it off and shunshined home so quickly as he didn't need anyone to see his 'modelesque' face. It would ruin his reputation. Why did I leave my spare at home? He thought as he rushed back. Once a new mask was upon his face, he released a sigh of relief. If I found out who spoke of me and caused me to sneeze, I'm going to…

Harry shivered in dread for a split second. Hm. Wonder what that was about. He shook off the feeling as if it never happened.

At that moment, three genin appeared before the two men. "We're here sensei!" shouted Naruto.

"I can see that." The boy looked sheepish at the response. Harry continued on, however: "What do you think the plan for this mission should be?"

Tazuna heard the question, and before any of the boys responded, he exclaimed: "Wait. What! You're letting these brats control how the mission is run? Aren't you supposed to be the one to do that? I'm now worried about my safety."

"Don't worry Tazuna-san. I want to hear what their thoughts are on the mission. It gives them experience with planning and strategy for future missions," he looked at the boys. "Now speak."

Shikamaru took in a breath, "Troublesome. We can use a diamond formation with Sasuke taking point and you taking rear, sensei."

"That allows me to scout for any interruptions and create a delay for Naruto and Shikamaru to set up a protection scheme. Sensei will then be able to take on the possible enemies," continued Sasuke.

Naruto then butted in: "With Shikamaru keeping an eye out, and Sasuke on delay, I can draw out a fuinjustu script barrier to protect Tazuna. Once the barrier is up, I would need to maintain it, but Shikamaru would be able to join in with Sasuke and you, Sensei, in defeating the obstacle." Once he finished speaking, the boy had a giant, proud smile on his face as he was able to help out with his teammates' plan.

"Sounds good. Let's go!"

"Wait!" shouted Tazuna. "You're actually going to follow their idea? Not going to question their decisions?! Their just kids!" He continued to rant, but the only response was a soft chuckling from Harry.

Harry just walked on.

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