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In the building of Konoha that housed the leader of the village, sitting behind an oak table with a stack of paperwork to his side was an elderly man known to the people within the village as Hiruzen Sarutobi, the second Ninja to earn the title of "God of Shinobi" due to his mastery over all five of the elements in chakra as well as fighting and surviving all three Great Shinobi Wars. The years have gotten to him, which has made him weaker than in he was while he was in his prime but even though he was older he still had enough strength and skill to fight as a Kage effectively enough to protect the village.

Hiruzen finished off the last of his paperwork with a small sigh and took out his smoking pipe before he placed some tobacco in it before lighting it up with a small flame from his finger. He breathed in the intoxicating smoke of tobacco and felt the stress of his paperwork leave when he blew out the smoke from his lungs.

"Can't believe it has been thirteen years since that day," he thought as he turned his chair around to stare out of his window which gave him a perfect view of the entire Village in all of its glory. It's around three o'clock in the middle of the day so he can easily see his Shinobi and Kunoichi jumping across the rooftops to get to their various destinations while the civilians walk on the roads without a care in the world since they were not under attack of any sort. "Thirteen years since Minato sealed away the Kyūbi into his own children."

He swung his chair around again and stared at the pictures on the wall which showed all of the Kages that had been in charge throughout the years smiling in their own separate frames. The first showed Hashirama Senju with a reassuring smile and wearing his red armor. The second was Tobirama Senju, Hashirama's brother who was wearing his blue armor and head protector with a small smile which was rare due to him lacking the ability to smile if Hiruzen remembered correctly. The third showed a younger version of himself, grinning and wearing his known black helmet and outfit.

Hiruzen frowned when he looked at the picture beside his own which showed the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, wearing his white robes and was smiling without a care in the world. The reason for Hiruzen's frown was because he had lost a lot of respect for Minato after what had happened thirteen years ago.

He could still remember that day like as if it was just yesterday, since it haunted his mind for all thirteen years since it had happened…

The day in which Minato Namikaze himself, with the help of his own wife, Kushina Uzumaki, sealed away the almighty Kyūbi into their recently born triplets…

The day in which the Village was saved from the rampaging Biju, but by then the damage had been done and many were killed in the beast's attack with those who survived it hating it for the carnage it had brought…

The day in which Minato and Kushina willingly abandoned their only son, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze…

As Hiruzen sat there remembering that horrid day, he closed his eyes and thought back to the day in which Naruto was left alone…

(Flashback - 13 Years Ago - Day of Kyubi's Attack)

Death and destruction was that could be explained as an accurate description for a large portion of the village. Buildings were now nothing more than rubble, fire spread over the still standing ones slowly burning them down and the bodies of both shinobi and civilians lined the streets. After the defeat of the Kyūbi, shinobi and kunoichi had been sent to relay the damage and to calm all the fires so they didn't spread to the intact parts of the village.

Standing at the still intact gates of Konoha was the newly reappointed Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, his successor, Minato Namikaze and the man's wife, Kushina Uzumaki. In both of Kushina's hands were both of her daughters, Natsumi and Narumi, both of who had taken the traits of their mother's hair however, Natsumi has her father's blue eyes while Narumi has her mother's purple ones. Both were wrapped in blankets and were sleeping without a worry in the world.

"Minato, you can't be serious about this!?" exclaimed Hiruzen with widened eyes as he had just heard the plan that the man had for his own children.

"I'm very serious Hiruzen," replied Minato with a serious look on his face.

"But he's your son! You can't just dump him like he's yesterday's garbage!" retorted Hiruzen with a glare.

"I'm not doing anything of the sort," replied Minato in a harsh tone. He would have thought that Hiruzen of all people would understand his reasoning for doing this since by seeing the full picture seeing the man was considered a genius by many. "Natsumi and Narumi need important intensive training in order to gain control of Kyubi's chakra so I'm taking them to our estate in Fire Capital so we can train them safely. The people here will be scared of their power at first so they will need time to master it as well as the people need time to heal from this event."

"What about Naruto? You're just going to leave him here on his own?" asked the Elder Hokage, referring to the small bundle that was in his own arms. Unlike his sisters, Naruto took more of his father's features than his mother. He had shining blue eyes which were staring at everyone in curiosity and had spikey blonde hair with bits and pieces of red which is the only thing he took after his mother other than her round face. While his sisters got the chakra that made up the Kyubi, he had only the soul which was sealed within him so that the beast's power could be controlled without its interference. Because he had the soul in him he acquired a set of birthmarks that resembled whiskers on his face.

Nobody noticed as Naruto's eyes narrowed as he stares at his mother and father.

"We can't bring Naruto with us. It's too dangerous for him to come with us since we have to focus on our daughters so that they can use the Kyubi's power effectively." said Kushina, who then took a step back when Hiruzen's furious eyes turned their attention to her.

"How exactly are his parents leaving him to live on his own not dangerous?" he asked them angrily with a glare that seemed like it could melt steel.

"W-We have to put all of our attention on Natsumi and Narumi because of their special Chakra. Since Naruto only has the soul of the Kyūbi in him, he doesn't need any special training like they do. Plus with both Kumo and Iwa still angry with us after the previous war, they'll be gunning for us whenever they can by any means. With Naruto in the Village, he'll be safe away from any Assassins they send since they will be so focused on us. Especially since nobody will know of his heritage," answered Kushina who jumps back a bit more when KI poured out of Hiruzen in waves. The killing intent began to disturb Natsumi and Narumi who both squirmed under the pressure of the Hokage's KI.

Naruto on the other hand was giggling away at Hiruzen and reaches up to him as a baby does to a parent when they are young. Noticing Naruto right away as he did this, Hiruzen held back on his KI and placed a finger in between Naruto's small hands and smiled when the child began to squeeze and play around with it. Minato and Kushina sees this and both frown when they do, they felt a sense of loss since he wasn't doing that with them but both pushed the feeling away, knowing that they had already made the needed plans to train their daughters and can't have their son taking away their attention from them. They planned to make up for lost time when they returned in the future.

"Where will he stay while you're gone?" asked Hiruzen, glaring at the couple.

"We can't have him staying with any of the Clans since that would draw suspicion towards him and I'd prefer if nobody but you, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade know about this so it would be the best if he stays in the orphanage," said Minato who starts to sweat when Hiruzen started to drill holes through his face with his eyes.

"An orphanage!? You want your own son to go through an orphanage?"

"It's perfectly safe. It won't draw any suspicion and when you tell everyone that Naruto has the soul of the Kyūbi inside him than he'll be declared a hero among the populace since it's through him that they are safe. We'll train the girls until they turn thirteen and then come back to the village to be with Naruto. I'll make sure that Jiraiya drops in here and now to check on Naruto for me," replied Minato with a grin, thinking that his plan couldn't possibly fail. He couldn't have Jiraiya staying in Leaf since he'll need his mentor to help him and Kushina train his daughters. From what they were told by the Toad Sage himself, one of the two were the Child of Prophecy that he spoke of since it stated that 'A Child Born in between Leaves and Trees, who holds massive otherworldly power will be the one who either saves the world from destruction or causes the destruction of the world.' Minato, Jiraiya and Kushina all believed that one of girl's are the child of prophecy because they were both born in Konoha which has forests everywhere around it and both have Minato's Sealing Matrix on their stomachs which must be the otherworldly power the Elderly Toad Sage mentioned since it was made with the aid of the Shinigami was keeping Kyubi's power at bay. Usually anyone who summoned the Shinigami would be forced to sacrifice their own soul as payment for doing so, but Kushina had been in possession of a family heirloom that had been passed down over the generations that protected the one who had it on their person from such payment. Tsunade decided to become the girls' personal doctor so they wouldn't get injured anytime soon. After all, she was their Godmother.

