A/N: If you need some context for this chapter, you'll find it in chapter 16 of Harry Potter and the Dark Dimension.

Chapter 17

Draco sat on a stool in the Workshop, and scowled at the heavy book propped up in front of him, the Multiversal Manual of Metallurgy. "Great," he said to himself, sarcastically, "What am I supposed to use now?" He had found the metal known as adamantium listed in a book of "superheroic" materials, and had been drawn to the fact that it was indestructible. What that book did not say, but the Manual did, was that adamantium was not naturally occurring. It was an alloy of steel and certain chemicals, but the exact formula was a secret of the Muggle government in America. Not only that, it turned out that once you had some of the formula made, you had eight minutes to work with it before it solidified, regardless of its temperature. And if that wasn't enough by itself, as a product of science, magic could not recreate adamantium, and the metal could also not be enchanted in any way.

As Draco continued to read the Manual, his frustration grew. Practically all of the metals it listed were useless to him – mundane metals wouldn't hold the enchantments he wanted to cast, the ones that were products of science couldn't be made or enhanced magically, some of the magical ones couldn't survive on Earth, others had to be made in other dimensions or on other planets. "Uru," Draco read, "the metal of which the fabled hammer Mjolnir and the axe Stormbreaker – the weapons of Thor – are made. Forged by the dwarves of Nidavellir, from the heart of a dying star, artefacts made of Uru can only be wielded by those they deem worthy, and never by their makers. In other words, useless to me!" Not taking care, Draco leaned back, not remembering he was on a stool till he fell off it. As he fell, he knocked the Manual off his bench, so the tome landed next to him. "Ow!" Draco slowly sat up, rubbing the back of his head. As he did so, he glanced at the page that the Manual had opened at when it hit the floor. Then he took another glance, then another, then read the whole page. "I've got it! I've got it!" he said excitedly to himself. The open page read:

Dragonsteel. Of no visually impressive appearance, dragonsteel is simply steel that has had the blood, powdered bones, or scales of a dragon added to it during the smelting process. This simple addition increases its strength and tolerance for fire to that of dragon hide, as well as conveying a degree of spell resistance, the intensity of the protection depending on the breed of dragon from which the additive came. Despite this protection, as a form of steel, dragonsteel is easy to enchant, simply requiring the molten metal to be cast into a prepared mould that will lay the spells upon it, or added once solid with dragonsteel tipped tools.

Draco was pleased. Dragon blood would be considerably easier to get hold of than Re'em blood. It was practically farmed, since the reservations simply collected it from any dragons that died, or from the aftermath of two dragons fighting each other. He returned the Manual to the Workshop shelves, then headed to Care of Magical Creatures. When he got there, he found Harry standing with Hagrid, locked in a staring contest with a creature sitting in a potted tree. Draco had never seen this creature before. It looked like a large monkey, but it had hairless green skin, a mouth grinning with teeth that appeared to be extremely sharp, and a small pair of horns on top of its head. In the middle of its forehead was a large lump. As Draco watched and the rest of the class arrived, a small bird flew past him and landed in the tree. The creature broke off its stare and looked at the bird. A moment later, it shot out an arm, grabbed the bird, and shoved it into its mouth. Cries of disgust came from the class, and Draco blinked in surprise as the lump on the creature's forehead started to flash with a red glow.

"Alrigh', back off now, the lot o' you," Hagrid said gruffly, "He's thinking yer migh' be dang'rous." "Bu what is it?" "How do you know it thinks we're dangerous?" "He's a Clabbert," Hagrid answered. "Tha' lump on his head flashes when he senses danger. Wizards in America used to keep 'em in tha' garden, fer warnin' tha' family if summat were wrong . Din't last long, though."

"Why, Hagrid?" asked Harry. "'Cos Clabberts flash when summat they think is danger is around, Harry, they kept goin' off if Muggles were livin' in tha' area. Attracted too much attention – Muggles kept wonderin' why tha' neighbours' Christmas lights were still up in't middle o' summer."

As the Clabbert grinned at them, Hagrid set the class the task of sketching it, then for homework, eight inches of parchment on how they would train a Clabbert to recognise what counted as danger to them, not the Clabbert, if they had one living on their property. As they walked back to the castle, Draco asked Harry "How's your Relic coming along?" "I submitted my re-design to Professor Strange, and he said that I'd exchanged one problem for another." "Huh?" "My first design had one pair of lenses – he said that wouldn't work. So I changed it to have lots of lenses on little arms, that I could swap in and out, but then he said that the lenses that weren't being used could be dangerous to others – if someone managed to hit them with a spell, it would bounce off, and depending on the circumstances I was in, could hit somebody." "So put all the lenses in a line, so they're not interchangeable." "But that defeats the point of having them." "No it doesn't. The different lenses are for seeing through different kinds of invisibility, right?" "Yeah…" "So if they're all in a line, you'll see through all the ones you have at once. But if there's nothing revealed by a specific set, it'll be as if that set isn't there."

"That's brilliant! So, how's yours going?" "I can't use adamantium, because it turns out that one, how to make it is a secret of the Muggle government in America; two; even if it wasn't secret, it's a product of science, so magic can't make it; and three; if I did somehow manage to make it, I'd only have eight minutes to work with it before it solidified and became indestructible. But I've found something I can use instead, it's called dragonsteel. I just need a way to enchant it, since Re'em blood and phoenix song are going to be impossible to get hold of in a year." "Use Dovahzuul runes." "Dove-ah-what?" "Dovahzuul. It means dragon-speech. Professor Babbling talked about them in Ancient Runes yesterday. Apparently, dragons used to be able to talk thousands of years ago, and some words in their language were magical if they said them the right way, or scratched them into rock. Like, when they breathe fire, they used to say the word for fire. I can help you find the right words to etch your Relic for the effects you want."