The Serpent becomes a Lion

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A/N: It will help if you read Professor Strange first for context and knowing who OCs are.

Chapter 1: Returning to Hogwarts

For the third time since he started Hogwarts last year, Draco was afraid. The troll had been nowhere near the dungeons, it had turned out. The detention he'd done in the Forest had been terrifying, but he hadn't actually been hurt. But both those events paled in comparison to what was about to happen. At his own request, he was going to be Sorted - for the second time. He'd asked for this because he feared for his safety if he stayed in Slytherin. Following his father's sudden death, the seizure of his family's wealth and property by the Ministry, and then the arrests of his father's friends - many of whom were the fathers of his own friends - he had replied to the letter from Professor McGonagall informing him that he had been given leave of absence for the first few weeks of term on compassionate grounds, by asking if he could be Sorted again on his return.

What followed had been a chain of letters, culminating in a personal visit from Dumbledore, in which Draco had been informed of the full nature surrounding his impoverishment and the spate of arrests. Eventually, Draco's reSorting was agreed. When the day came, his mother took him to Hogsmeade and walked with him to the castle gates,where Professor McGonagall was waiting, before giving him a tearful goodbye. She had to find work in order to support them now that the family fortune was gone.

When Draco entered the Great Hall with McGonagall, everyone turned to look at him. He could hear the whispers all the way along the tables as he walked down the Hall. "Malfoy's going to be Sorted again?" "But he was Sorted last year!" "Does he look scared to you?" Eventually, the discussions and speculation grew so loud that Professor Dumbledore had to call for silence. "For reasons I will not go into, but should be evident to any of a deductive mind who kept up with the Daily Prophet just before the beginning of the school year, Mr Malfoy has been absent from us until now. For reasons of his own, Mr Malfoy requested that he be Sorted again on his return to Hogwarts. Thank you."

To that end, Professor McGonagall conjured a stool for him to sit on, and placed the battered old Sorting Hat on his head. "Hmm… Unusual," said the Hat. "Can't put you back where you were, that's for certain. A certain loyalty, but only as it benefits you, so not Hufflepuff for you. Intellect, yes, and a desire to learn, certainly, but for power and not learning for its own sake, which is far more Slytherin than Ravenclaw, and you can't go back, only forward. But as for the bravery and daring to ask for this, must be .. GRYFFINDOR!"

At the Hat's pronouncement, the Hall was filled with cries of shock and outrage from the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables. A few Gryffindors, led by the Weasley twins, pretended to faint, while some of the second years who knew what he had been like last year, started to chant "We don't want him, we won't take him!" Eventually, Professor McGonagall lost her temper. With a murmured "Sonorus" pointed at her throat, she shouted "That is ENOUGH!" The combined effect of her raised voice and its magically increased volume caused silence and several people to clap their hands over their ears. "Mr Malfoy is now a Gryffindor. Despite what you may feel about this and about him, you have no say in the matter. I told each and every one of you before you were Sorted that your House will be like your family. To my House, I say this. Mr Malfoy is now in your family. Act like it, or there will be consequences."

The rest of the feast passed reasonably quietly. Draco went and sat at the Gryffindor table, but he spoke to nobody, and nobody spoke to him. His former housemates stared at him across the Hall with hatred in their eyes. When the feast was over, he followed Potter (who had somehow got rid of his scar) from a distance up to the dormitory, making sure to remember the route and password, then went straight to bed. Just because he was now one of the Lions didn't mean he had to like them, after all. Little did he know of the changes that would come about in his life from now on.