"You've truly became a fool Minato. I honestly think I should have made the better decision and given my hat to Orochimaru instead of you," thought Hiruzen in distaste.

"Fine, but you better leave now before I get sick at looking at you two and kick you out myself."

Minato didn't like the way his grandfather figure was glaring at him and speaking badly about his plan so he tried to place a comforting hand on his shoulder, but Hiruzen knocked it away with his other hand. "Don't you dare touch me! At this moment, you two have lost all of my respect."

Since Minato and Kushina had packed away their luggage in a hurry, both were still dirty after the battle with the Nine Tailed Fox. This is seen from Minato who's right sleeve is still covered in the blood of the Kyūbi which had landed on his clothes when Gamabunta stabbed the beast with his sword which led to blood splattering over his clothes. When Hiruzen swatted Minato's arm away from his own, Kyubi's blood splattered all over Naruto's face and some even gets into his mouth. Hiruzen glared at a frightened and sad Minato and wiped away the blood from the baby's face. He's too angry and busy wiping away the blood to notice Naruto's pupils change into foxlike slits before returning to normal.

Minato saw how Hiruzen was glaring at him and Kushina and sighed before turning around. "Maybe after the thirteen years, he'll have calmed down," he thought in hope. "Let's go Kushina. We have a lot of road to get through before we get to the Capital," said Minato, preparing to jump to the trees towards the direction of the city.

Kushina nods with a smile before going over to Hiruzen who tenses but she ignored it for now and crouched down to look into Naruto's blue eyes who stare back at her own. "I'm sorry my little sweetie but we must do this for the benefit for everyone else." Hiruzen scoffs but Kushina ignored him and continues. "But don't worry. We'll be back before you know it and we can be one big happy family," she cheered with a smile. Naruto just stared back at her without making a sound which caused her to frown in disappointment. She had hoped that he would reach out for her like he did with Hiruzen but he just stared at her as if she was a stranger of some sort.

"Let's go Kushina. Jiraiya and Tsunade are most likely halfway there by now. We can't keep them waiting," said Minato, jumping up to the trees.

"Fine, hold your horses! I'm coming!" said Kushina and she takes a few steps back to jump away. She turned around to give her son one last look and makes sure to memorize all of him before leaping away to follow her husband.

None of them noticed Naruto glaring at their backs as they left him alone…

(Flashback End)

As he was ordered by his successor, Hiruzen announced to the village about the Sealing of the Kyūbi into the three infants as well as the situation as to why Minato had to leave the village with his daughters. Sadly, he had to tell the village that Naruto was an orphan that Minato picked and used to seal a part of the Kyubi to the people so that enemy villages wouldn't take their moment of weakness to invade the village in order to kill Naruto because of his relation to the man.

The villagers cheered for the daughters of their Yondaime and both have been officially declared as the "Princesses of Konoha".

Much to Hiruzen's disgust, when he mentioned that Naruto contained the soul of the Kyūbi, they immediately demanded for his death. They wanted to kill the infant at the thought of him being the reincarnation of the Kyūbi. It didn't help that he has a set of whisker marks on his cheeks which did nothing to hide the fact. They wanted him dead so that the Kyubi could never reform again to slaughter again. Plus since the boy was said to be a clan less orphan than that meant that no one would miss him so it was no skin off their bones and would in fact finish what their leader had started.

He looked at the three picture frames on his desk and smiles at the first two but it fell and he felt heartache once he saw the third picture.

The first picture was taken by his secretary and it shows him holding a week year old Naruto who was trying to take off his Kage hat much to Hiruzen's amusement.

The second picture shows a three year old Naruto sitting on his lap with the Hokage hat on his head. It was too big for him so all it did was cover his forehead and eyes but his smile can still be seen in the picture.

The last picture is what causes Hiruzen heartache. It shows him and a seven Naruto standing on the Hokage Monument. Unlike the other pictures where Naruto has a huge grin; he has a small smile which could barely be called one.

"He hasn't been the same since...that day."

On October 10th, a mob of two hundred Civilians and ten Shinobi who all rank from Chunin to Jonin had taken the opportunity when he was in a Council Meeting to barge into Naruto's apartment that Hiruzen had provided for him and kill him. It wasn't the first time that Naruto was attacked by such a large mob. The ANBU guards he had assigned to protect Naruto were strangely nowhere in sight. When Hiruzen had gotten out of the meeting, he had checked up on Naruto by using the All-Seeing Orb he had in his office that he used to see the goings on in the village from time to time when he himself could not leave the office. What he saw made his blood go cold as ice when he saw a six year old get beaten and stabbed by full grown adults in his own village. Without a second thought, he had called his private Anbu squad and went to the apartment which only took him two minutes since it was close by.

When he had arrived, he gaped at the sight of a literal massacre. Bodies littered all over the apartment complex and blood was painted all over the walls. They had run to Naruto's room and noticed how the closer they got, the more bodies started to pile up. They had made it to the open door before a Civilian woman in her thirties had run out of the room with a screech of terror of her voice. She was quickly silenced when a strange strand of energy shot out of the room and pierced her back before dragging her back into the darkness of Naruto's room. Hiruzen didn't have to wait for long to enter the room himself because a bloody Naruto had walked out of the room without a care in the world and passed by him and the shocked ANBU like as if they weren't there. Hiruzen had seen the boy as he walked by and he saw the boy had a glazed look about him as if he were possessed by something, but he was afraid of losing any more of his shinobi so he let him go so as to not endanger their lives like those Naruto had just killed.

He hadn't been the same since then, but on the upside nobody had been bothering him since that day. But they still give him distasteful looks as he walked by when he did. Not even the members of the Shinobi or Civilian Council were annoying him which itself was odd since they were usually the ones who did, but that was mostly because when they tried to get Naruto executed for the slaughter he caused, a Civilian literally lost his head when he declared Naruto as a Demon who should be killed off. As the rule he had placed shortly after Naruto's birth, nobody could ever mention his status as a Jinchuriki or ever call him a Demon. The Council realized that they weren't dealing with the old man who they could bully around in the past to get their way, and were instead arguing with the 'God of Shinobi' instead.

Hiruzen opened a drawer in his table and took out a file with the name Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze on the cover. He opened it and looks into the contents of it. In it are three pages, one of them being his birth certificate which proved that he was the birth son of both Minato and Kushina. He had that for when Naruto's parents came back so when he finds out, he can do as little damage as possible. The second sheet of paper is Naruto's Shinobi registration papers which were already signed for. He knows that he will pass with minimum effort so he took the liberty to hurry the process up to save Iruka some time on preparing it. Hiruzen knows that Naruto could have entered the Academy early like Itachi Uchiha had done but the blonde said that he wanted to stay in the same class with his best out of the two friends he had. He was ecstatic to find out that Naruto made a couple of friends since everyone else made sure to keep their children away from him, and unfortunately there was nothing he could do about that.

