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Aaaaand finally, some o' my headcanons that I think y'all should know:

- Palutena cannot teleport Pit if he's not wearing his laurel

- Palutena does not have the power to instantly heal Pit, nor do hot springs or drink of the gods(bare with me it'll make for better stories). Hot springs, in my writings, have disinfectant properties and drinks of the gods help with internal injuries, although it's not a cure-all or instant heal

-Angels are incapable of romantic feelings, as they cannot and do not need to reproduce, because gods will just create more angels if need be. Angels' souls were once human souls, also.

Note: All that is purely headcanon, or random stuff that applies to my writing.

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"L-Lady Palu-Palutena,"

It was a broken plea, barely even a whisper, driven from exhausted lungs through a throat decimated from screaming.

"Lady...Lady P-Palutena...?"

The voice sounded so broken, so confused, so agonized.

"P-ple-ease," The young-sounding voice begged. "L-Lady...Palutena..."

The owner of the voice was Pit, lying in a pool of blood- his blood- alone and afraid. He didn't know what happened, or where he was. Didn't know why he was in so much pain and he didn't know why Lady Palutena wouldn't respond to him. Maybe she'd abandoned him.

The boy skewed his eyes shut and whimpered, partially in pain and partially at the thought of Palutena leaving him, crying and in pain, to die. Maybe he deserved it- maybe he'd failed her. That would explain his injuries...

"'M sorry," He gasped out, even though he doubted Palutena would be listening to him if he'd failed.

Serves you right, a part of his mind hissed. All you ever do is mess things up. She doesn't need you.

Pit figured that was true. It had to be- why else would she leave him to bleed out?

The angel whimpered again. Everything hurt, but especially his heart. He'd failed Lady Palutena. He deserved all this pain. He deserved to be left alone, in the darkness, to die. He deserved all of it.

But still...that didn't make it hurt any less. If anything, it amplified the pain of his cuts, bruises, and broken bones by a tenfold.

Then, suddenly, there was light. Lots of it. A blinding amount of light. Groaning, Pit tried to raise a hand to block some of it, but both his arms felt broken and he couldn't move them.

He let out a high-pitched whine, the light bringing more awareness, more pain. It felt like his whole body was on fire.

"...ear me? Pit! Can y..."

A voice- a familiar voice- was yelling, although it sounded distant and far off...and worried.

"Hnnn..." Pit moaned. "L-Lady...Pa-Palut-tena...?"

A strange sound answered him. It was like someone was trying to suppress a sob, but failing halfway.

"N-no, Pit, it's me. Dark Pit,"

Tears welled up in Pit's eyes. Lady Palutena really had abandoned him, then. A sob escaped his lips and he wished to die.

"Pit-! Pit, no, please don't cry, please don't- you'll be okay, I promise, it'll be fine," Dark Pit went on, gathering his twin into his arms and hugging him.

Pit whimpered in pain, tears streaming freely down his face.

"'M s-sorry," He cried, his voice breaking. "'M sorry, 'm s-sor-ry-"

"Pit," His brother gently cut him off. "Why're you apologizing? You won. You did it, Pit."

The brunette angel shook his head, or he at least tried to.

"N-n-no," He whispered. "I-I failed..."

"No, Pit," Dark Pit said softly, rocking his twin back and forth. "Pit, you won. You didn't fail. You did good."

"B-but...Lady-y P...aluten-na," The boy croaked. "I f-failed he-her..."

Dark Pit seemed like he was going to say something but then stopped, as if someone else had spoken to him. After a few moments, he spoke.

"He's injured pretty badly and completely out of it. I think he has a concussion-he- I don't think he remembers the battle."

He was quiet again for a few seconds, then hugged his twin tighter, immediately slacking his grip when his brother squeaked in pain.

"Sorry," Dark Pit whispered. "We'll be in Skyworld in a few seconds."

Pit just moaned, even as light encased the two angels and they were slowly lifted up.

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