The third one is what Hiruzen wanted to take a look at. It's a file on everything about Naruto. What he likes, hates and his skills. He had Naruto fill it out a while ago, but even though he filled it out there was much that Naruto was unable to fill in since his skills were too numerous to count.

Hiruzen lifted the parchment up to his face to stare at the sheet with a small smile on his face as he looks it over. It's the proof that shows the world that Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze is one thing and one thing only.

A Prodigy among Prodigies…

Naruto had been born as one, and not just a simple Prodigy, but one that was the elite of them. Yet if it was up to the villagers alone, the he would have never been able to expand upon it. Naruto learned how to hide and survive multiple attempts on his life since he was five, and he got fairly good at it since it was quite frequent that the attempts happened. And it was through one of those attempts on his life when he was five that set him on the path of becoming the powerhouse he became in the present.

The mob had burst into his home, but at this point Naruto expected it since he laid out a few makeshift alarm systems around the apartment building, which was fairly easy since no one else wanted to live in the same place as the so called 'Demon Brat' so he had the entire apartment to himself. Hell, he booby trapped at least a dozen of the rooms so that those seeking him out would suffer for trying to hurt him. He never slept in the same room twice in a row, and so it was harder for them to find him since he had an escape plan for each one. So as expected, the mob finally found him, but he escaped out the window and chased to the Forest of Death on the outskirts of the village. They stopped chasing him when he entered through a gap in the fence since they thought that he would die in there, so they left him there to die with smiles on their faces.

Naruto was no fool, since he knew exactly where he was. And usually he would have avoided this place, but as he ran away from the crowd he had felt as something called to him. As he made his way deeper into the forest, he felt the call more clearly, and soon he came upon an unnatural looking tree with a hole in it. He reached his hand into the hole and inside of it he pulled out an eye shaped medallion that was made of metal. As he held it in his hand, it shifted a bit like it was opening and flashed him in the eyes with a strange light. As he was flashed he was gifted visions of mages throughout various dimensions. Naruto felt a slight bit of the magical power that they had used themselves and with it was able to blast a lone wolf that had stalked him as he came into the woods. Naruto had smiled as he experimented with his newfound power a bit, but he came to the realization that he would need to find a means to strengthen this power somehow, but that was something for later, so at the moment he simply returned home.

It was when he was attacked at the age of six that his power truly came to fruition. He had tried to use his magic to defend himself against his massive swarm of attackers, but it was not even close to enough to defeat them. He had been stabbed repeatedly before something took over his body and used magic to defend him from the mob. It had been ruthless and spared not a single one of them. It even killed the one who tried to flee. Once they were all dead, the entity that took over his body took him back to the Forest of Death. Once there it used magic to open a portal that brought him to a place that he would come to learn was called the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Here he was finally released from the possession of his body and met the thing that had done so. It was a bald white woman in a yellow orange robe. She explained that she was known as the Ancient One and had awaited the day that he would begin his training to become the most powerful of Sorcerers in his world. She told him that she had trained another in the arts like he would train him and he became a legend of his realm as Naruto would in his own.

It was then that his training began, and as the prodigy that he was he was able to master what was taught to him quite easily since he had the proper teacher. Naruto had gone back to explain things to Hiruzen, who at first was surprised about all of this, but Naruto introduced him to the Ancient One. She showed him an example of what Naruto would be able to do in the future, but was warned that Hiruzen would not be able to enter the Sanctum again after his initial visit. Hiruzen had simply asked if this was what Naruto wanted, and when he saw that Naruto truly did he left it at that and let it happen. The Sanctum was a place that was outside of time and dimension itself so while months went by within it, only days occurred in the real world. And there was the added bonus that he aged via his own realm's time, plus a place he could sleep without people trying to kill him.

Over the years his abilities had grown to astronomical proportions and Hiruzen looked at the paper in his had to see which ones he had labeled on it:

Energy Blasts: blasts of elemental energy that he could conjure up and throw them at people with the added bonus of mixing various elements to make them far more powerful.

Astral Projection: Naruto could release his astral form from his body, instantaneously and at will. In this form he did not need to breathe, eat, drink or sleep, was unrestricted by physical laws, was invisible (though could be seen by any if he wished it so), intangible, and incapable of being harmed by all but the most powerful and rigorous of mystic means which no one in the Elemental Countries had. As physical laws are meaningless on the astral plane, Naruto was able to use it to traverse at virtually any speed desirable which was incredibly useful as a shinobi.

Banishment: Naruto can banish many types of creatures and humans to other dimensions which also included summons as well so it perfectly countered that plan of defense in its entirety and made summons worthless against him.

Conjuring of Objects

Transmutation: Naruto had the ability to change one thing to another. He used this to conjure up the insane amounts of money that people demanded of him for food and supplies, which he paid for but laughed afterwards since he put the spell on a timer so in a few days the money would return to the junk paper it was in the first place so he got the stuff he wanted for free.



Flight: Naruto could fly using magical energy but also had an item known as the Cloak of Levitation that allowed him to do so without using his own magical power to do it. While he admitted that the cloak was fairly nice looking, it didn't really clash well with his shinobi world so he used magic to transform the shape of it in a way that it still retained its power. So now it was a crimson sash he wore with the rest of his gear.

Protective Shields: Using his magic, he could shield himself or his allies. The shields were so powerful that point blank explosions could not break them.



Intangibility: Naruto had the ability of Invisibility or Near-Invisibility and Phasing through solid material.

Time Manipulation: Naruto had shown that he was able to freeze, slow, and travel through time. The last one of the three though he didn't use since he was warned that there was major repercussions for doing so. So he decided to never use that unless he truly needed to.

Elemental Manipulation: Naruto could manipulate and control the elemental forces and bend them to his will.


Dimensional Travel

"And to think he's only thirteen" thought Hiruzen in amusement. He was beyond impressed by Naruto's skill level, which should be at the level of a Jonin if he was to think about it. Yet, he isn't even a Genin yet. Hiruzen could imagine the amount of damage Naruto will be able to do once he gets more experience, since even though he had all these magical powers at his disposal, he lacked the proper experience to utilize them fully. It was giving the old man goose bumps at the mere thought of it.

"It's a shame that I have to give back the hat to Minato when he gets back," thought Hiruzen with a frown. He would have loved to give the Hokage title to Naruto when he came of age and strength since his abilities were beyond anything that even he was capable of doing. But sadly, he had to give it back to Minato when he came back from Fire Capital as per his orders. He looked at the latest letter sent by Minato and Kushina which gave him details about how strong the girls have gotten over the years as well as information on how well they're doing which he just couldn't give a damn about.

What he did find amusing was the supposed skill the girls have earned during their years of training with Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya and Tsunade. From what he has been told, Natsumi and Narumi have really taken a lot more from their mother then they would have wanted. This included her quick temper, her less than rational mind and to attack someone when they mention the word "Tomato" when someone described them in any way. Hiruzen didn't like the mention of their arrogance which for some god forsaken reason Tsunade had found it wise to mention in the letters as well.

What the girls haven't taken by either of their parents is the love of Fuinjutsu. Both their parents and Jiraiya have tried many times over the years to train their daughters in how to use it but neither girl had the needed attention span to train in the almost forgotten art. Hiruzen laughed as he read this since where they lacked in the art, Naruto excelled in a way that no Uzumaki had ever been able to accomplish, but then again what was one to expect from a power such a magic?

What they did learn was how to activate their Chakra Chains which would help them to calm each other down if they went insane from using Kyubi's Chakra. Speaking of Kyubi's Chakra, neither girl had learnt to control more than One Tail of each of their own Nine Tails worth of Demon Chakra. This made Hiruzen laugh even harder than before since Minato had bet on the wrong child and it was clearly showing from the information presented to him.

"So many of Naruto's years spent and wasted," thought Hiruzen with a hateful glare at the letter. They went to the Fire Capital to keep Naruto away so they can give their daughters all their undivided attention so that they could train them on how to use the Demon Chakra but what was the point of it all if they've only gotten control of a single Tail's worth of it. Every letter they sent asked for info on Naruto and how he was doing in the village. Hiruzen was still pissed about their actions towards Naruto at birth, so in a form of payback, he made sure to give them as little info as possible so he can personally watch them squirm when they find out everything which has happened to the son they left behind.

Other than training the girls on how to use the Demon Chakra they still have yet to fully master, they were taught various Jutsus ranging from D to B Rank with their only known A-Rank Jutsu being the Rasengan that their father had become infamous for making during the 3rd Shinobi war, and just like him they were unable to fully complete it. Natsumi was taught on how to use the Whirlpool Style of fighting from their mother while Narumi was thought the Hummingbird style from Minato. They were also taught Kenjutsu by their mother as was stated in the letter, they were intermediate level at best. They also couldn't learn Genjutsu due to the large amount of Chakra they have but they were taught how to break out of it. Jiraiya helped train them in the Ninjutsu department while Tsunade could only train them on how to use C-Rank Medical Jutsu since both girls don't have the necessary Chakra Control to use any higher Healing Jutsus. She was however able to teach them her legendary Super Strength which made up for it in the end though. Hiruzen didn't like how Tsunade mentioned that when they returned to the village, she would help train Naruto in her medical practices when they returned to the Village. Neither he nor Naruto's teacher were gonna allow her to do that when she had left her duties as Naruto's Godmother. Plus from what Hiruzen saw of his abilities with magic, his medical knowledge far surpassed her best.

"Hahahahahahahaha!" laughed Hiruzen, holding his gut to help ease the pain from laughing so hard. It was the same reaction he gave when he read it the first time but it still made the man laugh no matter how many times he read it. The reason for his laughing was because even with the help of four Kage level Ninja, the supposed "Princesses of Konoha" only had the skills of a Chunin. They may know some powerful Jutsus like the Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasengan and several B-Rank Jutsus but they neither had the experience nor the patience to use them to their full effectiveness.

Naruto on the other hand has spent most of his life with a teacher that taught him in the arts that no one had ever dealt with in the entirety of the Elemental Countries, which meant he was a force to be reckoned with since there was no form of counter to his abilities. But as he grew far more powerful in time, he became a target for a few people who saw him as a weapon to be controlled, the main person who thought this was Hiruzen's old rival by the name of Danzo. The man had been foolish in his goal to capture the boy, and the end results were the complete and udder destruction of not only the entirety of his hidden ROOT forces, which were supposed to be disbanded in the first place, but the hidden base that was beneath Konoha itself. Naruto flooded the tunnels with molten rock to destroy everything and everyone in the tunnels. Danzo had played his trump card which was an explosive seal, but Naruto simply banished him away to another dimension to explode.

Yet Danzo wasn't the only person who was interested in Naruto, there was someone else who he had caught the eye of over time. This someone being none other than Orochimaru the Snake Sannin himself.

Imagine his surprise when the only Sannin left in the village walked into his office and demanded him to allow Naruto to be his pupil. When asked why, Orochimaru explained to him how he saw Naruto train in one of the Training Grounds. Impressed with the amount of skill a ten year old has, especially without a teacher (or so he thought since only Hiruzen was aware of the Ancient One's existence), he explained how he wanted to unlock Naruto full potential as a Shinobi. Afterwards, Hiruzen gave Orochimaru his personal file on Naruto and when read, Orochimaru wanted him more. Agreeing to it, Naruto was told the news of this, to which they thought he would take the opportunity. And at first Naruto was tempted, but in the end he declined the offer. When asked by a surprised Orochimaru on why he would pass up on such a thing, he told Orochimaru that he already had a teacher. Plus the fact that his sisters had been trained by the other Sannin with Natsumi becoming the future Toad Sage and Narumi becoming the future Slug Sage only solidified the point home even more. He wanted nothing to do with the family that abandoned him, not even by training. If he were to train with Orochimaru and became the new Snake Sannin, it would just be expected of him by his parents and he would be damned if he ever became what they wanted him to become. So with that answer Orochimaru relented and went on to begin train Naruto's best friend Sasuke.

The bottom of the letter was what infuriated Hiruzen the most out of the whole thing. It turned out that Minato wanted to place Naruto on the same Genin Team with his sisters when they arrived next week for the Genin Exams so they can bond over time. He also wanted to place Kushina as the Jonin Sensei so she can get to know her son as well. It made Hiruzen see red to see the people who willingly abandoned their son try to now force themselves into his life like he had no choice on the matter.

"Not if I have anything to do with it" he thought with a smirk as an idea came to mind. He knew that placing Naruto on a team that consisted of nothing but his family who abandoned him will just hurt him more than finding out that they're alive and left him to the wolves. Naruto may be smart and calm for his age but not even he will be able to control himself when put in that type of environment. As one last "Fuck You!" to Minato, Hiruzen wrote something on an empty scroll before placing the Hokage Seal on it to make it official. Plus it was the tradition that the final order of a retiring Hokage could not be changed so Minato could not dispute it in anyway when he took the position back from him.

"You're gonna have quite a nasty surprise when you get here Minato," he thought with a chuckle.

(Sanctum Sanctorum)

Standing in the middle of the Training Room was one Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. He had spikey blonde hair with bits of red highlights he got from his mother and father. Dazzling blue eyes scan the field for any threats to himself as he had been taught by his master. He wore a tight red muscle t-shirt that made his abs he acquired in his training visible, and over that he had a jet black vest that had a hood to protect his head from the rain if needed. He wore slightly loose black pants that matched the color of his vest, and around them was the sash that he had turned the Cloak of Levitation into as well as wore sandals since he loved the breeze on his feet. Attached to his back was a katana imbued with magical runes of all sorts that he named Wasureta, which meant 'Forgotten'. His hands were also wrapped with what appeared to be some sort of red tape but was in fact Bands of Cyttorak that he had wrapped around them since they were great at protecting his hands.

Blue slits look around in rapid tempo to see where his opponent was. Naruto flips away when a hundred magical spikes flood the area he had just stood on. He wasn't out if the woods yet because when he landed on the floor and got his footing back, Naruto could hear the floor sizzling, so after looking down he sees at least a dozen Explosive Seals underneath his feet. A quick dash with his magic and he just barely saved himself from being blown to bits.

"Almighty Winds of Gaia!" said the voice of his opponent. A powerful gust of wind heads towards Naruto who grabs the hilt of his sword. Applying Wind elemental magic to his sword, Naruto swung downwards and splits the gust of powerful wind in half which blows at both sides of him. All of a sudden a forest sprouted from the ground instantly, and as it did a figure comes out of the woods and heads towards him with impressive speeds. Having very little time to react, Naruto swung his sword which is stopped when the attacker blocks it with a kunai which is also coated in Wind magic as well.

Ducking under a kick, Naruto tries to impale his opponent but said opponent swerves their body away from all of his strikes before landing a straight kick to Naruto's midsection. Skidding to a stop, he charges and the next few minutes are spent with both fighters clashing in a battle of blades. Sparks fly everywhere as a Wind Enhanced Sword meets with a Wind Enhanced Kunai. Eventually, Naruto's opponent got the upper hand and forced Naruto to drop his sword so he wouldn't lose his hand. The attacker smirks before he widens his eyes when the Bands of Cyttorak, which were connected to Naruto's forearm wraps around his arm and tightens in almost bone-crushing pressure. Dishing out a kunai that he conjured up, Naruto impaled his opponent in the chest with the kunai but frowns when they simply vanish.

"A Shadow Construct," thought Naruto with a frown.

Naruto's eyes widen when he sees a small dot of movement at the edge of his vision and he ducks in time to dodge an overhead kick which from the amount if wind blowing away, would've taken his head clean off. Slamming his hands to the floor, Naruto spins on them, outstretched his legs to kick away his opponents defending arm and kicked them across the jaw. He then jumped from his hands and spun sideways in the air and punched the attacker at the side of his face which threw them away a few feet before they regain their bearings. The opponent flies through fighting stances in blurring speeds which are matched by Naruto for his own attack.

"Iron Fist of Rage!"

"Waves of Tsunami!"

A wave of water spits out of Naruto's mouth which flies towards his opponent's incoming attack that burst into the form of what appeared to be a Dragon of some kind. When both attacks impacted with each other, a large ball of steam surrounds the Training Room and blocks all vision of those within it. This doesn't stop Naruto or his opponent because sounds of fist hitting flesh can be heard from within the ball of steam.

Naruto flies out of the ball of steam after the got hit across the face. Having enough of the distraction, he releases a wave of wind which blows away the steam and shows that his opponent isn't anywhere near. All of a sudden, the ground underneath him breaks to show his opponent raising from the ground and uppercutting him in the stomach which causes the blonde redhead to gasp out in pain and spit out spittle and blood. The attacker's smirk turns to one of surprise when Naruto pops away and a seal appears under the man, which summoned forth mystical chains that bind him around his neck, arm and leg.

"A preset trap to hinder your opponent? Not bad kid. Your fighting skills have increased fairly well over the years." complimented the attacker with a clap of his hands as the chains faded away since the fight was over so they were no longer needed.

"Thank you sensei, but I'm still not strong enough to take you on in a full fight without my magical abilities," replied Naruto with a small smirk which was returned by his secondary teacher known as the Iron Fist. The Ancient one had traveled back to the dimension she had recently been in and asked for his aid in teaching Naruto more physical forms of training since her teaching was limited to magical only. He had agreed and constantly sparred with Naruto over the years. Naruto always lost said spars but Iron Fist was no joke when it came to fighting. And this one was more of a challenge than usual sine the Ancient One was aiding the Iron Fist via magic such as the shadow construct she made as well as the magical winds sent his way.

"In time my student. In time," Iron Fist said with a wave of his hand.

"So, should I start getting serious now?" asked Naruto, a small spark appearing in his eyes. It quickly disappeared when Iron Fist shakes his head negatively at his question.

"As much fun as that is, I'd prefer if you didn't miss class. There may only be a week left before your Genin Exams but that's no excuse for you to be skipping. Plus I need to get back to my dimension. It's nice to train someone and all but I am still a hero in my world and need to protect it," said Iron Fist, waving him off.

"Very well sensei. I'll see you later," he said with a bow before disappearing in a portal he conjured up to take him home.

When Naruto leaves, Iron Fist rubs his aching jaw that Naruto had kicked him before and couldn't hold back the large grin. "One week to go before his so called 'parents' come back. Can't wait for you to start making heads turn, Naruto." And with that he walked through a portal back to his dimension curtesy of the Ancient One…

(Konoha Academy)

After taking a quick shower since he was very sweaty from training, Naruto head out to the Academy and while walking he ignored the glares and whispering around him. As he did he thought about his so called family.

Unknown to the Hokage, Naruto knew exactly who his parents were and why they left him alone in the village all those years ago. Naruto had found magic that was capable of projecting his memories that he himself could not even remember, such as when he was first born. It was very helpful whenever he got that feeling like he had forgotten something and looked back to see if he did.

He remembered the moment when Minato gave him away to Hiruzen with a smile on his face, all the while thinking that he can just make up the lost thirteen years of his life when he comes back with the rest of his group. Naruto had no plans to forgive or forget his family's actions which had caused him many years of pain and anguish because of their sheer stupidity. To have such trust in the villagers was truly foolish in his opinion. They just lost family members to the Kyubi and Minato had literally given the reason for their suffering to them on a fucking silver platter!

He knew that they would be returning soon since while meditating he became aware of so many things that happened in the world, it was this ability that Hiruzen was truly impressed with since it had saved the lives of many of his shinobi in the field since Naruto had warned him of ambushes and surprise attacks. Now if only the people knew they might be friendlier towards him, but he decided against it since he was fairly certain that the villagers would spin it in some way to make Naruto look bad and demand his execution in the end. Naruto knew his family would return and would try to bond with him by placing him on a team with his sisters and mother while his father took back the mantle as Hokage. It made the most sense after all seeing as he doubted that Minato would make his daughters go through the Academy. Minato may become his Hokage since he was a part of their forces, at least for the time being, but he'll never be his father no matter how hard he tried to be it.

Entering the Academy and walking into his classroom, he ignored the blushing and giggling girls in the room and the glares of envy from the males. Over the years he had grown into a fine young looking man, and even though the parents of many of these young girls had been told to stay away from him they could not help their teenage hormones from making them think this way about him. Naruto didn't really care for their looks since he was only interested in one girl who unfortunately was not in his class, but he did visit her on the regular. Walking up to the back of the room and taking a place beside his only friend that was there, Naruto greeted him with a small smile on his face.



Both boys had been friends since they were six when they met each other at a lake and talked to each other. They bonded over the fact they both lacked lack friendship with Sasuke being too gloomy and Naruto being what he was, and Sasuke's gloomy attitude only increased when his older brother Itachi killed the entire Uchiha Clan a year later which left him in a state of depression. Getting sick of his friend's attitude since he was beginning to grow distant after that event happened, Naruto then told Sasuke his situation with his own family and why they had ditched him as a means to explain to Sasuke that he wasn't the only one feeling the pain of betrayal since there were others who did as well. At first, Sasuke was skeptical about the whole thing, but seeing his brother kill everyone in his Clan has caused him to open his eyes wide to the way the world was and made him believe in the wisdom that Naruto had imparted upon him.

Seeing as they were both betrayed by family in such a way, the both of them began to train with each other in hopes to get power and prove them all wrong. Although, they may train together when possible, yet Sasuke knew he stood no chance against Naruto no matter what he tries, even after said emo got an apprenticeship with Orochimaru. It didn't mean that he didn't improve though, which he did since he had a good teacher. Many had thought that Orochimaru would have turned out differently since for quite a while he had been trying to obtain immortality and was prepared to do some inhumane experiments to try and obtain it, but what no one other than Orochimaru himself knew was that he was given a vision in his sleep at a younger age of what would happen if he went down that path and he did not like it in any form. So he declined Danzo's future offer of becoming a ROOT shinobi and instead made himself famous within the village instead of infamous as he was in an alternate time.


Said blonde smirked as he heard his name being called and looked over to the incoming lad who had called it out, knowing what's to come next. "What wrong Shikamaru? Come for a rematch?" asked Naruto who had to control himself from chuckling at the look of almost borderline insanity on the Nara member's face. It amused him greatly to see the Heir of the most laid back Clan freak out just because of him. It made him feel like he had accomplished something great since they were not ones to freak out lightly, at least unless there was an angry woman involved then they easily freaked out.

"You know damn well I want a rematch!" shouted Shikamaru, slamming his Shogi board onto the table. "And this time I'll finally win!"

"I'm not so sure of that. Sasuke, remind me again, what is the score between me and Shikamaru?" Naruto asked Sasuke in fake ignorance much to the Uchiha's amusement.

"27 to you and 0 to him," replied Sasuke with a small smirk adorning his lips.

"Not anymore Naruto. This time, I'll break your winning streak," declared Shikamaru, pointing his finger at Naruto's face.

"You can try. Who knows, you might get lucky?" said Naruto with a chuckle.

Shikamaru frowned as he said that but sets the Shogi table anyway with determination in his heart. It had been the same since Shikamaru first played Naruto in Shogi. He was the first and only person other than his father to beat him in the game and that infuriated Shikamaru who silently prides himself in his intellect to no end. Setting the game pieces in place, Shikamaru eyed the table like his life depended on it. "I've memorized all of his tactics and I now know how to counter each one. This time, I win" thought Shikamaru, inwardly chuckling.

Naruto pulled out a book on chemical reactions as Shikamaru made the first move.

"Will you put the book away and take this game seriously!?" asked Shikamaru with a growl since Naruto always did this when they played Shogi. He would read a book and pay little attention to the game itself, and yet was still somehow able to win even when Shikamaru put his all into the game.

"I'll take this seriously when you actually become a challenge Shikamaru," said Naruto as he licked his finger and flipped the page in his book since he was finished with the current one. "And you'll know when that is when I put my book down." Naruto then lifted his finger, and as he did the magic he put into it moved his piece on the board that he wanted to. Naruto had mastered the art of multi-tasking over the years so he was easily able to pay attention to both his book as well as the game in a way that it seemed like he wasn't caring about it. It pissed Shikamaru when he did this and that amused him so. He still remembered how Shikamaru freaked out the first time he had used his telekinetic powers to move his chosen piece, but then again his family was capable of killing people with their shadows which seemed impossible, so it wasn't so far-fetched once he thought about it clearly…

(Five Minutes Later)

"And that's game" said Naruto, placing his final Shogi piece on the board with a smirk. All Shikamaru could do was gape at the board while trying to figure out how he had lost. He thought that that he had Naruto beaten finally, only for him to still lose in the end!

"Impossible! I've gone through all of your known moves so how did you beat me!?" demanded Shikamaru. Naruto and Sasuke look at the Nara with grins on their faces, enjoying how the blonde can easily make a lazy Nara feel unrest just with a simple game of Shogi. It challenged their great ability of intellect and by losing he figures out that he isn't the smartest person in the class. After all, Naruto was number one in everything in class while Sasuke is following him in second place, with the exception of intellect since Nara's were infamous for theirs.

"Now that'd be telling. Looks like it's back to the drawing board for you," chuckled Naruto, waving the grumbling Nara off.

"You know he'll be back again tomorrow," said Sasuke with his own small chuckle.

"And you should know that I'll just win against him again," replied Naruto with a hint of arrogance. He knows that arrogance on the battlefield or in general is what killed many powerful Shinobi and Kunoichi but he felt that winning against a Nara in a game of Shogi, he deserved some form of arrogance for it.

He liked to be little greedy like that with such simple things….

(4 Days Later - Road to Konoha)

Walking up the dirt path heading towards the Hidden Leaf Village were six individuals, two males and four females. The men were Minato and his mentor, Jiraiya while the females were Tsunade, Kushina and her daughters, Narumi and Natsumi. Thirteen years have passed since they left the village to train the girls on how to use Kyubi's Chakra and now it was finally the day that they were scheduled to return.

"Do you think Naruto will like us?" asked Narumi in innocence since she was generally curious about her brother. She had heard so little about him, but she was looking forward to the meeting.

Jiraiya chuckled at the little girl who he thought of as his granddaughter and ruffled her hair much to her chagrin. "Of course he will. Who in their right mind would hate such a cute face like yours?" he asked while stretching out both of her cheeks. He stopped when Kushina hit him across the head with smoke flowing out of the injury in an animated comical fashion.

"Do that again and I'll make sure you can't use your hands ever again" threatened Kushina with a sweet smile. Everyone laughed at how Jiraiya ran behind Tsunade in fear of the woman's wrath.

The sight of the village's gates came into sight and Natsumi started to cheer in excitement since the moment they had waited for was close at hand.

"Calm down dear. No need to rush things," laughed Minato who was also feeling excited to be back in the village and with his son. There was so much that he wanted to teach him to make up for lost time. Ten minutes later with a calm pace they arrived at the gate to the shell shocked looks of the Chunin guards on duty at the time.

"Y-Yondaime? You're back," gasped out one Chunin in amazement at not just being in front of Minato but also the Red Hot Habanero, two Sannin and from what he can guess, the Princesses of Leaf as well.

"Yep and it's great to be back. Mind if you hand over the clipboard?" he asked, holding his hand out for said piece of wood. The Chunin nodded before handing over the clipboard to Minato who signed his name in along with everyone else. When finished, they all walked into the village and headed towards their destination, the Hokage Tower.

(Hokage Tower)

"So they've returned as they said," thought Hiruzen grimly after dismissing the ANBU who came to report the arrival of Minato and his family along with his two students as well. A knock on the door took him out of his thoughts and he can make a quick guess on who it was behind the door. "Come in." The doors opened and as he feared, Minato with his family as well as Jiraiya and Tsunade walk into the office.

"Hey Hiruzen. You've gotten more wrinkles since the last I saw you," joked Kushina who stopped her fooling around when Hiruzen glares at her just like how he did thirteen years ago. He still hadn't forgotten how they abandoned Naruto without a care and wanted to remind them all that he hadn't forgotten.

"Aw, come on old man, don't be like that. Thirteen years and you're still holding a grudge" said Jiraiya who wisely shut up when Hiruzen aimed his glare towards him.

"Well, I'm sorry that you think that I'm being a stubborn old man, but it's kind of hard to forgive those who I thought as my own children and grandchildren to just abandon a child to his own vices."

"We didn't abandon him!" shouted Kushina angrily, having gotten sick of the guilt piling on her throughout the years. Hiruzen wasn't helping her problems. Narumi and Natsumi just stood there and watched the scene play out in uncertainty, not quite sure on how to feel about the situation.

"Speaking of Naruto, where is he? I would have thought that you'd have him here by now," asked Tsunade, trying to stop Kushina from blowing up and from the way her hair is swirling around in nine different sections she was on the verge of exploding. She couldn't blame her since she hasn't seen her son for the last thirteen years. Personally, she wanted to see Naruto to judge if he would be good enough for her training as a Medic Nin and maybe even her strength since Hiruzen didn't even send a picture of Naruto with his letters.

"I sent an ANBU for him five minutes ago so he should be here any moment." The Uzumaki/Namikaze family smiled at the chance to finally meet their son/brother after so many years apart. "However, I must warn you that he won't just accept you on the spot like you think and that you will have to work for his love if he's even willing to give you a chance. Thirteen years is a lot of time wasted." stated Hiruzen with a small glare.

"Stop worrying about that will you. When he finds out that his parents are Minato and Kushina then he'll be begging to go home with them," declared Jiraiya with a grin, believing that any child would love to find out that their parents are the famous 'Yellow Flash' and the 'Red Hot Habanero '. The family turned excitedly at Jiraiya's confident suggestion but Hiruzen and Tsunade looked at the Toad Sannin like he just grew a new head out of the blue.

"He can't be that stupid...can he?" They both thought to themselves as they heard this.

Their attention turns towards the doors as they heard it open and saw Naruto walk in. As he walked forward towards the Hokage's desk, he was seen writing something into a small black book, and judging from the amount of concentration that he was paying attention to it, it seemed fairly important to him that he finished up what he was doing.

Minato and Kushina turned back to see their son walk in and are both amazed at his appearance but felt something off with him. The way his body tenses as well as how he walked in with his silent steps wasn't something an untrained thirteen year old should be doing when they walk into the Hokage's office. Jiraiya and Tsunade eye Naruto up and down and are both impressed with Naruto's appearance as well as the way he manages to scan the room when he walks in even when he was occupied with something else. Narumi and Natsumi on the other hand blushed at the sight of their brother, finding him quite handsome in their opinion. The way his shirt was filled with his toned muscles left little to the imagination. Naruto stopped walking a few feet from the Hokage's desk and stopped. He finished up whatever he was writing and placed the pencil he was using in the book before he shut it and placed it into what would appear to be an inner pocket on the inside of his vest, yet he simply sent it to his desk back in the Sanctorum.

"Yes Old Man? What did you call me for?" asked Naruto, ignoring the other occupants in the room. He knew exactly who they are but he didn't need them to know that.

Hiruzen nodded his head and points towards the chair in front of him. "Maybe you should take a seat for this," he said, but Naruto shook his head at the offer. "Very well, I'm not quite sure on how to say this, but I need you to have an open mind about this. So I'll just come out and say it now. These two," he said pointing towards a smiling Minato and Kushina. "You may find this hard to believe but they are...your parents."

"And these lovely ladies are your sisters," said Kushina, referring to both redhead sisters. Narumi shyly smiled and waved while Natsumi grins with her own wave. Jiraiya smirked at this, all the while waiting for the happy family moment where the young lad would cry tears of joy when he sees his family.

He did not expect any other type of response. Nobody did…

"Ah, I see," deadpanned Naruto, not caring a single bit about this piece of information that was given to him.

Hiruzen sweat dropped as he heard Naruto's response, not really sure on how to react to such a lame response like that. He had expected for the blonde to either blow up in rage, demand for answers, or might even run to them in joy, but he highly doubted that the last one would happen if at all. "Did you not hear what I said Naruto?"

"Yes, I did hear you. You just said that the Yellow Flash and his wife are both my parents and that I have two sisters. Will that be all?" asked Naruto who just wanted to leave and go do something else that was more of his choice than being ordered to. Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya and Tsunade were all stunned at the lack of response from the blonde/red hybrid and Narumi frowned in confusion. Natsumi didn't like his response and made sure that everyone else knew about it.

"What do you mean will that be all!?" shouted Natsumi in rage. She had expected for her brother to be ecstatic to find out he had a family but the way he didn't seem to give a damn pissed her off immensely, with her inherited anger problems she got from her mother clearly showing.

"It's exactly as I said it. If there isn't anything else to talk about then I'd like to go back to doing what I had planned for the day," said Naruto with a stoic face.

"You just find out that your family is alive and you say will that be all!? Don't you even care that they are here and alive!?" asked Jiraiya, frowning at how his student's son was behaving. He was acting like some sort of spoiled brat.

"If they are my real family then why did they leave me alone here in this village?" The adults flinched and the daughters' frowns deepen at his words. Both had been explained to about their situation and had accepted it without a word since they were just kids. If their parents thought it was a good idea then who are they to argue with them?

"It's complicated," was Jiraiya's smart reply.

"It's complicated? That's your response for the thirteen years I was left alone?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"And we're sorry about all of that, but we needed you here in the Village so you can be safe. Your mother and I have many enemies outside the walls who wouldn't hesitate to hurt you to get to us," said Minato, hoping to reason with his son that he was trying to do the best for all of them.

"Then where were you?" Minato inwardly winced at the accusing eyes Naruto was throwing at him. "If I was in such danger as you claimed then why weren't you'll here to protect me? If they are my sisters as you said then why weren't they in danger along with me? Why did you make me think that I was just a no good orphan with nothing going for me?" asked Naruto, secretly enjoying every twitch and wince his so called family made every time he spoke. "You didn't even leave me a guardian to take care of me. No note explaining the situation, nothing…"

Kushina tried to explain to her son on why they had to abandon him but no words came out of her mouth. Instead, all that came out of her mouth was "It's...complicated."

"Uh-huh," deadpanned Naruto who was wondering how he has such idiotic parents, thinking that anything they said would be a good enough excuse for abandoning their child. "If we're done here then I'll take my leave. Gramps, I'll be in the Sanctorum if you need me." Turning around without another glance to his supposed family, he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Minato and Kushina stared at the door in shock, confusion and sadness, not enjoying their first reunion with their son after thirteen years. From the way he just brushed them off, it seemed like he had no interest in getting to know them in any sense of the word. They would have thought that meeting his parents for the first time would have him overjoyed with the news but it looked like that were very wrong.

Jiraiya and Tsunade stared at the door, feeling a bit miffed at the lack of respect Naruto showed towards his parents. Yes, they left him on his own for the first thirteen years of his life but he doesn't understand the reason for it. In their opinion, he has no right to just push them off like that without knowing the circumstances for what they did and both decided to make sure that he knows.

Narumi and Natsumi look at the doors with mixed thoughts. They had believed that he would have jumped for joy when he found out that he had a family but should have expected that wouldn't have happened. They didn't expect the lax reaction from him and decided to find out more about him to possibly get to know him better, maybe bond like brother and sisters should.

Hiruzen just stared at the doors with a confused expression. He had expected a lot of reactions from Naruto but that definitely was not what he had expected from him. It was like as if he already expected this to happen, which was ridiculous since he never told Naruto who his parents were to save him from the trauma of learning such a thing at a young age.

"Where is this Sanctum that Naruto mentioned," asked Minato as the shock of all that that had just recently happened finally passed.

"It's a place we cannot get to," said Hiruzen with a frown," and even if we could I would still not tell you where it is."

"Why," demanded Kushina, who was enraged at this point since in her mind Hiruzen had no right to withhold such information from them like this, "we are his parents and have the right to know where our son is!"

"Oh, Naruto is your son?" asked Hiruzen sarcastically, "this is news to me since for the past thirteen years he didn't have parents to raise him."

"How dare you!"

"How dare I!? How dare you! Do you have any idea what your son has gone through in your absence? All the pain that he went through thinking that no one wanted him?"

"Where is he?" asked Minato who wanted to know so they could go and apologize and begin the healing process so they could be a family once more.

"Like I said," started Hiruzen as he began to continue the paperwork he had started earlier but had stopped to handle this meeting, "it's somewhere we can't get to. You want to find out where then ask Naruto himself if you are able, but do not be surprised when he doesn't answer you. Not get out of my office since I have paperwork to go over still and it will take a few days to reinstate you as Hokage once again."

And with that, the group left to try and search out where Naruto had gone, and where exactly this 'Sanctum' was…

(Lightly lit room)

Yakumo Kurama sat in a chair looking out her window bored out of her mind. She usually painted to pass the time between training and meeting with her only friend, but she was not feeling that artistic right now so she simply waited for her friend to arrive as he said he would. She possessed long brown hair and light brown eyes. Her hair was straight on one side, but on the other side it is in a braid. In addition, she sported a clip with two circular designs. For her outfit she wore a pink kimono held closed by a pink sash with two pockets on the front. She also wore violet baggy pants and red mesh armor underneath her kimono and legs along with sandals that were orange in color. Her outfit being sealed while training with her friend was a series of kimono-like shirts that had long right sleeves and short left sleeves that were held close by a wide pink sash with red mesh armor underneath it all with a light-blue skirt and a brown headband.

She had been born with a weak body, which made her unable to perform the physical activities required of a ninja. Worried about this development her father had petitioned the Third Hokage to grant Yakumo a special tutor to allow her to become a proper ninja in time. The tutor chosen was Kurenai Yuhi, who was a Genjutsu user like Yakumo was. Inspired by the example of Rock Lee, who was unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, and his relationship with his sensei Might Guy, Yakumo believed she could become a ninja through simply concentrating upon her Genjutsu skills since she excelled at it.

But the problem with that line of though was that Kurenai lacked Guy's optimism and felt that she was unable to train Yakumo in this regard. She eventually refused to train Yakumo, instructing her to seek another path in life. But Yakumo's refusal forced Kurenai to later seal up the young girl's powers in fear of her lashing out. This was done on the order of the Third Hokage, as he had been made aware of the Ido, a sentient and malicious personality within Yakumo's mind, which had been generated from the bad part of her psyche. This personality could control her and use her incredible powers for destructive means with the destruction of Konohagakure foremost in its mind. However, the monster overcame the seal, and cast the illusion of a fire engulfing the Kurama clan's household, which killed Yakumo's parents. Yakumo, however, believed that the fire was started on the order of the Third Hokage, having overheard a conversation that she believed indicated that the Third Hokage was planning to kill her if she became too much of a threat.

She nearly lost her mind at this point with the mindset to cause as much chaos and destruction as she could before she met her eventual end. It was at this point that Hiruzen asked Naruto for a favor and had him go and see if he would be able to help her. He said he would do it on one condition, which was to sign a paper he had without reading it. Hiruzen had at first declined since he needed to read whatever Naruto wanted him to agree to if he was to sign it, but Naruto simply countered with the fact that he was being asked to go against something he didn't know. Naruto went on to state that what he wanted signed was for a personal thing and not something that would harm anyone if signed, of that he gave his word. So in the end Hiruzen relented and signed off on the paper as well as stamped it with the Hokage's seal to make it official.

Naruto had cast a protective barrier so that no one could either exit or enter the building once he himself entered. He entered the Clan home, and once he did he was taken aback quite a bit since the inside of the house was like a whole new dimension on its own since the space far exceeded the actual house side. He used his ability to fly to roam the area and had found her in her demonic Ido form painting pictures of terrifying creatures that became real when she finished the paintings. She had eventually noticed that he was there and sent her creations to kill him. But she was surprised when Naruto easily burned her constructs away with his power.

Her rage grew as she saw this, and it affected the illusionary world around them. It morphed to her will, and what she wanted was a means to bind him so that he couldn't defend herself. Yet no matter what she threw at him it failed in its execution. Naruto in the end stopped her fighting by bind her with magical chains to stop her from fighting back. She had screamed out in rage as well as pain since she was sad, which Naruto picked up on. He recognized the signs and took the time to talk to her. That action alone was enough to calm her down since people avoided her like a curse for the past few years and it was good to communicate once again.

In the end she told him that the demonic entity had feed off her negativity, and her lack of companionship as well as her tutor's refusal to teach her as well as the shattering of her dreams of becoming a kunoichi only made her sink farther into depression. She was alone, without friends of any sort, and her own family avoided her as well. It was then that Naruto did something that shocked her as well as healed her broken heart…

He hugged her…

That one simple action finally broke her free from her depression since it was a loving hug. She returned it with as much love as she was receiving with tears in her eyes since this was what she truly needed right now to begin the healing process. Naruto went on to state that he was in the same sort of position with the lack of family, but he at least had one friend to ease his burden. So he held out his hand towards her to get her back onto her feet and told her she had a friend in him, since everyone needed at least one.

Naruto then went on to use magic to extract the demon within her and sealed it away in an amulet with a unique shape (The Outsider's Mark from Dishonored) he gave to her so that she could still use the powers she had when possessed by the Ido, but without the fear of possession. With the aid of magic he helped her body heal to its pristine condition so that she could continue on with her training. Naruto mentioned that he could talk to the Hokage and see if Kurenai could still train her, but she had gotten pissed when she was told this and declined. So in his spare time he helped her train her body as well as her illusionary abilities. And while he was no expert in training shinobi skills, he was a master at illusions and taught her much in the art. She was trained in secret, but Naruto informed Hiruzen on the matter since he needed to know and he understood why it was kept secret.

And speaking of the devil, a portal appeared behind her and Naruto came through it.

"Hello Yakumo," said Naruto as he waved to her as the portal closed behind him.

"Naruto," she responded with a smile on her face since she was truly happy whenever he was near since he was her only friend. But that wasn't the only reason since in the time they spent together she felt love grow within her heart towards the person that had saved her from the darkness that threatened to consume her. Yet while he had built up her confidence over time so that she believed in herself to the point that she continued with her dream once more, she still lacked the confidence to admit her feelings towards him. Secretly she hoped that he would pick up on this and returned her feelings towards him.

"So how are you," asked Naruto as he conjured up a chair to sit next to her. He conjured up a tea set as well and flicked a fire under it to get the water to boil.

"I'm doing fairly well. I was just waiting for you to arrive to train some more."

"Sorry for the delay," said Naruto as he poured the hot water into the tea cups for himself and Yakumo, "I was on my way here to see you but I was called to the Hokage's office and had to go there first."

"Why were you summoned out of the blue," asked Yakumo with a curious look on her face "was there another emergency that needed your magical expertise to solve it?"

"No," said Naruto as he took a sip of tea before he continued, "my family returned today."

"Are you serious?" asked Yakumo in shock. Naruto had told her all about his childhood in the years he had known her, and it was because of the shared pain of the loss of family that made their friendship stronger than before.

"I am afraid not," said Naruto with a sigh.

"So what happens next?" asked Yakumo.

"Now," said Naruto as he stood up and cracked his fingers, "we continue with your training."

"Okay," said Yakumo with a bit of sadness since she was still mad at herself for not gaining the courage to admit her feelings, but there was still time since he was not usually around other women since they pretty much hated him for containing the soul of Kyubi. She had heard about it from the citizens of the village since they openly talked about it when they could since they didn't fear any form of repercussion.

So with that all being said, Yakumo summoned up her illusionary world that she had mastered over the years and prepared for the sparring match that she was about to have…

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